Darin David Salon (Berkeley, CA)

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March 2009

Re: Tricky hair, thick with hidden waves
I highly recommend the Darin David Salon on Solano in Albany. Darin, the owner, is extremely energetic and acommodating. He has many years of experience and his salon is clean and the prices are pretty reasonable. Besides this, his salon is a one stop shop for other beauty services. Marcella

Jan 2009

Re: Wonderful hair dresser for curly hair
I posted a similar question on BPN a while back about my frizzy, curly hair and followed some recommendations to try Darin David Salon in Berkeley on Solano. Darin, the owner, has been cutting and coloring my hair for about a year and he is wonderful. I've gotten many compliments and for the first time in many years my curls are gentle, not frizzy. He also did some new things with the color that I love. His salon is a lovely, relaxing place to be. I've heard good things about the other hair sylists there, too. No longer frizzy

My hair is thick, and I need someone who is skilled at cutting, too. I recommend Alden Aimion at Darin David Salon. He gives a great cut, a fabulous scalp massage, is wonderful with the scissors, blow dryer etc. If you get color he'll give you a hand massage! And, his price for a cut is only $50! Call Alden at the Darin David Salon : 510/524-8121 anon
Jan 2008

Re: Stylist for very curly hair
I love my stylist. I have very curly long hair and he's been cutting it for 10 years. One of my sisters, also has very curly hair, goes elsewhere, but she admits that her cuts are not as consistent as mine. His is the owner of Darin David Salon on Solano, in Berkeley. He is Darin, the owner. People stop me often and tell me what beautiful hair I have. I really think that the cut has everything to do with it because even on days when I feel that it looks somewhat frizzy it still looks very good! He really is great with curly hair. anon

Jan 2007

Re: good hair stylist in or near Albany?
My sister with very high standards turned me on to Darin David Salon on Solano (across from Peet's). Camilla does both of our hair, but everyone there is a pro. Don't know if everyone charges the same price. Camilla has been cutting our hair for a very affordable $45 (especially since we have longish curly styles). The number is 510-524-8121 It's also quite a nice environment. She'll offer you tea and take the time to talk to you about exactly what you want in a style and cut before she begins. Happy with hair

Last month I was in your same dilemma over deciding to cut my longish wavy hair. I looked at the old posts and decided to take a chance with Darin David on Solano near Ensenada in Berkeley. Darin gave me a wonderful haircut with which I am still pleased. He picked a style that fit me and my time commitment. Good luck Jeanne
Aug 2006

Re: Hair stylist for fine long hair
I also have fine hair and have been getting great haircuts from Camilla at Darin David Salon on Solano Ave (524-8121). She's given me more style than I've ever had, and is a lovely person besides.

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
Camilla at Darin David is terrific. I had curly and badly damaged hair, and now I feel like a million bucks (but I only spent $30 pre-tip for a consultation, wash, cut, and dry). She's new there, so I'd hurry and make an appointment before her schedule fills up. Eli
Re: Need professional hairstyle post-baby (Mar 2005)
I am a mom of two and a DC lobbyist (hair is VERY important in my biz :) so I feel your pain about trying to have style while being a working mom. Darrin David on Solano is my salvation. I see Darrin himself and he is so great about striking a balance between syle and simplicity. In the past week I have had three people stop me to ask who does my hair! Elizabeth
Re: Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay (Jan. 2003)
I just had a great haircut at Darin David Salon on Solano from April. I have/ had long curly hair and wanted a change, she did a great job, she understands curly hair and won't go crazy cutting it. The cost was $40, and completely worth it for a good cut from someone you can trust.