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    any recommendations for where I can take my daughter to get her hair cut?  She is growing out a pixie cut and really wants something a bit edgy.  I made the mistake of taking her to my hairdresser and she gave her a horrible old lady style.  So bummed.  We are in Oakland but willing to go to Berkeley or Piedmont.

    I take my daughter to Jenna Bates at Marquee Salon in Oakland. She's great with kids and definitely has the ability to do edgy styles. 

    Try BIBO on Broadway, right across from YMCA in uptown Oakland. Susie is my (and my daughter's) hairdresser and is magic! They do all sorts of hair so you can ask for anyone. You will not be disappointed. Here is the address 2509 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 and number (510) 838-2426. All the best!

    Call Michelle @ Today's Rave [510.524.0991] on upper Solano across from Wells Fargo Bank.  Three girls of her; don't think she did mine until high school.  Pretty sure she can do anything your daughter might desire -- and that you'll permit  :)

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Stylish but inexpensive haircut for 13 year old

March 2013

I have been trimming my just turned 13 year old's hair for years. (I'm pretty good at it--really!) Lately, though, puberty has set in and her hair is a lot oilier so the texture has changed. I think my basic cuts with minimal layers have run their course and she may need a professional. She is getting more aware about her appearance and style and would like to try something new. We live in Rockridge so of course she sees all the cool salons and wants to go to one. We are on a tight budget so I am looking for a recommendation for something inexpensive in the area (she balked at the idea of Supercuts.) Any suggestions for something in the under $25 range, preferably somewhere in Rockridge or nearby? Please note any particular stylist you like and approximate price. Thank you! Anon

I also live in Rockridge and have a 13 year old girl. Try Elizabeth at Super Cuts. I would balk at Super Cuts also, but I really think Elizabeth is good. It is helpful to know what style your daughter wants. Call ahead, her schedule fills up! Mom of teens

Tresca at Cuttin' Up on College is great. She cuts my hair and my girls (13 and 10). Girls cuts are under $50 and always look amazing. Love our stylist

Reliably good walk-in haircut shop for teen boy

Oct 2012

Looking for a place in the Berkeley or Albany area where a teen boy can walk in (no appointment needed) and get a reliably good haircut--not a buzz cut; prefers a slightly longish cut, but not Bieber-trendy either. We haven't had much success with Supercuts on Solano, and teen boy doesn't want to go to anything that requires an appointment or appears to be a fancy hair salon. parent

Try Heads, just across the street from Supercuts on Solano. It's only a dollar or two more, not particularly fancy, and I've always gotten reliable cuts there, as has my husband. Dianna

Try the Supercuts in the Elmwood, on Ashby at College. My young adult son has been going there for a few years for his haircuts. He is always happy with his cut, which he wears pretty short.

One tip: it's essential for your son to be able to convey exactly what he wants to the person cutting his hair, especially at Supercuts where he might get a different person every time. My son didn't fully appreciate this until he was a little older, and initially he got haircuts he didn't like, just because he was too vague and the stylist misunderstood what he wanted. He eventually told the stylist that he wanted a cut like _____'s (some well known sports guy.) Once they got it right, he learned the buzzer settings and that's what he tells them now when he goes in - this setting on top and that setting on the sides. So now, he always gets exactly the cut he wants. Taking in a photo of what he wants from Sports Illustrated or whatever, would work well too, although someone who doesn't want to make an appt. most likely would also not be willing to take in a photo. But it wouldn't hurt to suggest it! mom of boys

We go to Jenny's Beauty Salon on University Ave, 1465 University, b/t Acton and Sacramento. We live around the corner so it's very convenient, and she does a fine job on my 13-year old son's hair, which is straight and fine. Jenny's is not fancy by any means, but is more than adequate, and it costs around $12. Jane

I highly recommend Heads Up at the bottom of Solano. The two ladies in the front of the shop, Cindy and Lana, are excellent hair cutters. It's not a fancy place, but they have skills. Walk ins welcome. The newer woman who works more in the back is less skillful. Stick with the two in the front. heidilee

Try Amplify Barbers on Durant @ Telegraph. Both my teenage sons go there and are happy with the results. It's walk-in and about $25. Laura

You can try Cindy or other stylists at Heads-Up on Solano (510-527-6767) -- there is a similar sounding salon, but this one is close to San Pablo on the Albany Movie Theatre side of the street. Both my boys (17 and 20) go there. My more 'style-conscious' one loves it -- ''She gives me just a regular haircut that looks good every time, not some weird-looking cut.'' They generally just walk in (of course, availability depends on the time and/or day). Cuts are $12 - I just give them a check for $15 to include tip and they are good. (I don't think she takes debit cards). It's worked out well, and they now take care of their own haircuts! LKM

Heads on Solano is great.We have been going there for years and it sounds like what you are looking for.It is near Safeway. Ellen

Hip hairstylist for teen girl - Contra Costa

June 2012

I read on the website some quite old recommendations for hip hairstylists over in Berkeley. I would love recommendations for a hairstylist in Walnut Creek/Lamorinda for my daughter, who will be 14 in a few months. She has beautiful, long, straight, thick, naturally-highlighted blond hair. She feels like maybe it's time for an actual style at this point. She would need (from my perspective) a no-maintenance or very low-maintenance hairstyle/hair routine. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I can highly recommend Stephanie Gallagher at Indulge Salon in Walnut Creek. She cuts my daughter's and my son's hair (ages 13 & 17, respectively). She has cut and colored my hair when my longtime stylist has been out of town. My sister lives in Hollywood but can't find anyone there who does as good of a job as Stephanie does, so my sis often gets her hair cut by Stephanie when she is up here visiting. Stephanie really takes time to discuss what you want, she is GREAT with teens, and is very up on current styles. She splits her time between Walnut Creek and Santa Rosa, so she is only in WC on Thursdays and Sundays, but the Sundays work out really well, as my kids tend to be busy during the week. She books appoints on her mobile: 510-499-5474. She also books online using a service called Genbook: (On GenBook, she is called by her company name, Sunshine Hair Art.) Mary

Haircut for 11 year old girl

March 2008

We're looking for a salon that is a little more ''grown-up'' than Snippety Crickets. Prefer a salon/haircutter in Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito, or north of Grand Avenue in Oakand. anon

I recommend Supercuts on Solano . My 8 year old loves them. To get the best cut pay to have your daughter's hair washed and let HER talk to them about what she wants. The two of you need to agree at home, but let her direct the interaction. My daughter and I love the results of THIS particular Supercuts. Grown Up Decisions

My hairdresser cuts my son's hair (he is 8) and is great with people of all ages. It's not a kid's salon, so this would satisfy the grown-up aspect and she charges a lot less for kids than for adults. She is a very honest person and doesn't feel right charging the same for kids, she has told me. I think any girl of 11 would also like her a lot. Her name is Ari at 17 Jewels Salon which is at 47th on Telegraph in North Oakland. 653-1059 Susan-Jane

Salon for hip teen haircut

May 2007

Where can a 13-year-old boy go to get a hip haircut? He is trying to move on from the ''little boy'' cut he has had for years, and needs some advice and style (but not too frou-frou). Berkeley area preferred. fashion-challenged mom

i would take your son to rory at cowboys and angels , downtown s.f. right by powell BART, (415) 362-8516. She does the most stylish cuts in the city--not suburban in any way--for teens and adults. not only does she do a fabulous job with my hair, she cuts my friend's son's hair, too--he's the 13-year-old son of a tattoo artist and in his own junior high rock band, so if she can make him look like--well, a rock star--i'm sure she could do the same for your son. the cuts are pricey but worth it! you wear your hair every day!

I highly recommend Sara Wielandt at Alexander Pope . Although thesalon is a bit pricey, they do a great job. I recommend Sara very highly, she is especially talented, both with women's and men's cuts -- she is also very style-consious and good at coming up with the right look to fit a person.

My daughter was facing a similar problem and we found the answer at Festoon on MLK by Mr Mopps toy store. We chose to go with one of the less expensive trainees and got a great cut with tons of attention for about $30 plus a tip. They are super hip there and your son will surely find what he is looking for. Sarah

You son wil get a FABULOUS haircut at Maru Hair Salon in Bkly, with Kipp Hamilton. My kids LOVE going to Kipp. Kipp is young (ish) and very stylish. He knows what looks good and what's cool but will also style hair to match the persons face and features. Salon number is 549-3610. Have fun Kipp fan

I took my 13 year old to Peter Thomas on Shattuck Ave. for his first ''hip'' haircut. My friend works with hair salons in the Bay Area and highly recommended this salon for more hip styles. My son and I werer both very pleased with his new style. I have forgotten the stylists name (female) but the front desk person will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction. Many of the stylists there are very hip themselves! onika

You MUST take your son to John at Peter Thomas . He is not only a great sylist, but also very hip. I took my 13 year old son to him and he still talks about how cool John is. I really think he has a great way of dealing with people and is especially good with teenage kids. In fact he has a teenage daughter himself. Be warned, for those more conservative individuals, he is very outgoing, covered with tattoos, but a great guy.