Orange Hair Salon (Alameda, CA)

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Jan 2009

Re: Fantastic, affordable stylist - fine hair
I have the person for you - Julie-Ann at Orange Hair Salon on Encinal Ave in Alameda. I have fine fine fine hair - before her, every time I had it cut I'd say ''No products'' and they'd talk me into a little of this, a little of that -- which looked great after the salon blow out but at home - not so much. Julie-Ann heard me when I said I do nothing -- and my hair looks better than it has in years (I'm in my early forties, keeping it shorter than shoulder length). I know they do color there (a woman was leaving after her color - looked great to me). Julie-Ann is $55. I've paid less (and more) and since it took me an extra month and a half longer to get in to see her between cuts - and my hair still looked great - I think its worth it. Give her a call:846-0144. happy