Alexander Pope

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May 2007

Re: Salon for hip teen haircut
I highly recommend Sara Wielandt at Alexander Pope. Although thesalon is a bit pricey, they do a great job. I recommend Sara very highly, she is especially talented, both with women's and men's cuts -- she is also very style-consious and good at coming up with the right look to fit a person.

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
Nina Carter and Gloria Walters, both at Alexander Pope do excellent work with my very thick curly hair. I have been going there for 22 years, and have never been dissatisfied with a cut. Alexander Pope is on College Avenue, South of the BART station, in Oakland. The telephone number is 601-5220. Both of them, but especially Nina, book up at least 3 weeks in advance, so if you need an apptmnt, make one now. Barbara
Re: Spiral perm for Asian hair (Feb 2005)
I love Gloria's perms, at Alexander Pope Salon on College Avenue. She has a ton of experience. The number there is 601-5520. alanya
Re: Make-up artist for wedding photos (June 2003)
Try Jennifer at Alexander Pope on College Ave. She did a great job on my hair/makeup for wedding last year and it looked natural, but showed up well in photographs, and i'm not much of a makeup person. She's helped several friends and everyone (w/ different styles) has been happy w/ the results. Good luck Julie
Re: Mobile Hairdresser for Wedding (March 2003)
Try Jennifer at Alexander Pope on College Avenue. She did a fabulous job for my wedding and for several friend's weddings as well. She'll come to your location for a bit more. Julie
Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
I highly recommend Larry at Alexander Pope, on College Ave. in Rockridge. I've been going to him for several years. He's absolutely great with color (I've had him do highlights and am always pleased with the results),and he does really great cuts, too. Try him out! Dianne
Re: Stylist for Fine, Straight Hair (March 2002)
I have fine, thin hair (I describe it as little-towheaded-kid hair) that is very straight. I get it cut by a stylist named Rainbeau (yes, that's her real name) at the Alexander Pope salon on College Avenue. I currently have a great style that I wash, let dry naturally, rub a little goop in the roots, and spray lightly with hairspray. Takes me less than 5 minutes of work, lasts all day -- and looks great. She's a little expensive ($55 per cut) but worth it to me for the convenience. Karen