body-positive / fat-friendly massage

hi there, 

I am looking for places/folks that do massage and are aware of different types of bodies, especially in Oakland or nearby.  I've encountered too many massage places with skinny massage tables that are just not comfortable for fat women, towels that go around 2/3 of my body, or massage therapists that may treat all bodies the same, but not realize that some of our bodies are just not. And, don't get me started on  massage tables that squoosh the boobs.   

Any recs? 

—fat people need massages, too

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So sorry you’re having challenges. Have you considered Thai Massage? The therapist I see uses a full size futon he places on the floor. I’m unsure what others do but it works wonderfully for me. Thai body Worker’s use their limbs, hands and feet and my bodyworker calls it “Lazy person’s yoga” because they massage and stretch the body without any client participation. 
Good luck finding an appropriate massage therapist. 

Joanne Cosgrove, who was recommended here, is one possibility. She herself is a very statuesque woman, and I think you'd feel very comfortable - she's in Albany and has a nice quiet space. Good luck!