Hair stylist for teen boy?

Looking for a hair stylist for my teenage son who has long, curly hair. Need someone who can give him some sort of longish style that is appropriate (trendy?) for a teenage boy. Would also be ideal if they could guide him through how to care for his hair (products, techniques). Berkeley / Oakland. 

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I recommend the People’s Barbershop in downtown Oakland. My favorite thing about them is they have a huge garage door that they open up when it’s warm so lots of good ventilation. Multiple people work there so it’s easy to get in for an appointment. Also they all seem to be really good. It’s definitely a hipster place so I think a teenager would really like it.

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Tony on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland has been cutting my teen son’s hair for a while now. He is exceptionally good with teen boy and men’s haircuts/ styles and is quite reasonably priced for a top notch style. We text him to book the appointments and use Venmo or Apple Pay for payments. 

(510) 409-6419

My son likes to wear his hair a bit shaggy and longer, and they chat about soccer during the visit because Tony is a Man City fan. He even played one of the Premier league games for my son to watch during his last haircut! 

Tony also showed him what hair product is best to use and taught him how to use it. He is excellent! 

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I have two great stylists to recommend. One is Rainbeau on Piedmont Ave. Call or text her: 510.967.5549

She has naturally curly hair (as do I) that she chooses to straighten and dye blond (I do not) so you might not know that when you meet her. She's so incredibly talented and knowledgeable - and open-minded and creative with her clients. She loves working with all kinds of people and all kinds of hair, but she especially loves working with folks who're a bit "outside of the box."

I also love Tresca! She's at Glama!Rama! on Telegraph. Call or text her: 510.655.4526

Tresca is down-to-heart and so talented. My red hair is fading to blond/white/gray as I age and she's helped me dip my toe into the world of hair dying - which I was scared of at first.

Good luck!


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My son loves Nancy Velasquez. Shes a barber, comes to your house. Shes always cut my sons hair outside. Shes hip and cool. 5107084680

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My DS is the same, and we've been seeing Megan @ Dandelion Salon who is, besides being the nicest person alive, great with curly hair, has great advice and amazing products, and is a mom to a son as well. He always walks out feeling great! Good luck!