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Dec 2009

Re: East Bay stylist for cury hair?
I strongly recommend Gail Hassall (510) 691-2052 who has a chair at the Circle Salon on Colusa at Kensington Circle. Not only is Gail very capable, she has VERY curly hair. A satisfied client for over 10 years

March 2009

Re: Tricky hair, thick with hidden waves
You might like Gail at Circle Salon in North Berkeley. She has been cutting and highlighting my thick curly hair for 10 years and does a great job. Call her at 510-691-2052. Sharyn

Sept 2007

Re: Hair stylist for very thick, frizzy/curly hair
Try Inca at Circle Salon, 510-234-7800. She has done a great job at transforming my look. I have thick frizzy hair, and she has cut my hair so that it frames my face very nicely, and I get tons of compliments. happy with my hair cut

June 2007

Re: The cut is good but she can't do color
I have Gail at Circle Salon at the Kensington Circle cut and color my naturally curly hair. I've been going to her for years and am quite satisfied. Call her at 510-691-2052 and tell her that Sharyn sent you! Sharyn

June 2007

Re: Cut and color for curly hair
Try Inca at Circle Salon 525-7752. She is there on Sundays. She is kind of a mellow person, but has tons of experience. She used to have her own salon. She has done a great job on my thick curly hair, tho I haven't done coloring, so can't speak to that. Circle Salon is at the Kensington circle. happy with my hair cut

Re: Need hip haircut for long, curly hair (Oct 2004)
I have naturally curly hair and have been going to Emily Lyman for about seven years now. I've always been pleased with the results (although I should mention that I've kept my hair at shoulder-length during the past seven years). She's currently at the Circle Salon in Kensington, (510) 287-9059. Ann
Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
Emily Lyman has been my hair stylist since 1985. She has cut and styled my hair to my absolute satisfaction. I have referred her to at least four of my friends/colleagues who are also now long-time clients. (curly hair, wavy hair, staight, fine hair - she can do it all...) She has also styled/cut my teenage daughter's hair with magical results -- pleasing a hard-to- please 14 year old (and her mom)! I'd follow her anywhere, (in fact I have...) and can recommend her with 100% confidence. Emily works at Circle Salon in Kensignton ( minutes North of Berkeley) Her phone # is 287-9059. Judy
Re: Stylist for Fine, Straight Hair (March 2002)
I also have very straight and thin hair and found a hairdresser that I have been with for at least three years. Her name is Theresa Kokoletsos from Circle Hair Salon @ 734-3572. She does a fabulous job and my hair looks much fuller than it actually is. I do blow-dry it every morning though, so that might help a bit.

I really like Teresa Kokoletsos, who works at Circle Salon on Colusa in Kensington. She cuts my hair, my 5-year-old's and my teen's and everyone is happy. Especially me, and I am picky. Her number is (510) 333-0828, and you can certainly say that I referred you. And I think I originally got her number from this mailing list.

Aug 1999

Hair stylist recommendation: Theresa Kokoletsos at 510/333-0828. Her salon is Circle Hair Salon in Kensington (tho' it is just a block from the Berkeley line). Theresa has cut and highlighted my hair on several occassions. She has done a fantastic job. I recently recommended her to a friend and my friend not only appreciated the quality of work she performed (cut + highlight), but found her a very pleasant person (which she is). Good luck in your search! Suzanne