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March 2008

Re: Good hairstylists for very straight Asian hair
Try Betty or Gail at Festoon. I'd never had a really good cut until I found them. Pricey, but worth it.

Oct 2007

Re: Good hair cut for layers
Try Festoon Salon in Berkeley or SF. They are an upscale salon that has an intern training program. You can either be a hair model for a free cut and an instructor will guide the student to cut your hair...which can take up to 3 hours...or try an advanced student for about $20 and get a 'nearly professional' cut with teacher supervision as well. tried it, liked it

June 2007

Re: The cut is good but she can't do color
I had a similar situation. I found the perfect person for my curly hair (with gray) that I want to keep at a semi-long length. I go to Sarah Garrity at Festoon Salon (she works at both the Berkeley and San Francisco locations). She's in high demand. I have to make appointments far ahead--I like to do cut and color at the same time. There are those times where I've made my appointment far in advance and then something comes up to conflict with it and I have to change it. If I can't get Sarah for the cut and/or color, I get another stylist to do one or both. The great thing about the salon is that the stylist you are loyal to doesn't have a problem with another stylist doing your cut/color. They all have a great attitude about it. If I waited for Sarah every time I had to reschedule an appointment, my hair would be looking really bad! Anyway, the salon is great and I love Sarah for my curly hair (she also has long curly hair)! Sarah Garrity at Festoon (888) 357- 2566. Tell her Marcia (rhymes with Garcia) sent you. :o) Marcia

June 2007

Re: Colorist for natural blonde/fine hair
I have fine dark blond hair and I've been getting highlights for years, at various places. The best color I've ever gotten is at Festoon in N. Berkeley. Anybody there will give you really great looking professional highlights. They have regular classes for all the stylists to keep them up on the best techniques. I go to Betty, who is one of the trainers for color. You really can't go wrong at Festoon for highlights. Blondie

May 2007

Re: Salon for hip teen haircut
My daughter was facing a similar problem and we found the answer at Festoon on MLK by Mr Mopps toy store. We chose to go with one of the less expensive trainees and got a great cut with tons of attention for about $30 plus a tip. They are super hip there and your sone will surely find what he is looking for. Sarah

Nov 2006

Re: Cool & funky haircutter in East Bay
Anyone at Festoon in Berkeley. http://www.festoonsalon.com/ Cathy

Oct 2006

Re: Japanese/Thermal Hair straightening
I was told that Polly at Festoon is the go-to person in this area for Japanese/Thermal hair straightening treatment. Of course, I wouldn't really know. I looked into this myself a few months ago. Polly does 15-minute consultations, but only at the Festoon Salon in SF (I live in the EB). Then she's booked months in advance for the actual treatment (appt for straightening can be made for the Berkeley salon). Then you get to spend $$$ and several hours of your day for a treatment that you have to do all over again in six months. In the end, I decided it wasn't worth it and found a hair stylist who could skillfully cut my naturally and unevenly wavy hair. CC

Sept 2006

Re: Affordable demi-color and highlites
Festoon Salon in N. Berkeley does wonderful color and they have training sessions often (weekly? monthly?) where you can be a model and get your hair colored and/or cut very cheaply. This is done by apprentices who are supervised by a regular stylist. Every stylist at Festoon starts out as an apprentice, even very experienced ones, so this is a good deal. Check their website for prices http://festoonsalon.com/prices/

Aug 2006

Re: Hair stylist for fine long hair
Festoon Salon on MLK is great. I also have fine, long hair and I go to Darren who gives a superb cut. He is VERY hard to get an appointment with and a little expensive but really good. I've also heard that Eric, Betty and Bruno are good

Hi, I would highly recommend Ocean at Festoon Salon (http://www.FestoonSalon.com/) in Berkeley. I have fine hair, and she always knows what to do with it! Cathy
June 2006

Re: Blond highlights that look natural
I'd recommend any stylist at Festoon for blond highlights. I've had mine done by 5 or 6 different stylists there and have always had excellent results. They are all quite good at natural-looking highlights, and that is the default they do there Ginger

May 2006

I am thinking about making an appointment at Festoon Salon in Berkeley and I am hoping for a recommendation for a stylist. (The last recommendations on the web site are just over a year old but stylists can change often so I'd love some updated info.) I have fine hair and it's become thinner overall since I had my baby. Also now that I am no longer with my corporate job I am hoping for someone who can help me be less frumpy and more hip. I just care about the cut--I don't want to color it because I am lousy about maintenance Hoping to be hip

Ocean spends a lot of time helping me understand what I want from each cut (she also does great color). She's talented and there's absolutely no chance anything she does will come out either corporate or frumpy. She gave my thin hair a layered bob that looks sexy right out of bed in the morning. Well, maybe after a little wax--still super easy! Oakland mom
Polly at Festoon is wonderful (and hip!). Both my husband and I went to her until her rates went up and we could no longer afford her still miss Polly
Try Betty. I just got a great cut from her. I thought she did fabulous job taking inspiration from the pictures I brought in and making them work on my hair Happy Hair
Hello. I am devoted to Polly at Festoon. She is creative and talented, and she cuts my hair (also fine) so that I can go long periods in between cuts. It is hard to get an appointment, but she is worth the effort. Suzanne
i would strongly recommend marie potesta. i have been seeing her for about two years now for both cut & color for my very fine hair. i also had a baby while under her care and she was very helpful is adjusting my cut and color to the changes i was experiencing. hope that that helps! good luck! anon
I really like Melissa or Jon. But they both can be hard to get appointments with. Eric also does a really nice job. Susan works well with fine hair and hip styles. Although I have to say, I have seen various stylists there and have always been happy anon
BRUNO is the best hair stylist in the world (he is from france) and works at Festoon. You need to call him soon because he gets booked out very fast. maureen
I've been exploring hairdressers in Berkely since 2001 and I have to say that Melissa (the owner) of Festoon is my top choice. I had haircuts with John, her husband, and he's quite OK too but Melissa is the best. She's expensive ($120) but it's totally worthed. On the same subject, a couple of months back I followed a lead from this list and tried Nanci P. at HeadRoomProductions in Emeryville - did not get a good haircut. And, it was way too expensive - $95 41 old european fem
I've been going to Betty for over a year, and I'm very happy with her. She does a great job with my hair, and she's easy to talk with! anon
Ocean at Festoon is great. I've seen her for over a year now and am always happy. Though I think you could go with anyone there and get a great cut. It's a very solid, professional place anon
I have been going to Festoon for about 8 years and have used many different stylists there. Over the years, a couple people I liked left, so I changed, and then I changed stylists for various other reasons at other times. I have never had a bad cut or color at Festoon, and have usually found a great new stylist just by taking whoever was available the soonest (usually a new and therefore cheaper stylist). A couple years ago I left Festoon for a few months after I got two parking tickets in a row and got tired of the big bucks it costs there. But I had to return to Festoon because I got such crappy haircuts other places I tried. I decided if I'm spending the money for a haircut anyway, I may as well spend a little more and get a good cut!
Anyway, my current favorite haircutter at Festoon is Betty. What I like about her is that she really understands what I'm asking for, and always gives me a great cut and color, especially when I'm trying something new. I am also very comfortable spending 2+ hours with her. She is a mom, so she is easy to talk to. This is really what I go by now, when choosing a stylist at Festoon - they are all good, so I just pick one that I enjoy spending all that time with! Ginger
I have been happy with David at Festoon - also Betty, but I have been using David lately. He is very straightforward and seems to understand what I like and need regular Festooner
May 2006

Re: Stylist for Asian hair in Berkeley/Albany
Hi! Marie at Festoons in Berkeley! She's the best!! My sisters and I have been going to her now for a few years and we're always pleased with it. I believe she charges $65 for a haircut. Here's the number 510.524.2953 Please email me if you have any questions! Jane

Re: Japanese hair straightening? (Apr 2005)
I would try Polly at Festoon Salon (there is one on MLK in North Berkeley) and one in SF on Claude Lane near the Financial District. Festoon offers both the permanent and semi-permanent. I had a semi permanent done as apparently the permanent one (YUKO Method) makes your hair stick straight. Mine lasted a good 3 months. The cost depends on the lenghth of your hair and Polly is open to consultations free of charge so she can give you an assessement of price but I think it can be anywhere between $90- $300 depending on the type of straigthening menthod she will use and again how much hair you have. Festoon is a great salon. Good Luck- it does cut down on your maintence and drying time for sure! Stephanie
Re: Japanese hair straightening? (Apr 2005)
I have been going to Festoon Salon since 2002 for the Japanese hair straightening and I can't imagine going anywhere else. Polly (the hair stylist) is the best and I highly recommend her, though it can take quite a while to get an appointment with her. The whole straightening process takes about 4 hours or so and the cost is $500 for the first time (depending on your type of hair) and then $250 for every time after that. I suggest calling Festoon at 510-524-2953 and making a consultation appointment with Polly first. Good luck! dm
Re: Need hip haircut for long, curly hair (Oct 2004)
Everyone at Festoon (Berkeley also in SF) is well-trained in curly hair and hipness. The longer they've been there, the more it'll cost you. I've been pleased with Bruno and I hear Megan is great. Their (expensive) hair products have also made a huge difference for my thin frizzy long curls in being able to wear it down.
Jan. 2004

Looking for recommended hairdresser at Festoon who can give this new, tired mom with limp, thin hair, a little bit of hip style. anon

Megan is absolutely terrific with my straight, limp (!) hair, but it's difficult to get an appointment, and she is very expensive....
I got my hair done by Polly Hancock a couple of years ago at Festoon-She's great!! I don't go there anymore because it's a little too far for me. Good luck! Jane
I see Kate at Festoon...great stylist and also a nice lady.
I see Kate at Festoon. She's given my post partum hair very nice life. I lost quite a bit of hair after the delivery of my son and feel much better now that she's been cutting my hair. The best part is her cuts seem to look as good 2-3 months later as they do right after she cuts it. She also works on Sundays so my husband can watch the kids and I don't have to pay a sitter to go get my hair cut. Satisfied Kate customer
My husband & I both go to Loni at Festoon and just love her. She is a great stylist and very friendly. anon
'Don't know about hair dressers, but I must recommend Laura Von Eichorn for facials - she's fantastic and does a great job on eyebrows or any other waxing you need. My hairdresser is in SF - at Ron Purnell -- his name is Enrique and he's consistently done my hair far better than anyone I've ever been to. New Mom Who Also needed to be de-frumped
I've been to Susan, who was recently promoted to full-stylist status, twice, once for color and once for cut. The color (highlights) was one of the best jobs I've gotten in years of highlighting. The cut was excellent, too. anon
Re: Permanent hair straightening? (Sept 2003)
There IS an answer to hair straightening and it is a japanese straightening technique found at Festoon Salon on MLK Blvd. in Berkeley. I have had my hair straightened since last August and it is the best thing I have ever done for my hair (and time- saving!). I now have it ''touched-up'' every 6 months and it is half the cost. Call Festoon Salon at 510-524-2953 (double-check the number)and ask for a consultation with Polly. She is wonderful, however, she is usually booked-up and it can take a month or so to get a straightening appointment with her. Good luck!
Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to my hair. I had been looking, it seems like forever, for someone with a sense of style and skill to cut my hair. I finally found her. Check out Maya at Festoons in Berkeley. She's great. I'm so happy with her. Her fee is, I'd say, moderate (between $50- $60). She's also great with color. Another thing that I like is that she is really open and approachable--she works with you to figure out what you're looking for in a hair cut. Can't recommend her enough. Good luck! heidi
Re: Haircut for Curly-haired teen (July 2003)
I have a friend with curly hair, and she visits Festoon Salon in Berkeley (they also have a salon in SF). She is always very happy with her layered curls, and she varies between long and short hair. This friend in in her late twenties, and very hip, so I think that a teen will be pleased with this shop's work. Their phone is 415-421-3223.
Re: Where to Get a Good Layered Haircut for Straight Hair (Nov 2002)
I can highly recommend Festoon Salon on MLK and Rose. I've known the owner, Melissa Ong-Ryan, for more than 15 years and she believes in thorough training and excellence in her stylists. They have mastered the razor cut, which is all I get now, as it creates fine layers and adds body. They range in price from reasonable to expensive, but you will never leave unsatisfied. sioux
Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
my neighbor recently got a really great cut and color from john at festoon. she has short hair and he did such a fine job, it's one of those haircuts that you just have to stop and ask who cut it because it is so stylish. now I have an appointment with him in a few weeks, I am so excited. gael
Re: Top-notch East Bay hair salon (March 2002)
Festoon on Martin Luther King in North Berkeley is probably the premier salon this side of the tunnel. They also have a salon in San Francisco on Bush at Claude Alley. I go to Runar (though he is very hard to get an appt. with and he is leaving on a 6 week vacation in April) However, I have also gone to the owner John and he is very good. Other people have been happy with John's wife Melissa. I was a die hard SF salon regular and commuted into the city every 5 weeks for 5+ years for cuts and color, but finally made the switch when I found a SF type salon over here. I've been very happy. Good luck! Kristi
Re: Top-notch East Bay hair salon (March 2002)
Unfortunately, I don't have a recommendation for you in the East Bay. I do have a warning, though. I would stay away from Festoon salon, which fits the description of what you are looking for in terms of ''high end'' for products and prices. I was a client for many years but finally got fed up with endless waits for just a few minutes with the owner while she often had someone else finish my hair style/color so she could run off to her next appointment. They always overbooked clients and the last time I checked, I believe she was charging almost $80 for a hair cut. Just my opinion.
Re: Top-notch East Bay hair salon (March 2002)
Try Festoon in North Berkeley on MLK across from Fatapples. I have been seeing Sarah Garrity there for about 2 years (since she was an assistant in training, she is now a stylist) and have always loved the results. They use great color and styling products. A haircut is $50, unless you become a model for training assitants, then it is significantly lower in price. Kerri
Re: Top-notch East Bay hair salon (March 2002)
Try Festoon Salon in Berkeley on MLK around Rose. They sell bumble & bumble products and have an exchange where stylists from their salon attend training etc at bumble & bumble in New York, another top notch national salon. c. silveira
Re: Salon for getting hair relaxed (May 2002)
Not sure whether you are asking about thermal relaxing, but if you are, Festoon on MLK at Rose is doing this. I think only one or two of the stylists is doing the procedure, and it takes about 5 hours so they book them on Mondays when the rest of the salon is closed. Call and ask for Jessica. anonymous
Re: Salon for getting hair relaxed (May 2002)
Try Festoon in Berkeley, MLK at Rose. They use ''Yuko Systems'', a chemical hair relaxing process that produces good results.
Re: Haircutters for Curly Hair (2001)
I highly recommend Festoon Salon in Berkeley at Rose. I have had 2 people cut my hair there and they have both been the best cuts of my life. 510 524 2953 www.festoon.com Hadley