ISO Hairdresser Who Does a Dry Cut

I'm looking for a hairdresser who will do a dry cut on my curly hair before washing it. My current hairdresser retired, she cut my hair dry and then washed and styled. Worked so much better than a wet cut. Thanks for the recs! 

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You need Leann Rocha! She dry cuts my hair and is amazing with curls. She's also a lovely person. She currently is an independent stylist at Scarlet Salon in South Berkeley ( To find her on the website, scroll way, way down to "Meet our independent stylist team." (This comes after bios for other stylists.) 

Jessica Earle is great!

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My hairdresser, Emily French, specializes in curly hair, and will do dry cuts. She is super competent and always gives me a cut that makes me feel great. : )

She is at Vetiver Salon:

Highly Recommend!

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I also prefer getting my wavy hair cut dry and recommend Carlie High in Oakland:

Her website and reviews show lots of fancy color and super trendy cuts, but she's been cutting my boring "mom haircut" for years and always does a great job and is very good at following my requests and direction. Her standard service is just a dry cut, but you can add on a wash and style at the end as an extra treatment. 

Mele does dry cuts. I don’t have curly hair but I know she’s very talented with all types.

Highly recommend Jessica Lee at Hype Salon in Oakland. She cuts my curly hair dry using the Deva method and is extremely meticulous, patient, and kind. Best hair stylist I’ve ever had!

I see Universe Walker at Secret Salon on Telegraph for my curly hair and I love her work!

If you're open to driving to Sausalito, I would recommend Jordan Vida. She only does DevaCurl cuts, only cuts curls, and is an absolute artist. I've been going to see her for years after bouncing around from salon to salon in search of someone who truly knows how to cut curly hair. I won't go to anyone else. 

Twist Salon in Alameda offers this service. I had mine cut there ages ago and they were very good (but very expensive, as most salon services are now!).

With the caveat that my hair is wavy rather than curly, I can wholeheartedly recommend Eric Tran at Modern Family Hair on San Pablo Ave.  I initially asked him to cut my hair dry several years ago when I realized that my scalp doesn't respond well to salon products, but now I've seen how much better a dry cut works with wavy/curly hair.  

Additionally, in terms of covid safety, I have felt very comfortable going to Eric:  he works by himself, wears a mask, has a big filter installed, and keeps the front door ajar for ventilation.  Plus he's just a lovely person.  His website is