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Dec 2009

Re: East Bay stylist for cury hair?
I recently had Marisa at JauJou (http://www.jaujoustudio.com/) cut my curly hair and was pleased with the results. When I called the studio, I was emphatic that I needed someone who knows curly hair. So far, I am pleased with the results. JauJou is located on Grand Avenue near 580. curly top

March 2009

Re: Tricky hair, thick with hidden waves
Mele Alberta is the hair stylist for you. She is quite talented and has been an hair stylist for many years. She has the ability to discern what works and specializes in color and highlighting as well as wavy hair. She has cut my hair and styled it and I'm very happy with her. She listens to what you want and doesn't push what she wants. She's at Jau Jou Studio at 3351 Grand Ave., Oakland. Her number is 510-208-3449 and her cell number is 510-387-5154. Good luck. Ronna

Feb 2009

Re: Hair and color expert for thick hair
I have very, very thick hair. So thick that every stylist I've ever been to has always told me it's the thickest they've ever seen and strangers on the street have commented on it. For years now I've been going to Matt Dixon at Jaujou Studio on Grand Ave. Contact info and prices are listed on the stylists page on their website: http://www.jaujoustudio.com/

He has also colored my greying hair and does a fantastic job. He's the first stylist I've ever had that said I could have the long hair I've always wanted (everyone else said only short styles work with thick hair). He does this cut called a ''disconnect'' where he cuts a hidden shorter layer which helps keep my just past shoulder length hair from feeling and looking heavy. anon

April 2008

Re: Stylist for fine, short hair?
Mele Alberta at Jau Jou Studio in Oakland is the best at cutting hair in the area and she also does a wonderful job with highlights and color. She will do a great job with fine, short hair, I think that is her speciality. I go to her and alot of people I know do too, and we all love her. She is the best and has been doing hair for over 15 years. Call her today, you'll be so happy you did! Mele Alberta 3351 Grand Avenue Oakland CA 94610 510.208.3449 pinkledtink [at] yahoo.com www.jaujoustudio.com

March 2008

Re: Looking for good haircut
Mele Alberta is an experienced hair stylist. She works with all types of hair and does wonders. Here's her contact info: Mele Alberta, Jau Jou Studio, 510-208-3449 and her cell is 387-5154. She's located in Oakland on Grand Ave. rishida

March 2008

Re: Good hairstylists for very straight Asian hair
Mele Alberta is the greatest - I have very straight hair and I am happier with her than any other stylist. She works at a wonderful salon -- JauJou Studio in Oakland on Grand ave. The number is (510) 208-3449. morayblue

Oct 2007

Re: Highlights for dark hair that won't turn brassy
I know just the stylist for you! Mele Alberta is an amazing colorist and stylist (who happens to have dark hair with highlights herself). She works at JauJou Studio located at 3351 Grand Ave. near the Grand Lake Theater. I have dark brown hair and she gave me beautiful subtle highlights that brighten up my face without looking unnatural. She can definitely work with you so you don't experience brassy orange color again! Mele can be reached at (510) 208-3449. Best of luck! Loving my highlights and cut!

March 2007

Re: Need a boost in my personal style
Hi there! If you're looking for a stylist with style who takes your personality, hair type, and face shape, look no further than Mele Alberta at Jaujou Studio on Grand Ave. This woman makes cutting hair an art form! Mele LOVES working with women who have sort of let themselves go and will help you reclaim your own unique style! Mele charges $60 for a haircut and it is WELL WORTH IT! You will be pampered from start to finish. Check out the studio website at www.JauJouStudio.com or call Mele directly at (510) 387-5154