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  • We are looking for someone to come to our home and do in-home massages. Just basic Swedish massage.  We're in Berkeley.  

    Here is a list of massage therapists whom we have called to come to our house throughout the pandemic. 

    * Tina 510-928-3417 (she is very strong. deep pressure. fyi. You could ask for less pressure.)

    * Luxe 415-852-8629 

    * Shannon 510-593-0034 

    * Mike 510-367-1869

    In addition, we also use Zeel and Soothe app. You might get a new person every time but if you have time constraint, it's very easy and convenient. 

    Mary is small but mighty and does an awesome work. I’ve had her come to my place and give me massages. Tell her Patience sent you! :)

    (510) 406-8391

    Caitlin Austin is a fabulous massage therapist/masseuse! My wife and I have both worked with her. Flexible and willing to work with our schedules for a home visit. 

    $105 for 60min
    $120 for 75min
    $135 for 90min

    Above are in-studio rates. Additional sliding $25-50 added on for home visits.

    Text: ‭+1 (510) 295-7920‬

    “There’s an app for that” - of course :)

    In absence of a personal contact we have used the Zeel app a few times. It’s surprisingly reasonably priced and convenient- I’ve been able to book someone just one day in advance. All the massage therapists we’ve booked thru them were solid. I’ve also used while traveling, which is nice. But if you are able to find a good personal contact you can build a relationship with over time that would be ideal!

    Mila Morales has come to my house a number of times and is wonderful 415-810-4703. During the pandemic, she even did massage work outside in our backyard

  • Does anyone know of face massage and/or facial exercise practitioner in the area? I'd like to address my wrinkles and facial sagging but don't want to go the injection route. I've heard a lot of great things about specific facial massage and exercises, and, while there's a lot available online, it would be great to find an in–person practitioner. 

    Thank you : ) 

    Anna Gold is a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist with a space in Berkeley, she does facial rejuvenation with acupuncture and red light as well as can show gua sha techniques. 

    she’s awesome!

    Yes! I recommend Ivy Lee of Luminae Wellness. She’s also a Mom and is based in Oakland. 

    Check out Vetiver in the Laurel district in Oakland. It’s my fave spot. Tuesday, one of the owners does a Gua Sha & facial massage tutorial. Shes also incorporates into regular facial and it feels amazing! 

  • Hello, 

    I am a professional in my late 30s. I have been experiencing worsening symptoms of cervical radiculopathy that is now interfering with my work and day to day life. Along with seeing my doctor and having an ergonomic assessment, etc I am seeking recommendations for a massage therapist and/or acupuncturist locally with expertise in this area. 


    For functional help Jen Ross at Ross Acupuncture is absolutely *amazing*. She really knows her stuff, and has helped me and others I’ve referred her to with a variety of injuries and other ailments.

    The folks at Berkeley Deep Sports Massage are also really great - the tagline is “for people who think a good massage should hurt a little bit.” I’ve had some uncomfortable sessions there, but the results are always worth it!

    I can’t speak to your specific diagnosis but Dr John Nieters at Alameda Acupuncture is AMAZING and has helped me with a myriad of issues, include tail bone and toe joint pain. Also, his wife, Dr Jenny Nieters has helped me with hip/joint issues. They are very very good! 

    Hello -

    I am a fellow sufferer, with the added twist that my pinched nerves cause migraines. I tried a lot of physical treatments, including massage and acupuncture, but they were not very effective. The best treatment for me - usually with immediate relief - is to see a chiropractor who basically puts the neck back into its place and thereby frees the nerve. My absolute favorite chiro is Dr Laurie Wonnell 2234 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 655-6336.  Best of luck to you! 

  • hi there, 

    I am looking for places/folks that do massage and are aware of different types of bodies, especially in Oakland or nearby.  I've encountered too many massage places with skinny massage tables that are just not comfortable for fat women, towels that go around 2/3 of my body, or massage therapists that may treat all bodies the same, but not realize that some of our bodies are just not. And, don't get me started on  massage tables that squoosh the boobs.   

    Any recs? 

    —fat people need massages, too

    So sorry you’re having challenges. Have you considered Thai Massage? The therapist I see uses a full size futon he places on the floor. I’m unsure what others do but it works wonderfully for me. Thai body Worker’s use their limbs, hands and feet and my bodyworker calls it “Lazy person’s yoga” because they massage and stretch the body without any client participation. 
    Good luck finding an appropriate massage therapist. 

    Joanne Cosgrove, who was recommended here, is one possibility. She herself is a very statuesque woman, and I think you'd feel very comfortable - she's in Albany and has a nice quiet space. Good luck!

  • Hello BPN!

    I'm hoping someone might have a recommendation for serious deep tissue massage bodywork around the East Bay. I've tried a few therapists Berkeley who specialized in Swedish and deep tissue but it ended up being more for relaxation, which is great, but not my desperate need at the moment. 

    I'm pretty active and work out daily, in addition to taking care of our small children. Doing it all with back pain from pregnancies, lots of tension, tons of knots and some chronic pain from sports years ago, is getting to be a struggle. I'd really would like to start seeing a massage therapist regularly and start fixing some things! Hoping someone might know of anyone who could help. Thank you kindly in advance!

    You absolutely want Berkeley Deep Sports Massage - located on San Pablo near Ashby. The time during the massage may not be the most pleasant, but they'll get those knots and work on relaxing the chronic tension and pain. I'd also recommend checking out the book The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook - it combined with a theracane, a lacrosse ball, and the occasional massage have helped me a LOT over the past few years.

    Joanne Cosgrove is great:

    She used to work in a physical therapy office and can identify sources of pain and fix them through massage. She has been pretty life changing for me. 

    I absolutely love Adelle Hintz who is working out of Ginko Chiropractic which is just across from Alta Bates. Knows the human body, applies the right amount of pressure and will focus on areas you request (and not waste time on areas you don’t care about). She is amazing!

    I highly recommend a no frills therapeutic massage place on San Pablo in el cerrito across from the el cerrito natural grocery store. They have recently changed names. However- the women who work there are amazingly strong and intuitive. I have never had a bad experience there. They charge an incredibly low price of $50 hourly and I always tip at least $20. The downside is that  you can sometimes hear other clients getting  massages but they are so good I don’t care. 

    Thank you all so much for the recommendations!!

  • Hi all,

    I've looked through the archives, and it looks like the rolfing professionals recommended here previously have either moved out of the area or are no longer practicing. I would love current recommendations for a rolfer who can help with joint issues. Thank you!

    Scott Turrin has been my, and everyone in my family's, lifesaver for decades.  He's fixed my tmj, neck, back, hands, wrists, plantar fasciitis, etc.  Nearly always in one treatment.  And, he's a good human.  I am so grateful to have found him.  He's in Berkeley.  You soak in his beautiful garden hot tub, and then he puts those bones back where they belong.  He can be reached at (510)525-2275.  There are also reviews on Yelp.  Shirley B.

  • Outdoor Massage

    Oct 9, 2020


    Does anyone know of a place offering outdoor massages? (it is much much needed... hahaha) Thanks so much! 

    woodhouse day spa in walnut creek!

    Cavallo Point is offering them -- they are doing a great job with it, but it's quite a splurge!

    If you have your own outdoor space, there is also an app called Soothe that is now offering at-home outdoor massages. I've also used an app called Zeel that is probably doing something similar.

    You’ll have to drive to Freestone (going to Bodega Bay) where Osmosis offers a variety of services inclusive of outdoor massage. It’s an extraordinary place if you’ve never been and I highly recommend it. Periodically they offer great packages that include an outdoor hammock garden with sound therapy. It’s one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets. Enjoy!

    Cavallo Point Lodge, just over the GG bridge in Marin, offers outdoor massage. I went last week and it was divine. You can’t linger at the spa, but their restaurant is open for outdoor dining and you can linger on their giant property if you want. 

    Cavallo Point is doing outdoor massages—it’s a splurge, but they’re doing a very nice job with it. My husband and I went about a month ago.

    If you have your own outdoor space, you can also book an at-home massage through the Soothe app. We did this this past weekend and it was great.

    I am so glad I found this thread! Just what I need with the election next week lol

    Thank you so much! This is super helpful! 

  • I have passed by the inexpensive body and foot massage parlors on and around San Pablo Ave. for many years now and always wondered whether they were worth a shot. I am not able to afford massage at the going rate for most body workers, but my mind and body could really use it. Has anyone tried these or other places where a full body hour-long massage costs only $30 or $40?

    Thanks for any reviews.

    I haven't tried them, but if you want a cheap massage (that isn't sketchy!) try the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. Student massages are $35/hr. I've been going there for years- most of the time, the massages are great and effective. Every once in a while the student isn't so great, but it's still a very relaxing hour. 

    I don't know about the places on San Pablo Ave, but I frequently go to Angel Feet Reflexology in Oakland Chinatown. I get the 1 hr foot reflexology, which includes a body massage as well, $35. They also provide 1 hour parking validation at the central parking garage in Chinatown. Try and bring cash. I've always had a great experience, check them out!


    Try National Holistic Institute in Emeryville:

    Massages are done by students, so the quality can vary, but the cost is $35, no tips are accepted. I really don't like that you cannot specify the type of massage (it's whatever they are working on that day). But if you have a strong preference, ask the receptionist if there is a way out (once I called in before my massage, found out it was shiatsu day (which I get not benefit from) and was able to reschedule to another day without penalty). I have had some good massages here and hope you do too!

    I'm pretty sure all those cheapo massage places are expecting men who want a "happy ending." Steer clear. 

    I go to therapeutic massage center on San Pablo (across from el cerrito natural grocery store) as often as I can afford. My massage therapist is named Mimi and although her English is not great, she is easy to communicate with and does a fantastic job. The cost is $45 for an hour and I always tip at least $20 as she so deserves it. Please note that this is considered a "therapeutic" massage so the environment is not like a spa. You can hear other people's' voices and the phone ringing etc.  It is clean and safe and an excellent massage- this coming from a very very picky person!  Highly recommended.

    National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. It's a school of massage, but you can get a 50-minute massage for $35, or if you're over 55, it's only $30. It's run very professionally, they do shiatsu and Swedish, whichever the student is assigned (customers are not allowed to request massage or therapist). I've been going there for several years, and have been satisfied. Even when I get a beginner, which is evident by how challenged they are at adjusting the sheets around your body, the massage still increases blood flow to various areas of my aching body. Hope that helps!

    I get massages at two places that are terrific, and in your pirce range: Pinole Family Spa in Pinole (510.478.6776) and Health Massage in El Sobrante (510.758.7970). Highly reccomend them! They both have opened within the last year. 

  • Chronic pain in back necessitating no sitting for longer than 15 minutes, no walking for more than 1/4 mile.  general back pain, occasional leg pain, and foot numbess.  Already tried lots of stretching, PT, epidural, MRIs, etc.  Seeking a doctor who can look at the bigger picture - is there a systemic postural problem that 4 decades has finally caught up?  is there a tendon that's snapped and MRI missed?  weekend athlete skiing, hiking, biking is now captive and mentally/emotionally challenged by pain and discomfort sapping all joy.

    Please recommend a thoughtful, thorough, out of the box therapist or doctor who is willing to investigate causes, not just mask pain.  Prefer peninsula and south bay but will take your talented provider wherever.

    Mike Papciak body work extraordinaire 

    Just google him. He's in Berkeley. 

  • My family recently relocated to the East Bay and I would greatly appreciate suggestions for a masseuse. I am female and am more comfortable working with women. Located in the Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville area would be ideal; someone strong who might use a variety of techniques, but is happy to provide traditional Swedish massage.

    Also, are there reputable massage schools that offer reduced rate massage for students logging clinical hours?

    Thank you! SM

    Karen Wieland is amazing. I'm pretty picky about massages and it's taken me years to find someone that I really like. She is a real treat. She also has her own studio so she's less expensive than the bigger places that have a constant rotation of massage therapists. She's in El Cerrito but I think she can travel to you as well. I hope you give her a try.

    I highly recommend Lori Colombo. While her business name is 'Massage for Mom's', she also sees men. My husband and I are particular about our massage therapists (he's trained in massage), and both love her. She is intuitive and strong, and offers both in home or in her studio massage.  lscolombo [at], 510-393-8233

    Beth Baron in Berkeley is very good (  

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Lymphatic Massage Modalities for Swollen Adenoids

Feb 2012

Our 7 year old has had reccurent bouts of swollen adenoids and/or tonsils (without a presenting infection per se) off and on for the last 2 years - most of the time it is ok (only one or the other are swollen) but when both become swollen then nighttime breathing is affected - we are searching for someone who practices lymphatic massage or other modalities that can help to stimulate the lymphatic system/tissue and alleviate the buildup (and thereby avoid surgery). Any recommendations or advice on the matter is most appreciated. we'll all sleep better...

I highly recommend Betty Segal for Lymphatic Massage. She is extremely experienced and is located in Albany. Her phone number is: 510.526.8685. I'm curious if she would recommend lymphatic brushing. She taught me about it and my 7 year old has her own brush and has learned the techniques as well. Kim
I highly recommend Gaylee, a Vodder technique Lymphatic Drainage massage person. Her number is 510-849-1388. She reduced swelling after I had neck surgery and she helped a friend of mine who had a tumor. She is simply amazing and has been doing this work for many years. She is in Berkeley. If you have further questions feel free to write me. orchardann

Massage with No Chakra Talkra

Sept 2011

I know there are MANY recommendations for massage therapists in the archives - but I am looking, in particular, for an excellent practicioner who is NOT about the spiritual healing stuff - who won't feel the need to tell me about my chakras, colors or energies. I need someone who can help with chronic neck/shoulder issues, suggest exercises to help me work with my own body and provide a really excellent massage from a purely anatomical standpoint. Preferably in Oakland/Berkeley or other east bay. So please share? tied up in 'nots'

Hi - I am a HUGE fan of Rosie Liebe ( She is different from any other massage I've ever gotten in my life - and the most effective! She really focuses on problem areas and works to actually heal. I had chronic back pain from a bad ergonomic situation at work for about 8 yrs. I did chiropractors, physical therapy, etc with no real success. After seeing Rosie a few times, teh pain was finally gone!!! Be warned - she's not the candles, light music spa type therapist. She is really a healer but works from the physiology/biology (ie scientific) vs spiritual method. She sounds just like what you're looking for and I'd highly recommend her. Julie
Dr. Johanna Lelke, Sports Performance Chiropractor can help you with the shoulder pain and give you exercises to do at home. is where you can find her info and make an appointment. She helped me with a shoulder issue this summer. Lee
Beth Baron in Berkeley is really good and not at all flakey. She does wonders for me with target treatment for specific pain issues--really fixing the problem, not just making it feel better for a few days ony to get worse again. Here's her website: She is in Berkeley.
I understand your sentiment. I used to only go to yoga classes with no oms. Great massage therapist with no chakra talkra... Jessica Otten. 510.703.9047 I'm picky on massage therapists. I like them to be firm enough and really get the places that are sore. Jessica is great. Nice studio in her backyard with a bathroom. Very comfortable space and fantastic massage. timna [at]
Best massage I've ever had comes from Joan Marie Passalacqua, who is a certified massaged therapist and an anatomist. She is very focused on figuring out what is causing pain / discomfort, and then addressing it. I've gone to her when I have had injuries, and I am so incredibly grateful for her talents. 2700 Eighth Street, Berkeley 510-843-2270 active and grateful
My masseuse is very down to earth, and not airy fairy at all. She does some subtle work (craniosacral therapy), but also deep tissue and a bevy of other techniques. I think you two could be well suited. You can always call her and talk about your specific needs. She's a lovely person. I know she's got a website either on the way, or I'm not in the loop but here's her number, oh her name is Dahlia and she's in Oakland. (510) 759-4250. Ami C.
Our regular masseuse is really fabulous and never discusses chakras. I guess she's more structurally oriented. She's experienced, does great targeted deep work is trained in a number of techniques and uses hot stones, yum! My husband, myself and my daughter have been working with her for a few years now. Don't think she does outcall massage anymore, but she has a lovely office in her home. I/We highly recommend her work. Dahlia Silvers, LMT at: (510) 759-4250 famigliaponti [at]
Dear Massage with No Chakra Talkra, I know what you mean and highly recommend Sarah Hammond 510.387-3325, or Sarah is very knowledgeable about anatomy, extremely skilled at therapeutic massage, and can recommend simple exercises to help you stay flexible if you ask. I have been seeing her every three weeks for over two years - it has made a major difference in how I feel and move. Lucy
I can highly recommend Hana Levin, LMT... 510.418.4262 She is highly skilled and highly professional. I have been receiving massage from her for almost 10 years and feel confident referring my clients to her as well (I am a chiropractor). She is strait forward, communicates clearly, listens well, takes extensive notes and won't hit you with chakra talkra (I love that Not to mention that she continually adds to her education, knows anatomy well and is excellent with her hands. I have been spoiled! Elizabeth
Hello to the person who's looking for a good solid massage therapist in the area who doesn't get all airy fairy about it. I'm with you and I've too found myself in the company of massage therapists of that kind. My masseuse is really wonderful. She does do a variety of techniques and is very experienced and down to earth. She's great at finding whatever is wrong and honing right in on it. She works deeply, but knows how deep to go so I'm never sore afterwards. In addition to this, she gives great suggestions for stretches and things to do at home. She also works with hot stones which is just the best. You might want to try her. Here's her information: Dahlia Silvers at (510) 759-4250. That's my input. With all the massage therapists around here, you're sure to find a good one. Good Luck. giomegio

Inexpensive Massage therapist

Aug 2011

Can someone recommend a massage therapist in Berkeley who isn't too expensive and is effective without causing pain? Thanks, Cecilia

I would highly recommend Dorothea Dorenz; she's in Berkeley and is wonderful. Her fantastic massages just helped cure my 'frozen' shoulder. She is a state certified movement and massage therapist. She asks you to give feed- back if anything hurts during the massages (nothing ever did during mine). She also gives great tips for strengthening exercises to do at home which were really helpful for me. You will find her rates very reasonable and her knowledge extensive. She's also a very nice woman; you will enjoy knowing her! You can contact her at 510-525- 8717. Sharon
Alison Luke, she'll work with you, never let you live in pain, and very aware of pressure preference. She does in- home massage, you can google her. anon
I have gone to Heather Ellsworth for several massages. The most recent time I arrived with a two-day migraine going. By the time Heather finished working on me, I was so relaxed I felt like I could melt onto on the floor. My headache was gone. She is the only massage therapist I have used who has not left me in any sort of pain. She is a sensitive listener and does just what I need. I highly recommend her. Feeling much better

Soothing Foot massage

Aug 2011

Dear Fellow Readers, I am looking for a place, salon, or person that specializes in foot massage. My tired aching feet are dying to be pampered. The whole nine yards-ankles, soles, toes. I have tried a few places and have not been satisfied. Please do tell of someone or somewhere in Albany, El Cerrito, Berkeley, or Kensignton. No chiropractor or acupunture recommendations please. Thank you barely standing

I got a wonderful foot massage at a place half a block north of University and San Pablo, on the west side of the street. (sorry I can't remember the name) They have amazingly comfy chairs too! jp
I know a wonderful massage therapist named Anissa Matthews, who offers a special massage called 'Barefoot in the Sandbox!' She'll actually come to your own home. The massage includes an essential oils hot foot bath, then foot work on a massage table combining Structural Foot Balancing, Reflexology and Shiatsu techniques. Enjoy! Rosy
I highly recommend Victoria McKenzie Stewart for all kinds of massage. She's amazing, an incredibly gifted healer. She has her own studio in the El Cerrito/Richmond area not far from Berkeley. She also used to be at Tea Garden Springs in Mill Valley and now has her own studio in Mill Valley as well. She is certified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, St. John Neuromuscular Therapy and massage. She does prenatal, postnatal and is a really gifted intuitive massage therapist, and a natural in doing energy work. She is a really gifted individual, great for structural, sports-related muscular issues, can work very deep. She also is very intuitive, trustworthy and works on the deeper spiritual levels as well. She has seen me through so many issues before and after my pregnancy, as well as sports-related issues, probably the best massage therapist I've ever been to. Also, her craniosacral work is amazing. (510) 232-4557, cell: (510) 666-7853 Laurie

Massage therapist in Berkeley

Aug 2011

Do you know a really good massage therapist in Berkeley who you could recommend? Thanks, Cecilia

Lela DaVia is excellent and works out of her home in Berkeley. 510-847-0842 or leladavia123 [at] Cathy
I highly recommend Sylvia Salgado, 510.526.5049. Her office is on San Pablo between Marin and Gilman, and she's both highly skilled and reasonably priced. Sylvia is very versatile as a massage/neuromuscular therapist and a wonderful human being who inspires all those around her. She also does great cranial sacral work and develops customized stretching programs for clients who could benefit from that. Her office is technically in Albany but well worth the drive. Terry (a grateful client!)
Beth Baron is great. Carrie

Anyone heard of massage therapist Naraya Stein

July 2011

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of a massage therapist by the name of Naraya Stein? I heard her name mentioned as someone who treats not only adults, but also teens/tweens. We are looking for someone to work with our 12 year old daughter, but would love to find someone who could treat me as well (mom). Has anyone heard of Naraya? Thanks! Rachel

I just recently got a massage from Naraya. A friend recommended her and I loved it! She uses a combination of techniques -- I requested an emphasis on Deep Tissue, which was firm, but she uses essential oils and guided deep breathing to make the experience relaxing. Her studio is very peaceful w/ natural skylight, soothing colors and music. I know she worked at the infamous Santa Fe spa Ten Thousand Waves prior to the Bay Area. I highly recommend her. Her contact info: 510-926-9207; mail [at] Julia

2009 - 2010 Reviews

Looking for good masseuse

Dec 2010

I'm looking for referrals for a skilled, reasonably priced masseuse in the East Bay, preferably near Albany, El Cerrito. Thanks! anon

Elke Savala is wonderful. She is in El Cerrito near Albany hill. I always call her for massages. As far as reasonable, ( I often do trades) let her know your situation. She also does house calls. Her # 510-525-2956 sharyl
Shoshana Uribe from Manzanita Wellness Clinic is a fantastic massage therapist. She is able to do both deep and gentle work depending on what you need and want. She helped me heal a recent injury with the support from her massage and acupuncture. (She is also and acupuncturist) I see her for both modalities and often get a combination of both during one session when I have acute pain. I also have benefited from the remedies she prescribes, as she is very knowledgeable with both Chinese and Western remedies. She has helped me and my children immensely with all sorts of issues from the common cold, to allergies, to physical pain & injuries. Here is her website: All the best to you.
I have been working with SHOSHANA URIBE for almost 10 years. I consistently leave my appointments refreshed and re-balanced. Shoshana's warm presences and quiet competence have been an integral part of my stress management and good health. As an added bonus, she is now also licensed in acupuncture, and can offer acupuncture and herbal remedies for those who want to move beyond massage. Appointments are available over a range of day, evening, and weekend times. All in a lovely, soothing studio conveniently located on San Pablo Ave, at the Manzanita Wellness Clinic. And did I mention she offers sliding scale rates, and you can connect with her either by phone or e-mail? Just a terrific experience all the way around. I highly recommend Shoshana! Shoshana Uribe, L.Ac Manzanita Wellness Clinic 2818 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 459-9320 Barbara O.
I highly recommend two massage therapists who work in the office of Dr. Lynn Hausrath, DC, which is located on Macdonald Ave. in Richmond a few blocks west of Hwy. 80. Elizabeth works on Wednesday afternoons, and Rita on Thursday afternoons, and both are highly skilled CMT's. Each is experienced and competent, and responsive to the needs of their clients. And both women are kind and caring, and easy to feel comfortable with. The price is very reasonable - just $60 for a 1-hour massage, or $30 for a 30-minute massage. Call Dr. Hausrath's office at 510-236-4473 to schedule a massage appointment with Elizabeth or Rita. - ginger

Female Deep-Tissue Massage in Oakland?

Dec 2010

Hello. I have chronic low back and hip pain. I have tried several massage therapists in the East Bay and I have yet to find someone who can work deeply on these areas. My last few experiences have been either too light or too hard and painful that I could barely walk for 2 days. I live in Piedmont and would like to find someone close to home. Thanks for your help. Laura

I highly recommend Dina Minyon. Dina has been doing massage for over 20 years. I've been seeing her for over 10 years. I also have chronic low back pain and Dina is the only massage therapist who has been able to not only relax the muscles in my low back and hips, but has helped relieve the pain for long periods of time.

Dina works out of her home in Oakland (near Kaiser Hospital). She has a very nice, relaxing massage space. She is very sweet and genuinely caring. I hope you like dogs, because she has an adorable dog who sleeps beside the massage table during the massage. dminyon [at] Sarah

I've been working with Randy Lind, who specializes in a remarkable technique called the Hendrickson Method (HM), for several years. I have chronically tight shoulders, neck, lower back - a mess - and in one session he fixed something that prevented me from side sleeping since I was pregnant (and the kid's 17 now). He works with clients fully clothed in comfortable street clothes, and while he certainly uses massage strokes, the most effective thing (to me) is this sort of isometric set of positions for each troubled muscle - they all just go aahhhh and release, one after another. I have a huge increase in range of motion and, even better, more comfortable sleep AND a renewed baseline of flexibility to get back to some kind of workout. It really is a magic thing. I've had a lot of great massage over the years, of all types, but this is truly corrective and therapeutic in a whole new way. (and it's relaxing too.) See for more information about Hendrickson method and his contact info. I hope you like his work!!! I'm a continuing (occasional) client and recommend him highly. - Nancy
I am totally impressed by the skills of Francesca Gemco. She is near the Oakland/Berkeley border. I am a Chinese Doctor and have been in and around the field of body-work and healing for over three decades. I have tried many bodyworkers/massage therapists. Francesca is GREAT! She really listens to peoples' bodies and with all her experience and knowledge can understand what is needed. I think if you try her once you will understand what I mean. I refer her to my patients and friends readily because I have so much confidence in her work. She can be reached at 510-524-2924. Good luck with your healing! Leah
I have low back pain myself, and just discovered The Foot Spa on Grand Avenue. They have experienced masseuses who give above-average care. The foot spa part is great - they rub your back while you soak your feet in tea, then do reflexology on your feet while you sip tea (from a fresh pot of course). Sounds a little silly but then you realize how healthful tea and massage are, and how great you can feel in only half an hour. Beyond that, there are 3 or 4 rooms upstairs where you can complete your massage. It's like a relaxation factory. They have a great introductory rate, go check them out, and if you become a member you get to keep the low rates. PLEASE tell them I sent you -- I can get free massages for referrals and I'm addicted!

There's also Oakland Accupuncture Project on MacArthur and Laurel if you'd like to try that. It's only $15 per treatment since everyone sits in a room together, and they price it low so people can come weekly or more often. Apparently they can heal back pain without putting needles in your back, but massage feels so good to me that's what I'm trying. Kristen

Post-Mastectomy Massage

Nov 2010

Hi, I'm three weeks out from surgery and I need a massage! I would prefer a mature female masseuse who has experience working with women who have had mastectomies for breast cancer. Any recommendations? Thanks. Reluctant Amazon

I highly recommend Pam Hill in Concord for your massage, Even if you don't have lymphedema, Pam's skills as a lymphedema therapist will help ensure that you get a relaxing massage without the risk of developing lymphedema. I've been going to Pam for a combination of massage and manual lymph drainage for several years, since my mastectomy. Enjoy! Lisa

Looking for Massage Therapist in Berkeley

Nov 2010

I am looking for a massage therapist who is not too expensive and is in Berkeley. I would prefer someone who is not very chatty but who pays attention to the specific needs I have, given I have had neck trouble on and off for the past couple of years. I would also consider going to Oakland, but prefer Berkeley. Looking for relief

I really like Richaly (spl?) at Oakbay Chiropractic in Oakland. She is not chatty, reasonably priced and thorough. I have seen her through prenatal, severe headaches and foot pain. She is great. 510-654-8547 anon
If Emeryville isn't too far, go see Joan Davis Simons. Read about her at After just one visit, my body felt amazingly healed. I plan to go again soon. R.K.
Someone gave me a gift to see Francesca Genco in Berkeley,, 524-2924. She is multi-talented, doing body work, yoga, voice healing, and singing. I have back injuries as well. She helped my lower back, and I left and walked around the neighborhood in a floating, meditative glow. Reba
Francesca Genco is a GREAT massage therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and listens to her clients' 'body clues.' I am extremely particular about bodywork. . . and I cannot recommend her enough. She also has a very wonderful setting in her new Elmwood studio. I suggest you try her once. You will probably agree. I have sent many people to Francesca and they all say the same thing. You should also check her out on 'Yelp.' Her phone number is: 510-524-2924 'Have a relaxing one. . . ' Leah M
See Andrew Ezer in Berkeley at 510-704-1505. If you like deep tissue he is the best! I'm a massage therapist myself and very picky. LB
Lori Colombo ( is great! She's very responsive to what you want. Her office is in West Berkeley, and she can also come to your home in Berkeley or Oakland with her portable massage table. Satisfied client of Lori's for many years
Just a heads up that there are people in professional associations recommending each other. In this posting as well as others in Berkeley Parents. I am not sure of level of expertise, but I would take these recommendations with a grain of salt. I've fallen for this ploy before.

Seeking masseuse for chronic neck and jaw tension

Nov 2010

Hi BPN, I'm trying to find a new massage therapist who does both deep tissue and also cranio-sacral therapy. I have chronic tension which stems from an old neck injury. I had a wonderful masseuse who did all of this and energy work, but, sob, she moved away from the Bay Area. I find it hard to locate a therapist who combines both styles without leaning too much toward one or the other. I also would prefer to get some recommendations before I go trying out a bunch of people. I would prefer someone in the Oakland area as I work in downtown Oakland. Anyone who knows of someone who works (after office) hours would also be helpful. Thank you all. Ami

Hi, I've been seeing Joanna now at Tao to Wellness in Berkeley (809 Hearst Avenue) for over three years and love her. She is specialized in both deep tissue and craniosacral, although I mainly see her for deep tissue. I have compression in my L4 and L5 as well as tension in my jawbone. While you're there, you might want to look into the acupunture services available - I've gotten a lot of pain relief by doing both (as well as seeing a chiropractor) regularly. Anon

Body Work - Foot Problems

Sept 2010

Hello. Does anyone have a recommendation(s) for a bodyworker who addresses foot problems? I have chronic foot problems and have consulted with orthopedists, podiatrists and physical therapist and have come to the conclusion that I need to address the problem systemically. If you know of someone who practices Feldenkrais, the Alexander Technique, etc. I would greatly appreciate advice. Thanks.

I have had great results for many painful problems by working with the very gifted Feldenkrais practitioner, Jane Graly, in Berkeley. She used to work for many years as a physical therapist before becoming an advanced Feldenkrais practitioner. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience, as well as a great 'bedside' manner. She can take insurance, and has reasonable rates if you don't have it. She works out of her own very pleasant body work studio. Feldenkrais as a technique has taught my body new ways of moving without any intellectual effort or discipline on my part except to show up at my appt.s. I have literally fallen asleep during sessions while Jane was gently manipulating my body to re- educate my nervous sytem in how to move with more ease, less pain. I woke up moving differently and not in pain. i highly recommend the technique and Jane. Her number is 510-849-1872 Kirsten

Ayurvedic massage

Sept 2010

I am looking for someone who practices Ayurvedic head massages. I looked online and found the Medicine Buddha Healing Center in Berkeley. It looks interesting. Has anyone been there? Do you have recommendations for others? Thanks, BD

I've had a fair amount of ayurvedic massage in India and without a doubt the best experience I've had here in the States was at a place down in San Jose, on Santana Row. It is totally worth the trip. It's called the Ayoma Life Spa. Go! Lisa
I recommend Elke Savala she is fantastic. She does Ayurvedic massage and bodywork. As part of an Ayurvedic Consultation, she recommended herbal remedies that were very helpful too., She also does house calls 510-525-2956 Elke's website is also very informative..Best of luck!

Looking for excellent, healing massage theapist

Aug 2010

Hi, I'm looking for an excellent massage therapist, body work specialist in the East Bay. I've had chronic back problems since I was a teenager and can see that I need to be seeing someone regularly. thanks! anon

My chiropractor Adeline Wood can fix you right up! She only works two days a week, so schedule soon (510/534-1117, 2929 Summit, Oakland). I had a slipped disk, and she helped me heal. She does some adjustments, but mostly massage. Yummm. Feel better soon
Naraya Stein gives an unbelievably great massage. She is a truly gifted massage therapist who somehow managed to relax my sore muscles and soothe my stressed out psyche at the same time. She has the skills and experience to really help you make progress in addressing chronic concerns. She works out of a great space at 830 Bancroft, which is a very happy and serene place, and she is both skillful in her craft and remarkably intuitive. She recently relocated to the area and is building up her practice now, working as both a massage therapist and a life coach. Give her a try, you won't regret it! Her number is 510-926- 9207. Ann
I highly recommend Rosie Liebe - in fact I get body work from her every two weeks, and she really does magic. I work in front of a computer all day - and Rosie has really helped me. Her website is - and you can make an appointment online from there. You can email rosie [at] - or phone 510.828.3441 David
I highly recommend Elki Savala she helped me with some serious back pain. her website is she also has great reviews on yelp. Sharyl
Susan Solari is terrific! Her number is 534-7643. scoliosis spine
I would highly recommend Maggie Dill. She is a CMT and has been helping me for the past few months. She is strong, sensitive and just all around amazing. I don't think you could find a more empathic and talented massage therapist in the East Bay. Her website is: and her number is 510-415-2404 Michael
I have seen Shoshana Uribe off and on over the last 9 years, for a variety of issues. She is loving, healing, and an EXCELLENT massage therapist. She is also an acupuncturist and I have had double treatments of acupuncture and massage from her. I highly recommend that you give her a call. She is in Berkeley near AShby and San Pablo in a beautiful clinic space. Kyle
Shoshana Uribe, CMT, MS, LAc is an amazing massage therapist, healer and person. I have been seeing her for massage regularly for five years and her touch is amazing, intuitive, and deep. Her knowledge of the body is extensive - both physically and energetically. She has been a massage therapist for a very long time and has deepened her practice by the study of Chinese Medicine and herbs and is now an acupuncturist as well. She is a real community person and fosters connection for her clients to other health resources. She has a beautiful clinic in West Berkeley - - and can be reached by phone at 510.459.9320. Shoshana has helped me in so many ways - very much with her hands AND her generous heart. Grateful Client

Bodyworker who does energy work

May 2010

I'm looking for a bodyworker, preferably someone who does both hands-on massage AND energy work (maybe Barbara Brennan's style?). Anyone have a great recommendation for me? Someone who has really helped you on both the physical and spiritual level? East Bay location preferred. Thanks!

I would very much like to recommend Kari Martin. Kari absolutely does bodywork with a spiritual and healing component. She is an amazing person, a wonderful massage therapist as well as a true healer. She has magic hands. I can't say enough good things about her and her practice. She's a wonderful person. And as an aside, I believe the work she did with me finally helped me get pregnant after trying for a long time (and there are many other women I know who would say the same thing). Contact info: 510-590-6967 email: massage [at] -Katie W
I highly recommend Analisa Madron. She is very intuitive and spends time checking in about what your needs are, on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. And she has a skillful touch as well, which is important. I believe that she can incorporate Reiki and other energy modalities into her work. Office in Oakland. She can be reached at 510 486 2861. anon
I can not recommend Kimberly Foster highly enough. She has worked on me with some regularity over the last year and I consider her the best body worker I have EVER come across. She does many sorts of work, including massage and energy work. I will be really honest and say I don't think it matters what type of technique she is applying - her touch is just healing and amazing. I have tried several cranio-sacral practitioners and she is really in a class all her own. Kimberly is a magical angel. She works out of her home (not a luxury type setting). Her skill and touch trumps all else. She is a compassionate and amazing person and gifted energy healer and body worker. I recommend her unconditionally. Kimberly Foster: (510) 595-4073. a devoted fan of Kimberly Foster

Massage therapist with medical expertise

May 2010

There are many recommendations for massage therapists, so there's no need to post if you feel you've already recommended your favorite therapist - I'm reviewing what has been posted. I'm looking for someone with medical expertise, because I have myriad problems - sciatica, backpain from several sources (scoliosis, stenosis, and I'm sure other 'osis' things!), and poor circulation in my extremities. I'd love to find someone who can specialize techniques for specific medical issues. Thanks.

Christine D'Allance is a wonderful massage therapist for someone with medical issues. I have arthritis in my neck, old injuries in my back and RSI in my wrists. I also struggle with sinus infections. She has been able to help all of these issues as well as pregnancy complaints when I received prenatal massage from her. She is a good listener with strong, intuitive hands. After years of receiving bodywork from chiropractic to acupressure to breema, I find that her blend of Swedish and Chinese techniques is very healing. Feeling Better
Naraya Stein gives an unbelievably great massage. She is a truly gifted massage therapist who somehow managed to relax my sore muscles and soothe my stressed out psyche at the same time. She works out of a great space at 830 Bancroft, which is a very happy and serene place, and she is both skillful in her craft and remarkably intuitive. She recently relocated to the area and is building up her practice now, working as both a massage therapist and a life coach. Give her a try, you won't regret it! Her number is 510-926-9207. Ann

Massage therapist in Berkeley

March 2010

Hi, I'm looking for a female massage therapist in Berkeley who does house calls. Thanks! EH

Lori Colombo ( is great! She will come to your home in Berkeley or Oakland with her massage table. Her rates are reasonable. Satisfied client of Lori's for many years
I would like to recommend an amazing massage therapist, August Bowman, who has totally changed my life. She does house calls to Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas (days/evenings); and she also has a private space at Berkeley Acupuncture Project on Fridays. She specializes in deep tissue, trigger points, and deep relaxation and is very professional, experienced,and knowledgeable. August is special in that she's very sensitive and intuitive; she'll give you the best massage for your needs--always while making sure you're comfortable. Call her at 510-809-6842 to make an appointment. Relaxed and relieved in Oakland

Looking for a massage therapist for whiplash

Feb 2010

Hello there, I had an accident a few weeks ago and I'm told I suffered a whiplash. We're somewhat new to the area and I'm looking for an experienced massage therapist who works with injuries like mine. Thank you Angella

My massage therapist, Dahlia Silvers,CMT who's been my therapist for four years, helped me recover from not one, but two accidents. I have a wrenched up neck to begin with. I was a bit scared to get massage after the first accident. She helped me to get through the acute phase and I (and my chiropractor) think that the work she did sped up the process. She was then was able to work on the underlying years of tension and strain. That's only in regard to my neck. She's a very caring, experienced practitioner. I recommend her without reservation. Dahlia Silvers, (510) 759-4250 Marty

Dec 2009

Hi, does anyone know of a good massage therapist in the Berkeley-Oakland area who will travel and give treatments in your home or office? Seeking solutions to stress

I'd like to recommend my massage therapist Lori Colombo. She is an amazing, caring and talented therapist. She has an office in Berkeley on Wednesdays and Saturdays. She will travel the rest of the time. She gives the most amazing and relaxing massage. Her number is 510.393.8233 B. Jangda

Massage therapist in Oakland/Berkeley

Nov 2009

I looked through the old BPN recs, but the therapists I tried from there seem to no longer be working. I am looking for a good massage therapist in Oakland/ Piedmont area-- swedish, but someone who is intuitive an willing to work with you. anon

I've been getting a monthly massage from Wilma Marshall (Wellma Massage Therapy) at 6929 Stockton Ave in El Cerrito, for years. Highly competent and professional...and a great masseuse. Easy access from I-80 or San Pablo Ave, and lots of free street parking. Highly recommend. Wilma: 510-409-2947 Kathleen
i am a long-time, regular purchaser of massage. and i have gone to many different people over the years, but there is one therapist i go back to again and again, in spite of the fact that she is quite expensive. her name is Celine Germain. She works in Berkeley (on 4th st) and also in SF a couple days a week, i think. she has a ridiculous amount of training in a bunch of different techniques, but mainly i think she's just talented. her number is 510-548-4004 anon
Pam Arata is the best massage therapist in the East Bay, in my experience. I have been to at least 13 different MTs in The EB, (no exaggeration), and Pam is hands-down the best. Her work is more therapeutic than standard Swedish. She is able to focus in on tight areas and has tremendous patience and intuition, not to mention extremely strong hands. She is trained in the Hendrikson Method, and is really at the top of her profession. East Bay Massage Maven
I highly recommend Ann Frechette. She has a lot of experience and a nice warm welcoming energy. I've loved the massages that I've gotten from her and whenever I refer clients (I'm a birth doula and she also does prenatal massage) they also rave about her massages. She has a space near Lake Merritt where she works certain days of the week and then her other massage studio space is near Mills College. Here's her website and contact info. Ann Frechette 510-861-2572 ann [at] Enjoy the massage, Trina
I enjoyed the most wonderful massage by Susan Solari. I don't think there's a type of massage that she doesn't know, so she can tailor her massage so it's exactly what you like. She uses ''warm stones'' placed on your back, which are incredibly relaxing. Susan's website is She's in Oakland at 510-225-5305 cell or 510-534-7643 office. Pat
Thea Becker is amazing. She works in a lovely space on Piedmont Ave and practices Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish, Tui Na, and Reiki. I have been seeing her for about a year and I will not see anyone else. 510-759-1402 theabecker [at] Sarah
I've seen a great massage therapist working near the Oakland/Berkeley border. Her name is Kim Foster, 510-595-4073, kfoster007 [at] She's been working as a MT for years and many of her clients have been with her for years, too. She's incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and STRONG. Gretchen
my massage therapist is fabulous. not only has she been doing this for over 20yrs and has a million different skills (ok maybe not a million, but lots) she is so much fun. usually I laugh a lot while I'm there, but she is considerate of my mood and if I need a quite calm massage she can do that too. She is also a Rolfer, but don't let that scare you off, she is the most gentle rolfer available and incorporates warm stones and a biofeedback device that relaxes muscles. Susan Solari now I need a massage too

We need a new masseuse/please help!

June 2009

Hello to you. I am looking to get a massage as a gift for my husband for our anniversary and for regular sessions for the both of us. We had a fabulous massage therapist back east, but we don't know of anyone here. My husband has been in a couple of car accidents, so his neck gives him trouble. Our prior therapist did deep tissue work and worked with hot stones. We're really missing her. We prefer a woman. I would like to find someone with good experience who is highly recommended, and not too far from where we live (in Oakland, so we don't have to drive too far). Thank you for your input and suggestions. Saphdie

I just gave my husband a birthday gift certificate for Robin Barnett CMT, on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. Necks are Robin's specialty, and I can attest from personal experience (I also have a tricky neck) that Robin gives great neck. Laura
I have been getting my massages from Elizabeth Martinez for over ten years and have her work mostly on my neck and upper back for tension. She shares an office at Cedar and Shattuck, next to the Thai Restaurant and is quite reasonable in price. Her phone is 510-384-9800 and she has both male and female clients. kl
We have been using Christina Sarver for two years, and best of all, she actually comes to our house. She is a licensed massage therapist who also works for Aveda on 4th Street, who is very experienced in deep tissue and injury massage. She is both nurturing and incredibly knowledgeable, so I have no hesitation in recommending her. She is also an esthetician, and gives me great relaxing facials and general skin care. Her rates are very reasonable, and will give discounts when she does two (or more) people in one house, and will give a further discount if you provide your own sheets. Her phone number is (530) 321-3400 - From a Glowing and Relaxed Client
My husband and I LOVE Andrea but she works in El Cerrito. She does deep tissue and knows how to use it. Her knowledge goes above and beyond that of a basic masseuse though I unfortunately can't name all her techniques/specialties. The first time I went she asked me generally what hurt and found every little kink and made it melt away. My husband was having stomach ulcer like issues and she felt around on his abdomen to figure out what the problem might be. She then hit several meridians releasing his gallbladder and intestines. He said you could hear everything start churning. She is a well versed masseuse and over all body therapist. She can do a relaxing massage or really work your body and give you the physical therapy you need. I know it's a drive but she is well worth the time and money. Andrea can be reached at 510-495-4449. Massage Snob
I have been getting regular massages from Kim Foster for years. She does not use hot stones, but does both deep tissue work as well as restorative massage. She is also a wonderful person.Her phone no. is 510-595-4073. love my massages
Try Norlisha Long at Body Techniques for a great massage therapist! They are located at: 1320 Harbor Bay Parkway Suite 104 Alameda, CA 94502 (510) 864-9339 I have been going to Norlisha regularly and I am feel incredibly good after each treatment. I go for 90 minutes each session, at $64.00 (that's the member price). Members pay $20. each month, for as many sessions as you want at the discounted price. It is a really great deal, and although the ride there, to Alameda, is longer than I wanted, this place is worth it. It's clean, calming, welcoming, and professional. Give Norlisha a try, I bet you'll appreciate her magic touch and healing fingers as much as I do. Good luck. -----Ellen ellen
Elke Savala is an incredible Holistic HealerShe also works with heated stones. After a painful back injury she was able to get me up and running with Ayurvedic massage and bodywork. As part of an Ayurvedic Consultation, she recommended herbal remedies that were very helpful too. Elke is one of the best Practitioners of Ayurveda and massage therapy in the bay area, Elke's website is also very informative. Sharyl
I want to suggest you great female massage therapist in Oakland, that I am using regularly. She is experienced and highly professional. She lives in Oakland. Her name is Kim. Phone number is (510) 763-4012. Good luck!
The best I've ever experienced is Elke Savala at http// in Albany(525-2956). She is an Ayurvedic massage therapist, an ancient Indian modality that produces a deep and healing massage. I have been going to her regularly for years and she has been essential to my well being. Alan
I'm chiming in late here, but I just have to respond to the woman looking for a masseuse in the Oakland area. I have an amazing masseuse that I have been working with for gosh, over three years now. My husband also sees her. Firstly, I too have issues with my neck after a couple of car accidents and many sports injuries. She has helped me when I've been in bad shape more times than I can count. She seems to always know how deep to work without ever causing pain, even when I've been really acute. She's been a masseuse for over twenty years, does a combination of techniques (some I'd never heard of). She's knowledgeable and very caring. She also works with stones and has a lovely home office in Oakland. See why I had to chime in? Her name is Dahlia Silvers, CMT and her number is (510) 759-4250. I know she'll take good care of you. All the best. I hope this makes it to you. Sierra

Reasonably priced massage therapist in Oakland

April 2009

I am looking for a reasonably priced massage therapist in Oakland. I don't want a massage student or fresh grad, though I know they're cheap. I'm willing to pay $60 an hour or so. I don't mind traveling to their studio. If you've had personal experience with a local who works freelance, that tends to be cheaper than the spas. Stressed Mama

I highly recommend Elizabeth Martinez who has been my massage therapist for over 14 years! She splits time between an office in the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley and her home in San Pablo. I pay $60/hr. I am not sure if that is the same as the new client rate. I book her at least two weeks out to get my preferred times. Her number is 510-384-9800.
I know the best person for you. James Daviess has 20 years of experience but still doesn't charge a fortune. His touch is strong and accurate, seems to always go wherever my tension is, even if I am unable to state it. He practices various styles and you can request them. He works out of Ananda Salon on Park Blvd. in Glenview. Very nice person. Charges $60 an hour or $1 a minute so you can afford and hour and a half. Email: james@creativesessions. phone 338-0633 A Picky Massage Person
There is an amazing massage therapist named Michaelwynn, whom I recommend a hundred times over. He travels with his massage chair, and frequents Pharmaca pharmacy on Solano, and 33 Revolutions cafe (he's almost always there Friday nights, and during the weekends).

Michaelwynn is amazing. He is very professional, always asks how the pressure feels, and has a super calm and sensitive presence. His motto is ''Everyone deserves a massage'' and he does not ask for a specific dollar amount - you pay what you can! He's even given me a massage before when I couldn't pay, and it was still very thorough and satisfying.

I'm sorry I don't have his card with me right now, but you can definitely find him through Pharmaca, or on a Friday night at 33 Revolutions (corner of Central & San Pablo). Leila

I've been a massage therapist for 20 years and am on maternity leave. Recently I've been seeing Dina Minyon in the Piedmont area of Oakland ( Although she is not a prenatal specialist, she is a very experienced, kind, strong, intuitive, talented massage therapist who charges $110 for 90 minute massages. She offers $20 off your first massage. I also recommend all the therapists at A Piece of Peace ( in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Jacquie Hollands is a prenatal massage specialist and post partum doula. For a cheaper option closer to home, I go to a little reflexology place at 4131 Piedmont Street ( It is not a refined spa; you'll share the large room with other clients, fully dressed. It's quiet with nice music and reservations are not required. Usually they can start immediately but I have had to wait 30 minutes. The experience is impersonal but I LOVE their foot rubs. If you need a light or intuitive touch, I'd steer you back toward Dina and Jacquie. I hope you enjoy your search for your favorite therapist and massage experience. Katy
Feb 2009: Shiatsu Therapist

I am looking for a great Shiatsu Therapist to work her/his magic on my aching body. Any recommendation in the East Bay would be so much appreciated. Wanting to be Pummeled!

Hi, I'd like to recommend a Shiatsu therapist who does all kinds of body work as well. He is RABEL MANGAHAS phone: 415-760-5107 He received his training at National Holistic Institute and he has been working with me for a year. I had a bad back problem which has been completely resolved with his help. Susanne Christ Pearson is amazing. He is a true healer. Rockin'shiatsu sessions. He is also an acupuncturist and herbalist. He was one of my massage teachers and he is really excellent. marion
Barbara Martello at Center Strength on Solano Ave. in Berkeley is who I go to for all of my aches and pains. She has helped me mitigate my chronic IT band pain and hip pain. She is a gifted Shiatsu therapist and a great acupuncturist. Her number is 510-684-6659. Shari
Jan 2009: Therapeutic massage needed

My husband and I are looking for a massage therapist who could address both our needs. My husband is a pianist and needs deep and specific work on his shoulders and wrists. My needs are different. I bruise very easily and would appreciate a massage therapist who can release the tension I have without working deep. Any recommendations will be appreciated. B

Hi, The massage therapist I use is Francesca Genco - and she is absolutely wonderful. Her studio is in Berkeley near Milvia and Vine. I can absolutely recommend her. Call Francesca at 510.524-2924. David
My massage therapist is Dr. Melinda Perlee (7th Street, south of Dwight, in Berkeley). She is, in fact, a chiropractor who also does therapeutic / orthopedic massage (and is also a yoga instructor, so she's good at giving me stretches that will help with my particular areas of tension or muscle weakness). I've been going to her regularly for both tissue work and alignment since I had a back injury with bad spinal nerve involvement in 2004. I attribute Melinda's care (along with my amazing physical therapist) for rehab'ing me so that I could continue working as a bedside nurse. She uses techniques that are quite comfortable but very effective. The therapeutic and orthopedic massage can be done through light clothing and causes no bruising. I always preferred deep tissue massages before working with Melinda, but I've found that her technique is every bit as effective as deep tissue massage (moreso?) at releasing tight muscles, tendons, etc. She has several clients who are guitarists and she can focus on whole-body or on specific area(s), as needed and/or as specified by the client. I go to her more for chiropractic than specifically for massage, but her chiropractic includes so much tissue work that it always feels more like I've been to a massage therapist than a chiropractor! She's unlike any chiropractor I'd been to before(and I've been to many). Sessions for massage or chiropractic are 50 minutes long and cost $90. (I believe she also will do 30 minute sessions.) Her phone number is 510-287-9279. Feel free to email me if you'd like more information. Alison
I highly recommend Sofia at Vara Healing Arts just off Solano in Albany (510-526-9642). She does a great job with the hot rocks, and helped me get over some problems I was having with carpal tunnel syndrome as well as an injury in my knee. anonymous
I would like to recommend Joan Simons for therapeutic massage. I first saw her for a prenatal massage but have continued to see her since my baby was born. She is wonderful about treating specific issues, or just providing an overall relaxing experience for you. She has helped me with some arm and back problems associated with carrying my new baby around. I also know she does a lot of neuromuscular work for more severe problems than I've had. Joan is a wonderful practitioner, and the space she practices in is very relaxing. She is located at the Emeryville Health and Wellness center and her number is (510) 420 1630. Molly
I just had a fabulous massage with Laila Solaris. She does Swedish massage as well as reflexology. She will come to your home or you can go to her studio. She is able to adapt the pressure of the massage, focus on the area/s you need most attention on and generally leave you walking on air when you are done. She can be reached at lailasolaris [at] or 510-393-2030. L in BerkeleyI can highly recommend Claudia Ruiz, CMT, in Alameda as the best therapeutic massage therapist...she gets to the core of the real issue and can bring great healing and relief, all while you are feeling immeasurably calm and attended to, so soothing. I have been having massages with her for 4 years and it is never disappointing. She is located on the 4th floor of the office building on the Alameda hospital campus, free parking, beside the office of Dr. Gerdes. Claudia Ruiz, CMT, 4th floor, 2070 Clinton Avenue, Alameda, 94501. Her services are lovely, simply heavenly. Phonefor an appointment(510)334-0613. Email: vivaladivabg [at] Louise
Jan 2009: massage at home

For his Birthday I'd like to give my husband the gift of a professional Swedish massage. Can anybody recommend a massage therapist in Berkeley who comes to your house, brings a table and gives a 60-90 minute massage in the relaxing atmosphere of your own home? Any websites I can check out? Relax!

I can highly recommend a massage therapist for at-home or in-studio massage/bodywork. Her name is Lori Colombo and her # is (510) 393-8233. I'm a chiropractor and have had a lot of experience dealing with massage treatments. She does great work and is a pleasant person in general. Marci
I highly recommend Lori Colombo. She gives great massages and will come to your home - I think mainly on Saturdays. She focuses on massage for mothers but does massage for men as well. Here's her contact info: 510.393.8233 massageformoms [at] Jen
Jan 2009: scalp and neck massage

Looking for a GREAT SCALP AND NECK MASSAGE like you get when you have your hair washed at the beauty salon. Also, looking for someone who gives a GREAT BACK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE - something that still feels great the day after the massage. Prefer someone really strong who really works with what your body needs. Lastly, it would be great if this person were in North Berkeley, Albany or closeby but not absolutely necessary. I will travel for a fantastic massage! Still Looking For A Great Massage...

I know a person who gives the best massage I have ever gotten (and I've had many!), and she happens to be my daughter. She has a bachelor's degree in biology and physiology, and is presently working in a physical therapy clinic preparing to enter a master's degree program in physical therapy. She has exceptionally strong hands and knows exactly what she's doing. Because she has not actually gone through massage therapy certification, her fees are much lower than typical. If you want to give her a try, you won't be disappointed! Her name is Katie O'Neill and her cell phone number is 925-918-3749. Despite the 925 area code, she lives in Berkeley. phyllis
I highly recommend Yoko Welch, licensed massage therapist ( She has some office hours on Vine St in N. Berkeley. She's strong, and I've gotten great shoulder and back massage. She's also personable and works with you to ensure a comfortable, productive session. Anna

2007 - 2008 Reviews

Oct 2008: massage therapist who makes house calls

Can anyone recommend a good massage therapist with their own table who is willing to make house calls. We would be willing to make a regular weekly or biweekly commitment to the right person. Our preference is for deep tissue or sports massage. amy

Lori Colombo is a great massage therapist who has her own massage table and makes house calls. Her website is Happy recipient of many massages from Lori
Rose Scott is a good massage therapist. I have received massage from her myself, and she is excellent. She does body work at her clinic and will do house calls. She can be reached at Be Well Integral Healing Space at 510-836-0200. Leon
I am a massage therapist and I have been trading massage for at least a year with Mike Grunwald, who does outcalls. He is trained in many modalities including swedish, deep tissue and lomi lomi. I am very picky about my massage and I do recommend him strongly. He is also a great guy with a lot of history in Berkeley. His number is 510-301-1319 DeAnna
Sept 2008: massage therapist for both of us

Hi Berkeley Parents Network! My husband and I are newly relocated here in the East Bay. We are looking for a massage therapist for the both of us. We had a woman we worked with before that we had to leave behind. We loved the way she worked and are hoping to find someone similar with your help. We have different needs in a therapist. I have neck issues and used to have headaches. My therapist did craniosacral therapy, and great deep tissue (almost like myofascial release) with my neck which was so effective. My husband likes acupressure and deep tissue work on his legs (he's a runner.) Does anyone know of a great all around therapist who may practice some of the techniques I mentioned? We're also looking for someone in the Oakland/ Berkeley area so that we don't have to travel far. Thanks for your suggestions. Michelle and Gabriel

I *love* my massage therapist, Susan Solari. She is amazing. I've personally seen her for rolfing (myofascial release) and relaxing massage, both fantastic. And have sent many friends to see her for various reasons and they all thank me profusely. I know she has a long history of working with athletes and chronic pain, but also does prenatal, lomi lomi (hawaiian style) and swedish. I always laugh a lot when I see her, which I think adds to the experience. She's near Mills College in Oakland. 510-225-5305 geraldine
Do yourself and your husband a BIG favor and go see Noreen Greenblatt. I've seen her off and on over the years and she is really fantastic. I can't tell you how many times I have felt grateful to have found her. You can read more details in the archives of BPN, as lots of folks have good things to say about her. My reasons for liking her: strong and not afraid to dig in, extremely knowledgeable about the body and bodywork, very easy-going temperament and someone I feel extremely comfortable with, takes her time to really find out about you and your needs, follows up, just gives a great massage. She has a studio in north Berkeley. 510.725.2735. Stephanie
I highly recommend the massage therapist I saw, Beth Baron. Her office is on Dwight, near Telegraph in Berkeley. She works with myofascial therapy, and has trained in a variety of methods she can apply as needed. I had great results even in one session with some chronic pain in one of my joints. She is very intuitive and will ''follow the thread'' of where tension is held in the body. Her web-site is, ph: 551-9539. Yvonne
Sept 2008: massage therapist in Oakland

Any recs for a great massage therapist in Oakland -- preferably someone who does a combination of deep tissue, Swedish, etc.? Prenatal massage experience also a bonus (but not required). Thanks! Sore Back & Shoulders in Oakland

I see Morgan Filler - she is awesome and has reasonable prices - plus she offers a ''5-pack'' that gives some discounts. She helps me tremendously with post-shoulder-surgery stuff plus I have CF and I cough a lot and she loosens it all up. Definitely NOT the warm and fuzzy spa-type massage - you get the ''real'' thing! Her web site with phone number: Stefanie
Dina Minyon is a fabulous for deep tissue, Swedish, sports and prenatal massage. I've been going to her for more than 8 years -- including prenatal massages during two pregnancies -- and she really has a knack for understanding you and your body's needs. Dina works out of her home in Oakland (near Kaiser hospital) -- her website is and phone is 510.597.1255. Good luck! Denise
I have had massages from several professionals, and Robin Barnett is the best. She can work with a variety of techniques, deep tissue, softer work, etc. She helped my Achilles tendonitis problem with massage and giving me some stretching exercises. She even has a website 510-872-0903 Stu
I would like to recommend Lisimba as a great massage therapist who specializes in energy therapy. He does swedish massage but is very strong as well. His rates are reasonable (45-65/hr) and he does home visits or appts. out of his family's home in North Berkeley. Simba can be contacted at aleostouch [at] Stephanie
I'm happy to recommend my massage therapist, Lisa Vonnegut. I have been devoted client of hers for the past four years and her 90-minute deep tissue massages are simply the best! She is also a personal trainer so she has a lot of knowledge and can offer stretches and support that will help with any problem areas. Lisa has just moved to a beautiful new studio on College Ave. near Broadway and she can be reached at lisa [at] MJ
July 2008: massage therapist who speaks Spanish

I have an exchange student living with me who would like to get a massage. She speaks much better Spanish than English. It took me quite awhile to even figure out what she wanted, so that gives you an idea. Can you suggest a good and affordable massage therapist who also speaks Spanish? Thanks. Searching

Silvia Salgado, whose massage therapy practice is called ''The Muscle'' is not only a native spanish speaker, she is a really good massage therapist. She doesn't just give you a massage either, she educates her clients about the value of stretching and posture and other health enhancing habits. Her number is 510-526-5049. Very Satisfied Client
Sylvia Salgado, CMT of the Muscle in Berkeley is a native Spanish speaker. She is an extraordinary massage therapist - with 20 years experience and tons of training who clearly enjoys her work. As a massage therapist myself, I have been awed by the thoroughness and skill of Sylvia's massage. What's more, every time I see her, she makes me feel so good to be around her. Sylvia just seems to embody joy and warmth. Her phone number is (510)524-5661. I recommend her highly! Lisa
April 2008: Seeking great masseuse who does bellies!

We recently moved here from New Mexico where we had the best masseuse ever. My husband and I saw her for more than eight years, and it was hard to leave her, much less replace her. I'm looking for a someone in the area (Oakland would be ideal, as I work in downtown Oakland). Sondra, my therapist in N.M. like most therapists, I guess, did a whole mix of things including deep tissue and craniosacral therapy. I'd like to work with someone who also does a mix of techniques and also does or specializes in abdominal work. I know a lot of massage therapists don't focus much on that area. Due to a surgery and other circumstances, abdominal work really helps me. Sondra even worked on my daughter's bellies when they had colic. I would be most appreciative of any recommendations. p.s. I want to find someone who also works on men (for my husband), maybe someone who does house calls also. Thanks again for helping me find someone. P.

Hi Priscilla, welcome to Berkeley Parent's Network! I saw your request and wanted to respond. We (my wife, Sierra and I), have a great masseuse. She definitely works with men because I've been seeing her for over four years now and my wife for close to the same time. Although she doesn't work on my abdomen, she works on my wife's who has digestive problems and some scarring from surgery. She's seen really good results from that. She's petite but very strong, don't let her stature fool you. My wife likes deeper work than I do. Although she's strong, she uses just the right pressure to work out the knots, but not so much as to ever be painful, which is an art. She does all sorts of techniques, you'd have to ask her directly. She's always adding new things to her repertoire; every session is different and I really appreciate that. She's also been doing massage for a long time. She's helped us with all sorts of stress related issues over the years and is really fabulous! . We highly recommend her. I'm not sure if she does house calls, but you could ask her. Her name is Dahlia Silvers, and she's located in Oakland, so that should coincide well with your work location. Give her a call: Dahlia Silvers, CMT (510) 759-4250 Kevin and Sierra
Jordan Rothstein in Berkeley does craniosacral and visceral massage. His work is beyond deep tissue. He is a very fascinating guy. His manner is often a bit brusque, but he is GREAT at what he does and he has a deeply sincere nature. My husband and I really like his work. For some, he is just too much. I don't think he does house calls. His number is 548-2594. anon
Robin Barnett is a wonderful masseuse and a terrific person. She has a versatile style and really listens to the body. It's crazy, but she really knows what the body needs. Robin works in both Oakland and Piedmont, and also travels to S.F. Good luck! Keren
I would like to recommend my friend who does Chi Na Tsan-Chinese abdominal massage. She has worked on me several times and I found it to be extremely relaxing and therapudic. She is a warm, friendly, and compassionate person, who has years of experience. She works out of her home office in Oakland. Her email is: cloudia9 [at] Her name is Claudia Mansbach. Nadja
This is not massage per se, but the small amount of Breema bodywork I've experienced, seemed to have belly work involved. Check it out at anon
Check out Amazing work with the stomach and organs!! I have been going to Gilles and am totally hooked! Besides his amazing work, he is a very wise, calm, kind and jolly little man. Hope you get the opportunity to experience this work. onika
I highly recommend my massage therapist Dahlia Silvers. I've been seeing her for a few years now. She's strong (despite her small size and gentle approach) yet never overly aggressive. I have an issue with my neck which requires sensitivity, but I like deep work on some other places. She's very graceful in her approach, and versed in a number of techniques. She integrates hot stones if you request that in advance. I always feel much better after our sessions. She's also very thorough, knowledgeable, and caring. Dahlia (510) 759-4250 Suzanne
I saw your post and had to reply. We love our masseuse. She's great and works on your stomach or wherever you like or need. She massaged me while I was pregnant with our daughter (which really helped with my back and leg pain) and then after that. She also massages my husband. She has a lot of years of experience and uses many different massage forms. I always look forward to my massages with her, they really help me with stress and I think that makes me a better mom. She works in Oakland. Dahlia Silvers at (510) 759-4250 She also has email: spamassage510 [at] Bia
Robin Barnett at 510.872.0903 is a terrific masseuse and a wonderful person. She really listens to the body, which is pretty cool, to be honest. She works on both men and women, and is very versatile in her style. Works in Oakland and Piedmont, and also goes to San Francisco. Good luck!
March 2008: female massage therapist in San Francisco

I'm looking for a referral for a female massage therapist (for deep tissue work) in San Francisco. Personal experience with who you recommend would be great. anon

Alta Lowe is amazing, she has been trained in a variety of techniques. She will do out call for women.Her cell number is: 415-596-8256 shira
Jan 2008: Looking for a great masseuse!

My massage therapist left town and I don't know how I can ever replace her. She did deep tissue work and cranio-sacral. Does any one have anyone to recommend? Thanks for your input. O.D.

I would highly recommend these 2 massage therapists: Debra Stretch (510) 206-4979 and Rosie Liebe (510) 828-3441. They both have offices at the Ashby Center of Complementary Medicine in Berkeley located right near Alta Bates Hospital on Ashby Avenue. I have had really great massages from both of theses practitioners. When my parents came to town for the holidays, I gave them each gift certificates for massages - they both raved about the wonderful massages they received. Debra and Rosie are both very skilled practitioners and do wonderful work. It's a great treat! dahrouge
I strongly recommend Karen Almquist at karquist [at] Karen has been our family masseuse for 4-5 years. Robert
I have used Robin Barnett who has a studio upstairs at Piedmont Yoga. 872-0903. She has a repertiore of techniques depending on your needs. She does deep tissue as well as muscle release techniques, and she showed me a standing posture that has given me more flexibility. She has been doing this for almost 10 years. Stu
I highly recommend my masseuse, Dahlia Silvers. She is fabulous. She does deep tissue, shiatsu, craniosacral, lymphatic, pregnancy and hot stone massages. I've had quite a few masseuses work their magic on me, and I feel like she really knows her stuff. She also throws in a few extras like aromatherapy and hot stones if you go to see her at her place. I have a chronically tight neck/back/shoulder area and I always feel wonderfully loose after my time with her. I treat myself to her once a month for an hour and a half, and I soooo look forward to it. Blissfully Relaxed
I was so ''blissfully relaxed'' that I forgot to include a phone number for Dahlia Silvers, the masseuse that I highly recommend. You can reach her at 510-759-4250. Blissfully Relaxed and Slightly Forgetful
Absolutely Eva Borken-Hagen is in a class by herself. She works at UCB RSF and also at Albany Hottubs. Don't delay - go there soon! michael
You should try my massage therapist,Nitasha Singh. She is a fantastic masseuse with strong hands and a great technic on deep tissue and other massages. I have been going to her since more than a year and i love her massages. She works at La Nana salon in Albay/Berkeley area. Here is the phone# 510-525-8700 You would like her. Aby
I would highly recommend Sylvia Salgado on San Pablo Ave in Berkeley (phone # 526-5049). I developed a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders that was causing terrible headaches. I had never worked with a masseuse and was nervous. I got Sylvia's name from the Berkeley Parents Network and was absolutely delighted. She is the nicest person - very warm and caring. After the massage, I felt so relaxed and slept amazingly well that night. What's better is my headache went away. She even showed me some neck exercises to do to help me from getting too tight. I have not needed to go back again but should the need arise, I would return in a heartbeat. I thought she was wonderful. (And she has a very lovely accent so it's a pleasure just to listen to her speak.) happy customer
I would like to recommend my great massage therapist Sarah Hammond. She uses a wonderful deep tissue massage technique that combines massage, mobilization, and neuromuscular re-education. For me it has both provided long lasting pain relief, a big decrease in muscle tension and has really improved my joint function. She has a nice home studio in Richmond Annex. Her phone number is 525-4014. Margery
My wife and I have a wonderful masseuse. It took us a while to fine someone good here. We both see her once a month (sometimes more often when life gets a bit too stressful!). Her name is Dahlia Silvers and she's located in Oakland. Like your masseuse, she does deep tissue massage work and craniosacral therapy, which has been great for my wife who gets headaches. She also does a lot of other techniques, and is very knowlegeable about the body. She's strong, yet she can work deeply without it being painful. She also seems to know how to find the tight spots you didn't even know you about. She works with hot stones which is so relaxing and effective. Unlike other massages I've had, the effect I get from Dahlia's work lasts me a good while, and my wife feels the same. We're really happy to have found her, and as long as we can have our sessions with her, we are happy to share. She's also a really kind person. So give her a call or an email. Dahlia Silvers (510) 759-4250 spamassage510 [at] Fred and Bia
I would like to recommend Mike LaCroix for massage work. He has been trained in deep tissue, swedish, accupressure and reiki techniques. He is very grounded, kind, and responsive to his client's needs. When I asked him how he would describe his massage style he said, ''I use a combination of slow, deep strokes with holds, stretches, and rocking to release, relax, and help clients let go of their tension, stress, and chronic irritation.'' He can be reached at 510.452.2511 or at LaCroixMB [at] Enjoy! Andrea
Your topic specifies ''masseuse'', but you might be better off describing what kind of technique you want, or issues you are having. I've been working with Randy Lind, who specializes in a remarkable technical called the Hendrickson Method (HM, for about 2 months. I have tight, misaligned, ''clogged up'' shoulders, neck, lower back - a mess - and in one session he fixed something that has prevented me from side sleeping since I was pregnant (and the kid's 14 now!) I remain fully clothed in comfortable street clothes, and while he certainly uses massage strokes, the most effective thing is this sort of isometric set of positions for each troubled muscle - they all just go ''aahhhh'' and release, one after another. I have a huge increase in range of motion and, even better, more comfortable sleep AND a renewed baseline of flexibility to get back to some kind of workout. It really is a magic thing. I've had a lot of great massage over the years, of all types, but this is truly ! corrective and therapeutic in a whole new way. (it's relaxing too, I might point out.) He has a website at for more information about Hendrickson method and his contact info. Good luck! - increasingly flexible massage client
Dec 2007

I need help unwinding and recharging! Any recommendations for a massage therapist with a really good perspective on body, mind, & soul care? Oakland/Berekely area. Tense

I have been seeing Rosie Liebe for theraputic bodywork. She works out of the Ashby Center for Complementary Medicine on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley. She is really knowledgeable about bodywork, has a very soothing demeanor and I come out walking on air. Her phone is 510-828-3441 and website happy to recommend her
I know the perfect bodyworker, Amanda Nube (213-0793, located in Rockridge. She is an amazing healer. She has made my 5 day migraines go way and helped me get rid of my stomach cramps after my cousin passed away. She specializes in healing work after any type of trauma, miscarriage, death in the family etc, but she is also good at centering a person. I am amazed at her knowledge and intuition. I highly recommend her.
I have been to several massage therapists, and I like Robin Bartlett a lot. She has a lot of experience and used to work in a chiropractor's office. She is very relaxed and doesn't talk during the session unless you want to. She also has classical music choices for those not wanting new age. Her studio is where Piedmont Yoga used to be on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. Ph 874-0903.
I'd like to recommend Francesca Genco who does Bodywork (as well as Yoga). She's fantastic, and you should give her a call and talk with Francesca about her practice. Phone 524-2924 or email FAGenco [at] David
I have been seeing a fantastic bodyworker on the Oakland/Berkeley border. Her name is Rivka Mason, and she does a combination of barefoot shiatsu, Thai yoga massage and deep tissue work. She is silent, except for stretching and breathing instructions, (I can't stand talkative bodyworkers). I have found her work to be profoundly, deeply stimulating, relaxing and therapeutic. I recommend her very highly, and I have had hundreds of massages and bodywork. Her phone # is 510-653-5317. Good luck! Massage junkie
I highly recommend Amanda Nube. RELAXATION and STRESS MANAGEMENT are her specializations! Her treatments are a blend of Chinese style massage (Tui'Na) and acupressure with helpful assements of your situation and feedback for self care including yoga postures for home practice. She also offers guided meditations for further healing and exploration. Very thorough and therapeutic, gentle but deep. Clothes on. Very affordable rates. Amanda really helped me through my second pregnancy and VBAC labor. It was a beautiful experience. Amanda\x92s phone number is 510-601-1037 (N. Oakland area) With Gratitude
Nov 2007

Has anyone ever been to Body Mind & Spirit Massage Therapy Center on Claremont Ave (at College)? If so, do you reccommend them? Their brochure says they have 25 massage therapists... could you reccommend anyone in particular? Is it pleasant and clean inside their center? Amy

I've been going to Body Mind & Spirit for 10 years. I think it's wonderful. For awhile I was trying out different masseuses and they were all good enough for me to feel like I didn't waste my money....then I found one that I really liked and stayed with her for a few years.....she only just recently left so I'm back to trying out different ones again. It is clean....but it's not an environment like the Claremont so if you want spa aesthetic, this isn't the place. Think San Francisco flat, with each room painted a different(soothing) color, and a little bit of a funky (in a good way) vibe. They pipe music throughout, so you're apt to hear native american drums and recorders, or some kind of new-agey music. Definitely give it a try....they're all very friendly as well as professional. Laurie
Re Body Mind and Spirit Massage Therapy Center (on College and Claremont): I was looking to get a massage and found this place, and although I have been three times, I was not happy. Here's why: 1. If you want to pay by credit card, you can't add a tip onto the credit card bill - this was annoying for me since I almost never carry cash. 2. It's very expensive, last I checked around $75/hour. Which is fine, but about 10 minutes of that hour goes towards changing and getting under the sheets. Frankly, if I am going to pay $75, I want a full hour of massage. 3. During one of my sessions where the therapist really liked me (with a male masseur, I am a female), I was offered a ''reduced rate''/''we can work out something in terms of cost.'' Ew. anonymous
i recently went there and it was lovely. very cool older building, yes it was clean and nice ambiance. a friend of mine worked there for a while and loved it but since she doesnt work there anymore she recommended a woman named val who i found to be great! very enjoyable and would love to go back.... anon
Sept 2007

For his birthday my husband has expressed interest in having a massage. However, he is NOT a spa-type guy-- no essential oils or exfolliants for him. Can anyone recomend a place for a massage that is more of a gym atmosphere? I don't think he'd be comfortable having the masseur come to our home or going to an individual's home either. We're in El Cerrito, but would go anywhere for the right place. Susan

I can highly recommend Claudia Ruiz, CMT, whose office is in the Ballena Bay Marina on the water in Alameda. She has many men in her long-standing practice as she offers a very healthful approach. She is very skilled with deep tissue medical massage and is a breath of fresh air. When she is not in her own office, she practices in two different medical offices. She is that good. Claudia Ruiz, CMT, 1136 Ballena Blvd., Suite E, Alameda, 94501 510-334-0613. Glad to see more men getting massages
Renee Pomerleau is a fantastic option for those who prefer to go the non-spa route. She has trained at the Holistic Institute in Emeryville and even brings special aromatherapy lotions with arnica! She is always accomodating and willing to work around people's schedules and specializes in the 1 1/2 hour massage for stressed out busy, over-worked, multi-tasking parents. As a client myself, I am always a bit reluctant to share, but I guess I can't be greedy. You can reach her at 510-823-1124. Russell
Sept 2007

I have an incredible massage therapist to recommend: Lindsey Pernell. She gives one of the best massages I have ever gotten. She is trained in the following modalities (all done with you fully clothed on a table she can bring to you): * Shiatsu - Japanese style massage focusing on pressure points and stretches * Thai \xc2\x96 Vigorous and energizing massage often described as ''yoga massage'' * Myo-fascial therapy (MFT) \xc2\x96 Based on client assessment of posture and range of motion in joints, MFT targets specific muscle groups. Good for persons experiencing chronic knee, wrist, shoulder, neck and ankle pain. Her pricing is as follows: 5 \xc2\x96 60 minutes 5 - 90 minutes 25 - 120 minutes Her email is intouchmassage78 [at] Audrey

June 2007

I had a wonderful Lomi Lomi massage with heat a few years ago. The therapist had me soak in a hot tub first, then did the massage under a large heating pad. At the end, she sang a prayer over me with sage. But I can't reach the massage therapist who did it for me. I'd love to get another massage like this again. Does anyone know of anyone who does this in the bay area? Chiara

I recommend Ed Rockowitz who in addition to doing Lomi Lomi massage also teaches it to others. His number is 510-663-1053
Sara R
May 2007

Hi, I have a chronic back problem and am looking for a body worker with experience in disk problems. Any suggestions? Deah

In my experience, the best possible therapeutic massage will involve targeting the underlying issue and purposefully addressing it. June Kamerling does fabulous oil massage, including neuromuscular reprogramming. One can get a ''ho-hum'' massage that touches all the places you expect, but doesn't leave you with the major tense spots resolved. With June, I feel she accurately and clinically zeroes in, using a specific type of muscle testing, to rebalance and re-educate the muscles. She is located at 2509 MIlvia Street where ample parking is within walking distance. Office 510-843-1234 or cell 510-604-5732. Nori
massage can be great for temporary relief of this in my experience but for something long lasting, nothing beats 5 elements acupuncture. This even got rid of symptoms from ptsd as well. Donna Parker, L.Ac., does classical 5 elements and is a good and kind person. I was so amazed with the results--donna[at] and much more reasonable than massage. Good luck michelle
I would like to recommend my fabulous massage therapist who is nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork. Noreen Beyers Greenblatt is a truly gifted healer. Her integral knowledge of the living body--from gross anatomy and bio-mechanics to the flows of subtle energy--combined with her sensitive and focused presence during her unrushed sessions, raise the usual experience of ''body-work'' to a whole new level. In my sessions with Noreen, I have had the distinct feeling that, in response to her skilled and intuitive touch, I was being gently reacquainted with the deeper, archetypal pattern of the body in its original wholeness. Though clearly a pleasurable and generally restorative experience, such re-acquaintance is also the occasion for noticeable, and in my case lasting, healing. I can't recommend Noreen highly enough. For more info and to make an appointment, call Noreen at (510) 725-2735. Scott B
For the past month, I have been getting fantastic massages from a fantastic practitioner who works at a spa in the city most of the week but practices off Grand Avenue in Oakland on tuesdays plus other days sometimes. Her name is Consuelo and she is pretty flexible with scheduling and type of massage you need. I highly recommend her. Her number is 510-835-1663
March 2007

Re: Help for sciatica, need good chiropractor
I would HIGHLY recommend Allan Herranen, a body worker who comes to your house for a 1 hr - 45 min. visit and shows you self-massage and stretching techniques, in addition to doing deep tissue massage/rolfing (if you want). He's had tremendous success with sciatica even when acupuncture did not work for the client. He is also a yoga instructor. His #: 415.563-3972 (he comes to the E-Bay). He charges approx. $140/session (which is 1 hr 45 min. at your house) Claudia

Jan 2007

Can anyone recommend a treatment massage therapist who works successfully with people with sciatica? I'd love to find someone in Oakland, but will travel if necessary. Thank you! Tamarah

Karen Almquist is an excellent massage therapist who works in the El Sobrante area (and at the Lakeridge Athletic Club). Karen has treated me personally (I have a disc problem in my low back) and is excellent. She also makes house calls in selected cases. Reach her at karquist[at] or 510-220-7879. Robert
I highly recommend Beth Baron CMT, of In Touch Massage Therapy. She is in Berkeley on Telegraph, but not too far from Oakland. She has helped tremendously with my chronic sciatica and other pain issues. Her number is 510-551-9539. Ellen
I would recommend Leslee Thomas for Massage - she is in Castro Valley now (but was in San Leandro) - her number is 510-830- 5661. Also I was having some back pain - and after we kept working on it - she suggested I see a chiropractor - and I'm so skeptical of Chiro's but I took her advice & went to Gary Zoffada in CV as well - and it turns out it wasn't my back but hips. I haven't had any pain at all since I went to him - and believe me - I was completely skeptical of Chiropractors. ponee
Jan 2007

I would like some recommendations for a massage therapist in the Walnut Creek area. I work right near the intersection of HWYS 24 & 680 and I would like to see someone that is convenient to my office. However, if you can recommend someone who is amazing, I'll take anyone this side of the tunnel! I have a lot of knots and specific areas that need attention and my biggest problem in the past is the massage therapist listens to my requests, then proceeds to do the same massage he/she does on everyone else. If I get a massage and the knots aren't addressed, I leave more tense than when I arrived. It's one of the fastest ways I know of to blow $75! Thanks for any referrals you can send my way. Melissa

In Walnut Creek I recommend Penny Christie and Associates. They are at Dr's Park, and will make you feel REALLY good. Penny also speciallizes in PreNatal Massage.
Penny Christie & Assoc. 2121 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #E-104 Walnut Creek, CA 94598 925-938-3400

2005 - 2006 Reviews

Nov 2006

I am looking for a really good masseuse (not a male) in Berkeley---someone who knows how to give deep massages of an eclectic nature. alison

Most WONDERFUL Masseuse: Noreen Buyers Greenblatt 476 Kentucky Ave in Berkeley 510-725-2735 My partner and I have both had massages from this woman and agree that she is the BEST we've ever had! We've referred many friends who also extol the healing powers of her nurturing, skilled, professional touch. She works from a home studio in the Berkeley Hills that is beautifully decorated, serene, with candles and beautiful music. The table is soft and warms you all over. Best of all, she spends a total of two hours with you, talking with you about your body and then working you over for a good 1.5 hours from head to toe. You can relax, breathe, feel nurtured and let go of everything for a short time while she ''holds the space'' and works on you with great care backed by lots of expertise. Every person owes it to themselves to receive (and give) a gift this lovely this holiday season. Make the time for it, you won't regret it! Signed, Someone who needs an appointment right now!
I highly recommend Beth Baron for massage. She does a variety of different techniques, and uses whatever is right for each individual. Her office is on Telegraph, near Derby. tel. 510 551-9539 Constance
I just wanted to let you know of an amazing experience I just had with a very gifted massage therapist. This woman does not only have a vast knowledge of physiology and anatomy that tremendously helped my sports injury, she has something else. She is so keenly aware and perceptive of how to nurture and heal emotional dis-eases that have menifested physically, it's remarkable. She attended to all my visceral needs: warm, snuggly sheets, heated blankets, wonderful, soothing aromatherpy oils and herbs, lush view, serene, beautiful space, relaxing music and that's all before she even laid her hands on me. I felt like a baby in mama's hands. If you want to give yourself the gift of a lifetime, go see her, but remember, you will get hooked! Her name is Noreen Buyers Greenblatt and her number is 510-725-2735 Limor
I know a great female masseuse that can probably provide your eclectic requirements. She also practices Reiki treatment, and has lots of experience with all kinds of treatments. Her name is Kathy Parker, Heart n Hand Healing (510) 336-9813 Ernie
Oct 2006

I really want to recommend a GREAT massage therapist, Catherine H.(phone: 649-8666). She works in the downtown Berkeley area. I've been going to her about twice a month for a couple of years and my 15-year-old has started seeing her for the occasional massage. Over the years I've seen a number of massage therapists and most weren't strong enough for my needs--I like a deep massage, and Catherine is very strong. And she is great at gentle, soothing massages too, which is what my 15-year-old prefers. Catherine's very warm, sensitive, easy to talk to, and is very accommodating (e.g. sometimes I ask her to spend the whole time on my neck & shoulders). Her rate is $50.00 for one hour of massage at her workplace; she charges a tad more if she travels to your home. KG

Oct 2006

I rec'ved Thai massage years ago, purely recreationally. But, felt major positive changes. After several ankle & knee injuries and the birth of my daughter I've been obsessed with finding a Thai Massage therapist to help relieve my on and off chronic back pain related to sciatica, stiff hips and weak ankles. The pivotal and meridian work used in Thai massage seems to be what I respond to best. can anyone rec'mend a therapist in the East Bay? Pref. in Oakland, Berkeley, E'Ville, Albany, etc.. In-call or Out-call. Just someone experienced and professional. Thank you!! Alena

I haven't yet tried it, but I saw that Thai massage is offered at Vara Healing Arts in Albany- off Solano Ave anon
I love Rebecca Kohne. She is trained in different forms of massage including Thai and has worked wonders with my aching body. She has also treated several of my surgical patients and helped with healing problems. I could not recommend her more highly. Rebecca Kohne (510) 848-3807. She is located in North Berkeley on Virginia Street. Elizabeth L
August 2006

I was wondering if anyone had experienced or knew about Maya (or Mayan) Abdominal Massage. We are trying to concieve and I've been told I have a VERY tipped uterus tht may cause some issues (though it may not they don't seem to know). In doing some research I came across a little info about this and thought I would see if anyone knew anything at all about it. If you have done it is there a practitioner you would reccomend? Thanks. curious

I recommend Dr. Gabrielle Francis in San Francisco near Dolores Park. She is a naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor and massage therapist. 415 378 2297 The great thing about Mayan abdominal massage is that it's a practice that you can do yourself once you learn it from Dr. Francis. Susan A
August 2006

I'm looking for a female massage therapist in North Berkeley, Albany or El Cerrito who does very healing work. I prefer a private studio or healing center as opposed to a spa or salon. Thanks! Pain in the neck

Carolyn Tupkelewicz, 540-1167, She is the BEST, by a long shot, of anyone I have ever been to see (I teach yoga and have a pretty good network of masseuse recommendations). She is certified and does a variety of techniques, including swedish, deep tissue, Chi Nei Tsang, acupressure and more. She has an intuitive approach and will dovetail her techniques to address your particular needs. Located near University Avenue in Berkeley Beth
I know a wonderful massage therapist with a private studio in the Richmond Annex. She has well over a decade of experience and offers a variety of techniques, specializing in injuries and chronic pain as well as very healing, nurturing work. She is strong and can work very deeply if that is your preference. She has an incredible grasp of anatomy and the way our bodies should function properly, so her massages feel great but are also very effective. She is returning to her practice after having a baby, so her schedule is quite felxible as an added bonus! Sarah Hammond can be reachd at (510) 525-4014
Elizabeth Lipsius is a fabulous healing massage therapist (415) 317-0611 and she works in Berkeley. Anne
I can recommend an amazing healer/massage therapist. Her name is Yung Me Morris and -she lives in the East Bay. She considers massage a tool through which healing flows. Her emotional/spiritual healing is deep and ''psychic-like''. Her deep tissue trauma release is wonderful too. Her rates are tremendously reasonable considering the kind of work she does and the results I have seen ($75/hr or $95/1.5hrs) I highly recommend her to anyone. Yung Me will come to your home or you can see her in Pleasant Hill. Her work number is 925-360-2566 always searching
Gina Papen has been doing massage for me for many years and she has done some powerful healing work on me (neck, wrists, stress and tension). She is highly trained and uses a variety of techniques including cranio-sacral, hot stones, Swedish and acupressure. She sees me in her Berkeley home, which like you, I prefer to an institutional or commercial environment. You get an extra treat because she has her artwork on display and it puts me in the mood to let go and relax. You can reach her at gpapen[at] or 510-220-3698. She has a website too, but I don't know the address Linda
Try Kathryn Hirt. Fantastic, strong, HEALING massage. Got out the kinks so I could move again and I left feeling like I'd been on another (very relaxing) planet. Great stuff. Does outcalls to you or you can go to her, rates are good too. Try the Deep Tissue work! 510-220-3558. You will love her! :) Relaxed At Last
I highly recommend Mallorie Baron (549-1724). She is an extremely sensitive and attuned massage therapist, who is warm and present Sara
I've been going to Melanie Diamond for about 3 years ago. She has her own studio in the Berkeley hills. She's a warm, wonderful person and a fabulous massage therapist. She also does cranial/sacral work. Call her! 510-527-0747 or 510-527-0747 Mollie
Hi There, I have had a really positive experience with my message therapist, Robin Harrell. She specializes in women's health and is trained in Eastern styles of therapy...accupressure, shiatsu, reflexology etc. She also does a wonderful deep tissue oil massage. She has a small, very pleasant and relaxing private space on Camellia Street in South Berkeley. Her e-mail address is robin [at] and you can check out her web site, I'm willing to bet that she can help relieve the pain in your neck. She certainly has helped my aching back. Hope you feel better soon Terri
I cannot recommend Noreen Greenblatt more highly. She is intuitive, nurturing, an excellent listener and has created an amazing space for relaxing and healing within her Berkeley home. Whether you're looking for one session to get some calm or to be taken care of for a little while, or if you're looking for ongoing sessions to help heal acute or chronic injuries, Noreen can do it all, and do it well! Her studio is located right down the hill from the Step one school near Spruce and Michigan streets in the Berkeley Hills. Her phone is (609) 273-1085 Limor
Sara Hammond is an amazing massage therapist. As the other person said, she has a very in depth knowledge of anatomy and can do a body wonders. I too am a massage thereapist and there are not many out there I could recommend as confidently as I can Sara. She works out of Richmond Annex and you can reach her at 525-4014. Happy Healing! mallorie
I highly recommend Paul Little at Spa de Esperanza on 1564 Solano Avenue, Albany. Call to set up an appointment at (510) 525-8700. Paul has improved my life and overall physical health b/c of his great massage therapy. He knows exactly what is going on when you have pain in the lower back or legs. He has worked with me through pregnancy, and post pregnancy. My back, legs, and overall health has never been better. I was going to have surgery and b/c of his treatments, I saved myself 2 months of recovery and 6-12 months of recovery from if I would of had surgery. I no longer need it and my doctor says its amazing how massage therapy has helped me that much. Please go see him if you have even the slightest pain and do preventative work. Albany Moma
In response to your request for a massage therapist, I have been going to the same person for about 5 years now and she is WONDERFUL. Her name is Michelle Drerup and she works out of her home in Montclair, just minutes from Berkeley. I wrote her up years ago but thought a refresher might help. I have referred her to LOTS of my friends and they all have LOVED the experience. She is very strong and can go as hard as you like or if you prefer a softer touch she of course will work with whatever you need. Her prices are very reasonable as well. I simply can not recommend her enough. Any time I get a massage elsewhere (for example if I go on a trip and get a massage), I am always disappointed as I am so spoiled by Michelle so now I usually don't bother! Her number is 510-339-1595. Nina R.
I would like to recommend a wonderful message therapist that I have known for over two years, her name is Dahlia Silvers and she is a certified massage therapist with over sixteen years of experience in a variety of therapeutic settings. Dahlia works with people of all ages and body types. Her specialty is deep tissue Swedish massage. But, she is also trained in and does: Shiatsu (Acupressure), Trigger point therapy (another form of acupressure), Craniosacral Therapy which is a gentle but effective technique for relieving headaches and tension in the face, and Reiki (gentle energy balancing technique). She combines these techniqes to tailor each session to the needs of her client. Although her specialty is deep tissue massage, she can work at any level of pressure that you are comfortable with.

Dahlia is available for 60 and 90 minute sessions, and best of all she comes to your home fully equipped, so you can relax and enjoy your session the way you were meant to. She is available for single sessions, couples, and groups of up to five people. Her rates vary somewhat due to travel time and the number of sessions. Dahlia offers discounts for groups of three or more, she also has gift certificates (perfect for the holidays) and massage packages available. Please contact her at the email address below for specific rate information, or if you have any questions at all. Dahlia also offers professional references to anyone who would like a personal referral, or to learn more about her work directly from those she works with.
dahliadina[at] Dahlia Silvers, CMT

May 2006

Hi The archives on massage don't address this issue specifically. A close friend is quite overweight (like 80 lbs.) and wants to have massage for relaxation, well-being. She has run into nasty comments and bias toward overweight people from massage therapists. She's looking for someone without those judgements. Any ideas or recommendations? anon

I can recommend Laura Lund. She is warm and fun and welcoming and listening to what you need. She happens to also be full figured which I don't think necessarily qualifies her for being a better massage therapist for other overweight people. But her personality is just great. You can reach her at 510-612-6429 Fan of Laura
I am overweight by about 60 pound and have found great relief from the stong, gentle hands of Mark Pasley. His web site is nina
Rosalie Lamb, 655-2637. Your friend won't find anyone who's a better and more experienced (something like 35 years) massage therapist, and a better and non- judgemental person. Cece
I am at least 80lbs overweight and have never experienced any negative vibes or comments from massage therapists. I have gone to the Piedmont Spa and Berkeley Massage & Self-Healing center. While my satisfaction with their intuitiveness and massage technique varies (always good, sometimes great), I have never felt judged!
Try Gina Buonpane at Every Mother Massage on Piedmont Ave. Her practice focuses on women in general, not just mothers. She is positive, respectful and does a great massage. 510-464-4518. Sheila
Try Kathryn Hirt, my massage therapist. She's an excellent massage therapist and I can say is unbiased about body size as I am a large man myself. Her rates are reasonable too, and she's in Piedmont area in a garden studio which is lovely. I would recommend you get Deep Tissue work if you're heavy, since you will feel the work more than a lighter touch massage. I think she charges a bit more for that but its well worth it. Call her- 510-220-3558. And enjoy.! Paul
I've been receiving massages from Bridget Scadeng (526-3493, for over 15 years -- she is a wonderful massage therapist and very sensitive to all body types. Her studio is on University Ave. in Berkeley Sally
May 2006

Hello. I only found one recent recommendation, so I'm hoping you can help. Very tense, very stressed out mom needs a female Berkeley massage therapist. Especially tense neck & shoulders. Have you found someone you like, and would recommend? (Conversely, some you would avoid?) Thanks - - the muscles cry out!

I highly recommend my massage therapist, Jeri Lawson. She's in North Oakland, but she also makes house calls. Jeri has lots of clients who are mothers and she is especially good at working with the stressed muscles involved in carrying/caring for children. She's warm, knowledgeable, and very very good. Her number is 601- 9632. cboufis
Erica Geller in Piedmont is an incredible massage therapist. She has amazing intuitive hands, tons of experience, and a cool energy work background which makes her massages even that much more incredible. Her number is 415-608-0616 Sirena
I recommend Melanie Diamond. She has a studio in the Berkeley Hills and is fantastic. She's lovely and warm and gives me the perfect massage. Her number is 510-527-0747. Mollie
I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING MASSAGE THERAPIST!!! I ESPECIALLY recommend her for tense mommies because she is not only a gifted massage therapist, she is incredibly nurturing in her touch and in the environment she creates (it's a wonderful thing for those who take care of everything to be completely taken care of in a body work session). The room is beautifully decorated: spacious, it smells good, it looks out over a garden, she has candles lit and soft music playing. Her table is comfortable, and she keeps your feet warm with a soft, furry heating pad (if you like that). I have never felt so ''attended to'' in a massage. She's also extremely professional, well trained (nationally certified which requires 500 hours plus and exam, and she's always doing CE). She just has wonderful energy. Can you tell I just ADORE this woman?!?!? Please call her and tell her I sent you: Noreen Greenblatt (510) 725-2735
The best thing you could do for yourself is to call Christine D'Allance`. She is the BEST. She has a treatment space in Oakland (Piedmont Ave.) but lives in Berkeley and makes house calls. She is also a mommy (of a preschooler). You can reach Christine at 915-0356. happy mommy
Although not a massage therapist per se, I could not recommend my all-time favorite body worker, Leah Statman, highly enough for relieving tension and stress. She does Jin Shin Jyutstu, which I describe as kind of Japanese acupressure. It is much more effective for me than any massage I have tried (I've tried massage with at least four different massage therapists). She also teaches and counsels (MSW) on parenting, so I alternately nap and talk about parenting issues during my sessions with her (i.e. perfect for a stressed and tense mommy). I always start to feel more relaxed immediately upon walking through her door, and much much more so after a session. Her office is in Albany; 525-5080. Best wishes, Meg
stefanie liang is a great massage therapist! she has experience with different conditions and i recently have had prenatal and postnatal massages from her. many of my friends have had great relaxing massages from her. she is responsive to your needs and likes to know what mucsles you like to have worked on. she is also convenient because you can either see her in her studio or she will do house calls. she can be reached at: (510) 205-7833 emi
Please go see Mallorie Baron. She is just fantastic. I can't recommend her highly enough! And, she works with moms (prenatal, postnatal, you name it). I wish I could pick you up and take her to you myself, because that is how strongly I recommend Mallorie. Call her at: 510.549.1724. Stephanie
April 2006

Does anyone have a recommendation for an affordable massage therapist in the El Cerrito/Albany area? (similar postings are quite outdated). Either a therapist that will come to your home or operates a facility other than a spa so that rates are lower than the $75+/hour spa rates? amy

My wonderful masseuse has left me for Hawaii. He was really great at getting all the ''kinks'' out and energizing me for the month ahead. My poor children are now dealing with a cranky mama! I'm in No. Berkeley but willing to travel for a great massage. Thanks a lot and my poor neck thanks you too. anon
Anyone know of someone good who is strong but also has a smooth style, and does good quality deep tissue work in the Oakland or Berkeley area. I'm an athlete and need a lot of attention in my back and neck/ shoulders, and in my legs! I'd like a woman, who does incalls and outcalls both. I use both. Thanks! Swann

Yes, Claudia Ruiz, CMT, 510-334-0613, here in Alameda on the water at Ballena Bay, near the Tube. Very smooth, therapeutic and healing. Best, and I know about 15 friends who swear by her as well. Yup, she's that good. Tell her I sent you. Louise, Appreciating the best
Kimm Webb is probably the finest massage therapist I have met in years. Very strong, very gentle when needed, been in business for 12 or more years. She has the finest depth of knowledge about how bodies are put together of anyone I've ever met. She does Swedeish massage, Therapeutic massage and Medical massage. Her number is (925) 876-3291. Julie
Check out Kathryn Hirt. She is in Oakland and is my own massage therapist, and I am always referring her because her work is so great. Firm and strong but still smooth and soothing. I am an athlete and she is excellent. Her studio is adorable too! 510-220-3558. Tell her I sent you. Paul
my favorite masseuse happens to be in East Bay and do house calls. wolfgang Troullier office 415-241-1542 used to be $50/hr does great deep tissue work and both me and my male friend really like his work. He's not female but he is very professional and not hetero... he works at UCSF fitness center if you don't want in home service... you could call and see if he has a studio set up in east bay yet... Sophia
I have found 2 great massage therapists at Spa de Esperanza. This spa is on Solano Avenue in ALbany near that Italian place and Solano Celler. Paul is the best and Melissa is my second choice. Call them b/c they have Sunday Splurges and sometimes packages for 10 massages in a row. I really like the owner and the environment. But you have to go to Paul or Melissa. Albany Mom
I highly recommend Rimma Ten. She is an excellent masseuse who is well versed a number of different massage techniques. She does an amazing stone massage (where you lie on heated stones -- so relaxing!), and she can stretch your muscles so you are left feeling as though you have just done an hour of yoga. I have back problems, and she has worked on my back very gently alleviating all the sore points. She has also helped others with neck problems and muscular/nerve problems. She is currently located in Rockridge and can be reached at 510-524-5758. Feel free to email me if you have questions. Kira kiwiroot2000 [at]
I can recommend Diana Syverud who is a massage therapist at the Berkeley Massage and Self-Healing Center. You can call the center at (510) 843-4422 and make an appointment with Diana. anon
Hi Amy, I highly recommend my massage therepist Mallorie Baron, she is in Berkeley & her phone number is 549-1724. Jamie
Have an excellent massage therapist who has been working with me for a number of years for chronic pain from injuries sustained in multiple auto accidents--mainly rear enders. Ozzie Lyles - works with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and has own practice. He comes to your home. (510) 430-8583. Managing my pain
I recommend Christine D'Allance'. She is the greatest! She has an office in Oakland on Piedmont Ave., but she can also do outcalls to your house. You can reach Christine at 915-0356. What a nice thing to do for yourself. Enjoy! Liz
I recommend Mindy Swanson as a Massage Therapist. She works in the Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito Area, is affordable and does excellent deep and releasing work. She is very present and I feel well taken care with her through various problems which I had. Her telephone number is 510-918-0831 claudia
try Kathryn Hirt. She has a studio in Piedmont off Park Blvd. and her work is excellent. Firm, smooth and integrative feeling somehow. I always leave there feeling reconnected to myself and my body. Her rates are reasonable, pretty average for above-average work. Call her at 510-220-3558. Enjoy your massage! sarah
April 2006

The Castro Valley Mothers' Club is having a Pamper Night on May 9 for our members and we're looking for Massage Therapists who would be interested in participating. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise to approximately 300 families that live in the Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro area. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please contact me. Thanks!

I'd like to highly recommend Chris Rossi, CMT for your Pamper Night. She lives in Castro Valley, and when I asked her if she would like to be recommended, she said she had worked for your event in the past a few years ago and would love to do it again! Her email is crossi2003[AT] Laura
March 2006

Check out Katherine Hirt if you want a fabulous massage, both relaxing and therapeutic. I have had some upper shoulder and neck/ and back knots for months and I can finally feel my body without pain! Wow. She is excellent- and a great lady as well- professional, warm, attentive presence. She's in Oakland. 510-220-3558 (she said I could list her #). Her rates are reasonable. Enjoy! Paul

March 2006

Does anyone know a great massage therapist who makes house calls? We're in Rockridge, looking for someone who specializes in deep tissue work, because we can't get out to a bricks-and-mortar studio as much as we'd like with a new baby. tied in knots

Try Kathryn Hirt. She does incalls, she is excellent at all massage but I get deep tissue work from her and LOVE her work. Smooth but firm pressure work, very high quality. She's in Oakland and I know she does this incall service for couples a lot, offering consecutive 60 or 90 minute massages (she will work up to 4 or 5 hours I think- I once had a party she came to and did 4 hours straight). Here's her #- 510-220-3558. Enjoy!! Paul Paul
I highly recommend Lori Colombo, a massage therapist who makes house calls. She is one of the best massage therapists I've ever encountered, and is quite reasonably priced. She specializes in massaging parents (she is a mother of two herself). You can contact her at lorsue[AT] or 510.393.8233. I could use a massage right now
I recommend Christine d'Allance'. Christine does *wonderful* work, can come to your home with her massage table and equipment, and her rates are quite reasonable. My husband and I indulged in several visits after our baby was born. We'd take turns watching the baby while the other was getting a massage, and we didn't have to hassle with getting out of the house. Christine is very strong, and the mother of a young child, so she knows those places that hurt from holding a little one. You can reach her at 510-915-0356. Good for you for doing this for yourself! Liz
I know a woman who is great with massages. She is gentle and firm at the same time. She also offers pregancy massages. She is actually offering a lot more than massages and is well worth trying. Please check out her website.

She prefers people coming to her place, however in certain siutaions she travels (for example she came to my home after my c-section). The caveat: You need to organize the table, but she tells you where you can get it.

Good luck and enjoy.
laura lund conjunctio 1597 curtis st. berkeley, ca 94702 (510)612-6429
join the conjunctio mailing list, go to: -

I highly recommend Mallorie Baron (510)549-1724 for massage. I know she can travel to your house if desired. While she specializes in pre and post natal massage (which is amazing), both my husband and I have felt her to be a rare find of someone who really listens to what you like in a massage while having the strength to dig in deep for those of us who crave that deep release. (I have paid extra elsewhere for ''deep tissue'' massage and been very disappointed) Honestly she is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. Know you are in for a treat with Mallorie! Lori
I can't recommend Mallorie Baron enough! She is a fantastic massage therapist who truly understands the needs of her clients. I've seen Mallorie for over three years and she is truly exceptional. I guarantee you'll live longer if you receive a massage from her. Contact her at 510.549.1724. stephanie
Feb 2006

I want to recommend an amazing massage therapist, Amewoke, who does massage both at The Courthouse Athletic Club and in his own studio in Oakland. He is skilled at deep massage, joint and range of motion work, shiatsu, and swedish (among others). He is a soothing presence as well as a strong and skilled massage therapist. Call for appointment: 510-282-6353, or email him at anunyakpe[AT]
Relaxed After A Great Massage

I found the best massage therapist in Oakland. Her name is Katherine Hirt and she is fabulous. I have struggled for years to find someone who can be firm and strong with pressure, and also smooth in their style and who is PRESENT. And she is that! Her massage is Swedish, Esalen and Deep Tissue styles and I think she does do outcalls, although I went to her cute studio in Oakland near Piedmont. If you want to treat yourself, she is wonderful. You can reach her at 510-220-3558. Enjoy! Swann
MALLORIE BARON, C.M.T., is the most fantastic massage therapist I've ever had! I can guarantee you\xc2\x92ll enjoy a massage with her. I\xc2\x92ve been seeing Mallorie for three years (at least). She\xc2\x92s an experienced professional who makes you feel at ease with your body (prenatal and postnatal). I\xc2\x92ve never felt more healed and relaxed than after having a massage with her. You'll live longer. She really is the BEST. Call her at 510.549.1724. Stephanie
Jan 2006

I just had the best massage of my 40 years. It was a Shiatsu/swedish combination from Mark Pasley, CMT. In addition, he's been known to design Kundalini Yoga routines, in my case, it was for insane stress due to an insane job. I found it really helped. his web site is
very relaxed

I'd like to recommend a wonderful massage therapist I've been working with for several years now, who was recommended to me by my chiropractor: Roger Chandler (510-414-6659). He is adept at many different styles of massage, from deep tissue to swedish to prenatal, and is a lovely person to boot. I have been worked on by dozens of MTs, at spas and in other countries, and Roger is simply excellent. I cannot say enough good things about him. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. elr
Nov 2005

I am looking to get a massage for my husband who is very shy. Definitely a woman, but I need a recommendation for someone who will put him at ease. He drives for a living and has a lot of back and neck pain. Thanks! --shy husband

Anadiane Landelle is a really wonderful masseuse, and Berkeley- based. She is a very centered, mature woman, extremely kind, with extensive bodywork experience and a warm, reassuring manner that should put your shy husband completely at ease. She can be reached at 510-229-0426. Suellen
I guess I would qualify as a shy man. Wanting relief from back pain I saw Beth Baron at East Bay Myofascial Therapy (Telegraph Ave in Berkeley) 510-551-9539. She worked on me with clothes on and asked if I wanted to remove my shirt. The second time I went I felt more comfortable about removing pants, too. She helped with posture and gave me some stretching exercises. Stu
Nov 2005

Anybody have experience with Rosen Method Bodywork? Recommendations for somebody very good, experienced, and sensitive? I don't have specific physical problems but am interested in getting to know my body, and especially the way emotions are held physically. Thanks. anon

A very sensitive, gentle and wonderful Rosen Method practitioner: Miriam Cantor (415) 285-1769. Worth going to the City for her. Last I saw her she was in Noe Valley. anon
I would like to recommend Odile Atthalin for Rosen Method Bodywork. She is very skillful and sensitive and is dedicated to helping people know themselves better through conscious touch. Odile teaches Rosen Method Bodywork all over the country. She practices in Berkeley. Her email is: odilat[AT] I have worked with her for three years now. I feel 10 years younger when I get up from her table. I'm always amazed when I look at myself afterwards in her mirror. Awesome. Claudia
I was a Rosen method intern (before I had to work at a regular job!) and know some great practitioners. I found Rosen work to be powerful and profound, on many levels-physical, emotional, spiritual. I recommend Susan Choi 510-526-9436 (Berkeley); Miriam Moussaioff 510-525-0679 (Berkeley); Sarah Dandridge 510- 428-2093 (Oakland).
Nov 2005

I have checked the website, but there are not many recommendations for therapeutic bodyworkers. I have tense, sore muscles, and many (too many!) aches and pains in my lower back, and a stiff, sore neck--these don't go away with gentle, spa-type massage (which I find rarely involve enough pressure to release the tension in my muscles). I would like to find a practitioner who is strong enough to get down to the nitty-gritty, but sensitive and intuitive enough to identify where the problems may be originating from and how to help them. Specifically, I would like to hear about peoples' experiences with muscular restructuring and postural realignment through bodywork. OR, has anyone had experiences, good or bad, with Jordan Rothstein in Berkeley? Or anyone else? Can anyone recommend a bodyworker for chronic back/neck pain who works wonders with your eternally tight/tense muscles? Literally, I feel like I need someone very heavy to ''stand'' on my back and shoulders to get them to let go. Cost is something of a factor--it would be incredibly fortunate if the referral has a sliding scale (but this is not essential). I have tried yoga, but find I get injured easily and am afraid to keep trying without more guidance. Thanks so much! --wearing my shoulders around my ears

there's a great bodyworker i go to. her name is maowunyo, and she is incredible. she combines shiatsu/acupressure, tradtional philippino massage/energy work and herbology for each treatment/visit. she has a clinic in downtown oakalnd that she sees people at on thursday and fridays. she also sees people at her home also in oakland. i highly recomend her. you will feel like new. her number is 510.893.2033
For my chronic back pain (off and on for 7 years) I first went to a physiatrist who sent me to Sports and Orthopedic Leaders, or SOL Physical Therapy. I saw Laurie there who used Active Release Technique (ART) on me and it was extremely helpful. I went for 9 sessions of that plus physical therapy exercises over the summer and haven't had any pain since. I continue to do the exercises at home. I would highly recommend checking out this technique ( Healthy and Pain Free Back
I can only say give Yael Gottlieb a call as soon as you can!! she is super knowledgable about human anatomy, has years and years of experience in helping people get back on their feet. She is an R.N, N.D. , clinical herbalist, bodyworker, aromatherpist and has great intuition. Her Number is 510-548- 4377, located in Berkeley. Painless
I'm not familiar with the practitioner you mentioned. I had experienced substantial injuries from two bike vs car accidents while training for Ironman in 2004. Traditional Medicine (muscle relaxants and pain meds) and PT was ineffective. I turned to Pilates and Applied Kinesiology with marked improvement. Two people I went to (they know each other and interface on treatments) Melinda Teutschel a certified Pilates Instructor and Somatic Movement Therapist, she works out of Oakwood Athletic Club in Lafayette and Jason Worrall a Chiropractor that uses Applied Kinesiology in the rehab process. They both understand that your organs play a role in supporting your structure and prior traumas (both Physical and Emotional) have an impact on your ability to heal. I have not had any issues since, still training and am pain/meds free. No need for shoulders at your ears. Feel free to contact me for their contact info. don
Try the Alexander Technique. It's postural realignment and even though it's gentle, you feel like a completely different person after you leave. Susan Schreier Williams is my teacher and she has shown me tension habits that I had no idea about (on every level, by the way) and shown me how to relax them. What I loved about it was that it gave me a way of managing my stress and aches so now they don't get so huge. I have a history of severe pain and the last time my back went into spasm I had learned how to relax enough in the moment that it ended up correcting itself within minutes! Her number is (510) 482-2276. Hope you find what you need! Feel free to email me if you want more info. Galen
I highly recommend Beth Baron for therapeutic bodywork for chronic pain. I've worked with her myself, and I also know a number of other people who have also had good experiences with her. You say you want somebody who is ''strong enough to get to the nitty gritty, but intuitive and sensitive enough to get to the root of the problem.'' That's Beth. She knows how to do deep work that really reaches the core of the tightness, but also feels gentle and just right. I've found her to be an excellent problem solver, too. She's had a lot more training than most massage therapists, and she's smart about how she works. She's done both hands-on and postural awareness work with me, and they've both been helpful. Beth is very ethical too. If she can't help you, she'll refer you. Here's her information:
Beth A. Baron, CMTPT, CMT In Touch Therapies -- myofascial, somatic, massage 2718 Telegraph Ave. Suite 103 Berkeley, CA 94705 (510) 551-9539
Feb 2005

hi there- i'm looking for a massage therapist who does therapeutic massage in the lamorinda/walnut creek areas. my husband has terrible neck/shoulder pain from locked up muscles and he's in great need of a massage. i'm trying to find someone who is really strong to get out some of those knots in his neck and shoulders. thanks-- k

I just had a neck and shoulder massage from Silvia Salgado and I think I have solved longstanding problem with my hands going to sleep! She has an amazing knowledge of anatomy, showed me pictures of just what was happening to my ulnar nerves so that I could learn to relax those muscles, and then she gave me the stretch of my life! Wow! I can feel my fingers again! You can reach her at 510-526-5049. Her practice is in Albany. Linda
I, too was suffering from a totally kinked up neck and upper back, and got a great massage last weekend. I was impressed with how well the therapist understood and explained the interrelated muscles of my next, back, and arms. She's not in Lamorinda, but close by in Montclair. Her name is Candace Besso, thebodybusiness AT, 510.219.5512 anne

2004 & Earlier

July 2004

I'm looking for a massage therapist in the Berkeley area. I want to give this as a gift to my sister for her Birthday. She has a one year old and really deserves a great relaxing massage. Please help with any great recommendations. Thanks!

Hi. You didn't mention if you wanted this gift to be a one time deal or an ongoing deal. I really like Albany Sauna. If you purchase a steam room or hot tub with a massage, you get one free. What I mean is if you book a massage with a steam room, they'll throw in the hot tub for free. The massages are good. They last 45 minutes I think. If you want a steam, they'll give you a towel with eucalyptus oil or lavender oil as well. It's a little aroma therapy while you steam. beth
If you're prepared to spend a lot, Bridget Scadeng is the best massage therapist in Berkeley, but she is expensive. She's at 526-3493. Wish I could get massages more often
I would like to recommend Melanie Diamond. She gave me a massage at Indian Springs last summer, and has a studio in her home in Berkeley. I've seen her several times and she's wonderful. She seems to have the perfect touch for me. She also is a liscensed Cranio-Sacral massage therapist. She charges $85.00 for an hour. Her number is 510-527-0747 Mollie
As a state and nationally certified massage therapist, I wanted to comment on what someone wrote about her massage therapist being a ''licensed cranial sacaral therapist''. There is no licensing for bodyworkers in the state of California. This person may have a certificate that states that she took a series of CST classes and she likely has a business license to practice her business as well as being a state and maybe nationally certified massage therapist. Many chiropractors use CST in their practice and they are certainly licensed as chiropractors, but massage therapists are not required to be licensed in this state YET. Most of us are state and/or nationally certified and need to have a certain amount of continuing education hours per year to keep our status, but technically anyone could hang up a sign saying they are a massage therapist or bodyworker of sorts and as long as they know what they are doing (you'd hope), there are no legal boundaries as to who can practice and who can't. Of course that doesn't mean this person isn't good at what she does and based on the recommendation from the writer she sounds fabulous, I just needed to throw my 2 cents in regarding the ''licensing''. Thanks for listening June
My favorite massage therapist is Roy Turpin--510.594.1246. He will do a massage at his home in Emeryville, and will also bring his table to you. He has extensive training in a number of systems, and can draw on any of them for the specific needs of his client. He can do very deep work, but his overall approach in giving a massage is to really ''listen'' to the body he is working on and do what is needed at that moment by that body (rather than having his own agenda or a generic massage, say)-- he is a gentle and powerful soul. happy customer
I have found Bridget Scadeng to be an excellent massage therapist and have always heard extremely positive feedback about her from many women.

She has a very sensitive way with mothers and their physical and emotional needs, but sees many different types of clients.

She has a beautiful new web site:

510-526-3493 bridget AT

I know she does sliding scale and her fees have been somewhat similar to other massage therapists I have used.

Having a special relationship with a person for periodic nurturing through massage has been essential to my survival as a mother and in family life. Though I have tried massages at different spas, I have missed the personal touch and knowledge of my life and my body. Sherry

June 2004

I highly recommend Lori Colombo as a massage therapist for local parents looking for a brief interlude from their hectic routines. Lori conveniently comes to your house with her table and does hour-long, full-body massages. She is very careful to discuss any musculoskeletal problems (back, shoulders, wrists, etc.). before starting, and can address them as appropriate. Lori is a part-time teacher at my daughter's preschool. I've been getting occasional massages from her for about a year, and I always feel relaxed and energized afterwards. She can be contacted at lorsue AT Karl

Lucia Maya is a great masseuse and a reiki master. She combines the two for an incredible experience of energenic clearing, visioning, and insight . Lucia spent time talking with me before massage to identify my pressing issues and also afterward to help integrate insights and visions that came through to me during the massage/reiki. I had a wonderful time and reccomend you do to! Lucia's email is luminous24 AT Jolie
Nov 2003

I would appreciate your help with finding a ''thank you'' gift for my kind husband, specifically a gift certificate for a massage (or 2 or 3). I've looked through the postings on massage providers, but didn't see any that looked like a good fit for him. I think he'd enjoy the relaxing ''spa'' sort of experience, versus a more clinical therapeutic/chiropractor's office setting. He's had the occasional ache & pain, but no major war wounds or football traumas to worry about. I think he would prefer a female masseuse, but most in the prior posts seem to cater to women clients, and I'd like to find someone comfortable with male clients. If any of you are familiar with a woman named Keisu Noble who sometimes works in the SF area (usually in Russian River area), he loved her. I'd appreciate your recommendations for the Albany/N. Berkeley area (or further out if they're really wonderful). Would prefer someone with their own location vs. coming to our house. Thank you! Grateful Wife

I would recommend the Albany Sauna & Hot Tubs at 1002 Solano Ave. Their masseuses come and go, so I haven't a specific name to ask for. However, the ones I've had there were all very skilled and professional. And, rest assured it is all non- sexual.

It's been a while for me, but as I recall the price of the massage includes a half hour soak in one of their hot tubs. The tubs are in private rooms, and what makes them special in my opinion is there is no roof or ceiling in any of the tub rooms! There are walls of course, but it is completely open to the sky.

You could join your husband in the hot tub first (and since the room is private, you needn't bother with swimsuits), then meet him after his massage is finished. My wife and I have done that a number of times over the years. Al

We (my husband and I) have received massages from Karen Almquist for a couple of years, once every three weeks. While she comes to our home, she works out of a business in Lafayette as well as has hours at the Lakeridge Club in El Sobrante. She does a variety of massage work, is very loving and sweet, with years of experience and expertise. We both recommend her highly. 510- 220-7879 Tell her Ilene and Bob sent you! Ilene
I know I have been very happy w/ the massages I have received from the Harbor Bay Club in Alameda The setting is very nice and they have sauna and whirpools to use when you make an appt there. Jessica
Check out The propriator's (sp?) name is Lori Olson and she just opened her day spa salon this month. She is SO nice and she has a really great staff of people working for her. Her place is in Alameda on Santa Clara Avenue near Broadway. She has an entire menu of services they provide- including several different types of massage. They really know their stuff over there!! Jessica
I'm a nationally certified massage therapist. I work comfortably with men and women. My office is in a chiropractic office, but I'd say my ''massage room'' is very soothing, comfortable, nice things to look at, doesn't look like a Drs. office. The atmostphere of the whole building is friendly and warm. My techniques can be either clinical for working with injuries, or very relaxing...what people call a ''feel good'' massage. My fee is $70.00 for a full hour. I''d be happy to talk to you further, or give you the numbers of some of my clients who come for ''just plain old massage''. My office is on Milvia St. between Blake and Dwight with plenty of street parking. Contacat me by e-mail if you're interested. Good luck in finding someone to help you, either way.(What a wonderful thoughtful gift)! June Kamerling, NCTMB, JuneKamerling at
If you really want to pamper your husband, send him to the Claremont! It is *fabulous*!! And, if you have the time, you can actually buy a ''couples'' package, and the two of you could spend the day there... Massage, sauna/hot tub (for two, if you want!), a little lunch... ahhhhh...... It's pricey, but worth every penny! Been there, LOVED it!!
For a great local experience, send him to Piedmont Springs on Piedmont Avenue. Although the accomodations are not over the top luxurious, he can sit in an outdoor spa and then take a nice sauna to warm up for a great massage. There is a massage therapist there named Amy Larimer that gives the best massages I've ever had in my life (and I have had a lot). Between the spa, sauna and a 90 minute massage, he could spend a very nice afternoon unwinding. Maybe afterwards meet him for dinner at Jojo or BayWolf. Rebecca
hi! i give a relaxing, renewing massage that sounds like it might be a good fit for what you're looking for. i work out of a studio in north oakland (and i do housecalls as well) and also at a couple spas. give me a call if you are interested-- 653-2047. good for you for giving him such a great present! Shoshana Uribe shoshana_w at
For Father's Day, a friend and I treated our husbands to massages at the Claremont Hotel Spa - and they absolutely LOVED it! It was a great massage/spa experience - after an hour's massage, they got to enjoy the fabulous showers and ''quiet room'' afterwards, which apparently they enjoyed almost as much as their massages. Following that they went downstairs to the Paragon bar and grill and enjoyed a drink on the terrace overlooking the Bay. A highly enjoyable and relxaing experience, by all accounts. The massage runs about $100, but they said it was worth it! Andrea
July 2003

Hi; I am seeking recommendations for a female massage therapist, preferably in Berkeley (or not too far from Berkeley). I've seen the web site recommendations but they don't include what I am looking for. I'm a tired, stressed out mom in need of a massage to ease the muscles and the stress, prefer a female massage therapist, and close to Berkeley. Please let me know if you have a recommendation for a good one! Thank you.
Tired Berkeley mom; needs a massage!

GINA PAPEN is the massage therapist I use. Her number is 510-220-3698 or 510-548-8701. She is, by far, the most effective practitioner I have gone to. She does work in a variety of styles, but I recommend that you ask her to do craniosacral work. When she is finished, I am so relaxed, every muscle doing the right job. I have lots of aches and pains, some arthritis, old auto accident injuries and tendonitis. It's kind of a miracle that I feel that good. When I see her regularly, the effects last a long time before good ol' stress cancels them out again. She offers a special rate when people sign up for a series of massages. She has an office in south Berkeley, and for a fee she'll come to your house.
I am a nationally certified female massage therapist with an office on Milvia st.(between Dwight Way and Blake) in Berkeley. We have easy parking and I have a lovely office in a building with 2 chiropractors and another MT. I've been doing massage for many years and have a variety of techniques. People love the work I do.I can turn you into butter with a very relaxing massage and/or I can work with specific aches, pains, injuries, ailments. My main techniques that I use are Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (very gentle...great for fluid retention, cleansing, detox, etc.) and Neuromuscular Reprogramming, along with soft and deep tissue. I'd be happy to talk to you further and give you number is 236-9644 or 604-5732. June Kamerling, NCTMB, JKamerling (at)
I highly recommend Lucia Knight as a massage therapist. Her massages are great, her office is lovely, and she is located in Berkeley! Her number is 582-3012.
For a GREAT massage go see Mallorie Baron in north Berkeley. She has wonderful technique and has her practice in a lovely little cottage in a quiet garden. She specializes in both pre and post natal, but takes other clients as well. Her number is 549-1724.
Relaxed and happy mom in Berkeley...
[Ed.: phone number updated Jan 2004]
''Michelle Cavender's studio isn't in Berkeley, but in Oakland, but she'll come to your place with her massage table. She's less than most massage therapists --like $50 an hour I think. I know a lot of moms who've had masssages by her and loved it. ''
Michelle Cavender (at)
Another Tired Mom
I highly recommend Jennifer Kartiganer -- 510-332-9760. She is very professional, easy to talk to, and adapts her style to your needs. My husband and I both had massages with her and were very pleased. Jennifer does the massage in your home -- at first, I wasn't sure how well that would work, but I found that it really added to the relaxation. It was great to be able to lounge at home after the massage rather than getting dressed and going out.
Bridget Scadeng is an experienced and excellent massage therapist. I speak from both personal experience and from hearing from many satisfied women. In addition to knowledge and skill with the body, she is warm and nurturing and has specialized in supporting mothers. Her office is in West Berkeley. 510-526-3493 BScadeng (at)
I love my massage therapist in Albany at Solano and San Pablo, Alice Trumbly. She is affordable, doesn't rush through the massage, and really listens to what you need. Her number is 525- 2693.
For a great massage, I highly recommend Rimma Ten of Pheonix Massage (510/524-5758). She is very strong, but sensitive to your needs and requests. She is well versed in ancient oriental and contemporary western techniques. I work full time, have a 3-year old and am 6 months pregnant, and Rimma has certainly helped me relieve my own stress after a hard day's work/day/night. I believe she has an office in Rockridge, but may also make house calls, and I think she gives a discount for your first massage. Feel free to contact me, if you want further information.
I have tried several massage therapists in the Berkeley area in search of a great massage and by far, the best massages I have ever received have been from Lesly Flynn. Lesly is professional, attentive, intuitive and nurturing. She enjoys working on women- especially moms. She is sooooo good. She usually works out of her home office in Albany but will make house calls if you prefer that. She can work anywhere from light touch to deep tissue, depending on your needs. In addition to her home business, Lesly is affiliated with the Farmer's Market Massage Collective. She can be found at their booth at the Berkeley Farmer's market most Saturdays (you can try her out for a short massage there!). Or you can reach her by phone at(510)710- 4660.
another stressed out mama
I'd like to strongly recommend a young but experienced male massage therapist named John Schonder. He's a calm, thorough, and effective specialist in shiatsu-style work and has a comfortable studio in West Berkeley to visit; check with him regarding housecalls. You can reach John at sierramassage1 (at) or 504-0330.
>From one tired stressed out mom to another...I just had a massage that was absolutely wonderful from a woman named Amber over at Azul Spa just off of Solano on Ensenada in Berkeley, or is it Albany at that point...I have no idea. Amber just had a her first baby about 3 months ago so she really knows the right spots in the back from carting around the kids... I booked a deep tissue massage there for an hour and she was by far the best female massage therapist I've ever the past other female massage therapists that I tried were not strong enough to work out my knotty back. I think she's great.They offer all different types of massage though and they are a full spa so there is a steam room and showers and all sorts of other treatments...see Take some time off and ENJOY!!!
Try the Claremont Hotel.
I would like to recommend Kim Foster for massage. She does a variety of methods, in particular jin shin jitsu. She is wonderful. I saw her for prenatal massage and it was very helpful for keeping me more balanced. Some of the best energy work I have ever received. She is in Oakland right off Piedmont Ave
I can say without hesitation that Michelle Drerup in Montclair is THE BEST MASSAGE therapist you will ever find. I have been going to her for a couple of years now and will not get massages anywhere else as in comparison, they are always disappointing. Her prices are very reasonable and she is a warm and comfortable person to be around. She is also extremely strong so she is able to do a deep massage for long periods of time (if that's what you want). I now give people gift certificates for her massages as gifts and in EVERY case I have done this my friends say it was the best massage they ever had. Her number is 510-339-1595. Enjoy!!!
April 2003

I used to get massages regularly from an amazing woman in El Cerrito who moved to the east coast a few years ago. Since that time, I have not been getting regular massages and really miss them. Does anyone have any recommendations for a massause/or masseur in Alameda (it's where I work now and would just be easier - but I'm also open to any Oakland recommendations too)? I'm not that particular about the type of massage; but I do really like strong hands and have really felt that deep tissue massage worked the best for me in the past. Thanks for any suggestions/recommendations. mstu

i highly reccommend aisha for a wonderful healing massage experience, she does many modalities, and also i mentioned her here in the reflexology section below, she does hot stones, polarity work she lives in jack london square and is the most inexpensive healer around, she believes in seeing clients regularly, once a week if possible and so charges incredible prices she is very gifted loyal client
I really like Marika Chop in Alameda. She gives a terrific massage and she really cares. Rates are reasonable. Her number is 337-0337 Danielle
I can definitely recommend you Christa Schmidt in Alameda. She does deep tissue very well and can adapt to your exact needs. I always feel sooooo good after ! She can go to your work place or everywhere you want as she has a portable table. Her phone # is (510) 749-9951. Enjoy ! Laura Hi! I would recommend a massuese named Luna (Durgashanti) who works out of the new Yoga Studio on Telegraph Avenue- Yoga Mandala. She is excellent with deep tisse, Lomi Lomi and really understands the body because she is a dancer and a Yoga teacher as well. The number for YOga Mandala is 510-486-1989 or her home number is 510-540-7075. Enjoy. CB
March 2003

I need a recommendation for a good massage therapist in the El Cerrito, Albany, Kensington, N. Berkeley areas. I've searched the archives but can't find anyone still practicing in these areas. Would like someone experienced in treating a neck injury. Thanks! vamo

The best massage therapist ever?... Cecily McGaw 510-525-7622 She works out of a studio behind her home in El Cerrito. Enjoy! Carolyn
I want to strongly recommend Jennifer Kartiganer. She is amazingly talented, strong, knowledgeable about body needs and works with reabilitation as well as pregnancy and new moms in addition to people without special needs. She has a wonderful disposition, and will even come to your home. I have used her services since I was pregnant with my daughter and have been greatful to have found her! Jennifer Kartiganer 332-9760. When you leave a message tell her that Chalyn recommended her.
Relaxed new mom, chalyn
It's not quite North Berkeley, but she's so INCREDIBLE, that it would be worth it to drive the extra mile to central Berkeley. Her name is Elly Schowalter and her office is located at 2006 Dwight. Phone number is 318-0242. Shoshana
I know an incredible massage therapist, Ratka Popovich. She's the best I've ever had and I've had a lot. She has the ability to really get inside your muscles to relieve tension. When you meet with her, she'll ask you how you're doing both physically and emotionally and when you tell her where your feeling tense, she will work it out. She's a real healer. Her phone number: 464-3083. Toby
A while ago someone was looking for massage therapists- I would like to recomend A great massage therapist, Shoshana Uribe. She specializes in Swedish, Pre and Post natal massage and energy work and she is helpful with injuries. I went to her because I had some major wrist and neck pain from holding my son- She really helped. One thing I really like about her massages is she really listens to the pressure I need- She goes soft or deep and she has very strong hands and a calm mellow energy. Shoshona's number is 510-653-2047. Enjoy... Liza
Peggy Dey is a gifted massage therapist who's sensitive to individual needs and is well versed in a number of therapeutic modalities. She is very kind, and can be reached at 233-4086. Jane
I can highly recommend Julie Skowronski for massage therapy. She works out of her home in the heart of Rockridge. She uses hot rocks along with many other techniques and gives a massage that always seems to be exactly what I need. Her rates are very reasonable, especially considering the quality. Her phone number is 654-3935. Jodi
I highly recommend Liliana Lobo, a massage therapist in Berkeley. She is very calm and relaxing.I have had some problems with my back and she really has helped me, she really gets inside the muscle to relieve tension. I am very pleased with the results. You can reach her at (510)8494015. Viviana
March 2002

I'm trying to find a GOOD yet CHEAP acupressure massage therapist. Preferably someone actually trained in acupressure, not someone that has only been through to massage training course. Though, I'm broke, I can't be picky. Pretty much, after 20 some odd hours of labor, last year, I had an emergancy c-section. My former acupressure massage therapist said that I had pressure built up in my low back (from the labor), and I needed acupressure treatments to relieve this. Well, he moved (6 months ago), and I haven't kept up on this- and now I hurt! Thanks! Rachel

I highly recommend Candace Coar. She has a wealth of experience, wonderful intuition, and she works from the heart. Candace has taught at the Accupressure Institute in Berkeley for a number of years, and she sees clients in her home near Ashby Ave. I have received accupressure sessions from Candace for 14 years. She has seen me through three pregnancies. When my second child was breach about a month before his due date, Candace was able to turn him around. It was an amazing experience. I find her rates very affordable. Candace's phone number is 848-6515 Wilma

Jim Thurmond is an excellent massage therapist who does 90-minute home massages. I think his price is $70. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a very good communicator and very professional (I usually prefer a female therapist). I believe he combines a number of styles of massage. He is the first therapist I have used who was able to help me with chronic shoulder pain. After my first massage with him, I felt relaxed and better for days, rather than just for an hour or two. He can be reached at 415-681-3931. Nancy

Masseuse who makes house calls: Bevi Radich Chestnut: 595 5315. Tell her you got her name from me (Linda F.)
I've been getting a shiatsu massage once a week from a man, Bobby Cook, who is wonderful. In shiatsu massage, you wear loose comfy clothes (I wear pajamas usually) which is an easy way to get past the discomfort of being naked, although Bobby is very relaxed and puts one right at ease. He can do any kind of massage you want, but he likes to do Shiatsu best. Shiatsu is deep but not at all painful, in fact it feels way better than Swedish style to me and seems to actually do some muscle loosening that lasts. He started out only charging me only $30 for an hour and he often goes over the hour. But now I am paying him $45 because I think $30 is just too low for someone coming over to your house. His phone # is 510/666-1025. Stef
Someone asked about a massage therapist the other day, and I'd like to put in a recommendation for my SUPERB therapist, Idit Israeli. She makes house calls, and she helped me overcome an extremely painful back and neck condition. I now see her on a regular basis for prevention of relapse. Her phone # is 883-9322. I think she'll be out of town for a couple of weeks, but this is a phone number well worth holding on to! Orit


I highly recommend Tricia Parrish for massage. I went to her when I was pregnant and found her very calming and relaxing. She specializes in chronic pain relief and is a certified massage therapist. She charges $45-60/hour sliding scale and practices in Berkeley and is a mother of a toddler herself. She can be reached at 525-6297. Denise

These are folks I use regularly. They are all wonderfully intuitive and nurturing.
  • Helen Guo, Albany, 526-1986 Chinese style massage (Tui'Na) including acupressure. Very thorough and therapeutic and often vigorous. Clothes on.
  • Mary Hart (near Tilden), 528-9414 Swedish-Esalen, polarity, shiatsu oil massage. Clothes off.
  • Katie Carrin, Montclair, 339-2787 Very eclectic: Thai, Tui'Na, acupressure, shiatsu, abdominal massage. Very thorough and intuitive, gentle but deep. Clothes on.
  • Ziv Porat,Montclair, 339-2946 Also very eclectic: Jin shin, Tui'Na, acupressure, shiatsu. Clothes on. Will come to your home for additional $$.
    I recommend Jonevan Goertzen. He's very good. I've had 4 or 5 visits with him. He really listens to me about what kind of a massage I want: deep, light etc. He's helped certain areas of mine heal. Interesting to talk with also. He's down-to-earth but also professional. Here's his info: Goertzen, Jonevan 510/232-0782 Pager: 510/309-1834
    I recommend massage therapist Joan Marie Passalacqua at 527-2656. She's booked often months in advance for evening appmts. She's very well trained and teaches all over. She does very effective deep tissue massage. Susan
    Katie Korrin (510) 339-2787. She's great. Does Thai massage--you keep your clothes on
    Call Debra Stretch at 644-8333. Great person.