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Sept 2007

Re: Hair stylist for very thick, frizzy/curly hair
I highly recommend Laura Traversa at Vine Street Salon. She works magic with hair. A friend has been seeing her for years; my teen daughter and I just started going to her--we've gotten the cutest haircuts. We both have difficult hair and want cuts that flatter our faces! Laura can be reached at 644-2444, 2118 Vine Street. fan of Laura T.

June 2007

Re: Cut and color for curly hair
Laura Traversa does great color and cut though I do not have curly hair. She used to work at a place that had a website and her description included that she does 'believable blonde' and also long and curly hair. She now works at the Vine Street Salon. (there are 2 Laura's there, I understand so be sure to ask for Laura T.) anon

June 2006

Re: Blond highlights that look natural
Dawn at Vine St. salon has done a great job on my mousey brown/blond hair (I used to be a tow-head as a child)...I also wanted it to look completely natural...and it really does. It is pricey ~ $110..but very worth it A natural blond again..

Look no further. I know a great colorist who makes my hair look naturally blonde. People are surprised when I tell them that I have highlights. They just assume that I am naturally this blonde. I was, but am no longer (sigh) due to a sequence of events involving moving further from the equator, having a baby and just plan getting older. It left me with much darker blonde hair than I was happy with. About eight or so years ago I nervously explained to the colorist that it was very important to me that it look natural, aka, just like it used to. She has been my colorist ever since that day and I love how naturally blonde she makes my hair look. She also does it without frying my hair and she uses foil. Her name is Laura and she is part owner of Vine Street Salon in Walnut Square in North Berkeley Marianne
Re: Need professional hairstyle post-baby (Mar 2005)
Chinatsu Ukai at Vine Street Salon is a great hair stylist. She listens to your ideas and gives you exactly what you need and ask for. She also charges a very reasonable price! You can make an appointment through Vine Street Salon 510-644-2444. Chi
Re: Spiral perm for Asian hair (Feb 2005)
If you have ''Asian hair'' you should probably go to an Asian hair dresser who knows how to deal with it. I go to Chinatsu Ukai at Vine Street Salon in Berkeley. Her rate is reasonable and although I haven't gotten a perm from her, she gives great hair cuts. I have unusual Asian hair that has a natural wave to it and very few people know how to cut it. She has done a great job so far. She is also a great person and very child friendly. I had to bring my newborn son in once and she was very patient and accomodating! Can't go wrong with her! Chi
Re: Post-partum Style Disaster (April 2004)
As to hair - I think Mary Jane at Vine Street Salon will be able to help you. I hesitate to recommend her only because if everyone else knows about her, getting my own appointments will be even more difficult! She's great, and definitely gets the ''mom'' thing - she has a good eye for what hairstyle looks good with what face shape, and has never pushed me into anything high maintenance.
Re: Bringing Baby to Hair Cut (Feb 2003)
I have brought my baby to Vine St salon to get my hair cut or trimmed there. Both times, I left him in the stroller and had him facing me. My hairstylist, Caroline, whom I recommend highly, was great about it and was sweet with him. The salon in general is a nice place to be. I think I called and asked the receptionist when I made the appointment, it is probably best to check in advance. One issue is that I am not aware of an elevator to get to the salon; I ended up carrying my son and his stroller up the back stairs ( on walnut st) not as steep and with more landings than those on Vine. Good luck! S A
Re: Where to Get a Good Layered Haircut for Straight Hair (Nov 2002)
My hair is also very straight and was very blah for years. Then I stumbled upon Tanya at Vine Street Salon. She gave me a wonderful layered cut that flips up and generally looks cute and sylish without any effort on my part (and looks V. stylish when I do make an effort). She really ''gets'' straight hair (and hers is curly, go figure). I've been seeing her for two years now and continute to get compliments on my hair. I think she charges $35 or $40 for a shampoo and cut. Tanya is at Vine Street Salon in North Berkeley, just across from Black Oak Books, 510-644-2444. Julie T.
Re: Stylist for Fine, Straight Hair (March 2002)
I have fine, thin, straight, also flat, flyaway hair, and I have been going to the same stylist for about 10 years now. Her name is Robin Kristy, and she works at Vine Street Salon, Walnut Square, North Berkeley. Unfortunately she costs a lot of money, but I have not found anyone else who can make my hair look decent. She also works wonders with my husband's thick, course, cow-licked hair! She only works Wednesday nights and weekends because she is working on her teaching degree. I guess she doesn't want to cut hair for the rest of her life. Good luck. Marianne
Re: Haircutters for Curly Hair (2001)
I really like Rose at Vine Street Salon in Berkeley. I have very curly hair and she is great with it. Pamela

Skin Care

Feb 2002

If anyone is looking for a truly wonderful pampering experience, I highly recommend scheduling a facial with Nadine who currently works at Vine Street Salon. Nadine's facials are extraordinary. In addition to attending to every square centimeter of clients' faces, Nadine also provides wonderful massage and aromatherapy. Her facials are relaxing, total sensory experiences. She custom-blends products for individual clients, and I can honestly say, my skin has never looked or felt better. Nadine is a lovely person with a great spirit; she clearly enjoys her work and takes great time with each client. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with her, you're best bet is to call her at 465.5134 (not the number of the salon); she schedules her own appointments. You might have to wait a while to see Nadine--she's in great demand--but believe me, it's worth it! Pampered and satisfied