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  • I have fine hair, but lots of it, and need a stylist who is a wizard with texture and layers and can remove a lot of weight and volume from my hair (usually between chin length and shoulder length), otherwise I look like a dandelion.  I also need a low maintenance style that can handle no products, no blow drying, and a long time between cuts.  My long time stylist (15 years) has moved away, and I would love recommendations for a new stylist. Locations in Oakland, south Berkeley, or Emeryville would be great.  Thanks very much.

    I like Terry Abebe: 510 339-0844 Shes currently in Montclair in Oakland. I have fine curly hair and my son has very thick curly hair and she cuts both our hair.

    I highly recommend my stylist Sandra Nider at Revive Salon on Hopkins in Berkeley. She's a gifted stylist, knows how to handle all kinds of hair. 


    Our whole family has been seeing April Antz for about 15 years. I have very thick and curly hair, my husband has thick, thinner hair, my son has thick wavy hair. April can do it all. She's located on Alcatraz, just off of Adeline. Her salon, Bias, is small and quaint. April is amazing. I highly recommend her.

    Her phone #: (510) 384-9163  

    Best of luck!

    I recommend Ruby at Eclipxe Hair Salon in Berkeley. I have thick hair and she gives great hair cuts (gives it shape). Also, she is just a lovely person to spend time with!

    I have similar hair and styling needs and have had a great experience for the past 10+ years with Melanie Shapiro who owns Charm School Salon in Emeryville. I often go six months or more between cuts.

    I have very thick hair (strangers have actually stopped me on the street to comment on it) and highly recommend my stylist, Matt Dixon. He cuts at Jau Jou Studio  on Grand in Oakland. He does something called a "disconnect" that takes off considerable weight. No other stylist I've ever been to knew how to do this. I get my hair cut twice, maybe 3 times a year and also don't use products nor do I blow dry. Even after 4 or 5 months I still get compliments on my cut.  Matt uses products on my hair when he dries it but has never tried to get me to buy any., tel. 510-208-3449

  • Hi,

    The last update here was from 2009 and I am looking for fresh recommendations. I have very fine hair and I am looking for somebody who is good with fine and with short hair, really somebody who can do great, no fuss, haircut. Any recommendations for Berkeley, Albany, or El Cerrito (or nearby)?

    Grove Salon on Solano Ave in Albany. I go to Sondra. I have super fine hair as well. She always does a great job with my short cuts. 

    I have short and fine hair. I go to Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon, Rose and Shattuck in Bkly.
    Kipp KNOWS hair and knows how to handle different textures of hair. I've been seeing Kipp for at least 10 years and have only gone to someone
    else (in his salon) when he is away and I'm in need. 510-549-3610.   Good luck. Please tell him June sent you.

    I've been going to Becca at Tresses ((510) 524-5776) on Solano at Ensenada Avenue in Berkeley for years. She works with all hair types and will be very honest about what she can and cannot do. If she can't do she may provide suggestions/recommendations for other hair stylists. She's a kind and lovely person  

    Good luck. 


    I have been going to Lindsay at Peter Thomas Salon on Shattuck and Virginia for many years. I have curly hair, but I know Lindsay works on all kinds of hair types. I highly recommend her.

    I love Dale Oxley, ear the UC Berkeley campus: He's also fantastic with color.

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Fantastic, affordable stylist - fine hair

Jan 2009

Hi - I've seen many recent recommendations for hair stylists for curly hair; mine is the opposite. I would love a recommendation for a stylist that is FANTASTIC with color (older mom here), and FABULOUS with fine, medium- to short-length hair. Any recommendations, in or near Berkeley? Just for fun, I'll kick in the request that h/she not also cost an arm & a leg. These days, I'm realizing I just can't do a $200. number on my hair to keep it beautifully colored and freshly, attractively styled. (Not that it necessarily has been, although I've certainly been paying that amount!) Would love to hear your recommendations for someone, in or near Berkeley, that fits the bill. What is/was your experience with them? Thank you so much. Need fantastic new hair stylist

Oh, I am so glad you asked this question b/c I have been meaning to post to rave about my stylist! Jennifer Brass is at Florescence in Albany (on Tulare at Solano). At my first visit, she took a lot of time to consult w/ me to determine my lifestyle, how much time I give to my hair...she looks at not just the hair, but the face, the body, and how the cut will best complement and enhance the features. She checks in at the beginning of subsequent visits and doesn't just repeat the cut from the previous session, although I am sure she would if you desired it. Using non-toxic products is also a priority. My hair is shoulder length, maybe a little less, and she charges me $70. Nita

I'm the poster child for fine, straight hair and highly recommend my stylist - Gerry Turner at Gerard's Hair Design on Piedmont in Oakland (510-547-4107). As a busy professional, I've struggled for years to find someone who could give me real style without a lot of fuss and product. Jerry is a master with scissors, does a wonderful job with color and highlights (yes, I'm over 40) and the cost for a cut is under $50. I'm a convert because my husband, an attorney, someone who also has a stake in looking good, has used Gerry for 35 years. I've patronized big name salons on both coasts (Bay Area and New York City) and Gerry's skill and artistry far surpasses that of any stylist I've encountered in my past. Satisfied in Berkeley

I recommend Jil at Blow near Shattuck & University, 644-1871. She has fine hair herself, so she understands how to deal with it. Jennifer

I've been going to a great hair stylist for 10 years, located on Island Drive in Alameda (I live in Oakland, and it's worth the extra trip). Cost for cut and color, including a generous tip, is $85. I have fine hair, almost shoulder length. I always get compliments on both my haircut and the color. It's called Salon 2004 , and I see Tan Van, who is the owner. Happy with hair

I have been going to Amanda at Bella Salon in Alameda on Park St. for years. I have fine, thin hair, altho it has some natural curl. It took a couple of tries, but she gives me a really good hair cut, & we then shape it gogether w/conditioner. My only care inbetween is washing it, & putting on a little blob of conditioner to give a bit more body & curl. I have grey hair, never colored it, & in spite of its being thin, get lots of compliments on my grey curls. Amanda is very reasonable in price. Happy Grandmother

I have the person for you - Julie-Ann at Orange Hair Salon on Encinal Ave in Alameda. I have fine fine fine hair - before her, every time I had it cut I'd say ''No products'' and they'd talk me into a little of this, a little of that -- which looked great after the salon blow out but at home - not so much. Julie-Ann heard me when I said I do nothing -- and my hair looks better than it has in years (I'm in my early forties, keeping it shorter than shoulder length). I know they do color there (a woman was leaving after her color - looked great to me). Julie-Ann is $55. I've paid less (and more) and since it took me an extra month and a half longer to get in to see her between cuts - and my hair still looked great - I think its worth it. Give her a call:846-0144. happy

I have very fine hair -- and not that much of it. My stylist is Rainbeau, at J Salon (top of College Avenue in Oakland -- 967-5549). She really understands fine hair -- I love what she does with mine. It looks twice as thick as it really is, and great style, all without my spending more than 5 minutes on it in the morning! I get lots of compliments -- and lots of people asking me who does my hair. She's not exactly inexpensive, but she's not out of the ballpark, either. Karen

I love Mary Ryan in Montclair. I have medium-length, very fine hair, and she makes it turn under in a lovely pageboy that gets me many compliments. I have 2 friends who use her, too, and they love her. She charges $35. Her Irish accent is an added bonus! Linda Linda

Stylist for fine, short hair?

April 2008

I have been without a good stylist for a couple of years now and I need help! I keep looking for someone who can do something positively fabulous with my fine, short hair. He or she also must be good with highlights. Does anyone have a recommendation? East Bay only (preferably Rockridge/Elmwood/Berkeley). anon

I highly recommend Annette at Peter Thomas . She has fine, short hair herself (as do I), and has been giving me cute styles for 10+ years. She is also excellent at highlights and color in general. Peter Thomas salon is on Shattuck at Virginia, in North Berkeley. Christine

I have fine hair (lots of it, though) and am currently wearing it chin length. I have been getting my hair cut (and highlighted) by Betsy Zamacona at Lucero Salon for the 1.5 years and have been very happy with how my hair looks. The Salon is located on College Ave in Oakland (just south of 63rd Street - it's right next door to Cole Coffee and across the street from Safeway). The # is 420.8795. Shauna

I have fine, short hair and get my hair done by Qwynn at Avelon Salon in Montclair. She is the owner and I have been going to her for two years. She is amazing with color and highlights and does a great cut. I get complements all the time on my color and cut. You won't be sorry. nancy

Mele Alberta at Jau Jou Studio in Oakland is the best at cutting hair in the area and she also does a wonderful job with highlights and color. She will do a great job with fine, short hair, I think that is her speciality. I go to her and alot of people I know do too, and we all love her. She is the best and has been doing hair for over 15 years. Call her today, you'll be so happy you did! Mele Alberta 3351 Grand Avenue Oakland CA 94610 510.208.3449 pinkledtink [at]

Hair stylist for fine, curly hair

Sept 2007

Hello, I am looking for a hair stylist to help me find a new and improved look. I have curly hair which is fine and looks wild without a good cut. I wear my hair short and color it. A location in Oakland is preferable, especially near Grand, Lakeshore or Piedmont. I'm looking for a long term relationship with the stylist.

I highly recommend Carlos, the owner of Arellanos Salon on College Ave in Oakland. He's been my hairdresser for many years and I've been very happy. I have straight fine hair and he's done amazing cuts (when I had it long and now that I have it quite a bit shorter) as well as very good color and highlighting. My daughter has fine but very curly, often frizzy hair and I've been very happy with the cuts he's given her. The other thing I really like about Carlos is that he doesn't talk your ears off while he's working. Here's his website: Enjoy! rosie

Hair stylist for fine long hair

Aug 2006

Help, I am fairly new to the area and badly in need of a hair stylist. I have long, thin and fine dark hair and am tired of it looking limp. Any suggestions for a good hair stylist in Berkeley will be appreciated. Need a good hair style

Festoon Salon on MLK is great. I also have fine, long hair and I go to Darren who gives a superb cut. He is VERY hard to get an appointment with and a little expensive but really good. I've also heard that Eric, Betty and Bruno are good

Hi, I would highly recommend Ocean at Festoon Salon ( in Berkeley. I have fine hair, and she always knows what to do with it! Cathy

I have hair similar to yours--it is pretty long and fine. Difficult to get a good cut. I found the greatest stylist ever! I'm not sure what salon she is working at now but I know it is on College-- her name is Deveshi Blue and her website is laura

I had the same problem with my sons locks. I sometimes joke that I should hire a stylist to do his hair.... I opted to buy a pair of hair cutting scissors and I downloaded instructions on cutting layers and I do it myself. People always comment on his haircuts; although, it usually takes a few days with a couple of sessions before I am pleased with it. He is four and can not sit still for too long! LogicalMama

I can highly recommend Diana Simon with salons in both Alameda and San Francisco, as an expert, knowing how to work with tricky hair and can suit a cut to the person's hair and overall look. She's lovely, very caring and knows hair! She is the most highly trained hair stylist I have met! Diana Simon Simon Says 933A Cnentral Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 & 2305 Van Ness Avenue SF 94109 Her phone number is 510-387-7815. Enjoy! Louise G

I just answered the above post with this same rec. Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon in Bkly is a great hair stylist. He is skilled in styling/cutting all kinds of hair. He will know what is the best style and cut for your texture of hair and your face. The shop number is 549-3610. Good luck June

I also have fine hair and have been getting great haircuts from Camilla at Darin David Salon on Solano Ave (524-8121). She's given me more style than I've ever had, and is a lovely person besides.

Stylist for Fine, Straight Hair

March 2002

I have very fine, thin straight hair. I'm looking for a haircutter who can help me have an easy style that works well with fine, thin hair...and is virtually no maintenance. Right now I wear my hair long - shower, brush and go, no stops for curling irons or blowdryers. I'd like to get a shorter style (maybe the hubby wouldn't!) but don't want to spend time primping and have had failed cuts before with hairdressers giving me a cut that doesn't work with my hair type. Any suggestions? Berk/Oak area. Thanks! flyaway hair

Recommendations recieved:

  • Alexander Pope Rockridge
  • Circle Salon Kensington
  • Hair Solano (2) Albany
  • Point of View Salon Oakland
  • Vine Street Salon N. Berkeley

    Other advice:

    Adding highlights to your hair will make your hair fuller as well, and I have found (after trying I don't know how many products) a conditioner that actually lifts my hair instead of making it even flatter. It is from Kiehls (#133) which has a website and a 1-800# but recently, there is a special booth at Nordstrom's in Walnut Creek. It is not cheap but it is the only conditioner that does works and I can highly recomend it.