Cowboys and Angels (San Francisco, CA)

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May 2007

Re: Salon for hip teen haircut
i would take your son to rory at cowboys and angels, downtown s.f. right by powell BART, (415) 362-8516. She does the most stylish cuts in the city--not suburban in any way--for teens and adults. not only does she do a fabulous job with my hair, she cuts my friend's son's hair, too--he's the 13-year-old son of a tattoo artist and in his own junior high rock band, so if she can make him look like--well, a rock star--i'm sure she could do the same for your son. the cuts are pricey but worth it! you wear your hair every day!

May 2004

Re: Hairdresser for Asian hair
I\\222ve also heard about another salon called Cowboys and Angels located in San Francisco, where they have stylist specializing in asian hair. The salon has been written up in various style magazines. Here\\222s their site: