Vero Salon (Oakland, CA)

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Jan 2009

Re: Wonderful hair dresser for curly hair
You simply must go see Jessica Earle at Vero salon in Oakland. She practices the ''Deva'' method of cutting curly hair, which was developed by Lorraine Massey in New York (and also read Massey's book- Curly Girl, The Handbook- it changed my life, and I'm not exaggerating!). There are many reviews for her on the great website, which is how I found her. You can schedule an appointment by calling her cellphone directly: 510-459-8303. She's truly amazing. Rebecca

Re: Bringing Baby to Hair Cut (Feb 2003)
I recommend Mary Anne Fahey at Vero salon on College at Claremont (Rockridge neighborhood). I brought my girl with me to haircuts when she was little and Mary Anne did not seem to mind, although I remember that one time I had to come back later to finish up because my daughter was clinging to me so much (with her arms around my neck) that Mary Anne could not finish cutting. Anyway, I imagine it would be fine with her to bring your baby. You can reach her at 658-1091. Sarah