Very very thick teen boy haircut

My son has extremely thick (slightly curly) hair. Like, so very thick that when he pops his head out of the water/pool, you can watch as the water & color take about 5-10 seconds to drain out, like a sponge. Like, his hair grows more out than down. It is not tight-curly like African American hair, though. Just crazy thick. He used to get great cuts from Lynn at Snippety Crickets, but he doesn't want to go there anymore, understandably. My stylist, who does a great job on my curly, thick (but nowhere near as thick as his) female hair has cut my son's hair twice and the cuts have been 'meh' - ok but just not great - certainly not for the price. Wanting to keep his hair short-ish, but I think the thickness makes it hard to cut properly? Desperate for some solid suggestions of someone who gives a GREAT cut to men with extremely thick hair. Help! Signed, not-your-normal-thick-hair

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We have been very happy with Nick at Slick and Dapper for many years - in normal times there are two locations, one on Grand and one on Broadway though for now the Broadway location is closed for remodeling during 2021.  Nick has always done a great job on both my boys, and my oldest has hair similar to what you describe (we sometimes call him otter boy for that same experience of him getting out of being fully submerged in the water and his hair underneath not being particularly wet!).

My son, who has thick curly hair and also liked Lin as a child, gets a good cut from (young woman) Alex at The Shop on Shattuck near Saul’s. And very affordable! 

Isaac Frank is an expert on curly hair. Myself (short curly hair, men's style cut) and my daughter (huge thick and curly afro) have benefited from her exceptional knowledge around textured and curly hair needs. She's located in Berkeley and will also travel to clients.


I would recommend Faded Lines Barbershop on San Pablo.  It is a multiethnic barbershop and the barbers do a really good job with all types of hair. My experience has been with my son who is African-American with tight curls. They have pictures posted online so you can get a sense of the work that they do.