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  • Curly hair coach?

    Mar 24, 2023

    My teenaged daughter experiences a lot of stress trying to learn how to manage her wavy / loose curls without frizz. She doesn’t accept help and guidance well from me so I’m thinking a third party could help her learn some techniques so that she feels better about it. Anyone know a coach that we could hire to come to the house and see her actual set up and teach her how to get her hair ready in the morning? 

    We just started seeing Antoinette at "Hair" on Solano Ave to help my daughter become more independent with her haircare. She has told me that coaching teen girls is something that she does. I don't know if she would come to your home, but we have been bringing our products to her and she has been directing us to better products and helping us improve our haircare in general. Toni and my daughter are African American, but I know that she sees clients with many hair types. 

    Hello! I went through something similar with my daughter. I have straight hair, so was at a loss of how to help her anyway. 

    Eventually, we found "Curly Girl: The Handbook". You can also search "curly girl method" on your favorite browser to find information online. My daughter tried various suggestions and found what worked for her. I also splurged and paid for a haircut from a Deva Curl certified stylist. She's 20 now and has beautiful, soft, natural loose waves. The best part about it is that less is more. Her hair is super easy to take care of even with a busy college lifestyle.


    You can make an appointment with Patricia at La Peluqueria in Berkeley. She is an expert in curly hair, she also has curly her. My daughter and I have curly hair and finally, with lots of different products, we have non frizzy curls. Contact me if you would like an informal conversation...It is funny because people talk about loving your natural hair, but they don't understand it is also difficult to do so instead of  using a flat iron to have it straight...

  • I'm looking for a hairdresser who will do a dry cut on my curly hair before washing it. My current hairdresser retired, she cut my hair dry and then washed and styled. Worked so much better than a wet cut. Thanks for the recs! 

    You need Leann Rocha! She dry cuts my hair and is amazing with curls. She's also a lovely person. She currently is an independent stylist at Scarlet Salon in South Berkeley ( To find her on the website, scroll way, way down to "Meet our independent stylist team." (This comes after bios for other stylists.) 

    Jessica Earle is great!

    Hi there,

    My hairdresser, Emily French, specializes in curly hair, and will do dry cuts. She is super competent and always gives me a cut that makes me feel great. : )

    She is at Vetiver Salon:

    Highly Recommend!

    Good luck,


    I also prefer getting my wavy hair cut dry and recommend Carlie High in Oakland:

    Her website and reviews show lots of fancy color and super trendy cuts, but she's been cutting my boring "mom haircut" for years and always does a great job and is very good at following my requests and direction. Her standard service is just a dry cut, but you can add on a wash and style at the end as an extra treatment. 

    Mele does dry cuts. I don’t have curly hair but I know she’s very talented with all types.

    Highly recommend Jessica Lee at Hype Salon in Oakland. She cuts my curly hair dry using the Deva method and is extremely meticulous, patient, and kind. Best hair stylist I’ve ever had!

    I see Universe Walker at Secret Salon on Telegraph for my curly hair and I love her work!

    If you're open to driving to Sausalito, I would recommend Jordan Vida. She only does DevaCurl cuts, only cuts curls, and is an absolute artist. I've been going to see her for years after bouncing around from salon to salon in search of someone who truly knows how to cut curly hair. I won't go to anyone else. 

    Twist Salon in Alameda offers this service. I had mine cut there ages ago and they were very good (but very expensive, as most salon services are now!).

    With the caveat that my hair is wavy rather than curly, I can wholeheartedly recommend Eric Tran at Modern Family Hair on San Pablo Ave.  I initially asked him to cut my hair dry several years ago when I realized that my scalp doesn't respond well to salon products, but now I've seen how much better a dry cut works with wavy/curly hair.  

    Additionally, in terms of covid safety, I have felt very comfortable going to Eric:  he works by himself, wears a mask, has a big filter installed, and keeps the front door ajar for ventilation.  Plus he's just a lovely person.  His website is

  • My son has extremely thick (slightly curly) hair. Like, so very thick that when he pops his head out of the water/pool, you can watch as the water & color take about 5-10 seconds to drain out, like a sponge. Like, his hair grows more out than down. It is not tight-curly like African American hair, though. Just crazy thick. He used to get great cuts from Lynn at Snippety Crickets, but he doesn't want to go there anymore, understandably. My stylist, who does a great job on my curly, thick (but nowhere near as thick as his) female hair has cut my son's hair twice and the cuts have been 'meh' - ok but just not great - certainly not for the price. Wanting to keep his hair short-ish, but I think the thickness makes it hard to cut properly? Desperate for some solid suggestions of someone who gives a GREAT cut to men with extremely thick hair. Help! Signed, not-your-normal-thick-hair

    We have been very happy with Nick at Slick and Dapper for many years - in normal times there are two locations, one on Grand and one on Broadway though for now the Broadway location is closed for remodeling during 2021.  Nick has always done a great job on both my boys, and my oldest has hair similar to what you describe (we sometimes call him otter boy for that same experience of him getting out of being fully submerged in the water and his hair underneath not being particularly wet!).

    My son, who has thick curly hair and also liked Lin as a child, gets a good cut from (young woman) Alex at The Shop on Shattuck near Saul’s. And very affordable! 

    Isaac Frank is an expert on curly hair. Myself (short curly hair, men's style cut) and my daughter (huge thick and curly afro) have benefited from her exceptional knowledge around textured and curly hair needs. She's located in Berkeley and will also travel to clients.


    I would recommend Faded Lines Barbershop on San Pablo.  It is a multiethnic barbershop and the barbers do a really good job with all types of hair. My experience has been with my son who is African-American with tight curls. They have pictures posted online so you can get a sense of the work that they do.  

  • Hello Stylish People.  First world problem here:  I am a 30-something adult with hair that is just not cute.  I used to have very curly hair which I understood how to manage and style, but after a stressful few years in grad school, etc., the curl is gone: it is now just a little wavy and frizzy. 

    I do not own a blow dryer or a curling iron, and I'd rather not have to go that route daily (small kids, big commute).  I am interested in old school techniques like curlers, but open to any suggestions.  I wish there was a hair mentor hotline to call... 

    Do you have a clean set of old curlers you don't use anymore, that you'd be willing to lend, or do you recommend a certain type of curlers for low-hassle styling?  Or, do you have any other advice or suggestions about how to up the cuteness factor without too much fuss or skill required?  My hair is medium long - a few inches below shoulders - and fine, but not thin. 

    Thanks in advance, hair gurus!

    I’ve recently heard about something called the American Wave perm, lasting up to three months but not at all like the perms of the past. Planning to look into it for myself! 

    You are describing my teenage daughter's hair perfectly!  I am envious.  I did not know how to help her care for her hair (mine is very straight, very fine, and a lot of it; her's is same but wavy and prone to frizz) so we did a lot of research together.  First, I suggest an internet search of "curly girl method".  This method is for hair from wavy to kinky and everything in between.  My daughter follows this method and now has beautiful, healthy, shiny hair with very little effort.  After washing her hair, she puts a leave-in conditioner in it, twists it up, sleeps in it.  In the morning, she untwists, lightly finger combs, and looks gorgeous.

    Just wanted to throw it out there that if you want to try the blow dry route, you can do that and then not wash it and it will hold (and in my opinion, continue to look better), for several days. It's supposed to be healthier for many people's hair to avoid daily washing which can strip natural oils; I've certainly found it to be true for my hair.  I wash it and blow dry it once every three days, and I get lots of compliments on my hair.  On the third day, I use dry shampoo.  Also, for my schedule, showering (and then blow dying) at night after kids are in bed is easier than fitting it into the crazy mornings.

    I find henna helps thicken and gloss the hair shaft resulting in less frizz and more shine.  However, it affects the color.

    Cassia and/or amla are reputed to also thicken and improve hair, but with little or no effect on hair color.  This site can give more information, but you'll want to skip the data on henna and indigo.  I understand they are pretty good about answering questions by phone and email.

    As a fellow fine, curly/frizzy hair type, I have suggestions other than curlers which can be damaging. Try taking some of the weight off your hair with layers and cutting a couple inches off the bottom. Also, never brush your hair and use a light leave-in curl enhancer. 

    Good luck!

    Get a perm. Don’t waste you time with curlers. People are starting to get perms again and they aren’t the poodle types that people got in the 80’s. Also the new salon formulations aren’t as harsh on your hair as the old formulations. You’d only need to get one every few months.

    Girl you don't want to wear curlers!! Why don't you book an appointment with a really good stylist who can refashion your look for you? If you want to try out the look you can do rag curls, tutorials on youtube. But I mean... 

    If you haven't read curly girl by lorraine Massey get it asap! And search online for info about the curly girl method. Changed my life with my curly frizzy hair. Deva Curl products worked wonders too. Good luck!

    My hair has become much curlier and more enjoyable since I have been using Deva Curl No-Poo consistently. The no lather shampoo, consistent conditioning with their conditioners, and squeezing it after I wash it (check out the Deva curl website for how-to's) and cuts by Emmily Bright at Hype Salon in the Laurel District have made my curls come back after years of color. I let it go natural, no more dye, and that may have helped too. You have to use only those products and for awhile, but you will see what I mean. I used conventional shampoo recently while away from home and I was instantly sorry. CVS had it, and you can get coupons there, to lower the price. Huge bottles are $40 before any coupon. Good luck. --Curly Mama. 

    Hi!  As a curly haired lady myself, I recommend starting with a good haircut that is for curly hair.  Most cuts aren't.  In fact, most cuts can deflate curls and make hair frizzy.  And, you may even find with the right cut, it's pretty much just wash, style once, and go for a few days!  My recommendations are the stylists at Edo Salon in SF (I've been cut by Jayne but if you check out their instagrams, all the stylists are amazing), or Corinna Hernandez (who owns Pony Salon) and cuts out of Borrow Salon in SF.  Both of these salons use green and organic products.  You can also look up Deva Curl salons in the East Bay, if you want something closer -- I just don't have specific recommendations -- and DevaCurl products aren't as clean so I tend to stay away from them, but I know other women who live by them. 

    Sounds to me like you just need to get rid of the frizz. Wavy, below-shoulder length hair is pretty stylish these days.  If you are open to using product, go to Sephora and see what they recommend.  I like Kevin Murphy "Young Again" oil (my hairdresser recommended) it - but use VERY little.  Also, it's really fast to tame the frizz with a good flat iron.  My flat iron heats up while I brush and floss, and then I just give it a few passes to leave most of the wave but get rid of the frizz.  It adds at most 2 min. to my morning.  Good flat irons aren't cheap, though, so that might be an issue?  Another strategy that works well for me is to pull my hair back in a ponytail while it's still damp, leave it that way on BART until I get to work, and then take out the ponytail once it's dry. For some reason my hair doesn't get as frizzy when I do that as it does when it dries loose, and the ponytail, particularly if I double it into a bun shape, makes the ends curly. 

    Hi - No idea if this will work for you. My hair is slightly wavy, never been curly. However, I can get a curly look by doing these things:

    - After I wash my hair I apply (regular) conditioner, but I don't rinse it out.  Most on the ends of my hair, less at the roots. Then I wrap it in a towel to dry a little. 

    - After I comb it out if I have time I "finger curl" it - just twist it into ropes in a way that seems like it would do nothing, and then let it air dry. Somehow that's enough to take the wave and remind it that it could be a curl.  They unwind right as soon as I let go, but I guess there's enough twist in there to make the shape kinda stay, in combination with the leave in conditioner

    - I don't comb it after that - just before - and only when wet

    - If I need a touch up (after a windy walk) I can spray or comb a little water into it, apply a little conditioner to the ends, and let it air dry and it refreshes

  • Hello All,

    The recommendations for hair stylists seem really outdated. Anyone know of a stylist who is really good at cutting very very thick wavy/curly hair, who is also good at color (I do a very vibrant red). Preferably in Walnut Creek but could also be in Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga area. Maybe Oakland.



    I have curly hair and go to Patricia Lewis at La Peluqueria ( Berkeley) (510) 601-0102

    I've been seeing Jessica Earle for a year or two. Finally someone understands my curly hair! Yesterday she colored my hair for the first time - it's great!  Jessica's number is (510) 459-8303

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Stylist for Teen with thick curly hair

Feb 2010

Hi - our 16-year-old daughter has beautiful, thick, curly hair that, when dry, is frizzy and hard to manage. I'd really appreciate recommendations for 1) a stylist who is great with teens (as in a good listener who doesn't have her/his own agenda when it comes to my daughter's haircut), who is skilled with aforementioned hair type, who is kind and friendly, and who is preferably in Berkeley/Oakland and 2) recommendations for hair products that she can use on a regular basis to keep her hair looking shiny, organized, and curly rather than frizzy (I've checked the BPN archives but am hoping for new(er) recommendations). Many thanks

Your daughter's hair sounds like mine. The only product I have ever used that gives me great and consistent results is 'The Cream' by Paul Mitchell. There is also a knock off available from Sally Beauty Supply that is less expensive. I use this product rather heavily, applying more than is suggested on the tube, but it completely enhances my curl and keeps the frizziness down. The only downside is that sometimes if it is put on too heavily, it flakes off and can look like dandruff during the course of the day. I've decided to live with this because it is truly the only product I like, but a 16-year-old might not find this acceptable. I've purchased and tried other products people here have recommended, but none work for me like The Cream. You might also have her try a detangler first, which I use every couple of days as the tangles can get pretty hard to comb out.

My hairdresser does a great job with my hair, but I can't say how she would be with a teenage girl. I see her mostly with adults, although for a short time she was also cutting my 'tween son's hair. Her name is Maria at Ah Dorno, on Hearst right near Euclid. 540-1104. If you try her out let her know I recommended her. Amy

You have described my hair. Having long hair with long layers actually helps my hair look more 'in control' by weighting it down. I use Aveda's 'Be Curly' product line and I recently added Moroccan Oil to the mix. Probably the most important thing is to never brush my hair and to only comb it in the shower when it is wet. Once I get out of the shower I use Moroccan oil, and two Aveda products - one to reduce frizz and another that offers some hold. It helps to twist sections of my hair and let it dry naturally. Thick curly hair usually is dry and fragile so I wash it every other day or every other other day and just wet and scrunch it on the days I don't wash it. Lots of Hair

I've raved before and I'll rave again: I *love* Patricia at La Peluqueria (1600 Shattuck, Berkeley, 510-601-0102). Her lovely, small shop is very comfortable and she does a great job of listening to what you want. She also is great with suggestions. Her hair is very curly, so she definitely knows what works. Also, she has 3 kids herself, so I would expect her to be good with kids. Her recommended line of products is Mixed Chicks, and I'm a recent convert. Good luck! Curly in Alameda

I have just the person for you. Suzanne Masten PH: 333- 7000 (Montclair). She has been cutting my teenage son's hair for years. He has very thick, curly hair and she does a great job, whether he is in one of his 'long hair' phases or 'short hair' phases. He's particular about his hair, and he's always happy with the result. She's also a nice, good-natured, accommodating person. jane

Your daughter's hair sounds like mine. I've been going for years to 'The Twins' (Mary and Margaret) at the Beauty Center on Solano, next to Peets. Mary and Margaret also have thick wavy hair (though not as wavy/curly as mine) and they've always been great at suggesting products to keep mine from getting frizzy, and cutting it to emphasize the curls. They're also really nice people, great with teens (they've cut my two daughters' hair, too) and reasonably priced. The only drawback is that they're often booked up, so you have to plan ahead for an appointment. Curly Top

Deva Curl. Google it and get these products. I have always hated my curly hair until now. I basically use their shampoo (called 'no poo' b/c it is non lathering...they took out the sodium lareth sulfate which is really drying and contributes to frizziness) and their conditioner and their gel. I literally wash and wear...let my hair air dry and get compliments all the time now. They have stylists who are 'certified' in their method, and I think there is a salon in rockridge that has a stylist who is listed on the website. if you google it you can do a search for stylists on their website. best wishes! happily curly girl

My daughter also has thick curly hair and has been very happy since finding Jenn Archbold at Florescence in Berkeley, just off Solano Avenue. We found Jenn originally on BPN. She is a good listener and has a great eye for what looks good on teens; her salon is a very peaceful place, and she sells non-toxic products. You can contact Jenn at 526-1073. Judy

April Antz, over on Solano ave, is your gal. I have really thick, frizzy and curly hair. I've been working with April for years. She cuts everyone's hair in our family, including my son. She has no hidden agenda, listens and is completely authentic. She's great with teens; she's great with everyone, really. Can't say enough good things about her. Give her a call. (510) 384-9163 no more frizz, happy curly girl

I get my curly hair styled by Elvia, the owner of Skye Salon on Piedmont Avenue. She is great with curly hair and she sells Bummble and Bummble, the only products that have been able to tame my hair. She cuts my teenage daughters' hair as well. She's young and hip and really listens. Good luck!

It took me until adulthood to finally adore my curly hair! I have tried every product on the market and have found a few that work well: Bumble and Bumble Curl Cream - I have used this daily for almost 3 years! It is my go to product and, since I have a tendency to get bored with products easily, I stray and always come back! Their entire curl line is great - a bit expensive but lasts a long time. Moroccan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Oil - I use this and the Bumble and Bumble curl cream and I'm all set. *Use a tiny bit of the oil on her hair after it's dry to tame the frizzies. BioSilk Silk Therapy- Another oil-type product!! Fabulous and smells awesome (I won't buy it if it doesn't smell good but not too overwhelming). Again, rub a small bit on palms and put on dry hair to tame the frizzies!!

As for a salon - Dani Juni at Remedy Salon in Emeryville!!! I started seeing her nearly 8 years ago at Alexander Pope Salon on College Ave. I have followed her to 2 salons and she has now opened her own salon! She's totally hip and cool (and fun energetic place). She's the only person I'll let touch my curly hair! Curly Girl

I am looking for a salon myself, but have some tips.
While at the salon: -no thinning shears -no flat irons -no bangs shorter than chin length -no color is best, but gentle is Ok
Products: mix Davines Invisible Paste Defining with Pantene Extra Strength Serum Frizz Control before using heat on hair. Dime sized drops of each for medium length hair. Also look for products that don't contain alcohol as this dries out hair. Be Curly by Aveda is good too.

Blow out: Use a high quality drier from companies like Solano. Use with a directional nozzle and keep at least a quarter inch from hair. Use a boar bristle brush with a wooden handle. Using low quality driers can burn hair because of their inconsistency and round brushes with a metal center can do the same thing. Also, a low quality drier might just not be powerful enough to fully dry hair and get a smooth blow out. Air dry for a little while or dry half way with drier a few inches from hair pointing down. Hair will be frizzy at this point. Use a big clip to pile hair on head and blow dry in sections pulling whatever way you want it styled.

To wear curly use a diffuser with your blow drier.

Always rinse conditioner out and use a good clarifying shampoo once a week to get out product build up. It just makes it harder to style and dull if you use too many styling agents. Good luck! Lea

East Bay stylist for cury hair?

Dec 2009

Can anyone recommend a hair stylist, who knows how to cut curly hair in the east bay? My last one did a great job layering my hair, so it didn't look horribly triangular and frizzy.

I had the hardest time finding somebody to cut my curly hair so it didn't look triangular and frizzy. I have gone to Lisa at Dallas & Co . in Lafayette for the past 5 years. She does a great job of layering and I get complements galore. Her phone number is 925-284-2010. Warning: she charges $70 for the cut. I think she is worth it. Linda

I have curly/wavy hair and see someone fantastic in SF. She is actually great with all kinds of hair--I know a few other women who see her. I usually don't like to set up regular appointments in SF, but no one in the East Bay (that I have yet met) can beat Laurel's cuts so I make the trip. She has been cutting hair for years and is very skilled. Her space is right off the freeway on Second St and Brannan so it is a very easy trip. On days when I have more time, it is a great excuse to spend an hour at SFMOMA (very close) or walk around in the city. Call: Laurel Spa Bar 415.975.0888 246 2nd Street. A very satisfied customer

I have curly, difficult to cut hair, and I just got a great cut from Jenna at Peter Thomas salon in Berkeley. randomann

I strongly recommend Gail Hassall (510) 691-2052 who has a chair at the Circle Salon on Colusa at Kensington Circle. Not only is Gail very capable, she has VERY curly hair. A satisfied client for over 10 years

I *love* Patricia Lewis at La Peluqueria in Berkeley (510- 601-0102). She has curly hair herself and really knows what she's doing. She's also great to talk with, so I always leave there with a smile on my face. Curly in Alameda

I recently had Marisa at JauJou ( cut my curly hair and was pleased with the results. When I called the studio, I was emphatic that I needed someone who knows curly hair. So far, I am pleased with the results. JauJou is located on Grand Avenue near 580. curly top

Wonderful hair dresser for curly hair

Jan 2009

I have this wavy-curly hair that can get all frizzy and then I look like I just left the set of an 80's sitcom or, with the right hair-cut and product my curls look awesome! My last hair dresser left CA so I'm looking for someone who cuts these stubborn Jewish curls really well - somewhere in Berkeley or Oakland. Thanks! done with frizzy

Try Letitia Bailey at the Mane Event on Arden way in Oakmore Highlands. 339-1112 Denise

I highly recommend Nina Homisak Hair Design on Solano Ave. in Albany. The phone number is (510)525-5563. I don't have curly hair myself but my friend (who actually recommended Nina to me) and her daughter go there and their haircuts look great (both have very curly hair). Nina's is also a ''green'' business, one of the first in the area. Satisfied Customer

Try Peter Dinsmore at Genray Salon on Claremont near College. I have curly hair and he does a great job with mine. I started going to Peter after I had my baby. Peter never made me feel bad about myself for having uncontrollable post-partum curly hair. He gave me good tips on how to make it look healthier and cut it in a shape that was just right. He has good intuition about what will work. ...and is a lovely person as well. Please send him my regards if you do go to see him. Anne

You simply must go see Jessica Earle at Vero Salon in Oakland. She practices the ''Deva'' method of cutting curly hair, which was developed by Lorraine Massey in New York (and also read Massey's book- Curly Girl, The Handbook- it changed my life, and I'm not exaggerating!). There are many reviews for her on the great website, which is how I found her. You can schedule an appointment by calling her cellphone directly: 510-459-8303. She's truly amazing. Rebecca

I get my curly hair cut by Shannon at Elixir Salon , on Hopkins St. in Berkeley (510) 526-1700 - she's great! She really listens and pays attention to what it is you're trying to accomplish. She also cuts your hair while it's dry, so she can see and evaluate how your specific curls behave (or misbehave). Typically, I've paid $75, but additionally, if the next day I've ever wanted a bit more done or was not yet completely satisfied, she always goes the extra mile without charging an additional fee. Two thumbs up!! Best of luck to you and your curls... Deb D.

I posted a similar question on BPN a while back about my frizzy, curly hair and followed some recommendations to try Darin David Salon in Berkeley on Solano. Darin, the owner, has been cutting and coloring my hair for about a year and he is wonderful. I've gotten many compliments and for the first time in many years my curls are gentle, not frizzy. He also did some new things with the color that I love. His salon is a lovely, relaxing place to be. I've heard good things about the other hair sylists there, too. No longer frizzy

My hair is thick, and I need someone who is skilled at cutting, too. I recommend Alden Aimion at Darin David Salon . He gives a great cut, a fabulous scalp massage, is wonderful with the scissors, blow dryer etc. If you get color he'll give you a hand massage! And, his price for a cut is only $50! Call Alden at the Darin David Salon : 510/524-8121 anon

Hairstylist 4 curly hair -Marin/Sonoma?

Nov 2008

I have very hard to cut, curly, thick short hair. We've moved and have been going to SF but it's getting too difficult to get there. Would love to find a good and patient hairstylist in Marin or Sonoma Counties. Thanks. anon

Call Lena Bivens in Mill Valley. She works at Elements Salon on Miller in Mill Valley and is brilliant with my wayward curly hair. 415-342-7571. curly sue

Susan Bailey is a terrific curly hair stylist. She has been working with me since the mid-1980s. She is in Berkeley (not Marin or Sonoma - but worth the trip and you can get a good cup of coffee at the French Hotel). Her number is 510/472-1006 Bobbye

Good stylist for wavy, frizzy, fine hair

June 2008

Hi: I am looking for recommendations for a hairdresser in Berkeley who is good with not-straight and not-curly, kind of wavy hair. I also swim and don't really blow dry my hair or use many products. I fear I may be seeking the impossible, but would love recommendations for someone who can give me a cut that works for more than a week or two and is easy to care for. I live in N. Berkeley. Thanks! --Elisabeth

I too have your hair and hates spending time curling, ironing or putting products in them. I found Carlos Arellanos with Art Mind Hair in Rockridge at 5475 College avenue to be sympathetic to my hair and lack of grooming abilities. He can be reached at 510-547-8808. good luck, Catherine

Kathleena Gorga is wonderful. I have hair like yours and her cuts look great on me for a LONG time; my last cut was April 2nd and it still looks fantastic! She works at ReVive Salon on Hopkins (near Monterey Market). Her number is 510.710.0309. Terry

Sounds like I have similar hair; wavy hair can look different daily. I recently went to Teri Irwin at Hair Solano (Berkeley); best cut I've had in awhile. It still looks great several weeks later. wavy but fine

Wavy Short Haircutter Needed

Feb 2008

I'm looking for recommendations for someone to give my curly head a short hair cut. I am ready to go from very long to very short, so I need someone I can trust, who will listen to my requirements, and someone who specifically knows natural curl! Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, even SF. Help me with this major life transition! Leaving Long Locks Behind

I have short curly/wavy hair. I drive into SF from the east bay once every 7 weeks to get my hair cut by Lori D'Ambrosio at a salon called Ringolevio. She has been cutting my hair for multiple years and I can't imagine going anywhere else. (415)585-4040 curly top

Stylist for very curly hair

Jan 2008

Does anyone have a recommendation for a stylist in the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area who is good at cutting very thick curly hair (for $60 or less if possible)? Thanks! One bad haircut after another

Feeny (sp?) Range at Hair Solano . $70 or so for my cut but worth every penny. I have, well, challenging curls and she's the best stylist I've found. I don't go often but the cuts grow out very well. Whatever her trick/ technique is, it works. Probably helps that she has curly hair. She is very prompt at returning calls but you might have to wait a couple weeks for an appointment. If you can be patient, I bet you'll be glad.

Call Michelle at Today's Rave (upper Solano just down from the Starbucks). 524-0991

i know you need someone in the east bay but if there's any way you can make the trip to the city, kelle schlax at vertical clearance on valencia changed my life and can help you. i have hated my curly hair for 30 years but randomly found kelle three salons ago and would go anywhere for her haircuts. she's in your price range, has curly hair herself, and will have you leave feeling hip and loving your hair. no 80s gymnast cut, no sideshow bob, no tears! 803 Valencia St San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 285-8166 good luck! rachel

I have curly hair and a wonderful stylist. His name is Scott Torok and he works at Marsha's for Hair on Locust Street in Walnut Creek and he owns Descend Salon on Union Street in SF. He charges $80 for a cut but he is incredibly talented. He will dry cut your hair first and then shampoo and cut again. This method is very effective for curly hair. He is worth every dollar he charges! Best of luck, Zohre

Call Donna at Sahaira (5510 College Ave in Rockridge), 595.4227. I don't know her rates, but she may be in your price range. I have curly hair, too, and I pay $75-100. Good luck! Terry

Hi I have curly hair and go to Lyndsay at Peter Thomas ; Great haircut for $50. jamie

Check out Under the ''curlSalon'' heading, you can find salons by city that curly-haired people have reviewed. I use it every time I move and always have good results! Curli in Cali

I love my stylist. I have very curly long hair and he's been cutting it for 10 years. One of my sisters, also has very curly hair, goes elsewhere, but she admits that her cuts are not as consistent as mine. His is the owner of Darin David Salon on Solano, in Berkeley. He is Darin, the owner. People stop me often and tell me what beautiful hair I have. I really think that the cut has everything to do with it because even on days when I feel that it looks somewhat frizzy it still looks very good! He really is great with curly hair. anon

I have been getting terrific cuts from Jean Lusson for ten years. I also have curly hair that is tricky to style, and Jean handles it beautifully. She used to cut hair at a fancy salon in San Francisco (and has Vidal Sassoon training) but now works on her own in the Berkeley area. She's smart and knowledgeable and versatile; I've recommended her to friends with all different types of hair, and they've all been happy. You can reach her at (510) 525-0624. Elisa

Trying to grow out my thick curly hair

Nov 2007

Help! I am trying to grow my thick, curly hair a little (It's always been extremely short) and it is a mess-- very frizzy-- made worse by a recent trip to a local salon. I would greatly appreciate recommendations for someone in Berkeley or Oakland who does excellent work styling curly hair. I also have my hair colored, so it would be great to find someone who can do both. Ms. Frizz

I LOVE my hair stylist, Jenn Archbold, owner of Florescence . I also have short, curly hair that I am growing out a bit... Jenn is helping to make it a truly painless process. She's easy to talk to, insightful about hair and just a fabulous person. Visit her website at or call her at 510.527.6226. I never liked my hair until I met Jenn. Jen

I, too, have curly hair, am very particular about how it looks, and HIGHLY recommend Peter Thomas at