Massage therapist and acupuncturist for cervical radiculopathy


I am a professional in my late 30s. I have been experiencing worsening symptoms of cervical radiculopathy that is now interfering with my work and day to day life. Along with seeing my doctor and having an ergonomic assessment, etc I am seeking recommendations for a massage therapist and/or acupuncturist locally with expertise in this area. 


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For functional help Jen Ross at Ross Acupuncture is absolutely *amazing*. She really knows her stuff, and has helped me and others I’ve referred her to with a variety of injuries and other ailments.

The folks at Berkeley Deep Sports Massage are also really great - the tagline is “for people who think a good massage should hurt a little bit.” I’ve had some uncomfortable sessions there, but the results are always worth it!

I can’t speak to your specific diagnosis but Dr John Nieters at Alameda Acupuncture is AMAZING and has helped me with a myriad of issues, include tail bone and toe joint pain. Also, his wife, Dr Jenny Nieters has helped me with hip/joint issues. They are very very good! 

Hello -

I am a fellow sufferer, with the added twist that my pinched nerves cause migraines. I tried a lot of physical treatments, including massage and acupuncture, but they were not very effective. The best treatment for me - usually with immediate relief - is to see a chiropractor who basically puts the neck back into its place and thereby frees the nerve. My absolute favorite chiro is Dr Laurie Wonnell 2234 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 655-6336.  Best of luck to you!