Current Recommendations for Hairstylist Good with Non-Binary Cuts

Hi, 15 yo nonbinary teen interested in a new hairstyle that they can't quite articulate, but something hip and that cleans up their current "growing it out" huge head of hair, and could be a stepping stone style to a "wolf cut" which they feel they are not quite ready for yet but maybe one day. Previous barber shop is too traditionally masculine. Recs for someone in the East Bay between Oakland & Hercules who is good with intuiting a style need and can help? 

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My stylist in Oakland specializes in working with queer folks. She’s amazing and works out of her home in Oakland. Highly recommend.

Glamarama on Alcatraz might be the ticket:

Darling Electric on San Pablo is not cheap, but they're very good and this is their jam.

Hello!  I would recommend Darling Electric Salon on San Pablo and Dwight.  Lovely little spot with super friendly stylists that I feel would be perfect in this instance.  Either Jonah or Tony in particular.

Joey Stephenson! She works out of a lovely little salon at her house in east Oakland. She’s a queer mom who specializes in “gender affirming haircuts” which she defines as any haircut that makes you feel good/better about yourself! I have been to her many times, including when I was pregnant and a new parent navigating a new life and shift in my identity. She can do all kinds of shag or razor cuts, more classic, and traditional styles, and absolutely anything you’d like to do with color. You can find her on instagram, and she has a website as well.