Haircuts for middle school girls

any recommendations for where I can take my daughter to get her hair cut?  She is growing out a pixie cut and really wants something a bit edgy.  I made the mistake of taking her to my hairdresser and she gave her a horrible old lady style.  So bummed.  We are in Oakland but willing to go to Berkeley or Piedmont.

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I take my daughter to Jenna Bates at Marquee Salon in Oakland. She's great with kids and definitely has the ability to do edgy styles. 

Try BIBO on Broadway, right across from YMCA in uptown Oakland. Susie is my (and my daughter's) hairdresser and is magic! They do all sorts of hair so you can ask for anyone. You will not be disappointed. Here is the address 2509 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 and number (510) 838-2426. All the best!

Call Michelle @ Today's Rave [510.524.0991] on upper Solano across from Wells Fargo Bank.  Three girls of her; don't think she did mine until high school.  Pretty sure she can do anything your daughter might desire -- and that you'll permit  :)

I highly recommend Dani (or any of the stylists) at Revival in Berkeley. She’s a pro and can do anything, from edgy to conservative. And she listens so she will not give your middle school daughter an old lady cut. She has a teen daughter herself and she gets it. 

If you want edgy, Glama-rama (Telegraph @ Alcatraz in Oakland) does edgy. I've seen Zev Hoffman and Tresca Behling for both cuts and color and they've both done a great job. Most of the stylists have a portfolio of their work on the website (

Go to Keter salon on 4th street in Berkeley.

My daughter and I have been going since my daughter was 6 and got a pixie.

She is now 14 and has long hair and still loves going here. They also have some younger stylists which may make your daughter feel more at ease.

All of the stylists are well trained and not snobby (huge for me). 

I love, love, love Sole Salon on Bay Street. I’ve had several good stylists there but my go to now is Andreyna. She gives me an amazing cut that grows out gracefully every time. I’m sure she’d be great at an edgy youthful cut too. She’s in her 20’s and a bit edgy herself. Sole Salon is upbeat and modern, they use all Aveda products and give you tea and a shoulder massage with every cut. Totally worth the $70 a few times a year. Or you could be a haircut model on Wednesday’s, $20 for pixies and bobs!

My son (and friends) go to Trinh Tran at Phoenix Salon in Montclair.  She is young and seems intuitively to know what is flattering.

My 20 year old son likes Bing of Bing's Salon on College (across from what used to be Diesel Books). On his last visit home, his girlfriend had her hair "Bing'd" and she liked her too.  (Bing does both men's and women's hair).  have your daughter bring photos of styles she likes, too!

If you are willing to drive to El Cerrito, Chop Salon is great, too.