Point of View Salon (Oakland, CA)

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Sept 2007

Re: Hair stylist for very thick, frizzy/curly hair
You might want to try Judy Chan at Point of View Salon on Santa Clara near the Grand Lake Theater. Judy is very good with especially thick hair. My daughter has extremely thick, curly hair. Judy has shaped her hair to maximize the length (that my daughter wants) but minimize the thickness. She is intuitive and creative. My daughter is 18 and only once had her hair cut by someone else because she was traveling. That is amazing for a girl who prides herself on her looks. Contact Judy at 832-3376 and tell her Trish recommended you. Trish

March 2002

Re: Stylist for Fine, Straight Hair
Judy Chan at Point of View Salon in Oakland is excellent with fine, straight hair. When I first went to see her I was so frustrated that I was ready to do something radical, but Judy talked me into starting more gradually -- which I later appreciated greatly! Her number is 832-3376.