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Massage therapist experienced working with elders

Feb 2009

Can anyone recommend a massage therapist who has experience working with elders? Our friend needs someone who'll come to her home, so we need someone honest and reliable as well as skillful and caring. Suzanne

Hi, About two years ago, my husband's mom broke her hip and although it mended, she has suffered from a lot of pain in the surrounding muscles and low back. I took her to see my massage therapist, and she had great results. I recommend her work highly. Perhaps you should give her a call: Dahlia Silvers, CMT (510) 759-4250. Roberta

My massage therapist, Kimberly Foster, offers massages for elderly people. Her practice has a diverse clientelle, but she offers eldersmassage at a nursing homes, You can reach her at (510) 595-4073. love my massages

I am currently enrolled in a course on Elders Massage at the McKinnon Institute in Oakland and I would like to refer you to the instructors of the course. These women have been practicing elders massage for many, many years - you are sure to be in good hands with either of these skilled therapists. Joan Lohman, (510) 530-8031, roaminlohman2 [at] Helen Morgan, (510) 849-4053, aumtara [at]

I recommend Helen Morgan for elder massage. Helen is a gifted, compassionate, certified massage therapist and a trained Rosen Method bodyworker, and she combines these approaches in her technique. She has years of experience working with elders in their homes and in nursing homes. She also has an office in Berkeley. Helen's rates are very reasonable. She can be contacted at 510-849-4053. david

Massage therapist for mom's arthritis & leg pain

Nov 2002

Here's my problem: My mother is in terrible pain. She has leg cramps and arthritis. The pain and medications have transformed her into a very sad, pessimistic person. I used to count on her for unflagging cheerfulness. I suggested that she seek out a massage therapist to help her better manage the pain (and hopefully restore her positive disposition), and she seemed open to the idea. Does any one have recommendations? The massage therapist would have to come to her home in North Berkeley. I think it's a safe bet that this person would have to be female. I'll take phone numbers and discuss my mother's situation over with each person by phone. Thanks for your help. noshmama

We have had a wonderful masseuse, Dorothy Schwartzberg, for, ohmigosh, about 12 years. She is very active in the California professional massage organizations. She's in her early sixties. She knows all about anatomy, and is uncanny in her detection of where to do what to which muscles. When I ask what she is doing, she is always articulate about the names of the muscle groups, the function of all the anatomical parts, and the wily ways of the body. She has worked extensively with the elderly and with hospice patients. She is also a very funny lady, a generous and sweet person, and highly intelligent. Sometimes we laugh through our entire session. Sometimes not. She knows when and what. I find her sensitive, knowledgeable and affordable. I love her! She lives in Sebastopol but a substantial part of her work is done in the west and east bay. She will arrive at your home with her portable massage table and all her tools. All you do is provide a sheet or two. A massage lasts more than an hour, but can last more or less if arranged. Last time, that was $75. It was worth it. -- Tobie

I know of a great massage therapist, best I've ever had, and I've had a lot. She is really sensitive to the areas where you carry your pain and gently works on them. Name: Ratka Popovich. Phone: 464-3083. --Toby

My massage thereapist, Peter Wong, does excellent work and is a certified massage therapist(Swedish, Shiatsu, and Accupressure) and does work with the elderly and for rehabilitation purposes (I'm sure he can provide references). He has great prices and a discount for elderly ($30 for 90 min). He goes to the client's home and brings his table and necessary accessories.

You can call him at 510-522-0331 Tell him Julianna referred you. (I don't get anything for referals, just think he is great.)

Correction to post about Massage Therapist Peter Wong. He charges $30 for seniors for 75 minutes (I think I posted 90 minutes). I apologize for this error. He charges $40 for all other massages (non-seniors) for 75 min. You can contact him at 510-522-0331.

I had some massage therapy from Sonia Foscoli through my chiropractor, Ethan Feldman @ Back in Action, when I was experiencing lower back problems. She has her own practice as well as working for B in A. Her card reads ''Aston-Paterning, Structural Bodywork and Movement Coaching; Massage; Yoga.'' She has a very gentle spririt yet is a strong woman, who I believe might be able to help your mother. Her phone number is 510/486-1966. In addition, she has a website: and email address: sonia AT
-- Joan