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Jan 2009

Re: Fantastic, affordable stylist - fine hair
Oh, I am so glad you asked this question b/c I have been meaning to post to rave about my stylist! Jennifer Brass is at Florescence in Albany (on Tulare at Solano). http://www.florescence-designs.com/id60.html At my first visit, she took a lot of time to consult w/ me to determine my lifestyle, how much time I give to my hair...she looks at not just the hair, but the face, the body, and how the cut will best complement and enhance the features. She checks in at the beginning of subsequent visits and doesn't just repeat the cut from the previous session, although I am sure she would if you desired it. Using non-toxic products is also a priority. My hair is shoulder length, maybe a little less, and she charges me $70. Nita

Editor Note (Dec 2011): Jennifer Brass has moved to a new salon. See http://www.facebook.com/AshiraSalon

April 2008

Re: Looking for good haircut
Jennifer Archbold (formerly Elemental, on 6th St. near Cedar in Berkeley) is now Florescence Designs and has moved her studio to Solano Avenue. Jennifer was using safe ''green'' products before it became fashionable, and she has a deft, elegant touch with design and cutting. She's also very good at combining your ideas with her own suggestions and experience. A very pleasant, relaxing experience, especially for those of us who are nervous about haircuts! www.florescence-designs.com Melanie

Nov 2007

Re: Trying to grow out my thick curly hair
I LOVE my hair stylist, Jenn Archbold, owner of Florescence. I also have short, curly hair that I am growing out a bit... Jenn is helping to make it a truly painless process. She's easy to talk to, insightful about hair and just a fabulous person. Visit her website at www.florescence-designs.com. I never liked my hair until I met Jenn. Jen