Arellanos Salon

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June 2008

Re: Good stylist for wavy, frizzy, fine hair
I too have your hair and hates spending time curling, ironing or putting products in them. I found Carlos Arellanos with Art Mind Hair in Rockridge at 5475 College avenue to be sympathetic to my hair and lack of grooming abilities. He can be reached at 510-547-8808. good luck, Catherine

Sept 2007

Re: Hair stylist for fine, curly hair
I highly recommend Carlos, the owner of Arellanos Salon on College Ave in Oakland. He's been my hairdresser for many years and I've been very happy. I have straight fine hair and he's done amazing cuts (when I had it long and now that I have it quite a bit shorter) as well as very good color and highlighting. My daughter has fine but very curly, often frizzy hair and I've been very happy with the cuts he's given her. The other thing I really like about Carlos is that he doesn't talk your ears off while he's working. Here's his website: Enjoy! rosie