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  • My whole family needs to see a chiropractor, thanks to our increased time at our desks. Can anyone recommend one in the Berkeley/Oakland area who treats adults and kids, has a holistic (and gentle) approach, and is using stringent Covid-safety practices (masks, sanitizing, ample ventilation, etc.)?  Thank you!

    Rockridge Family Chiropractic! I have been going for many years. Both Dr. Ross and Dr. Frederick are excellent. Very reasonable visit fees.

    My daughter and I have both had an excellent experience with Dr. Carrie Ousley (Dimond Chiropractic) on Fruitvale Avenue.

    I love my chiropractor, Bay Area Chrio (Dr. Danielle). She has offices in Montclair and on Piedmont ave and is super covid safe!

    Carolyn Finnegan at is fantastic and is following very strict in-person safety practices. She's right near the lake. She helped me deal with some chronic pain that 3 physical therapists and one other chiropractor couldn't help with at all. 

    Hello there -

    I have been very satisfied with the services of Dr Laurie Wonnell at Piedmont Chiropractic ( before COVID, and I've felt safe returning to her practice once she opened again. They are very diligent around COVID prevention. Another plus- you can book your appointments online! 

    I really liked Awaken Chiropractic on Grand Ave. I went there while pregnant and saw Armene. She was great, I have been to some chiropractors whom I would describe as rough. And she was not. She was very gentle. I have seen her adjust babies and kids as well— good rapport and no tears from them. 

    Oh I hear you! I see Kristan Cassady/Patchworx Family Chiropractic who checks all your boxes. She's in the Fruitvale.

    Reuben Ziegler!  He's in Berkeley, near campus.  He has treated our whole family, and he spends a LOT of time with you.  He is amazing.


    2380 Ellsworth at Channing

  • Hi all,

    We are moving to Berkeley this week and leaving behind the physical therapist we have been taking our two month old to. He had several tongue and lip ties (the tongue tie has been released, we are working on loosening the lip ties through physical therapy), and has really struggled with nursing, has a poor latch and weak suck at times, has very tense shoulders, and favors one side of his head/neck over the other. We've been working with a physical therapist that specializes in infants and very young children, particularly the face and tongue muscles (cranio-sacral therapy) to try to help resolve these problems, but now we will be leaving that therapist behind, so I'm looking for someone that might be able to provide a similar service. Do any of you have recommendations of a physical therapist and/or chiropractor that can work with an infant on problems like I've mentioned, or some other medical professional? We'll be in Albany and I'm willing to drive up to an hour (honestly, I'd drive longer, if they come highly recommended). Thank you so much!

    I recommend Rachael Bouch and I think her office is in Albany or North Berkeley. My baby had a neck issue and wasn't able to move his head to one side very well, causing a lot of breastfeeding problems. Things improved a lot after we did a few visits with Rachael and our baby loved the visits. She also gave us exercises to do at home.  

    Hi there. I'm so glad you have found therapy for your child for these issues. I didn't know about cranial sacral for babies when my kids were this age and I know it would have helped. I recommend the osteopath, Dr. Carmen Hering, in Albany. She is amazing and works with my daughters on similar issues as they have been doing ALF for their mouth formation and alignment of teeth. Good luck!

    I go to Dr. Christine Lee at Lee Chiropractic in Oakland. She has adjusted my baby since she was 2 weeks old. I don't believe she does cranio sacral treatments but can probably help with misalignment issues and can possibly recommend someone that can help you with these other specific issues.

    I asked my chiropractor, Dr Richard Burg, and he replied that he suggests an infant specialists and the following website might be a good source for a pediatric practitioner: 


    Contact Jessica Lips at Gingko Chiropractic in Berkeley. You can check her out at She works with pediatrics and is AMAZING. She has helped me through stress and back pain and adjusted my kids as well. Her website is here: Good luck!

    Awaken Chiropractic in Oakland focuses on pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric care.  I loved seeing Dr Kenda Burke for myself and my little one.

    I recommend Dr. Brett Jones at The Source Chiropractic. He has been adjusting my baby since birth and myself through pregnancy and beyond 

    I took my son to Ann Honigman at Westside Chiropratic. We started seeing him when he was 2, but I wish we had started earlier. I highly recommend her!

  • Chiropractor who uses Activator

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    I am looking for recommendations for a chiropractor who is really good with the Activator tool.  I have lower back, SI, and hip hyper mobility issues which can lead to sciatica at times.  Please let me know if anyone has had really good experience with someone using this technique/tool.

    Thank you!

    Check out Ball Chiropractic in El Cerrito. They always fix me up.

    Rob Ammirrati, chiropractor on 1201 Solano, next to Post Offc.  Regularly he uses the 'activator' on my neck and back. He's been our chiropractor for 8 years.  (510-524-2222)

    My husband suffered with neck pain until we moved here from Texas. The chiropractor there didn't help him or me with my 'frozen shoulder'.  Rob has made all the difference.


    Dyanna Anfang is wonderful and uses an activator, in addition to other techniques. She has helped me with back and shoulder pain for the past two years. She takes lots of different insurance plans.

    Having worked with Helen DeLisser for 6 years, I can give a very strong recommendation for her excellent activator work (not to mention her availability, often with only a few hours notice!). My husband has also sought much-needed help and relief from Helen--when he was literally prostrate on the floor in agony--and sings her praises. Her rates are extremely reasonable plus she is very knowledgeable, attends classes and workshops to keep up her training, and is an all-around kind and nice person. She shares an office with another chiropractor and an acupuncturist in Alameda, just a few minutes from the Park St and Fruitvale bridges. You can reach her on her work cell at (510) 205-4697

  • Chiropractor recommendation?

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    I’m looking for a chiropractor to help with general back/hip pain and core instability after two hard pregnancies. I would prefer someone who is more mainstream than alternative in the “feel” of their practice, but who also approaches their work with a holistic view of what’s going on. I’m located in North Berkeley. Any recommendations welcome! 

    I've been going to Awaken Chiro in Oakland for years and absolutely love it; highly recommend!  I see Armene regularly and have also seen Kenda -- both are experienced, effective, warm, and just all around lovely people.  The office is lovely and inviting and you can bring your children with you.  Good luck with your search!

    Not a chiropractor, but Beth Baron of InTouch Therapies ( does bodywork using a variety of techniques and approaches. I've seen her for myofascial release, but her website also lists alignment and restorative exercise and somatic experiencing. She's really good.

    Awaken Chiropractic, on Grand Ave.

    I suggest giving them a try; they may feel too alternative, but they don’t do anything unusual, other than being gentle. And they are very good, and very experienced with prenatal and postpartum bodies.  

    Linda Mayo, on Solano, is wonderful.  Her practice runs on time and appears pretty straightforward.  However, the depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience is impressive and she truly understands that she is working with multi-faceted systems and individuals.  Her care incorporates, with great respect, many healing modalities.  I think she might be just what you are looking for.

    Michelle at Hendrickson Clinic. Located in Kensington on Colusa Circle. Every single person that I’ve recommended her to loves the experience. It’s a 15 minute appointment with massage and adjustment. She is the only person I’ve seen where I don’t cringe and get frightened and even more tense. She has a reassuring personality and intuitive nature. I tell her where the pain is, then she massages a totally different place and immediately there is relief. 

    I went to Dr. Bartlett near Alta Bates in Oakland. He works with prenatal and postnatal care and helped me with sciatica and hip issues. 

  • I'm hoping someone can refer me to the right person to help me. At 42 years old, I feel I'm in the best physical shape of my life thanks to crossfit. But I have fairly significant scoliosis.  It doesn't limit me in my workouts, but is affecting my SLEEP of all things!  have back pain first thing when I wake up in the morning but it is now starting to limit how much sleep I get and is making it more and more difficult to get out of bed in the morning! I've been waking up at 5am lately and can't get back to sleep due to the pain. It is one-sided in the center of my back.  Doesn't seem to be due to my workouts.  Doesn't matter which bed in our house I sleep on.  I feel like there must be someone out there who can help me- a physical therapist? Body worker? Chiropractor? I'm not sure who to go see, and don't have a ton of cash. I'm willing to pay for good treatment, but want to be confident that I'm going to someone who knows how to help me. I want someone to analyze why I'm having pain, recommend how I can sleep more comfortably, and teach me postural adjustments or exercises I can add to my workouts to help relieve my pain.  Some manual therapy would be great too.  Have anyone you can recommend, BPN community? THANK YOU!

    I just finished up a course of treatment with Jack at SOL PT on Piedmont Ave. Amazing! He has excellent hands on technique and got to the root of my issues while providing a home exercise program I could carry over. I typically saw him for 30 minutes and would then finish up with the aide (who were also great, mostly all individuals getting ready to go to PT school themselves). It was covered under my insurance with a $20 co-pay. Worth reaching out to see if you would be in network. 

    I complimented my work at SOL with going for chiropractor services at Awaken. It was interesting because both practitioners believed that while I was feeling back pain, the root seemed to be stemming from my neck and upper should area. Also worth trying a few different types of pillows too! 

    All the best

    ICor, Integrative Chiropractic and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation on Piedmont ave in Oakland is a practice I can't reccommend highly enough. See Dr. Aaron Roselle or Dr. Eileen Karpfinger. Sapho Flor is a gifted massage therapist who is at the Berkeley Acupuncture Center on Fridays. And I have seen Pilates work wonders for scoliosis, mine included. I don't have anyone to reccommend, but surely someone else could. Good luck!

    I've been very very impressed with Bob Baker who owns Emeryville Physical Therapy on Powell Street.

    Bob is exceptionally intelligent, and on top of being well trained and having a lot of years in the business of PT, he's got an intuitive sense when trying to help figure out how to approach a problem. I've been to a lot of PT sessions over the past years for my bad knees and back (not to mention neck!) - Bob (and Tiffany, who oversees/explains the various exercises to remedy issues) are wonderful. You may have to wait to get an appointment with Bob, but he's definitely worth the wait!! 

    If you're open to different modalities, I would definitely consider osteopathy. I had chronic lower back pain for decades which has essentially been resolved after seeing an osteo for a while- I still do.  I've tried PT, acupuncture, cupping, chiro, Rolfing, Alexander Technique, massage, tai-ji, even contact improv dance (to loosen up).  Osteo is the real deal, IMO.  Most insurance pays (Anthem/BlueCross and UHC, as an out of network provider, in my experience).  Here's what seems like a short summary of some research on osteo for scoliosis:

    There are some (dated) recommendations here on BPN.  An up to date directory of providers seems to be here:

    DM me with more questions. Good luck!

    I recommend Michele Reddell. She's a craniosacral chiropractor, which means it's super gentle realignment of your whole body. She helped me greatly when I had chronic back problems (and believe me, I tried a lot of chiropractors and physical therapists). She's on Solano Ave. in Berkeley and her prices are reasonable. (510) 558-8258‬

  • Chiropractor wanted in Oakland

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    I have been having lower back pain and it's been suggested to me that I try chiropractic treatment for it. I would like a recommendation

    to someone in Oakland who is medically grounded and also works in a holistic way with patients.  

    She is in Albany, but my husband and I go from Oakland to see Sandra Waggener whenever we have issues with neck or back pain.  She is terrific - careful, thoughtful, really smart and most of all, effective.  She is definitely medically grounded - recommended my husband see an orthopedist for a recent shoulder injury rather than working on it.  She was right - he needs surgery. Her phone number is 510 526 2567.  

    I went to Dr. James Huang for lower back issues and a pulled hip flexor and was happy with his services. He has an office in Oakland and Walnut Creek and splits his week between the two.

    I've used Martinet Chiropractic. Dr Martinet uses a variety of modalities and has loads of experience.

    Dr. Richard Burg at 6330 Telegraph is wonderful. My husband and I have been going to him for years, as needed. 510-601-6330. Brenda 

    Bruce Rizzo is by far one of the best chiropractor's in Oakland (and everywhere). He can look at how you stand, walk, move and know how to correct your posture, know where to work, etc.  His office is at 63rd and Telegraph. Office number is: 601-6330.

    Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

    Really like Delene Bivolcic on Park Blvd. She used to have an office on Telegraph at Alcatraz. She really listens and doesn't push to do anything (like x-rays) unless you agree. Her website

    Christoph Meuhlinghaus in Oakland (510) 326-0684. He is far and away the best. Also has a massage therapist in the office. Is on pill hill in Oakland. Very knowledgeable!

    Laurie Klein at Back in Balance -- can't recommend her highly enough.  Go, you will not be disappointed.  She has worked with me over the past 12-14 years -- always with tremendous success and in a holistic, caring approach.  

    Sid Verma at Oakbay Chiropractic near Summit Hospital in Oakland is great. Combines gentle and effective adjustments with soft tissue work. Super nice and organized office staff. Monthly sessions with Dr. Verma are what keep me going after decades of chronic low back and hip pain. (The other doctors in the practice are also really good - and they have fantastic massage therapists).

    My wife has periodic back pain and goes to a wonderful physical therapist in Albany. Ellen DeNeef owns Arcus PT and her results are magical-can not praise her highly enough. I go to a different physical therapist for other issues and when she has problems with her body she goes to visit Ellen even though she (my PT) lives in Sonoma. Ellen's number is:510-913-0969. Definitely worth a visit.

    Dr Ruch at the North Oakland Chiropractic Clinic is amazing. Specializing in injured, elderly and ligament lax folks, his style is very gentle but effective. I have Ehlers-Danlos and he's been a major help improving my health.

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Chiropractic with Massage Therapists

July 2012

Can you please recommend a good chiropractor in Oakland/Berkeley who also has massage therapists as part of their practice. Great if they take Healthnet and United Healthcare insurance. Thanks.... anon

I've been seeing Dr. Lori Ann Gertonson who is a wellness-oriented chiropractor and love her. She has a massage therapist in her office on San Pablo right off Solano. Dr. Gertonson has an array of techniques that really help correct structural problems, help healing and help with maintenance. Her website is and phone is 526 1559. symetrick

Dr. Sid Verma at Oakbay Chiropractic in Oakland! He is so wonderful- knowledgable and a gifted Chirpractor. They take insurance and have great massage therapists. I was a bodyworked foramy years and am very choosy. I highly recommend! Lesly

Dr. Elon Bartlett at the Acorn Wellness Center in Oakland has massage therapy and he's a GREAT chiropractor. From his website: ''At Acorn Wellness Center, we believe that combining massage with chiropractic treatments makes for an even more effective and dramatic result. The affected areas are targeted with highly refined and therapeutic massage before the chiropractic adjustments, making any back pain treatments easier, the benefits longer lasting, and the relief from pain faster.'' Phone: (510) 452-2929 He has a certified massage therapist on site: therapy/ Andi

My family and I go to Dr. Charlie Prins in Albany. He's a great doctor who genuinly cares about his patients! He has 3 massage therapists who do lots of different techniques and they are all wonderful!! Check out his website if you want more info. The phone number is 510-526-6243. anon

Beth Baron is an excellent Myofascial Trigger Point Massage Therapist in Berkeley. Her work is deep, going straight to the heart of the pain and nipping it in the bud. I've had much experience with various kinds of bodywork and BethbPost-Mastectomy Massages work is as good as it gets. Her experience/certification includes myofascial, cranial sacral, somatic/deep tissue and more. (510) 551-9539 bbwitz

New mom's arm and hand pain

Aug 2011

I'm the new mother of a 3-month old, and have been suffering from debilitating pain and numbness in my arms and hands. I'm looking for an Osteopathic Physician who can help me figure out if this is carpal tunnel or tendonitis, or a side effect of previous shoulder/neck issues. I live in Oakland, so someone nearby would be great, but I'm willing to drive for a good doctor (as long as parking isn't a major issue, since I'll have my baby with me). As an aside, I'm willing to try alternative therapies for recovery, but I'd like to have a physician diagnose the issue first. Aria

Hi Aria, Sorry to hear about your pain.. I can recommend my Chiropractor, Jennifer Lanett, on Shattuck Ave in South Berkeley. The numbness and tingling could be from your neck or your arms, but she can tell you that, as she helped me with upper back and neck pain from holding my newborn. She is a low-force chiropractor, not the 'cracking' kind and she is very gentle. Her number is 510-644-4414 and sara

2009 - 2010 Reviews

Dec 2010: Infant Chiropractor?

I am looking for a reputable and successful infant chiropractor. My baby is happy and thriving during the day, but can't get comfortable at night. He twists his upper body and lifts his head up and to one side. I have tried a total elimination diet for food allergies as well, it has helped with the ecezma, but not the sleeping. He still gets up 4-5 times a night. tt

My wonderful cranio-sacral practitioner Nancy Burke works with lots of babies. You can reach her at: 237 25th Street Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 236-1007 and She is wonderful to work with, and will let you know how she may be able to work with you and your baby. (Please say hello from me!) Good luck, Merry

If you would consider an osteopath for your son's sleep concerns, you might try Catherine Henderson.  She did cranial/sacral work on our son as an infant and periodically for a number of years. She was excellent. Richard

[Editor Note Nov 2017: Catherine Henderson has notified us that she is no longer practicing in California.]

Chinabear Joseph (510-595-5530 or xrayhandz [at] is a great chiropractor with lots of experience working with infants. Her practice utilizes gentle adjustments combined with cranial sacral therapy. Although not a chiropractor, Nancy Burke (510-236-1007 or also does body work on infants (cranial sacral therapy). Nancy was a great help to me and my newborn daughter when we were having trouble with breastfeeding; Chinabear was a lifesaver when I hurt my back recently and I would feel very confident taking my baby to her for treatment. Good luck

I continue to enthusiastically recommend Dr. Chinabear Joseph for gentle chiropractic and cranial sacral work, especially on infants- She is an expert with babies and highly experienced. We took our (then 3-month old) daughter to see Dr. Joseph for help with colic. After one session, my daughter had a noticeable difference in her temperament. Almost 13 years later, our whole family continues to see Dr. Joseph as needed- I still take the kids for ''tune ups'' when I feel they are out of sorts- She does a very gentle cranial sacral bodywork with them and I find it regulates their nervous system and overall disposition. Her number is 510-595-5530. ariel

Please reconsider taking your infant to a chiropractor for any ''adjustments.'' You failed to mention how old your baby is but it is very common for babies to wake up several times a night and move about. Their neck muscles are not developed enough to lift the weight of their heads. They may be moving and appear to be uncomfortable but it is normal.

Chiropractors are not physicians although they are legally allowed to identify themselves as ''Doctors.'' They may work wonders for people who voluntarily receive their care but babies are still developing. In fact, there may be some ethical and legal guidelines preventing chiropractors from treating an infant or toddler. Your baby may be colicky or simply on a normal schedule for his/her age. You should, at a minimum, speak to your pediatrician about your concerns. Anon

Sept 2010: Chiropratic Practice with Massage Therapists

Can you recommend a very good chiropractor who also has in house Massage Therapists and bill insurance companies. Looking in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Thanks. need good chiropractor

I recommend Laurie Klein, DC at Active Balance Chiropractic in Oakland. She provides stellar care and has in house massage therapists. She's at 444.8494 Christine

Try Dr. Elon Bartlett. He's been in his new office for a year and has a massage therapist. Most importantly, he's wonderful, gentle and caring. Jill

I've used Dr. Matt Green at Ashby Chiropractic, and he's treated my kids for some joint problems as well. There is an in-house massage therapist, and I think pilates teacher as well. He's just off I-80 at 510.845.4540 Pat

In Line Chiropractic ( in the Lake Merritt area has excellent chiropractors and massage therapists, and they will bill insurance companies directly. They also have an acupuncturist on staff. I've been going there for more than a year and highly recommend Dr. Pound for chiropractic and Crystal Thomas for massage, although I've heard good things about everyone there. They are very professional and a wonderful group of people. back in line

Bruce Rizzo in Berkeley is a great chiropractor. Don't have his number with me, but I'm sure he's in the book. Good luck betty

July 2010: Chiropractor or oesteophate

I have a sciatica, so I am looking for a chiropractor or an oestheophate. I had a sciatica during my first pregnancy in France, went to see my oesteophate he fix it during 1 hour visit what it the practice over there. I tried an chiropractor here and was surprise with the 15 minutes visit, and it didn't work because I am still suffering a lot. Could you recommend someone who could look at my spine 1rst? Find all the problem I have because sometimes you have more than what you come for and could have 1 hour visit. Sorry I can't believe 15 minutes could be efficient. Thanks for your help!!! Gaby

The first visit with my chiropractor lasted about an hour. He checked my spine, took measurements and did a thorough job evaluating me. I too had sciatica during pregnancy and it comes back now and again since then. Dr. Matt does a great job to keep me pain-free. He also recommends stretches and modifies them depending on my ability at each visit. Dr. Matt Green at Ashby Chiropractic (near the new Berkeley Bowl) anon

I use Dr. Ali Bagherian in San Francisco and I think he is awesome! I have been seeing him for at least 10 years. I reviewed him on Yelp! so if you want all the sordid details go read that. The review is for Synapse Health Center, which is what he calls his office, since they do more than just chiro. I have been to plenty of crappy chiropators, so I know that he is not one of them! He will take the time to find out what is really wrong with you and fix it. Andrew

Catherine Henderson is who you're looking for. She is commonly regarded as the best Osteopath in the area. Both me and my daughter have been treated by her and she is wonderful. osteopathy convert

[Editor Note Nov 2017: Catherine Henderson has notified us that she is no longer practicing in California.]

I can recommend Christoph Muehlinghaus DC 510-326-0684 he Is from Switzerland And does very quality chiropractic work. Very thourough, sensitive, And good sense of humor. Located near summitt hospital At webster And 30th L.

I would highly recommend Dennis Barker at Tice Valley Chiropractic. He has helped so many people that I know and he is a wonderful, holistic chiropractor who, in addition to doing chiropracty, has established an entire wellness center to keep his clients health and active. Here are the Yelp reviews on his practice: Here is his web-site: Also, here is his information on how to reach him: Dennis Barker 1866 Tice Valley Boulevard Walnut Creek, CA 94595-2224 (925) 210-8000 Good luck, SW

I'd like to recommend Dyanna Anfang, DC. I started seeing her a few months ago and really like her work. One of my clients had recommended her to me since Dyanna had helped her greatly with her sciatica symptoms. Dyanna is in Berkeley on Channing Way. Please check her website for more details: Rosie

I highly recommend that you try the Alexander Technique for your sciatica. Although one usually thinks of going to a physical therapist or chiropractor for back pain, the Alexander Technique is also entirely appropriate. The British Medical Journal found that it is highly effective in treating back pain. I have had a wonderful experience learning to ''use'' my body according to Alexander Technique principles. It changes the way you move and hold your body so you don't put pressure on the sciatic nerve. I am now entirely without pain, entirely symptom free, and I hope to keep it that way! My AT teacher is Amira Alvarez, in the Berkeley hills. Her contact info is 510-528-3109, You can take private or group lessons, or try out the Alexander Technique at a workshop. Good luck! Lucky to have found Amira

I highly recommend Reddel Chiropractic, Albany, 558-8258. I went to see Michelle Reddel on the recommendation of another BPN post about two years ago, for chronic headaches and after having tried several other remedies. She spent over an hour with me on each of my first two visits. I was (and continue to be) very impressed by her thorough and comprehensive approach. My headaches dissipated by the third visit. Gone completely soon thereafter. I continue to see her for regular maintenance check-ups (which are about 45 minutes each). She is skilled, holistic, knowledgeable, and effective. Kate

May 2010: Chiropractor with Acupunture/Therapy treament

I am looking for a combination of services for the combination of health issues I want to improve. I am looking for a chiropractor that emphasizes on the following expertise or at least is known for working with other professionals to meet health goals: Craniosacrial/Myofacial therapy, Acupuncture, Message Therapy. I have back and terrible knee pain, TMJ, and plantar fasciitis. Bottom line I am in pain, and need an expert. reyna

I just started with myofascial release therapy at the Myocenter in San Francisco ( Caveat: I've only had one appointment so far. It went well, and I definitely felt benfits in some areas of my body, but it was still only one appointment. Anyway, Matthew, the therapist who worked on me, mentioned that he was also trained as a chiropractor and accupuncturist. I had the impression that he was currently doing accupuncture out of another office, but not chiropractic. I appreciated that he had the breadth of experience to know whether some other approach might be better for me. Anyway, it might be worth investigating further. Good luck. Carrie

April 2010: Chiropractor for pregnancy

I'm looking for a chiropractor who takes anthem blue cross blue shield and who works well with pregnant women. I have someone who is great but isn't covered by my insurance and I'm desperate to deal with my aching lower back/hips. Thanks for any and all recs! Sarah

alive chiropractic is great with pregnancies. i went there went i was pregnant. jennifer was excellent. they are located on piedmont ave. good luck! paula

I highly recommend Robert Ammirati. He is incredibly knowledgeable, has a lot of experience and gives very good adjustments no matter how complex the issue. He has treated my whole family. My mom, dad, husband, sister... I even trusted him with my daughter when she was only 2 months old (it was the only thing that would help with her reflux). Not only does Robert provide great chiropractic care but he also really cares about people (something you need when you are pregnant/postpartum). His office is in Albany near the post office. 1201 Solano Ave. #A Albany, CA 94706 Phone: (510) 524-2222 Anne

I discovered Dr. Liz Dobbins at Shine Network Chiropractic during my pregnancy and its been amazingly helpful. I'm 39, first time pregnancy and I've been feeling fantastic throughout (I'm 34 weeks now). I look forward to my appointments as the work has built on itself and has allowed me to manage stress and has taught me to maintain physical relaxation (and comfort) between sessions. I'm very picky about the doctors and caregivers I choose. I only see practitioners who ''live it to give it'' - are happy, healthy and feel good to be around. Dr. Liz is positive, wise, and encouraging. Her office in Piedmont has a great energy. Highly recommended! Dr. Liz Dobbins: 510-428-9880 happy mamma-to-be!

Deborah Claire, 510.849.1101, was an RN and worked in labor and delivery. She is an excellent chiropractor and resource for a healthy, holistic pregnancy. She also understands the western med aspect, since she was a nurse for almost 20 years. had a great pregnancy with Deb

March 2010: Chiropractor who works on muscles

I'm looking for a very good chiropractor in Berkeley/Oakland who works on the muscles as well as adjusts the spine. I'd like one who adjusts without too much force yet can move the bones as necessary and who uses traction or flexion/distration. Thank you BG

Matt Green at Ashby Chiropractic (near the new Berkeley Bowl) is amazing. He was a massage therapist for years before becoming a chiro. This gives him skills to care for both muscles and joints. He is a lovely person, really cares about your whole health and has a very gentle manner. geraldine

Parissa Peymani is an amazing chiropractor! First off, she is completely trustworthy -- knowlegeable, thorough and very freindly. I had never been to a chiropractor but had shooting sciatic nerve pain and horrible lower back pain, I couldn't move for a week, and went to see her and she fixed me right up with two adjustments. I was amazed ,I went from being unable to walk down the hall to back to my usual routine of yoga and hiking and playing with my preschooler. She has also treated my husband and several friends who have ahad great experiences with her. I really appreciated how she emphasized proper ergonomics, gave me stretches to do, advice on how to walk, twist, engage core etc. and advised me on how to modify my exercise until it was better. She was very clear that the way to improve and maintain was with these regular lifestyle changes rather than relying on her for adjustments constantly which I have heard some chiropractors try to sell you on. She's right in Emeryville and her number is (510) 655-5540. Kimberley

Rob Ammirati (1201 Solano Ave., at Cornell, 510-524-2222) has been my chiropractor for almost ten years. He uses a good variety of techniques, and one of my favorites is his deep tissue massage. He's worked on my neck, my shoulder, trick knee, numb hands, whiplash (yes, I'm kind of accident prone!) and I'm in pretty good shape. I even ride a bicycle without fear and I'm 57! You may have seen the skeleton hanging outside his front door on Solano Avenue. The office is conveniently located, parking is easy, and Rob has good ''bedside manner''. I'm really picky about who I let adjust me, and I have total confidence in this guy. He's the best. anonymous

March 2010: Chiropractor who uses an activator

I'm looking for a chiropractor who uses an activator (low force), preferably someone in the East Bay. . . Someone who understands that you not only adjust the problem area but all the other areas that compensated because of the original problem. Thank you in advanced! anonymous

Dr. Jay Bunker uses an activator. I believe his office is on lower Solano Ave. Nice person. kl

I can highly recommend Dr. Charlie Prins on Solano Avenue in Albany. Charlie uses an activator and has many ''tricks'' up his sleeve to adjust gently, balance, correct, treat, taking the whole body and being into consideration. He has been treating our familiy for several years. The office number is 526-6243. Good luck, June

i had no idea what an activator was until i went to dr. carol barnes at college avenue chiropractic in rockridge. she uses a wide range of tools (cups, heat, ''sander'', blocks, biofreeze, etc) to address your entire body & how it may have adjusted to compensate for a problem *warm smile* she uses very specialized massage to realign your body (not fluffy stuff, sometimes it can even be a bit uncomfortable but she is very open to feedback & knowledgeable about what she is doing!) she will also ''crack'' parts of you as needed, but that is neither her first nor her only approach. i'm including a link to her reviews on yelp for more info. in addition to having a dog there, she is *very* welcoming of kids! my son absolutely loves her! he sits on the couch near a window in the same room while she works on me & watches movie on the portable dvd player we bring, or colors, reads, or quite often talks to dr barnes *lol* someone walking much straighter because of dr. barne's magic touch!

Deborah Claire, 510.649.1101, is is a gentle chiropractor who uses an activator. She was a nurse for 18 years and treats both the symptom and the big picture. She is a nice person and very knowlegable about anatomy and physiology, as well as a fabulous chirporactor! I highly recommend her. Happy Client

Kevin Wong in Orinda is a fabulous Chiropracter who has all kinds of different tools he uses including an activator. Kevin believes in getting to the root of the issue, and often ends up at the feet, believe it or not! He's been super in helping my low back and foot problems, and also has a terrific new laser he uses in certain situations (he used that on my husband's neck which was causing him severe distress and it really helped.) He can be reached at (925) 254-4040, and is office is in Orinda. Julie

Hi- I would highly recommend Mark Shapiro, DC. His office is on Webster St. in Oakland, across the street from Summit Hospital. He is extremely thorough, gentle and kind, and he addresses the body holistically. He uses a combination of an activator, massage, microcurrent, traditional cracking, and exercises, depending on the injury or issue being treated. For my issue, he only used the activator, massage and microcurrent, and he gave me a few exercises to work on for strength and flexibility. And as a bonus, he was able to relieve something in my neck (not related to the original issue I went in for) that stopped regular headaches I had been getting for years. He is reasonably priced and takes insurance. Check out his description here: and call him today - you won't be sorry! (510) 444-2772 Activated and Headache-free

I can't recommend Dyanna Anfang highly enough. She's warm, earthy, practical, very caring, and has an experienced sensibility and touch. Both my husband and I see her, and I'm always running into friends in her waiting room. She's at 2234 Channing Way in Berkeley (510 549-9080), and there's easy and free parking so it's a breeze whipping in there for a quick adjustment. Here's her website: Good luck and best wishes! Feeling Better in Berkeley

I saw your listing and thought of Carol Barnes, a wonderful chiropractor on College Ave in Berkeley. I had a ruptured lumbar disc about a year ago and tried many things to get help. After trying many things, I was close to going ahead with back surgery to deal with a painful ruptured disc. Luckily, I was referred to Dr. Barnes before I opted for surgery. Thanks to her work, I got better fairly quickly without needing surgery. I would call her a non-traditional chiropractor. She didn't do any adjustments on me (although she does do adjustments on many of her clients). She used an activator, deep massage, and some other techniques that she could explain better than I can. All I know is that I was feeling much better after a few sessions. She's very interested in muscles and believes that massage and other work on the muscles is often good preparation before doing adjustments and is sometimes all that is needed. She's very ethical and knowledgeable. She can be reached at 428-0450. I had been very unimpressed with a different chiropractor I saw several years ago and thought chiropractic care seemed like a scam; after my work with Dr. Barnes, I can see its very value when practiced by someone very skilled and ethical. saved from surgery

March 2010: Chiropractor Elon Bartlett

Has anyone gone to Elon Bartlett for prenatal care? I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins and am trying to take steps to ensure that both are vertex so that I can have a natural delivery. I saw his name on an earlier post, but was wondering whether anyone who had recent experience with him would share feedback. Other recommendations are also welcome. Debra

I'm 20 weeks along and have been going to Elon the last two months. My first was breech and I didn't know about the Webster technique so this time I'm starting early. I like Elon. He's got the equipment to adjust a pregnant woman. I'm not far along enough yet for him to actually do the webster technique on me. So I just go for general adjustments. They work on me okay. I prefer Bruce Rizzo usually because my problems are really muscle related and he does a better job there. But I really like how Elon doesn't rush me and takes the time to explain things to me. anon

Feb 2010: Chiropractor for back pain during pregnancy

I am looking for a recommendation of a chiropractor that specializes in treating back pain during pregnancy. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated! pregnant and in pain

Dr. Carol Barnes is amazing. She is a chiroprator who uses many tools. She rarely makes ''typical'' adjustments. She knows our bodies well and spends most of her time giving you the best message. However she goes beyond message she is a wonderful healer. She understands posture, body mechanics and how to help one's body come back from pain and or injury. I have know her to help young ( my daughter age 13 who hates to be touched), old and in between. I have every faith she would help you and your body through your pregnancy. She spends alot of quality individual time with her client's. One can experience quite a difference in one session. Dr.Barnes will work with you until you are better . I think she is the best. I have been to many chiros and message therapists. You should know: 1) She has a wonderful and affectionate dog 2) Dr. C can ber talkative,she is flexible let her know what works for you (talking not talking and or other things 3) Dr. C is Berkeleyish, meaning her office is not shiny and high tech. (It is very clean) She plays music and her office is more like healing center. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy. Good start taking care of yourself now. BEst to you! BP

I had tons of hip and back pain during my last pregnancy and my midwife recommended Elon Bartlett and I couldn't have been happier with him. He helped me so much. His practice is for the whole family, but he does gear much of his practice towards pregnant women. He just moved his practice to Oakland: Andi

I highly recommend Dr. Cynthia Santelli, DC. for prenatal chiropractic. She is highly skilled, experienced and uses gentle chiropractic techniques appropriate for pregnancy. She also incorporates craniosacral therapy and some muscle work. In addition to this, she has a hydraulic chiropractic table which would be easier for someone who's pregnant to get on and off of. She's an excellent chiropractor. (510) 444=0188 D. S.

Try I met the chiropractor, Robert Townsend, at a meeting and he seemed quite knowledgable about the body's changes during pregnancy. He has an office in Rockridge, and has experience working with pregnant women. He also mentioned that he has a pregnancy pillow that allows you to lay on your front. I am 7+ months pregnant and I guess he noticed that I was shifting my weight a lot (due to worsening pain in my back). I must have looked pretty uncomfortable because after the meeting finished he offered to do a mini- adjustment under less-than-ideal conditions(I was seated on a bench). I've never gone to a chiropractor before, but my back was really hurting and I was actually concerned about the overly ambitious schedule I had ahead of me that day, so I agreed. He has a very pleasant bedside (benchside) manner and explained things well. I must admit, I made it through my day quite well and have been feeling better since. I have not been to his office yet, but I plan to follow up there for sure for more adjusting (plus I can't wait to get into that pillow!). 2 months to go...

Jan 2010: Chiropractor who does cranial vasomotor

A colleague is trying to find an Easy Bay chiropractor who does cranial vasomotor work. And, she says, if the chiropractor also does applied kineseology testing and provides nutritional support, all the better. I told her that if anyone knew of such chiropractors, it would be the good people who participate in BPN! Thanks!

Sounds like you are describing Dr. David Lepp (Center for Cranial Integration)in Berkeley. He has been my Doc for 4+ years and has helped me regain and maintain my health. He has done cranial manipulation on me (I hate it when my head's not on straight!), applied kinesiology techniques (NET - amazing!), and routinely monitors my labs and diet (functional nutrition). Check on his website, he offered a free consultation recently - might still be. His contact info: David Lepp, DC, CSCS Center for Cranial Integration (408)421-5134. He has two offices, one in San Jose and one in Berkeley: 2560 Ninth Street, Ste. 313 Feel free to contact me with any more questions. I'd be glad to tell you more about him. He has made such a HUGE difference in my life! jennie

I highly recommend Dr. Laurie Klein at Back in Balance located on Grand in Oakland. 510.444.8494. Her practice is patient centered. One patient and the Doctor working together. She has treated myself and several members of my family with outstanding results. Other Chiropractors may choose to treat multiple clients at the same time but Dr. Klein does not. What you get from her is a commitment to the highest level of care. Bill

Jan 2010: Chiropractor for dancer with back pain

I'm looking for a chiropractor who will really take the time to figure out what is going on in with my back and hips. I can barely move some days and I don't want to give up my swimming and dancing. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced (no insurance for this) but talented and knowledgeable chiropractor in Oakland? Dancer with back pain

He's in Berkeley, not Oakland as you asked for, but specializes in working with dancers and is a former dancer himself. Dr. Ethan Feldman of BACK IN ACTION, I've seen him off and on for many years and highly recommend him. His office is: MLK at Dwight and the phone number is 510 8HEALTH. GOOD LUCK! Jessica

IMHO, you will not find a better chiropractor than Parissa Peymani at Emeryville Chiropractic. She has been our chiropractor for about 15 years and I trust her completely. She will do an initial workup, complete with x- rays to determine what ails you and she LISTENS to you. Then she will adjust you and advise you. She will be honest if she feels she cannot make you feel better. I'm not sure how her prices compare but I believe she has always been fair about her charges and she doesn't recommend more services if you don't need them. She was voted the best by the Oakland Tribune polls at least 2 years that I know of. Her office is directly across the street from the Amtrak station in Emeryville and her number is 510-655-5540. I hope you feel better soon. Barbara

Karen Kartch on Grand Ave in Oakland is great. She's done wonders with my back. Carrie

Upaya Center in Oakland is great. Dr Aaron is very attentive and super skilled. (their website is out of date but all the contact info is there). Healing IS possible!!

Susan Brennan is a wonderful chiropractor. I have gone to her for things ranging from carpal tunnel to vertigo to back pain. My close friend who is an ex-ballet dancer also swears by her. She is in Oakland, on Park Blvd. with easy parking and reasonable rates. She is also a really nice person. (510) 482-8748 Natalie

Elon Bartlett is fantastic! He just moved his practice to Oakland. Find him here: Andi

I have a wonderfully skilled chiropractor to recommend: Dyanna Anfang in Berkeley (510-549-9080). She zeroes in on the source of my periodic back and neck pain and sets me straight, literally, with a minimum of time and fuss. I trust her absolutely. My husband sees her, too, and feels the same way, as do friends I've referred to her over the years. Good luck! Lesley

Dear Dancer, I see Dr. Naomi Ghondour at In Line Chiropractic on Lakeshore Ave. by Lake Merritt. Both Dr. Irwin and Dr. Ghondour specialize in sports injuries and take a lot of time assessing root causes of injuries and pain. I have trouble with hips, knees, back, and neck/shoulders, both from cycling and more recently pregnancy & childbirth, and have been very happy with the care I receive there. My insurance does not cover the treatment, so I am on a cash-only plan of $60 per visit, which is worth the relief I experience after visiting. Casey

I greatly appreciate the chiropractor I see, Janet Kniveton. She is by Lake Merritt, reasonably priced. One thing I really like is that she does not treat right away during the visit, she does a exam for the purpose of diagnosing. I recently returned to her with a new ailment, and she carefully examined me to find the source of the ailment, where did the treatment need to be targeted. I have not noticed this in all chiropractors. 510/452-3940 jj

I have spent the past 2 years working out some long-term musculoskeletal issues. For the past year I have been seeing Dr. Jan Alden at the Working Body (near Lake Merritt;, and she has been amazing. Not only is her chiropractic technique wonderful, but she is also very knowledgeable about neuromuscular issues. She uses the Graston technique (from what I understand, it's a very specific sort of massage aimed at loosening up tight fascia), craniosacral, neuromuscular retraining, and more. I can't begin to recommend her highly enough.

I chose to switch to Dr. Alden from my prior chiropractor for two reasons. The first was her emphasis on neuromuscular retraining and her ability to consider my whole body (she tested me for food allergies and ended up recommending that I consider a detoxification diet because my system was overloading and making me allergic to everything). The second was because I wanted a chiropractor who could collaborate with a pilates instructor. Dr. Alden lived up to and exceeded my hopes and expectations. (Note: Many of the pilates instructors at the Working Body are dancers themselves, so you might eventually consider working with them, too, if your budget will allow.) Niki

Oct 2009: Pediatric Chiropractor

Can anyone recommend a good pediatric chiropractor in Berkeley? Preferably one who takes Blue Cross? Jenny

Hi! Dr. Karen Josephs Lewandowski is *amazing* with babies & children (adults too, for that matter)! She has a daughter herself & really has a special touch... Her number is 510-527-5770 and she offers visits in the home and hospital up to 8 weeks postpartum. She also has an office in Emeryville. Cheers, KC

Sept 2009: Looking for a Great Chiropractor

Hello! My wife and I have twin 2 year olds that are keeping us mighty busy of late. Recently, my wife has been experiencing some significant lower back pain due to the excessive bending, lifting, etc. Would anyone have a recommendation for a great chiropractor/massage therapist in the Rockridge/Berkeley/College Ave areas? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. f

Dr. Jamila Neyon is the absolute best. I started seeing her when I had severe back pain during pregnancy. I can't reccomend her enough! ctor.html 510-547-1140 libby

I highly recommend Dr. Kristin Peters. Her practice is called Optimum Wellness and she is located across from Lake Merritt. She is a highly skilled chiropractor and absolutely loves helping people. Give her a call and talk to her, you'll be really glad you did, and it will be well worth the extra 5 minute drive. BONUS--Her husband is a massage therapist and works in the same office! Her direct line is: 510-444-7088 or email her at: owchiro [at] Jill

Elon Bartlett in Berkeley is a great family practice chiropractor. I started seeing him when I was pregnant and continued to see him regularly after I had my son. My son has also seen him--he does crano-sacrial work with children and very light adjustments. He can be found at: Office: (510) 843-1234; eb [at] A great massage therapist is Cat Bellinger. Her office is called ''Float On'' and she generally works from her home in Oakland where she has a hot tub that clients can use. I believe she may also travel to do massage. She gives wonderful massage! She can be reached at: 510-653-5628 Good Care

I recommend my wonderful Berkeley chiropractor, Dyanna Anfang, 510-549-9080. She's been great when I had problems from lifting and carrying my kids. I know she sees a lot of parents with young children and pregnant women. Her office is very kid and adult friendly. Kids can come into the treatment room when their parents get adjusted. - happy parent

Deborah Claire R, DC, 510.649.1101, is a gentle chiropractor who uses an adjustment device (activator). Deb was a nurse for 18 years before becoming a chiropractor, so she is super knowledgeable. She was an RN in neurology, Labor and delivery, and a surgical nurse. Deb is great at seeing the ''big picture'' and is very insightful. She is also a very nice person. happy chiropractor patient

Sept 2009: Chiropractor from IMPAC Health in Oakland

I've been dealing with chronic upper back and shoulder pain for 18 months and because of the type of work I do, have been unable to work. I've seen doctors at Kaiser who diagnose trigger points, so have had physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, cortisone injections and a chiropractic work. The chiropractor has helped the most, but after almost 6 months of treatment, I still have pain. My chiropractor does not accept Kaiser, so I've been paying out-of- pocket and it has become cost prohibitive. I'm looking for a chiropractor in Berkeley, Albany or El Cerrito who accepts Kaiser, and who treats trigger points. Dr. Bivolcic @ IMPAC Health in Oakland has been recommended to me. Has anyone had experience in this office? Also, my doctor at Kaiser recommended Botox injections. Anyone had any success with this? Any recommendations would be appreciated. too much pain

Both of the Drs. at Impac health are great. I see Sr. Roe and have for 3 years...I don't have Kaiser but wish I did! Joanne

If you need to find a chiropractor in your area that accepts your insurance call your insurance and they will give you a list of dr's that accept that plan. I do know Dr. Rixen D.C in El Sobrante takes Kaiser. Good luck his number is 510-222-6206. Jenny

Aug 2009: Chiropractor who uses Activator

I just moved to the Bay Area and am missing my wonderful chiropractor in Portland, OR. I'm looking for a chiropractor that uses the activator to make gentle adjustments, as well as combines this with electric stimulation of muscles and massage. After years of seeing various chiropractors, this trifecta of treatment seems to do the trick for my ailments. Lastly, I'm hoping to find someone who is covered by Anthem Blue Cross Plus. Thanks in advance for any recommendations you may have.

Dr Jessica Greaux at Innersport Chiropractic in Central Berkeley (883-1126 and she also has a good website where you can schedule appointments) is fab. She works with many Cal athletes and is herself a soccer player and cyclist. I hesitate to give her name because I don't want appointments to get harder to make! Formerly creaky

Julie Orman is a Network Chiropractor. she uses an Activator but not sure about the other techniques you mentioned. She totally cured my diagnosed rotator cuff (shoulder) pain and now only need occasional adjustments. She is off Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. Her office number is (510) 654-2399, ~ oren

Dr. Jennifer Lanett in Berkeley is wonderful. Her hours are good (open on Saturdays) and she's available for last minute urgent problems. 510-644-4414 Cecily

I just met the activator 4 yrs ago and it's amazing - IF you have a good Chiropractor. In my opinion, Dr. John Harrington at Vallejo Chiropractic is the best, bar none. He may be a bit far for you - but I can vouch for him as I've seen several others and he's the only one who fixed my back problem after years in pain. His website is: Debbie L.

Carol Barnes (428-0450)is a chiropractor in Berkeley who uses an activator, does deep tissue massage, and gentle adjustments. I think she's absolutely wonderful: very knowledgeable, works very hard, has integrity. The only downside is that she has been laid up for over a month due to an injury; however, I think she'll be back working in a few weeks. I was very close to having back surgery for a herniated disc when I was referred to Dr. Barnes and I credit her with saving me from needing surgery. I highly recommend her. very grateful

Rockridge Family Chiropractic on Telegraph Ave in North Oakland (near Alcatraz Ave). 428-9288

I've been seeing a wonderful chiropractor in Alameda, Dr. Nancie Odbert, for 5 years. She keeps me in excellent alignment and is able to quickly remedy any aches and pains related to sports-related injuries I sometimes incur. Dr. Odbert uses both an activator and electric stimulation, which I appreciate because I'm very sensitive to aggressive chiropratic manipulation. I'd researched several recommended ''bone-crunchers'' before finally finding Dr. Odbert. She is very professional, reasonably-priced and accommodates appointments on Saturday, which is wonderful for 9-to-5'ers. She's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Dr. Nancie Odbert, DC 1414 Everette Alameda, CA 94501 510.378.3658 Take care, Marissa

I've seen Dr. Dyanna Anfang for relief for a tight back that becomes quite painful at times. I was so relieved that I have referred both of my daughters to her for sports injuries. She's conveniently located at Ellsworth and Channing, and open early and late hours. You'll be lucky to work with her: 2234 Channing Way, Berkeley, California 94704 510 549-9080 Merry

An excellent chiropractor who uses an activator is Mark Shapiro, and he takes Anthem Blue Cross Plus. His phone number is 510-451-3700, his e-mail is docmarkshap [at] RMI

Hi- I recommend my Dr.Steven Jakobsen of the Lafayette Chiropractic Group.I've been an established patient of his for over 12 yrs, and have my whole family, including my children see him. He has a very gentle, intuitive touch- he's amazing! I'm just not sure of the insurance coverage portion of your question. You may want to check with your insurance company as to whether Dr.J is a network provider.If you are interested. His office phone number is (925)283-8140, located at 3466 Mt. Diable Blvd. suite#C203 Lafayette, Ca. 94549 Good luck& hope this helps in your search. Denise

Aug 2009: Chiropractor In Alameda

Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in Alameda? My back has been very sore and out of alignment since my second pregnancy. I have had cronic low back pain most of my adult life and now need to take actions to correct this or at least stop it from getting worse. thanks!!

I use and like Euleta Johnson, DC (510-769-6499) on Encinal near Park. Isadora

Cheryl Saxton and Lynn Carlsen, both of Advance Health Chiropractic, are wonderful! When I first saw Lynn, eleven years ago, I was highly skeptical of chiropractic in general, but immobilized by sciatica after my son's birth. She had me walking more easily by the end of the first session, and out of pain entirely by the end of the third session. I've been seeing Cheryl for years now (Lynn was away for a while), and couldn't be happier. She even helped me after a car accident a year or two ago. I drive from another county just to see her -- nobody else can compare. Kathleen

I highly recommend Sophie Blanchard in the Marina Village part of Alameda. When i got pregnant with my third child, I threw a disc out in my lower back and couldn't move! I saw her everyday for awhile, then weekly, then monthly. She was so gracious and kind, worked with me in every area, and still to this day treats me like a friend. She's not one to tell you you need to keep coming and coming. She treats what you need treated and sends you along to a healthier life. Can never thank her enough! Alison

May 2009: Chiropractor for PTSD

I suffer from neck and back pain as a result of very old traumatic injuries. Can anyone recommend either a conventional or Network chiropractor who can help with this? Annie G.

I would like to recommend Dr. Robert Little in El Cerrito. He has helped my neck and back pain greatly. He does an hour appointment, with some massage/bodywork as well as more traditional chiropractic adjustments. There is also acupuncture available in their office. I really like Dr. Little. He is kind and relaxed, with a firm touch, but gentle. Good luck. bigmac

For PTSD-related neck and back pain, I can highly recommend Ellen Mossman. She isn't a chiropractor, but her approach is amazing. She is a body worker specializing in craniosacral work. She has 21 years of experience doing many different types of body work, but she's raised cranio to an art form. She collaborates with neurosurgeons, psychotherapists, and chiropractors, and she also teaches at the McKinnon Institute. PTSD, headaches, TMJD, neck & back problems, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, trauma resolution -- I'm sure there are more but those are the things that I know she works with that come to mind. I've seen her for back pain and insomnia; I'm now pain-free and sleeping like a rock. I was so impressed, I sent my 77-year-old mother to her, too. For the past year and a half, she'd had dizziness associated with her angina and medications. The drs. had no solution and recommended a chiropractor. Mom didn't want anything that ''vigorous'' so went to see Ellen instead. After a couple of sessions, no more dizzy spells -- and I can't remember ever seeing my mother so relaxed. Ellen is located in El Cerrito, not far from the Plaza. Call her at: 510-527-7968. So Glad I Found Her!

You (and everyone else reading this) should consider a visit to Julie Orman. I was diagnosed with rotator cuff issues with my shoulder... she fixed me. Awesome, i mean AWESOME!! she does Network Chiropractic and can be found here: or (510) 654-2399 . She takes some insurance is is a true healer. Good luck, oren

I highly recommend Dr. Matt Green. He has worked with a lot of people whose physical symptoms are emotionally based. I find him comfortable to be around, and willing to listen and be thoughtful about your experience. His office is on Ashby. He is at: 510.845.4540 I have never used a network chiropractor, but I have heard a good person is Dr. Julie Orman at Network Chiropractic on Piedmont Avenue. Pat

I have been seeing Jan Alden at The Working Body in Oakland (near Lake Merritt) for some major chronic/post-injury issues. Dr. Alden has been in practice for 20+ years, and uses a combination of muscle testing, Graston technique, basic chiro and more. The Working Body also has pilates instructors and massage therapists, and right now I am seeing a pilates instructor who works closely with Dr. Alden. Together, they have begun to make a world of difference. Feel free to contact me if you would like more details. n.n

I highly recommend Dr. Elon Bartlett in Berkeley, 510-843-1234, He is so gentle, a great listener and very dedicated to providing the highest quality care possible for his clients. I've been to many chiropractors all over the country and Dr. Bartlett is the best I've ever been to. Happy Client

April 2009: Network Chiropractor

I would appreciate recommendations of Chiropractors who practice Network Spinal Analysis. Preferably in Berkeley/North Oakland. Thanks. Jimena

I only went a few times but would highly recommend network chiropractor Koichi. Address: 3286 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA, 94703 Phone: (510) 428-2332 chris

I highly recommend Koichi Naruishi at Hikari Chiropractic. He is a very skilled Network Chiropracter, and a good person. His office is on Adeline at Alcatraz, so it sounds like it's in the area you're looking for. Here's his number: 428-2332.

April 2009: Pediatric Chiropractor?

Hi. I am looking for a good chiropractor in the East Bay for my son and myself. We live in El Cerrito. We have been seeing someone in Marin, but with her schedule and ours, it is just not working out. My son and I were in a car accident about a year ago, and did not receive the best care unfortunately.. I am most concerned for him as he is 3 1/2 and I can see signs of discomfort, muscle tension etc... Any recommendations? We have Kaiser for our insurance.,.. but I am open to anything as I just want to help my son (and myself) out..=)..

My chiropractor, Dr. Lori Ann Gertonson has a family-oriented practice. She recently had an incredible success with a young boy who wasn't able to walk when he first came in. He's totally normal now after just a few sessions. She's also helped me enormously. Her office is on San Pablo Ave. just north of Solano. 526 1559. It's the Gertonson Institute: A Creating Wellness Center. Sydney

Hi there....Try going to Dr. Daniel Rixen in El Sobrante...He is the BEST...has been adjusting kids since they were 6 wks old. He see's adults too. Very friendly and knows what he is doing. He see's my whole family plus friends. his number is 510-222-6206 he is located at 4726 appian way in el sobrante. Give him a call. Jennifer

My chiroprator in Berkeley, Elon Bartlett, is awesome! He works on kids and babies, so give him a call: He is attentive, professional and highly skilled. He has a very calm and friendly demeanor which is great with kids. Andi

I can highly recommend Dr. Allen Currano in El Cerrito. His office El Cerrito Spine Care is located across from the EC Post Office, next to the Bank of the West. His phone number is 232-4333. Maria mcottani [at]

Dr Steve Rottell, drsteve [at] -510 205 5442- at 2718 Telegraph, Berkeley. I have been seeing him for persistant pain in my leg and arm with great results! He listens well, takes his time with you and is very caring. Good advice on exercises to do at home etc. In addition to regular chiropractic care he uses a method called Nucca which focuses on the atlas vertebra at the base of the head and those adjustments have done wonders! patricia

2007 - 2008 Reviews

May 2008

Has anyone had experience with Dr. Serge Azzolino, a neurological chiropractor in SF? Am interested in taking my children to see him but would love to have some references. Does anyone know his work? thanks

I recently have started seeing Dr. Azzolino. I appreciate the fact that he tries to fix things when my medical doctors just want to ''wait and see'' or prescribe meds. He is smart and experienced and seems to know what he is talking about. He is also able to provide a lot more than your basic chiropractor by also offering functional health advice and taking a more whole body approach. His neurology specialty is a unique thing and makes him a really valuable healthcare provider for my issues. With that said, I haven't been with him long enough yet to know if his treatment is going to work with my issue. I was referred by a friend who was very happy with her treatment there.

You don't say the ages of your kids or why you want them to see a chiropractor. If you choose to go there, I would recommend seeing Dr. Azzolino over his associates. Dr. Azzolino has a better bedside manner and is really the reason to go to the office. Keep in mind that it is not a pediatric office and the energy is more high tech than warm and fuzzy. so far so good

April 2008

Does anyone know a good chiropractor that is on the Health Net list? I need to see one and don't have the money for a private provider. Thanks for any references you can provide

I used Dyanna Anfang (through HealthNet) when I was having back problems during my pregnancy, and she helped a lot. She's in Berkeley, near UCB campus, but they have a free parking garage. She starts early 2 days a week and stays late 2 days, so it's really nice if you're working and it's hard to go during normal hours. Receptionist is nice too and it's easy to make/break/change appointments. She stays on schedule--I never had to wait long. Jenny

March 2008

I'm looking for a gentle, caring and knowledgeable chiropractor in Oakland/Berkeley who is concerned with muscle tissue as well as bone structure. I had an awesome chiropractor in Austin who would work the muscle with heat and massage -- sometimes acupuncture -- before doing any adjustments. He only did gentle adjustments and only when the muscles were ''ready''. He worked with patients to make sure they were making preventative efforts to keep their muscles (hence, bone structure) in good condition. If you know of a chiropractor who may have a similar philosophy in the area, please let me know. jb

Hi, I have a wonderful chiropractor who is uses a integrative approach of gentle techniques, including activator technique. She helped and helps me immensely with my problem neck. When I found her I had already seen two other other chiropractors for the problem with no results. She got me out of the pain I'd been in for months during the first session. Her name is Joni Owen and she practices in Emeryville. She is very knowledgeable and spends time with you. I've referred clients of mine to her and have always received great feedback. I recommend her without reservation. Joni Owen, D.C (510) 652-4532

I have a GREAT GENTLE CHIROPRACTOR for you: Dyanna Anfang is just south of campus (2234 Channing Way, 510-549-9080), in a cozy office with off-street parking. Her website is Dr. Anfang is smart, knowledgeable, and understands how to do gentle movement that totally eased a longstanding lower back problem. I first saw Dr. Anfang for an excruciatingly painful arm condition that turned out to be calcific tendonitis. She assessed the problem, sent me right to an orthopedist, who took x-rays and gave me a cortisone shot that relieved the problem enough that Dr. Anfang could help me further. The whole office is friendly, easy, and accommodating. I join a long list of people on this site who recommend Dr. Anfang to anyone who needs relief. merry

March 2008

I don't really know a better way to try and choose a chiropractor that is on my insurance. Has anyone had any experiences good or bad with any of these Berkeley area Chiropractors. [long list of names omitted]

Hi. Dr. Bedient used to work out of the same office as my chiropractor, Dr. Lori Ann Gertonson. I saw Dr. Bedient a number of times and was very pleased with her and her work. I'd be happy to recommend her. Sydney

Robert Little is a wonderful chiropractor and a really sweet guy. I I dont' know the rest on your list. Good luck, anon

Meena Pal is a very talented practitioner, and as your question indicated, she takes insurance. I can recommend her highly. Her phone is 849-0327. David

Feb 2008

I have never had a chiropractic adjustment before, however I am in my 33rd week of pregnancy and I can feel my hips are completely out of whack. I think its time for an adjustment. I'm looking for a good (gentle) chiropractor that can help me with my hips, lower back pain and some sciatic nerve stuff. Any recommendations? bg

I was very helped by rolfing for back pain and nerve pain issues both before and during pregnancy. Chiropractic never worked for me. Rolfing is like deep tissue plus joint manipulation. Douw Smith in Berkeley is great: (415) 289-2136. good luck! Josephine

For both of my pregnancies, I saw Elon Bartlett for chiropractic adjustments in my 3rd trimester. He works on a lot of pregnant women and I was extremely pleased with the results. Former Achy Preggo

Jaimila Neyon (547-1140) absolutely saved me during my last pregnancy. She is very gentle and knows how to work with pregnant women. I only wish that I'd seen her during my first pregnancy because it would have relieved a lot of pain. She also has a masseuse who works with her so you sometimes get a massage too. Kelly

You must try Dyanna Anfang at 510-549-9080. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and went to Dyanna 3 weeks ago for the first time for bad lower back pain. One session and I was cured (I know, it sounds like an infomercial but it's true). I'm going once a week and couldn't be happier with her.

Dianna Anfang in Berkeley made the last few months of my pregnancy bearable. She is friendly and knowledgeable. She really adjusts your hips and back - it's not just gentle movements. I can't recommend her highly enough! anon

My chiropractor is great! I went to him throughout my pregnancy- he has a lot of experience in treating pregnant patients. Dr. Ethan Feldman- in Berkeley (MLK @ Dwight). 843-2584 malynda

Kristine Hicks of More Mojo Chiropractic (415-821-6656) specializes in pre- and post-natal chiropractic care and is well worth the drive into San Francisco. She is extremely effective, gentle and intuitive. One treatment from her flipped my son from posterior to anterior position, and my sporadic contractions turned into real labor in less than 24 hours. She also fixed his latch post-birth and he smiled and giggled the whole time. I saw lots of pregnant women lumber in and glide out of her doors during my treatment. I think she is exceptional and can't recommend her highly enough. ann

Sept 2007

I live in the Lake Merritt area. I'm looking for a chiropractor/body worker that doesn't simply lay me on the table and crack me like a peanut after asking me a few questions. Someone that will help me figure out what's wrong and how to fix it. I've had chronic back problems for way too long and I'm tired of ibuprofen/vicodin cures. heidski

My whole family has been going to Parissa Paymani of Emeryville Chiropractic for many years. She does a general adjustment each time we go but she also addresses specific issues. She has helped me with plantar fasciitis, a difficult neck problem and carpal tunnel leanings and my daughter with scoliosis as a teen and menstrual issues. I can start to see my son's shoulders get out of line and she fixes that so he stands straight again. She helped with my husband's back issues. She demonstrated exercises we could do to stretch problem areas. She listens to your issues and will do a full work up, with x-rays, if your problem warrants it. She knows her stuff in a solid medical sense but will refer to a doctor if she feels she cannot help you. My family has been very healthy in the years we have been seeing her - almost no colds; great immune systems. Barbara

I have a friend/chiropractor that I highly recommend. Her name is Deborah Claire, and her office is in Berkeley. She has been practicing a long time, was a nurse prior to becoming a chiropractor. She is very very smart and knowledgeable about healing -- more than only spinal manipulation -- and spends a lot of time getting to the heart of the matter. Not a ''wham, crack, that's all Jack'' type of chiropractor, but a healer. Her 'phone number is: (510)649-1101. Good luck, Llyana llyana

Dr. Jane Arts from the Vitality Center (formerly Network Chiropractic) is Great! You should give them a call and check them out. Her approach is very hollistic. I had and continue to have breakthroughs under her care. Happy networker

You may want to give my chiropractor, Robert Townsend a call. He is with Community Chiropractic on Oakland Ave, and can be reached at 510)708-9363. What I like about him, besides his very reasonable rate, is that he takes time to discuss your condition with you, including causes and possible solutions. He also checks on you outside office visits. AnaFG

June 2007

Re: Child's minor digestive issues
For nutritional issues, tummy upsets etc. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Charlie Prins, (Chiropractor). Charlie does a lot of great work using applied kinesiology to test for various food /substance allergies. My whole family sees him and he's helped us tremendously around allergy issues. His office number is 526-6243. He's on Solano Avenue in Albany. Good luck, June

March 2007

My husband is really suffering with sciatica for past several months. I am thinking he needs an excellent chiropractor or possibly Physical therapist or acupunturist (never used before). He is wary of chiropractors, but I think a talented and gentle one could possibly save him from this debilitating pain. We need someone in the East Bay. Thank you so much for your help.

I have had great results with Dr. Jay Sordean in Berkeley for my sciatica and my husband's back problems. He is very experienced in evaluating and treating these conditions -- not only is his acupuncture and herbal / nutritional treatment effective, he instructed me in various stretches to do to help heal and prevent my sciatica-caused pain. He also treats other types of musculoskeletal problems due to work injuries and other accidents. Nancy

I think your husband would feel very comfortable with my chiropractor, Dyanna Anfang (510-549-9080). She is smart and gentle, and helped me with a similar problem last year. She is in Berkeley near campus.

I highly recommend Dr. Allen Currano, El Cerrito Spine Care, one block so. of potrero on San Pablo Ave. 232-4333. He is very experienced and skilled at treating sciatica and back/neck pain. He is hands on, great at making clear diagnosis, into exercises, rehab and has non surgical decompression if needed. Very smart and personable..I was very happy with my neck pain/numbness treatment that went away with his help. fresoc8

Dr Tom Hendrickson helped me with my sciatica. It went away completely. He has helped me with a variety of issues and I think he is wonderful. He is in Kensington and listed in the phone book. mirsun

I went to see Laurie Klein in Oakland's Grand Lake area for help with my sciatica problems. I too was weary of chiropractors, but Laurie put me at ease with her gentle approach. My husband has also gone to see her and was very pleased with the results. Giver her a call at 444-8494. No more sciatica problems

I know a fantastic chiropractor named Joni Owen. Her main office is in Emeryville. I take my 1 1/2 year old son to her for adjustments. She is incredibly caring, gentle, and knowledgeable. Check her out! Her number is (510) 652-4532 and her website is . Best of luck to you!

Also recommended: Massage : Allan Herranen

Feb 2007

I am looking for a chiropractor in Berkeley-Oakland who takes Blue Shield Insurance. Any leads would be appreciated! susie

You will LOVE my chiropractor!! Joni Owen is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an office in Emeryville (near the Public Market). She has over 20 years experience and uses very gentle yet effective techniques. I even took my 1 1/2 year old son to her when he had an earache--she was so patient with him he didn't even realize he was getting an adjustment! Joni accepts Blue Shield as well as other forms of insurance. She also has offices in San Francisco and Marin. Joni can be reached at 510-652-4532 or owen[at] Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Kamila

For one of the finest chiropractors, David Rittinger is the best there is. His knowledge and expertise will make you feel like new again. He's amazing. He takes Blue Shield and can be reached at (510) 663-0573. Larry L

Jan 2007

Can anyone recommend a chiropractor knowledgeable in treating pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy? In the Oakland/Berkeley area preferred, but I'll travel for someone highly recommended. Much appreciated! Heather

Dyanna Anfang, DC in Berkeley (510-549-9080) is great. She sees many(!) pregnant patients and I highly recommend her.

Dr. Ethan Feldman @ Back in Action on Dwight and MLK (Berkeley) did wonders for me while I was pregnant. Tell them I sent you! Angela

I highly recommend Deborah Claire, RN, DC. She was a nurse for many years, including several in OBGYN. She knows a lot about babies, delivery, general medicine and is also an experienced chiropractor. She is very gentle, smart, and easy to get along with. Her # 510-649-1101. Anon

I highly recommend Dr. Jaimila Neyon for the pain that you are experiencing. She treated me postpartum with my first child and I have been seeing her throughout this pregnancy. I didn't know to go to a chiropractor to treat the pain with my first pregnancy and she had A LOT of work to do after my delivery. She is very experienced working with pubic symphysis and has been able to alleviate my very serious pain. She's in Oakland at 6579 Shattuck Ave # A (close to Berkeley Bowl though) and her number is 547-1140. Been there

Dr. Karen Kartch uses gentle chiropractic techniques to treat pregnant women in pain including pubic symphysis pain. Her office is at 3661 Grand Ave near the Piedmont border. Phone is 510-444-4449. sweetow

2005 - 2006 Reviews

Nov 2006

Re: Berkeley chiropractor
If you can go as far as Oakland Grand Lake area, I can recommend David Rittinger, D.C. (510) 663-0573. I have used his services, and I think his fees are very reasonable and he provides excellent care. E.M.

Oct 2006

Re: Alternative Treatment for Separated Shoulder
MY neighbor is a PT at Alta Bates and separated her shoulder a year ago. After trying everything else, she saw my chiropractor, Dr. Brian MacDoanld at the Berkeley Chiropractic Clinic, (510) 547-1222 He has helped me a lot with a chronic neck injury from a cycle crash. He saw my friend and has been treating her for 4 months now and she says she is 70% better, able to use her shoulder, gaining motion and strength. I would recommend Dr. MacDonald highly as he uses very gentle adjustments with specific exercise methods to help heal people and I trust him a lot. citiboi

Oct 2006

Looking for an outstanding chiropractor in Berkeley or Oakland who focuses on structural adjustment rather than alternative medicine matt

Dr. Ammirati is the best as far as I am concerned. He is a big, strong guy who adjusts me the ''old-fashioned'' way that I prefer. I looked for him for a long time because I am not able to let go very easily, and have to have a rare mix of confidence, sensitivity, strength and timing before I can let someone manipulate my skeleton. Dr. Ammirati has successfully brought me through complicated injuries and has undone some very old damage. He knows a ton about the human body (his undergrad was microbiology) and he explains how and why things work or break down in a way that I readily understand. His office seems to run smoothly and he sees me within minutes of my arrival. He has even come in on his day off when my daughter was injured in a car accident. I can't say enough good stuff about what he has done for both of us Linda L

My chiropractor is a great (!!) adjuster. Her name is Dyanna Anfang and her office is just south of campus (2234 Channing Way, 510-549-9080). I have had back/neck problems since an accident in college and have seen chiropractors in several cities and states. Dr. Anfang has the best hands of anyone I've seen. And she's a bright, caring person to boot. - well adjusted in Berkeley

Dr. Alan Davis/Life Chiropractic is wonderful. He does offer advice - if asked - on alternative treatment, but, pretty-much sticks to the primary reason I'm there - back pain casued by years of poor posture, sports injury, etc. Now, I see him periodically - 2-3x month - when I get out of whack. But, that is more me needing a ''tune-up'' as I don't experience the pain I used to and he has me edcuated about when its time for an adjustment. I was always turned-off by Chiropractors for the very reason it sounds like you are asking for someone who focuses just on the structural issues - he changed my mind on Chirporactors after correctly identifying a couple of issues I had relative to a fall and a sports injury that only someone who knows his stuff would identify not knowing what had happened. He is on College Ave (end near Broadway) - phone is 510-594-9994
Dr Davis Fan

I would like to recommend Dr. Raleigh Duncan of Berkeley to anyone who is seeking chiropractic care. I have been seeing Dr. Duncan for a number of years, and I find his approach to care extremely effective as well as nurturing and deeply relaxing. He is able to combine traditional chiropractic techniques, when needed, which cranial sacral care, which is a gentle (no cracking bones!) and highly effective method for relaxing the whole body and bringing the spine and other parts of the body back into allignment. I very much look forward to my appointments (I used to DREAD going to the chiropractor!) and always walk out of his office feeling great. Also, i find that the effects of a cranial sacral treatment are really long lasting, much more so than with traditional chiropractic care. Dr. Duncan is located at 912 The Alameda, at the top of Solano Ave. There is a parking lot in back. The telephone number is 525-4825. Give him a call! bunny

I believe you could not do any better than our chiropractor, Dr. Parissa Paymani, Emeryville Chiropractic. Our whole family has been seeing her for many years and she is intelligent, professional, compassionate and competent. She does not push any kind of alternative medicine but deals with the structural and will take X-rays as needed. She has a convenient location directly across the street from the Emeryville Amtrak station. She can be reached at (510) 655-5540 Barbara

I highly recommend Cynthia Santelli in Oakland (very near the Grand Lake Theater, across the 580 onramp from Lakeview Elementary). I started seeing her 8 years ago when I was pregnant. My husband started going shortly thereafter. Her adjustments are not painful or jarring, and and she does some deep tissue stuff when needed. She never pushes me on supplements or anything like that, and her demeanor is fantastic. My husband and I always look forward to our visits with her. Here is her contact info:
Cynthia Santelli 466 Santa Clara Ave Oakland tel. 510-444-0188

Oct 2006

I have recently discovered a wonderfully talented, compassionate and experienced Chiropractor: Ethan Feldman of Back in Action. I met Dr. Feldman in August when I was experiencing very unusual symptoms. I have always had a tricky back, but it was clear that something major was going on. He immediately recommended an MRI, looked at the pictures and sent me to a pysiatrist (Dr. Mechele Henry, also an amazing Dr. who works with Dr. Steven Isono), and they worked as a team to help me.

It is rare to find a chiropractor who is willing to work with traditional medical doctors, and I believe, even more rare to find someone who is so capable as well. Dr. Feldman correctly diagnosed a severely herniated disc. When our conventional treatments of Chiropractics and Cortizone epidurals (done by Dr. Henry) it was clear I would need surgery.

I was very scared and Dr. Feldman reassured me that it was not a lack of not being patient enough with conventional methods, but that my herniation was large enough to warrent a microdiscectomy. I never expected a chiropractor to support back surgery. But Feldman really means what he says: he treats the whole patient. Rather than being opinionated about one doctrine versus another, his view is that whatever is best for the patient, is what should happen. Bottom line: I had surgery and I am still seeing Dr. Feldman for adjustments and his staff for PT and massage as well as seeing Dr. Henry for follow up and other pain management. I am grateful to Back In Action for their care, compassion and truly profesional work. His adjustments are very gentle and they also specialize in Cranial Sacral work as well. They are locdated on the corner of Dwight Way and MLK. Their phone number is 510-843-2584

A grateful patient

Oct 2006

I have miss placed the name of a chiropractor in Orinda or Moraga that specializes in feet. He was recommended to me and I am no longer in touch with the person that first gave me the recommendation. Anyone out there know who I am talking about or have a recommendation of someone who specifically specializes in feet? Thanks

I would recommend, from personal experience, Dr. Steve Subotnick, a podiatrist, chiropractor and homeopath.He's in San Leandro and worth the commute. He used to come to Berkeley one day a week - I'm not sure if he still does. He is at 510-614-5633. Good luck Sara W

May 2006

Hi, I'm looking for a chiropractor who uses a drop table and activator, is knowledgeable about anatomy and sports injuries -- this is not a given -- and who is all around a great doctor, meaning you don't just feel like you walked in and randomly gave someone some money. Also no nutritional supplements or bizarre treatments, just plain old adjustments. Also (!), takes Blue Cross insurance? They can be located anywhere at all in the Bay Area. I've been to quite a few that are already posted, but would appreciate a new recommendation. Thanks in advance! anon

I know a GREAT Chiropractor who has a lot of experience with Athletes and who has been in practice for 11yrs. He currently has a private practice in pacific heights at 2001 Fillmore St. at Pine. His name is Dr. James O'Connell, Access Chiropratic, and he can be reached at 415-921-2325. James is a really amazing practicioner and he doesn't push other things like nutrition, etc. He sticks to his profession and spends quality time with each of his patients to give them a really great and thorough treatement. He has a drop table and doesn't do any strange tx or adjustments but rather a very stright forward approach to pain free living. Please call James and he will take great care of you! Crista

I've been seeing Dr. Amor Adams for about two months and she's completely healed my left shoulder/neck area, which had been one big band of tightness. I lived with this pain for about two years trying everything from massage to accupunture and while they helped some, it wasn't until I started seeing Dr. Adams that it started to dissapate. I put off going to a chiropractor for fear of that neck cracking thing, but I finally had to give in. And Dr. Adams put me at ease right from the start. She's worked with professional football players (Raiders, 49ers) and I can see why. She's top notch. On top of it all, she's a great listener. What she's done for me is truly amazing. She's in Oakland by Alta Bates. Her number is 510-834-2225. (Note: this is an updated number from previous postings.) Ann

I love my chiropractor! Rob Ammiratti, at 510-524-2222, has helped me get through numerous injuries. I really enjoy my visits because he pays attention to the whole me. He's a great educator, and his adjustments are great. I'm very picky about who twists and cracks my frame, and I have great confidence in him. Linda L

Dyanna Anfang, a Berkeley chiropractor, uses an activator and drop table and seems knowledgeable. She's not a pusher for nutritional supplements. It's like a Western medicine sort of office. I didn't have any sports-related problems, but she helped me with carpal tunnel syndrome that seemed to emanate from pinched nerves in my spine, and neck problems from anxiety. Her office is on Ellsworth near the UC campus. She took my insurance, which was Blue Shield, so probably takes Blue Cross too. Don't have the number on me, but she's most likely on the internet or in the phone book.
A believer in chiropractic medicine

Wow, do I have a great fit for you. Dr. Dyanna Anfang (510-549-9080, in Berkeley) is a fantastic chiropractor and a wonderful, caring person. She uses a drop table and activator and is the best adjuster I have ever been to (and I was injured in college). She is very interested in your specific needs and is completely focused on the fundamentals of her work- healing your problems or injuries. I know she takes Blue Cross because that is my insurance, and her staff is excellent. It\x92s like old time care- you don\x92t feel like you\x92re an anonymous patient, or that the doctor\x92s time is more valuable that yours (she is almost always on time except for true emergencies). In my experience it\x92s very hard to find doctors like this anymore.
saved by Dyanna

call Dr. Joe Ball in El Cerrito (Ball Chiropractic). He has all what you are looking for.

dr. michael hickey is great, and uses the techniques you are looking for. don't know if he takes your insurance. he now practices out of his home in n. oakland. he can be reached at 333-1992. anon

I used to go to Dr. Claire-Marie Holman, near the top of Solano Ave. I really liked that she never pushed supplements, pillows, or expensive ergonomic products. She definitely uses the activator, though I'm not sure what a drop table is so I can't answer that one. The adjustments were preceded by massage and warm sand bags which were heavenly. I believe a half hour appointment used to be $55 which was fully re-imbursed by insurance, I never found any chiropracters who took insurance directly because the companies are always remiss to pay and take their time paying out (It just took five months, 8 phone calls for me to get re-imbursed on a simple, legitimate chiropractic claim with UHC.) Chris

Dr. Abby Irwin is an excellent chiropractor and fits all of the requirements that you listed. She is a sharp diagnostician with a caring and straightforward manner. She has a deep understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy/physiology, and her specialty is sports injuries and care of athletes. She has been my husband's and my chiropractor for almost eight years (even though we are far from athletic!) and I have referred many people to her, including a few folks who have had challenging experiences with other chiropractors. She will refer to physical therapy, Xray, etc when necessary, but her practice also includes an acupuncturist and massage therapist and a few other holistic practitioners that I'm forgetting. Dr. Irwin was the first practitioner to correctly pinpoint the cause of my husband's sciatica last year (L-5 disc herniation) and to encourage us to seek more aggressive medical treatment as it became appropriate-- MRI, steroid injections, and finally surgery. Without her discerning advice and knowledge, we would have been much more bewildered and and slower in finding our way through the Kaiser orthopedic system. On the other (more conservative care) side, she has helped me deal with chronic neck and shoulder pain through strengthening exercises, a better understanding of body mechanics and adjustments as needed. I sing her praises because I think she is one of the best health care practitioners that I've ever known and everyone that I've sent to her has had a similarly positive experience. Her practice is called InLine Chiropractic, it's near the Lake-- 893- 1577.

I like Janet Kniveton 452-3940, by Lake Merritt. She uses a drop table and an activator, sells no weird nutritional supplements, just seems pretty sensible and pleasant. I don't know about her experience with sports injuries, I had desk-related problems, that have really resolved. One of the best things she did for me was have me try out several cervical-support pillows; I found one I liked and am doing much better now. You'll also have to ask about the insurance; she did not take mine (I can't now remember which insurance I had) jen

Doug Ross, of Rockridge Family Chiropractic, made a big difference to my life. Years ago I had a severe back problem, resulting in the disappearance of one of my quadriceps thigh muscles. I consulted a doctor and received physical therapy, to no effect. I was working in my office lying down. After several months I visited Dr. Ross and immediately improved. A year later my leg was back to normal. I see him for maintenance every six weeks or so at my discretion, and his fees are very reasonable. My back has never given me serious problems again B. Wright

I see Dr. Cynthia Santelli in the Grand Lake area of Oakland. She has a drop table (in addition to a stationary table) and uses an activator. In the almost 8 years I've been seeing her, she has never mentioned nor sold me supplements, although I see some in her office. As for your other concerns, I don't whether she takes Blue Cross and I don't know about her sports injury experience (but she is excellent and she's the first one I'd see if I were exercising enough to even get injured). Her contact info: Cynthia Santelli, DC, 466 Santa Clara Ave., Oakland, tel. (510) 444 -0188. Her office is on the side street that parallels the onramp to 580, right by the Grand Lake Theater. It is a pretty convenient location.
Get Crackin'

I can highly recommend Dr. Zhao Su of New Paradigm Chiropratics. She is in San Leandro. She doesn't yank you around, she uses a table that drops and has other ''tools'' to gently adjust you. She has worked on me (a REALLY bad back injury) and my 15-yo daughter (sports injuries). She uses kinesiology to check the adjustment. She also does nutritional counseling (which is what I started taking my daughter to her for initially). She can recommmend supplements for you also. She just finished her training in accupuncture, but we have done that together, yet. Her number is (510) 346-2688. I don't know if she takes insurance, but she keeps the cost way down (though the supplements can add up-if you choose to get them). She has really been a huge help to both of us. Yay, Dr. Su! Good luck.
happy back

Try Sidharth Verma at Oakbay Chiropractic. They work with a structural and muscle method (I can't remember the name of it) that a member from their office used with olympic athletes. Good feel to the office. Good communicator. Clear. Focused. 510-654-8547. anonymous

My chiropractor in vallejo is fabulous - i just ''found'' him a year ago and will never go back to a doctor that doesn't use the activator!! He takes insurance and is great with kids too. Dr. John Harrington - 707.553.2225 or on the web at debbie

You might try Kevin Wong in Orinda 925-254-4040. He is a wonderful and caring person who does drop table and activator method. He really listens! His office is very professional and he respects your beliefs and wishes (esp about vitamins etc). Happy in Orinda August 2006

I'm looking for an experienced and reputable myotherapist in the area to help treat chronic headaches. Many years ago, I went to one in SF, and after 2 sessions, my frequent headaches were gone for over a year. They've been gradually coming back and now are quite frequent again. They are supposedly migraines, but don't respond well to medications. I've tried other options without benefit, and I'd like to try myotherapy again (the person I went to before retired). If you have been to a myotherapist that you can recommend, I'd really appreciate it. I'd like myotherapy specifically, and am also interested in recommendations for acupressure. Also, if you've been to North Bay Myotherapy and Fitness and can tell me what you thought of them, that would be great too. Please NO recommendations for chiropractors, massage therapists or other options right now. I'm sure there are good practitioners, but that's not what I'm looking for right now. Thanks! ct

I highly recommend Beth Baron in Berkeley, 510-551-9539. She is a myofascial therapist--not sure if that's the same, but she is great! Ellen

I want to second the recommendation for Beth Baron (Berkeley) as a fantastic myofascial therapist. She has helped my sciatica, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms in my thighs, neck pain, and most miraculously, my severe TMJ. Here is her website: IB

May 2006

Can anybody recommend a chiropractor that has experience with postpartum issues? My back is killing me due to breasfeeding, changing, and carrying twins! Any assistance is appreciated. Connie

I have seen Dyana Anfang, a chiropractor in Central Berkeley recommended on this site several times previously. She is wonderful. She uses the drop-table and activator, and is a ''real person'', kind, caring and all-around wonderful. I don't know about the Blue Cross, but she takes Blue Shield HMO. Nora

Connie, I\x92d highly recommend Dyanna Anfang. She has two children herself and works with lots of postpartum women (there are birth announcements and thank you notes from patients- with pictures of their newborns- all over the front of the office). She is in Berkeley near the Cal campus and her phone number is 549-9080.

Dr. Jaimila Neyon of Balance Point Chiropractic saved me after I gave birth last year. I had complications in the delivery and had trouble walking or even holding my infant. She was very sensitive and attribute her care to my making a full recovery. She also let me know when she felt I was better rather than just letting me keep coming in indefinitely, which I know is a concern with some chiropractors. She's on Shattuck and her phone # is 510-547-1140. Kelly

I want to recommend Abby Irwin/ In line Chiropractic (office is near Lake Merritt) for drop table adjustments. She is an excellent resource for sport injuries as well as post-partum general backaches. I trust her very much. In her office you can also find a list of 7 massage therapists that offer all sorts of different massage styles. You can choose what you like...great place to get re-charged and re-adjusted. Price is VERY reasonable too. Myriam

I highly recommend Em Squires. She is a physical therapist who specializes in post partum issues, including posture. She also does adjustments, and insurance covers her if it covers physical therapy. She works near Lake Merrit. 286-8100 (I think). she is really knowledgable and very kind. Just fantastic. she knows more than the doctors I saw for some pp issues. I loved Em.

There is a physical therapist in the East Bay that specializes in postpartum healing and rehab. She helped me with my prenatal and postpartum postural issues. Her name is Suzanne Koval, MSPT and she can be reached at suzannekoval[AT] asayeed

I mentioned this chiropractor in another post, but I'll recommend her here again, this time in terms of post-partum care. I see Dr. Cynthia Santelli. I started seeing her when I was pregnant with my second child and experiencing horrible back pain. I had always been afraid and wary of chiropractors but was willing to try anything to address the intense pain. She was beyond fantastic and continues to be. I saw her throughout the pregnancy, post-partum, and still see her for treatment (almost 8 years after my first visit). She is gentle, easy to talk to about any concerns, and just generally does a fabulous job. I know a handful of people who see her and all are very happy with the treatment they receive. Her info: Cynthia Santelli, DC, 466 Santa Clara Ave., Oakland, tel. (510) 444-0188. Her office is on the side street that parallels the onramp to 580, right by the Grand Lake Theater.
Get Crackin', Too

I can highly recommend Dr. Bruce Rizzo. He is an experienced chiropractor in sports injuries as well as auto accident injuries etc. etc. Bruce is the kindest, sweetest person you could want treating you. He will not take your money if he doesn't think he can help you. The office does not take private insurance but you can get a receipt for services and bill your own insurance. Lots of patients there do that. (I'm a massage therapist with my business in Bruce's office). The office is located at 2509 Milvia Street Bkly between Dwight way and Blake st. Office number is 510 843-1234. Hope this helps. Please tell him June sent you. june

Nov 2005

Re: Whole health/person doctor?
I've sent both of my daughters, ages 5 and 4, to see Susan Feldman at Back in Action several times. They both have some misalignment and assymetry in their jaws and teeth. She is fantastic on a personal level with kids, and is great at introducing or working with kids on their ability to receive a session, since lying on a table and receiving an adult's very focused and powerful attention was unusual for them. At first she worked on them (one at a time of course) with me in the room with them, reading stories to them while she worked, later they went in for sessions without me. she has an incredible sensitivity (I've received a session from her myself) and the girls responded to the sessions immediately with a neck pain complaint resolved and improved moods. Time will tell with the oral issues. It's a great thing that the girls see that health care and taking care of oneself, proactively, is enjoyable, that it can happen through touch, and that it doesn't mean sterile dr.s offices, shots, etc... leah

Nov 2005

I'm looking for a good chiropractor for a neck and back injury incurred in a car accident - I'm looking for someone gentle, who won't just crack my back as soon as I walk in the door. Also, I'm looking for a massage therapist who does deep tissue massage, as well as a good physical therapist. Your help is most appreciated!

I gave the same recommendation above for the person looking for body work for back pain. Check out SOL PT on College Ave. I saw Laurie there who used Active Release Technique on me and it was great. Good luck. Healthy and Pain-Free Back

there's a great bodyworker i go to. her name is maowunyo, and she is incredible. she combines shiatsu/acupressure, tradtional philippino massage/energy work and herbology for each treatment/visit. she has a clinic in downtown oakalnd that she sees people at on thursday and fridays. she also sees people at her home also in oakland. i highly recomend her. you will feel like new. her number is 510.893.2033

there's a great bodyworker i go to. her name is maowunyo, and she is incredible. she combines shiatsu/acupressure, tradtional philippino massage/energy work and herbology for each treatment/visit. she has a clinic in downtown oakalnd that she sees people at on thursday and fridays. she also sees people at her home also in oakland. i highly recomend her. you will feel like new. her number is 510.893.2033 Oct 2005

I am in desperate need of a chiropractor in or very near Berkeley/Albany. I have Kaiser and have listed below the ones that would be covered. I've never been to a chiropractor before and am afraid of the pain, but my back pain in the middle of the night is bad enough that i can't out it off any longer! Thanks for any comments, positive or negative.

Dr. Ammirati has been my chiropractor for many years. He has relieved my pain from a wide variety of ailments and always explains his treatment very clearly. The office is a pleasant place, easy to get to, and runs efficiently. I have been amazed at how much better I feel upon a number of occasions, the most recent after a spine- wrenching fender-bender. I think what gives me the greatest confidence in him is his authentic interest in my well-being. He spends time asking questions and gives suggestions for follow-up that are sensible (I actually do them). He treats my daughter too, and has been a good influence on her lifestyle choices. She takes her health seriously and sees it in the context of longterm wellness. I am really grateful to the person who first referred me to Dr. Ammirati. Linda L

Hi. I'm extremely happy with my chiropractor, Dr. Dyanna Anfang. She has been both extremely caring and very effective in treating me. I would especially recommend her for someone who has never seen a chiropractor before because she explains her conclusions thoroughly and tells you exactly what she is going to do before she does it (and why). Good luck.

Around June this year, I started to have pain starting from the base of my spine down my right leg. The pain gradually worsened and I could barely walk: the doctors diagnosed it as a pinched sciatic nerve. Some one then recommended that I see a chiropractor.

I used the BPN to find a reference to Ross Graham (look under BPN recommendations). It turned out that Dr. Graham has moved on to San Francisco and he reommended that I see Dr. Mark Wong ( ) who was still in the Piedmont/Grand Ave area.

Recovery was a long process that took close to 3.5 months with my visiting Dr. Wong three times a week. I ran out of coverage with my medical plan and Dr. Wong extended it with a petition.

From hopelessness that I felt at that time, I have now been able to resume visits to the gym. Dr. Wong kept adjusting/re- adjusting my lower bones until they eased the nerve and the pain went away. In interesting ways (using light and vibration) he'd re-stimulate the pain and then ease it out again.

I strongly recommend him. Partha

I highly recommend my chiropractor, Dr. Melinda Perlee, in Berkeley (510-287-9279). She has a very integrated/holistic approach. She does the traditional chiropractic adjustments but spends the majority of the appointment time doing tissue work on the surrounding tissues (which ''take a hit'' when your back/other joints are out of alignment.)

Melinda also does therapeutic massage, for those who don't like chiropractic. She's also an experienced yoga practitioner and instructor and will suggest stretching exercises that can help you keep your body strong. (And she teaches yoga to individuals...which is especially helpful for those of us with back/shoulder/(etc.) injuries who need to be cautious in how we stretch/exercise.)

I had a serious back injury that left me flat on my back for two months. Melinda's been hugely instrumental in my recovery so that I could finally get back to work as a hospital nurse. Alison

June 2005

I would like a reccomendation for a healing center or chiropractor who has good massage therapists to heal from a recent auto accident- someone who takes insurance claims -the better = already looked on list-thanks so much. Berkeley or near please
ouchy mom

Dr. Michael Hirsch is the best. both my husband and myself love him (and my husband is very picky..). I came to see him after diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands by a hand surgeon, who recommanded cortisone shots, that actually made my condition worse. than I saw a hand therapist, and that didn't help either. finally, I saw Dr. Hirsch, who suggested that my problem really originated from my neck. There are two really good massage therapists in his office, that I can't recommmend highly enough. They're on 29th St. in Oakland and the phone # is 510-444-BONE(2663). Finally can sleep

I go to Bruce Del Fante on Piedmont Avenue. 655-6336. Good adjustments and reasonable rates! anon

May 2005

I didn't see too many recent referals for chiropractors on the website. I am looking for someone who is experienced, and can provide relief. Someone who is familar with working with soft tissue would be even better. I've had chiropractors who use methods that are more gentle, but I don't really feel better afterwards. I have many kinks in my neck and scapula area, causing me to be regularly uncomfortable and tired. Also, lately, the lower back pain I had during pregnancy has returned. My bab y is now 9 months old. It would be ideally in Oakland Lakeshore/Grand area, or Montclair. However, I am open to more locations given a very enthusiastic recommendation. thank you sooo much. all wound up

I believe I feel similarly to you; when I'm in pain I want a chiropractor who can adjust me in exactly the ''right way'' (gently but firmly, and in precisely the right places, I guess I'd call it). I'd recommend Dyanna Anfang, D.C. (510-549-9080). Her office is in Berkeley just south of campus, on Channing Way between Shattuck and Telegraph. It's not in the location you were looking for, but (thankfully!) there's off street parking and she's definitely worth the trip. - well-adjusted

I go to Agi Ban, she's great! near Ashby and 7th her number is 845-4540 good luck

I recommend Dr. David Basco as your chiropractor. I went to him regularly during my pregnancy. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and left arm. I found relief from the various techniques he used and the pain disappeared and never returned. He also has a massage therapist in his office (by appointment). His office is located at 2133 MacArthur Blvd at Fruitvale, phone 510-482-3883. New Mom

Ed van Buskirk has done wonders for me. And it's very easy to get in to see him once you're an established patient (you just call up and say you're coming in at whatever time). He's located right across from the Clarement/College Safeway at 6245 College, upstairs. Phone 594 1782. He has good hours, too. Linda

Dr. Jan Corwin is terrific. I have also been treated by Mylo Magtoto--he also is very good.
494 Hawthorne Ave. (near 32nd & telegraph) Oakland, CA 94609 tel: 510-654-8547 fax: 510-654-9247 Hours: M - W - F 8:30 am - 6:30pm Tues & Thurs 9:00 am-12:30 pm

I can highly recommend my chiroprator, Chinabear Joseph. She is on Grand Avenue and her number is 272-9109. She is what I would describe as a non-traditional chiroprator (not just a bone cracker). She does lots of deep tissue work and cranial sacral (gentle, but you can request whatever you want), in addition to the usual adjustments. She has a specialty in working with babies and kids, but my husband and I have seen her on a regular basis for the past 6-7 years. Ariel

First let me tell you I'm sorry you are in pain. I know what you're going through. I see Dr. Laurie Klein, 444-8494. She's located above the Coffee Mill on Grand. She's great for general chiropractic care, does extensive massage work, and has been great for my pre-and-post natal issues. She came highly recommended to me by several of my mom friends and I've recommended her again and again.(In fact, I was just about to post an unsolicited recommendation, so I'm glad you asked.) Tell her Alison sent you!

I have seen Janet Kniveton for my neck and shoulder tension/pain. I found that she individualized the treatment, asking me how much adjustment I was comfortable with, using alternative methods when I preferred that. The work was subtle, and I didn't necessarily feel transformed when I left, but after about 3-4 sessions I noticed great improvement. She is personable, explains things well, takes time to understand where you're coming from. She is on grand ave, across from fairyland. her ph no is 452-3940 iris

I would like to recommend Dr. Sue Mullen. I have been under her care since late last year and she has helped me tremendously with fatigue, headaches and neck and back pain. She is warm and gentle with adjustments that are very effective. I always leave feeling energized. She is located on Oakland Ave off of Grand in Oakland. Her number is 510-653-6855. Sandy

Our wonderful chiropractor, Stacy Preston, sees both my son and myself. She uses various techniques depending on what she thinks would work best in your situation to treat you. She spends at least a half an hour on each visit with each of us. She truely takes the time to find the source of the pain and works slowly with your body to make the adjustments. We feel very lucky to have her, especially with my son who has experienced pain due to a bone disease. She has not only helped eliminate the pain for him, but made it something he looks forward to doing. Her office is on Sante Fe near Solano in Albany and her phone number is 525-2715. Leslie

May 2005

I am looking for a chiropractor and osteopath in or near Berkeley who works mainly with adults. My main problems are my knee and shoulder. It would also be helpful to know whether these treatments have worked for those with knee problems.

I'd say see my chiropractor, Dyanna Anfang, Berkeley, 549-9080. If chiropractic can help with your knee and/or shoulder problems she's great, and if she feels that any other kind of treatment would work better she'll tell you right away and help you find the right person. - anon.

Michelle Reddel, D.C., is a great chiropractor who specializes in cranial-sacral work. She works on adults and children with terrific results. Her office is located at 1398 Solano Ave (at Carmel) in Albany, and her number is 510.558.8258. Janet

Bruce Rizzo is a chiropractor in Berkeley. He works mostly with adults (but also some kids) and does deep tissue, active-release work as well as adjusting. He's great and the deep tissue work is fantastic. His number is 510-843-1234. I highly recommend him. anonymous

April 2005

I have Healthnet ASHP Chiropractic/Acupuncture coverage Does anyone have a clue how to navigate this process? My dependents and I are supposed to have 20 visits each per year (combined chiro and acupuncture). I would prefer Oakland or Berkeley but I would travel (if allowed) for someone really good. I would also like a recommendation for an excellent Dr. of Chiropractic that participates in this. My most recent Chiropractor (Dr. Feldman) was really good but I did not have medical pymts coverage on my auto insurance and my services already exceed the amount he can cover w/out me paying (which I can't afford right now. My back is aching! Can someone help me find a covered Chiropractor so I can complete my course of treatment??

As far as finding an excellent chiropractor who is part of the Healthnet network in Berkeley or Oakland, I think you're in luck. I can highly recommend Dr. Dyanna Anfang, whose office is just south of UC Berkeley, at 2234 Channing Way (near Ellsworth). Her number is 549-9080. IMO, Dr. Anfang is an exceptional doctor because she is both caring and empathetic, and highly skilled. She treats patients with respect, explains options clearly and straightforwardly, and empowers patients to become involved in their own care. - another ASHP member

I'd highly recommend Dr. Dyanna Anfang in Berkeley (549-9080). She takes HealthNet/ASHP, and her assistant checks your coverage specifics online- they are very good about dealing with these things. One great thing about the practice is that the doctor and the office donmt run like the kind of medical practice we all try to avoid. Itms very friendly and the doctor is almost always on time (except for true emergencies). But Dr. Anfang is the real find. She is a great, gentle adjuster (I have seen many before!) and is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to share her information. IMO she is a truly concerned and compassionate healer and person. - Happy patient with insurance

I'm also on the HealthNet ASH plan, and I am seeing Dr. Lisa Polevoy in Berkeley. Visit her website at for more details about her practice. She accepts your insurance, and she thoroughly understands the reimbursement process. Dr. Lisa and her staff can help you navigate the process.

As far as treatment goes, she has given me simple exercises to do at home so that I am better able to hold my adjustments. She is willing to take a gentle chiropractic approach if you prefer. In my expererience, it is a somewhat slow process to recovery depending on the extent of your injuries, but the decrease in pain and my improved posture are both noticeable. Good luck! Fellow HealthNet Patient

Check with the chiropractic office of Michelle Reddel, D.C. She's a chiropractor specializing in cranial-sacral work, and she is just terrific. She does accept some HealthNet but her secretary tells me it depends on the HealthNet policy you have. Her office is located at 2560 Ninth St, Suite 313, Berkeley (cross street is Dwight). Her phone number is 649-9169. Janet

Regarding chiropractic and ASH (American Specialty Health): a number of insurance policies contract with ASH and folks are told they have ''20-30'' visits (sometimes bundled with acupuncture etc). In reality, a DC is allowed 5 visits under ASH and then must fill out considerable time-consuming paperwork to ask for more. Patients should know this--they should also know that ASH pays doctors really low fees--far lower then customary-- and many doctors are forced to accept these fees or opt out of the system (and thus out of many insurance policies). ASH is typical of managed care: most of the money goes to supporting a large middle tier of case managers and high upper managment salaries. The insurance carriers like it because they can say they provide chiropractic...and then can provide it on the cheap with unrealistic limits on visits. anonymous

Regarding your message for chiro and acupct care with HealthNet. I use to find Drs that participate in the plan. I just used the HealthNet link to find a acupuncturist in the El Cerrito area and had great success. A while back I went to Dr. Jan Corwin in Oakland for chiropractic care. ( I liked him a great deal and his staff is quite nice. However, I've no idea if they are in the ASHP program or not. You'd have to check it out. Best of luck, Chere

March 2005

Re: Chiropractor in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville or San Ramon
Hello... I must tell you about Dr. Jeffrey Johnson. He is a chiropractic neurologist and works in a way not typical of your garden variety chiro.

After a long and troubling summer seeing neurologists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, physiatrists, having 3 MRIs, 2 ultrasounds etc., my internist finally referred me to Jeff.

After the 2nd appointment I left in tears...I was at least 80% improved! He has a very unusual approach. I was never once 'adjusted'. He does a complete examination to determine the problem and then designs an action plan that he discusses with you.

After seeing him for appx. 3 months I am pain free and grateful! I have referred probably a dozen friends and all of them RAVE about him. We each had different symptoms, and he has been able to help each of us. I urge you to contact him. I promise you, you won't be sorry!! Please tell him Karen sent you!!
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson 115 Town and Country Drive, Suite E Danville 925-743-8210

Feb 2005

I am looking for a female physical therapist (or, possibly, certified massage therapist) who is experienced (with advanced training) in myofascial release technique. I am hoping to alleviate ongoing S-I joint pain that has not responded to standard exercise-based P.T. Ideally, in or near Berkeley, and ideally, accepts insurance (I can get my M.D. to refer). anon.

Ann Honigman at Westside Family Chiropractic does myofacial release. The other chiropractors in that practice may do it as well. She knows a lot about anatomy and has good familiarity w/ pilates, yoga, and other forms of 'self help.' They take insurance. They are on 9th near parker. anonymous

I recommend Rachael Peizer, MPT of Hands On Physical Therapy. She is a PT specializing in myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. I have been using Rachael's services for the past 2 years for my lower back pain. She does not accept insurance however does provide you with the paperwork necessary to get reimbursement from your insurance company. My insurance provides coverage for her services as ''out of network'' so it is not covered 100%. Her rates are reasonable. She is located at 2615 Ashby Ave, Berkeley 510-919-0903 jennifer

The preacticioner I see is named Marie Jo Graziadei, cellphone 415-302-4595. Her office is on Grand Avenue in Oakland. She is a certified Rolfer and has velvet hands of steel (esp her thumbs!) As far as I know she does not take insurance, but I pay out of pocket because it's so worth it. An hour and a quarter is $120. Bonnie

2004 & Earlier

Nov 2004

Re: Chiropractors covered on my health plan

RE: Dr. Anfang--I really recommend her! My husband has gone to her for years, and when I had a bad injury last winter, I sought her help. She knew exactly what the problem was (SI joint) and what to do to fix the injury. I've been seeing her every 3 weeks for ''maintenance'' since. Christine

I started seeing Dr. Anfang after a bike accident and have been very happy with her. My shoulder and back are much improved. She is very nice and her office is convenient to campus (and as a bonus has a parking garage for patients.) Carrie

I can highly recommend Dyanna Anfang. She is both a caring person and an excellent chiropractor. I have had great results with her and am very comfortable recommending her to others. As much as is possible these days, she seems to try to run an old fashioned office where you are treated with respect and concern. I don't know the other two names on your list. - a happy patient

I highly recommend Lisa Polevoy (prounounced Pol'-a-voy). Though I have only been to see her once (need to go back but haven't found time lately with 2 preschoolers at home and a 3rd baby on the way), I was totally impressed with her gentle demeanor, physical strength (I'm a big gal), and chiropractic skill. My husband is an internist who refers dozens of patients to her, and he also sees her as a patient. Her office is low-key and mellow; her staff friendly and helpful. Go see Dr. Lisa--you'll like her! Heidi

April 2004
I highly recommend a chiropractor I have been seeing regularly for the past few months: Stacey Preston, 902 Santa Fe Av in Albany, 525-2715. Stacey's technique is gentle yet thorough and effective. She is also a mom and a pleasant person to be around. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Amy

April 2004

Can anyone recommend a low-cost chiropractor or chiropractic clinic? My nanny is having terrible back problems but cannot afford a full-priced chiropractor. Martha

Dr. David Basco, DC, treats patients with financial hardships. Please call or visit his office: Dr. Basco, Bay Area Injury Center, 2133 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602 510-482-3883. He understands many people need chiropractic care, but do not have health insurance. He will work out an affordable treatment plan. mgl

Jan. 2004
Dr. Michael Hickey is a chiropractor in Oakland who treats children and adults. He enjoys a reputation for being honest, ethical, thorough, exceedingly knowledgeable (he is also a professor at the chiropractic college in San Leandro), and competent. His office is casual and his style is personable. I know many children who have been treated by Dr. Hickey for sports injuries as well as general aches and pains. I highly recommend him. His office phone number is 465-5200 X2. He is located on Pill Hill in Oakland. a patient

Oct 2003

I am looking for a chiropractor in the Piedmont Ave, Grand Ave area, preferably one with Saturday or evening hours, but I'm flexible. Any suggestions? I have consulted the website already and most of the posts do not meet my need or the chiropractor is no longer in practice. Cynthia

Dr. Mary Bacon has been my chiropractor for over six years and I can recommend her highly. I have mild scoliosis and see her for periodic ''tune-ups'' plus I've greatly benefited from following her advice/fitness tips. She suggested weight training/pilates to help strengthen and tone my abs and lower back so I'm not quite so dependent on the temporary pain relief that chiropractic offers. Her office is very kid-friendly too which really helps because sometimes I need to take my toddler along when I'm getting an adjustment.
Mary Bacon 230 Grand Ave. #301C 663-1145
She usually sees patients Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but may have other appointments available. -Sharon J.

I know a great chiropractor who is just off Grand Ave (right on the corner). I used to go to him regularly until he no longer accepted my insurance and I could no longer afford him. His name is Ross Graham and the office is called Grand Chiropractic. I highly recommend him, though! Good Luck!
Graham Ross W DC 460 Boulevard Way Oakland, CA 94610 510-653-1515

Try Daniel Karan on Piedmont Ave. I have had great success with him, and my husband (who does strenous labor and often has he or his workers see Daniel with back problems) swears by him. comfortable now

I have a great Chiropractor on Piedmont (at the oppisite end from Broadway). She doesn't do the 'crack you back' thing but instead uses a tiny plunger device to get very precice adjustments. I had alway been a disbeliever but she came to me reccomeded by a friend who had been partially paralized on one side and couldnt flex his foot. After treatment you could hardly tell that there had ever been a problem. Since seeing her myself I have run into countless others who are not connected to each other but see her. I have been very happy with her bedside manner as well as the physical results of her treatment. Her name is Sallie MacNeill. She is at 4327 Piedmont Ave and her phone #is (510) 655-1933.
She is in Practice with her husband Daniel Karen. I just read all the ads and saw that he was recommended too and that person didn't mention that they are in practice together either. So you could get two recommended choices in one office. They also work with a therapeutic masseuse. They are both great but I preferred Sallie because her bedside manner is a bit softer (feminine?) and his is more matter of fact (masculine?) It's a matter of personality preference. S.W.

Aug 2003

Rob Ammirati on Solano Avenue, 524-2222, is just the best. He has seen my family through several car accidents, some chronic complaints and a few terrible falls, with good humor and compassion. He's VERY smart. Linda L

Aug 2003

I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with Chiropractor Richard Richman of Glenview Holistic Chiropractic. I am looking for a chiropractor who will deal with multiple issues that seem to be accumulating over time. I have had problems with my back for many years and have seen a few chiropractors off and on. I've also noticed lately that I'm beginning to have problems with my knees. I want to see someone who can do more than just the standard adjustment and who might be able to offer a more long-term and holistic solution. I've looked at his website and it seems to be what I'm looking for. I just want to make sure he is effective. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Nancy

I feel compelled to respond to the query regarding Richard Richman. Years ago, he had an office in Alameda, and I went to him on a recommendation from a patient of his. I was in terrible pain and didn't have insurance or a lot of money to pay for treatment, and the person who recommended him said that he was looking for someone to trade secretarial work for chiropractic care. He was enthusiastic and encouraging on the phone when I explained my financial situation, and stated that he would like to start treatment immediately, and then discuss how I could repay him after I was no longer in debilitating pain. He gave me the impression that he needed typing, some research, and other secretarial jobs done. As soon as I met him at his office, before any treatment or discussion of treatment, after hearing of my pain from sciatica, he asked me to move a large stack of chairs from one room to another! Aside from the chair moving, which I could not even attempt to do, he sent me home with a bag of new-agey crystal headbands to assemble, which he said he intended to sell on the internet. He never did any chiropractic adjustment on me, and I have been to a number of chiropractors, so I do know the difference between being adjusted and the ''energy work'' that he said he was doing on my back. I did have a good chiropractic experiencewith Paul Romero, at Romero Chiropractic - (510) 655-2266). He is located at 364 41st St in Oakland ( near Broadway) He is really experienced and caring. good luck. anonymous

June 2003

I just joined Health Net and am trying to locate a chiropractor for my very tempermental neck. Does anyone have any experience with any of the following Chiropractors? Many thanks, KJM

Amor Adams is fabulous. My husband and I have been seeing her for just over two years. I was referred to her by my former chiropractor when we had to make a change due to insurance. I thoght my previous Dr. was good, but Amr Adams is better. She has treated me for pregnancy related back problems as well as other problems that come up. She has treated my husband for sports injuries and each time we walk out feeling great. Please give her a call - you won't regret it. Kristi

I believe Paul Walton is a Health Net provider. If so, I can strongly recommend him. A practitioner, teacher and trainer, he is extremely knowledgeable, and employs with care the right remedy or remedies for an ailment. He is thoughtful, wideranging, and responsive to the patient's needs and input. And you are done when the problem has been addressed -- it does not drag on without end. nancy

May 2003

I am looking for a chiropractor in the Bay Area who specializes in the Activator Method (my mother calls this the staple gun technique) and who does not do manual corrections. Expertise in applied kinesiology and so-called ''muscle testing'' is an even bigger plus, as the combination of these techniques I found to be very powerful with a doctor in Boston. I have so far not been able to find anyone here in the Bay Area combining these techniques, but it's what I need to keep my hips and neck adjusted and happy. anon

Dr. Jay Bunker on Solano Ave. just above the BART tracks (pink bungalow) uses the activator method. I used him for a couple of years. He is a very nice, soft spoken man. klev

For almost two years, I have been to Dr. Jay Bunker, on Solano in Albany. I has sometimes minor adjustments, and somtetimes more complex situations were happening to me. I found him to be thourough, using the activator method, and other techniques if called for. I have found him easy to work with, and he really listens. He has convenient hours, and I recommend him. Phone: (510)528-3058. Gina

hi. i have a wonderful chiropractor. i'm not sure if he does the activator method but what he has done to me is a very gentle adjustment. he's in fremont. his name is Dr. Michael Nichols. you can probably get his number from information. but is 510-593- 7743. good luck! J I would like to reccommend my Chiropractor: Dr. Lisa Polevoy in Berkeley. She has without a doubt changed my life. Her holistic practice takes into account all of the factors that can create pain in any body part.She will use the activator method, cranial sacral work, or traditional manipulation, she can do it all. Just tell her what you need. And if you just don't know, tell her what's happening with your body. She can help.
Upon the suggestion of my general practitioner, who told me that this woman ''Is just awesome and will change your life.'' I called her. He was right. She is awesome. I am feeling better, finally. I have a ''bum'' ankle and back and have been suffering for years. In addition, I have been struggling with weight loss ever since my pregnancy two years ago. Dr. Polevoy is not only a chiropractor, but a nutritionist as well. I have already lost a bunch of weight and through her adjustments and careful care, I feel better than I have in years.
I know I must sound like a billboard advertisement, but I am just so excited to find a chiropractic office that offers such a high level of care. Dr. Polevoy employs a host of massage worker and athletic rehabilitators, all of whom have been helping me get back on my feet (literally). And a great benefit: she accepts my insurance (or they accept her...?). Anyway, she works with insurance companies without fear.
What's so effective about her approach is her ability to listen and discern what each patient truly needs. She doesn't just adjust you with standard adjustments, she truly tailors each session and decision for treatment based upon your needs that day. And she runs a great show over there. Her people are happy and talented and the engery cannot be beat.
Contact Info: Dr. Lisa Polevoy, 510-647-3825, 741 Addison Street, Berkeley A Very Happy Patient

My fabulous chiroprator (Dr. Sandra Waggener) highly recommneds Dr. Khalsa Shakati-Singh at 2506 Shattuck Ave.Berkeley. He does Activator Method chiropratory. His phone number is 548-2225 Good Luck Diana

May 2003

Can anyone recommend a pediatric chiropractor? I am a Kaiser member.

I don't know how it works with Kaiser, but I HIGHLY recommend my chiropractor, Chinabear Joseph. She works with infants, children and adults and is incredible. She does very little, if any cracking, and does a lot of cranial sacral and gentle deep tissue work. She is very intuitive and an incredible healer. She helped my daughter with colic and my whole family has been seeing her for the past 5 years. She does not bill insurance, but is a Blue Shield provider, so my insurance covers quite a bit. Her number is 510-272-9019. She is in Oakland on Grand Ave. Ariel

Aug 2002

I can highly reccommend Amor Adams in Oakland (Broadway @17th) She is wonderful, very gentle and not at all pushy. She has done wonders for me, before during and after pregnancy for a variety of back problems. My husband is a complete convert to the wonders of a good chiropractor. She also specializes in sports injuries and rehabilitation, though I have never seen her for this. Her number is (510) 547-6623. Kristi
([editor] phone number updated 2/19/2004)

Aug 2002

I searched the archives but could not find recommendations for chiropractors for babies (only for children, with no mention of less than 6 month olds). Has anyone a recomendation for a chiro who has strong experience working with babies (new borns/infants) who have had difficult births? My child was delivered via forceps after a long labor (and after several attempts at a vacum first). I know in England it is quite common to use chiros on babies, but haven't been able to find anyone here with such experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks! Kim

Dr. Ethan Feldman at Back In Action Chiropractic Center on Dwight Way and MLK in Bkly works with infants and babies of all ages, sizes, conditions. He doesn't ''specialize'' in infants but he has a lot of patients who are teeny babes (usually his adult patients bring their newborns). Ethan also has 2 children of his own who he has treated through their young life. Ethan is gentle, compassionate, kind and very skilled and experienced. I work at Back in Action as a massage therapist...I see a lot of people come in and out of there. The number at Back in Action is 843-2584.

If I may give my personal opinion....I was a chiropractic patient when I was 3 months old (I'll be 50 in January).I had a digestive problem that our chiropractor ''magically'' fixed within the first few visits. We always went to ''Dr. Eddie'' instead of the MD's when we were sick as kids. There are so many wonderful and effective alternatives to western medicine these days for solving health issues for young and older alike. I'm always so relieved and glad to hear that more and more parents are choosing non western methods for their families; Not that there is not an important place for western medicine!We have been very grateful to be treated at the Kaiser emergency room many times over the years. I think though that as people become educated in preventive and alternative care, medications and procedures that are perhaps overused and abused will become a thing of the past. I'd better stop here before I further put my foot in my mouth. Best of luck in finding the right person for your infant. June

Hands down - Dr. Joseph Ball in El Cerrito on San Pablo is the best! It is obvious that he loves babies and kids. He is very gentle and takes the time needed to make a child feel comfortable. He also takes as much time as needed with the parents to explain things and answer as many questions as you have. I had to push for 4 hours to birth my son, and they used vacuum suction to finally get him out. He also was posterior, so the ride out wasn't so comfortable for him either! Needless to say he needed some gentle work especially on the atlas area of his neck. I took him to Dr. Joe when he was 10 days old and he was fine after only a few visits. My son, now 3.5 years old, took a minor fall about a 6 months ago and I took him to ''Dr. Joe'' because he complained of a stiff neck. Dr. Joe saw him 3 times and after that he was fine. So Dr. Joe is not *that* kind of DC that has you keep coming back long after you have healed. Dr. Joe is great! I can not recommend him enough. He's btw Darla's Baby Boutique and Star Education Center. Marianne

I highly recommend Nancy Burke, who is not a chiropractor, but does cranial-sacral adjustments. She works a lot with infants and small children. She has a very full practice, but you should be able to get in soon, especially if you mention this is for after a difficult birth. Her office is in Richmond, phone 236-1007 yvonne

Recommendations received: One could also try osteopathy. Catherine Henderson has practiced and is licensed in England. These doctors are licensed in California to do births and Catherine specializes in children, particularly around birth trauma. Nori

[Editor Note Nov 2017: Catherine Henderson has notified us that she is no longer practicing in California.]

Catherine Henderson, a British-born and trained cranial osteopath, is fantastic at helping newborns and babies realign normally after a difficult birth. She specializes in birth trauma, and to my knowledge is the only practitioner in the East Bay with 20 years of experience at treating this. (My entire family goes to her for yearly tune-ups; this preventive medicine is so effective we are almost never ill. In addition, she was the doula for both of my births.) FYI, osteopathy is not chiropractic, but a much subtler and deeper form of bone and muscle manipulation. She can tell you more.  It sometimes takes a while to get in to see her, but it's worth the wait. Alix

[Editor Note Nov 2017: Catherine Henderson has notified us that she is no longer practicing in California.]

My daughter and I have been under care of Dr. Aaron and Dr. Eileen at Integrative Chiropractic since my daughter Julia turned one, last October, so nearly a year. I've seen other babies under care from birth there. We have been very very happy with our care. How do I know Julia likes it? Well, yesterday, I was talking to her about the different ways we can feel better when we are sad/upset besides nursing. I suggested, laughing, dancing and singing, and then she quipped ''adjustment'' which is the term we use for getting on the chiropractic table. I was so surprised, but then she repeated it three more times without any prompting from me while enumerating the feel-better list, I have to give her credit for knowing what feels good! They practice network spinal analysis style (very gentle and effective)of chiropratic. They are very warm, skilled, and good with babies. In fact the whole office (staff and other patients) are incredibly baby friendly. Their offices are located across from the Grand Lake Theatre. 478 Santa Clara. 444-8729. Their website is Feel free to contact me for more info. Gloria

2001 I'm 20 weeks pregnant and having some lower back problems. I would like to see a chiropracter but my health insurance, Health Net/Hill Physicans only covers one in the East Bay, Dr. Corwin on Hawthorne in Oakland. Has any one ever gone to him? What did you think? I would be open to hearing about any other chiropracters that specialize in pregnancy, but hope Dr. Corwin is decent so it would not be as costly. Elizabeth

I used to be a patient of Dr. Corwin. He is generally well regarded and at one point was a chiropractor for the Olympics. He has also taken care of some UCB athletes. I didn't really have a problem with him, but switched to Dr. Abby Irwin (on Lakeshore, 893 1577), who used to be in his office and also was an Olympic chiropractor. I just liked her overall approach better. Corwin was more reserved and clinical in comparison. While both have a wide variety of patients, both are also well versed in sport injuries. Martha

Regarding Dr. Jan Corwin on Hawthorn in Oakland - He is more than decent. I went to him for a long time with a serious injury about 12 years ago. He was very good clinically and was also very helpful and supportive. I believe he specializes in sports injuries. I'm happy to hear he is on the Health Net panel because I am finally going to be covered on my Health Net plan for chiropractic care and will probably go back to him. Donna

I also had lower back problems during my pregnancy and was referred to Dr. Corwin through Hill Physicians for chiropractic care. I thought he was perfectly competent and my back problems did improve under his care--I went from hardly being able to walk to just being uncomfortable! He recommended keeping up with my yoga practice and doing several specific exercises to help myself. I thought that those recommendations were good. He also has a special table to accomodate your growing tummy!

My only doubt about Corwin is that he had me come in for my 6 Hill Physicians-approved appointments and then suddenly pronounced me cured of back trouble when I had run out of appointments. I was certainly better at that point, but I think the rest of my pregnancy could have been MUCH more comfortable if I had had some continuing care...was this Corwin's fault or the insurance industry's? I really don't know. All I know is that he suddenly seemed to think I was fine when he couldn't get reimbursed for my care anymore and although I knew I needed more help.

I have heard similar stories about him from people going to him with non-pregnancy related chiropractic needs. Lea


Can anyone recommend a good Chiropractor for children? I am not even sure if this is the route to go, but my seven-year-old daughter is constantly stretching and arching her back. When I ask her about it she says it feels stiff. She has had a couple of falls in the recent past from swings and slides and I'm quite concerned. Has anyone experience with Dr. Rueben Ziegler in Oakland? Thanks, Naomi

My family has been going to a wonderful chiropractor for the last ten years, Dr. Ethan Feldman. He and his staff are warm and friendly and appointments are fairly flexible. His office is on Martin Luther King and Dwight Way. His phone number is 843-2584. I had a back injury many years ago and have to careful of my lower back. When I lift something improperly or strain in, the first thing I do is call Dr. Feldman and get my vertebrae put back in alignment before the muscles start swelling. He is very good at focusing on the exact problem and I always feel limber as a noodle when I leave! Please give him a try; you won't be disappointed. And tell him Georgie sent you! Georg

As a massage therapist I tend to hear a lot of opinions about the various chiropractors in the area. I'd like to add Dr. Ethan Feldman to the list of excellent chiropractors. Ethan's business is called Back In Action, on Dwight and MLK in Berkeley. He is gentle, kind, sensitive to his patients needs and an excellent chiropractor.

Ethan is a very sweet and gentle guy, great wtih kids and a great and eaxperienced chiropractor. He sees both of my boys. My 10 year old, just occasionally for maintenance. My 6 year old more regularly for scoliosis and growing pains. He will take time to make children feel comfortable and make the whole adjustment seem like a fun game if the child is anxious or afraid. He listens to what you have to say and never seems rushed to get on to the next patient. Whenever my kids get sick they say I want to go see Dr. Ethan....

He has massage therpists on staff, a Feldenkreis practitioner, exercise therapist, Craneo-Sacral Therapist (his wife, Susan). Dr. Bruce Rizzo is another chiropractor in Ethan's practice. Bruce also does something called Active Release Techniques which is a deep technique releasing strain in the muscle tissue as the muscle is in movement. Kind of hard to explain, but it's really great. The number at Back in Action is 843-2584. Good luck. It's hard to decide who is the best person for you. June

It sounds like you are looking for someone in Oakland, but I'd like to recommend highly a chiropractor in El Cerrito by the name of Joseph Ball. He loves kids and it shows in how he takes the time to get to know them and make them feel comfortable. He has a nice office right on San Pablo, state of the art equipment, he's friendly and professional, and he doesn't crack you like the traditional chiro. I myself have worked with and/or gone to well over a dozen different chiropractors in my life. Dr. Joe is heads and shoulders (and spines) above the rest. Marianne

Parissa Peymani of Emeryville Chiropractic is a fantastic chiropractor and has been caring for me and my family for several years. She has been adjusting both of my kids for several years and has eliminated many problems and kept the heavy backpacks from completely ruining their backs. They love seeing her. Barbara

In response to the inquiry, Dr. Peymani is no longer on Solano Ave. She has opened her own office as Emeryville Chiropractic, right across from the Emeryville railroad station, and she is a wonderful chiropractor. I can't say enough good things about my family's experiences with her. I don't know if your insurance will work OK in her new practice but give her a call at 655-5540 to check it out. Enjoy! Barbara

I highly recommend Ann Honigman at Westside Family Chiropractic on 9th St. in Berkeley. Tel. no.: 843-5700. She is really excellent and will easily fill your request for a gentle touch. Pamela (2001)

Dr. Ann Honigman is an excellent chiropracter, and really great with kids. Both my girls have seen her and she has a very gentle touch and is very effective. (She's also great with adults, I've been seeing her for several years.) Meghan (2001)


I highly recommend Dr. Sandra Waggener, 526-2567, on Sante Fe just off of Solono Ave. Prior to becoming a chiropractor several years ago Dr. Waggener was a massage therapist so she really works the muscles as well as the bones. There have been many a day when I walked into her office thinking I'd never walk without pain again and presto I'm back on the hiking trail. She's got my vote. Good Luck, CorViele (2001)

Chiropractors: I highly recommend Sandra Waggener. She listens and I found her quite effective. I had pain in my neck and shoulders that had radiated down both arms. I worked with her for about six months along with some massage (her recommendation) and the pain in my arms disappeared and my neck and shoulders got much better. Most importantly, she very forthright and honest. mascoli/werthan (2001)

Looking for a good chiropractor? I recently saw Dr. Sandra Waggener for a lower back problem brought on by carrying around my 2 year old and I must say after just a couple of visits I feel good and I have much more energy. She also adjusted my partner during her pregancey with our now 4 1/2 year old. She was a massage therapist first so as you can imagine she can manipulate the muscles before making any adjustments. I'm just feeling so good I wanted to pass on her name and number just in case anyone's looking for a recommendation. Dr. Waggener, 902 Sante Fe Ave., Albany, 510-526-2567

I want to recommend Dr. Waggener too. I've been going to her for several months. I was starting to have symptoms related to Repetitive Stress Syndrome/Disorder. Her work has really helped me.


Hi! I wonder if anyone have experience from Eric C. Smith and the DRS system, a non-surgeal method said to repair damaged discs? I would be grateful if anyone would share information about this. Can he be recomended? Mikael

This is in response to the person asking about Eric Smith, chiropractor. I was a patient of his over a several month period and was very unhappy with his style. I felt he did not at all listen to me. Every time I went in I told him that what he was doing was not helping and would he try something else. He spent the whole time telling me how I should raise my young daughter and continued to do the same 3 or 4 manipulations. He was very affordable at the time, $25 a visit, and I kept thinking that he would hear my words and try a different manipulation but he never did. My husband visited him as well and his opinion was that Eric Smith thought every ailment had the same solution


Re: San Francisco Chiropractors
I know of an EXCELLENT chiropractic neurologist in San Francisco. He is the best of the best and was Neurologist of the year in California when I was working in his office. If you call and let the office know that you are a new patient and you need to consult with the doctor before setting up an appointment, he will talk to extensively about his field and whether he can assist you or not. He's name is Sergio Azzolino. He is on Union sTreet in the Marina District. The number to Azzolino Chiropractic Neurology is (415) 563-3800. Good Luck! Newsha (2001)


I went to Dyanna Anfang for about 6 months. She is very nice....but after going for 6 months, and not seeing any real improvement, and the same things done to me week after week, I got frustrated and went to a physical therapist who seemed to help me more.

I have used Dyanna since my first pregnancy 3 years ago and have found her to be wonderful! I highly recommend her. For me she was a great diagnostician and was able to alleviate my back pain during two pregnancies and post partum periods. Her officeperson, Cathy is wonderfully nice and very professional as well. Dyanna was always on time (which is important to me) and she spent alot of time with me working my sore muscles and adjusting me. Good luck. Laura

Ross Graham at Grand Chiropractic is excellent. He's the best chiropractor I've ever used. I started seeing him when I was pregnant (he specializes in back care for pregnant women and pediatric stuff). Now, my husband and baby both go there. He has a very light touch, I always, always feel better when I leave his office (not my previous experience with chiropractors.) Kristy (2001)

My eight year old daughter has been treated by Dr. Joreen Deabueno in Berkeley since she was five. We were hit by a bike crossing a street which brought us to her originally. She works really well with my daughter, communicating with her about what she is going to do next and responding to her needs if she is reluctant to have something done to her that she's unsure about. We continue to see her every three or four months for tune-up adjustments or if my daughter takes a harder than normal fall on the play yard or something. She has recommended stretches for my daughter who also has a stiffer than normal back. We love her. She is in Berkeley at (510) 540-4189 Suzanna (2001)


I am looking for a chiropractor that is termed a force adjuster and uses a hydraulic table that you step onto and then it lowers you into the horizontal position and has levers that release during the adjustment. I have severe lower back pain and at times can barely (and sometimes can't) walk. I've tried a couple chiropractors in Berkeley but they are not able to get the alignment I have had with a previous chiropractor. With an 11 month old you can image this is becoming unmanageable. I begin physical therapy tomorrow, but I really think I need a good adjustment in addition. I have a great chiropractor in Seattle that used this method and table and he always gave me immediate relief I'm trying to avoid flying up there for treatment. Erin

I recommend Dr. Ball of Ball Chiropractic in El Cerrito. His office is right on San Pablo Ave., near Stockton. He does use that technique, and has helped me more than any other chiropractor I've seen (I'm talking a dozen or so)even though he was so gentle that I wasn't even sure he'd adjusted me at first! He's very thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful. Michelle (2001)

I suggest you try Inline Chiropractors on Lake Shore in Oakland near Lake Merritt. They have a table similar to what you describe and they are very good at adjustments. I have used Liz Ringrose for the most part, but the other two women are excellent as well Abby and Andrea. I started going when I was pregnant with my son and continued as he got heavier and it was taking a toll on my back. I think they work miracles there. Good luck. Kristi (2001)

My Chiropractor, Michael Mortensen, uses this method (the drop table) primarily. He also uses the chiro mallet (the small thing we call the thunkera little handheld device that delivers up to 20lbs of pressure at a specific point for a split second), gentle manipulation (he'll push here and there in a particular direction), and a little wholebody manipulation (the pretzel maneuvers). I have found him to be extremely effective in helping my various alignment problems. He is located in Northern San Leandro (about 5 minutes from the Dutton offramp from 580, one exit south of Oakland), and his phone number is 5106380742. Good luck! Dawn

It sounds like the machine you're describing is the one my personal chirocpractor uses on me (he even has a machine just for pregnant women!). You put your feet on the metal boards at the bottom of it as it's standing upright, and they he lowers it until you're in a horizontal position and it can be adjusted up or down to fit each person's size. I agree he's the only chiropractor my husband and I will go to because he's very mathematical in his method (takes full Xrays; literally takes hours studying your Xrays and measuring mathematically exactly where each bone/disc should be; uses heat sensors, etc. to make DOUBLEsure that he's got the exact spot that needs work; and only THEN does he make an adjustment). And that's why we usually get pretty immediate relief from his adjustments (a few times, when our back was so messed up, it took a few adjustments for the muscle that has grown around the injured area to finally stay put in the correct place, but his method has always worked for us). As a matter of fact, I was infertile until he adjusted my tailbone and right hip and not only did I immediately get pregnant (2 weeks later), but I got pregnant again when my first baby was only 12 weeks old!! (So, not only did he allow me to just get pregnant, he clearly fixed the problem!) The only thing is that his office is in Morgan Hill (10 min. South of San Jose) and he usually wants to see new patients that need major work 2 3 times a week in the beginning. I do know, however, that his cousin practices in Fremont and he told me a few months ago that a colleague of his that he went to school with (to learn his particular technique) has a practice in Vallejo (and I believe his name is Dr. Patterson). I haven't actually tried his friend (Dr. Patterson) in Vallejo yet, because our insurance doesn't cover him. But our chiropractor in Morgan Hill's name is Dr. Charles A. Musich and his phone number is (408) 7787372. I would suggest you at least call him and find out if his technique is the same as what you're looking for and then either drive over there if possible, or ask him about another chiropractor in the area where you live that he could recommend. He is a GREAT guy (he even adjusts my infants and toddlers and they love him!) and he will talk to you directly if you leave him a message. You are more than welcome to tell him that I referred you. Hope this helps, April

October 1998

After a number of rounds of a-biotics, my daughter was treated by my chiropractor when she had an ear infection once (maybe twice). It REALLY helped! She not only massaged behind the ears, but did a bit of *gentle* work on her neck. This made the difference for us. The pain relief was almost immediate. In general, she is great with babies/kids (has two young children herself) and I can highly recommend her. Her name is Dr. Dyanna Anfang, and she is on Channing Way at Ellsworth, phone 549-9080. Ann Good luck to your friend!

I know people who swear by taking their children to a chiropractor for ear infections. My chiropractor explained it to me like this: When the child's spine is out of alignment (so slightly even they probably wouldn't notice), it can, in a child sensitive to it, cause the Eustachian tubes to drain poorly. This of course leads to a build-up of fluid, and ultimately can result in an ear infection, even when the child is not otherwise sick. This misalignment can be caused by many things: The (normal) birth process, tossing or flying games, normal play--it isn't anything you necessarily *did*. I'm not sure what I think about it--my child seems (blessedly) not terribly sensitive to ear infections. She did have one (which we treated with Antibiotics after a short course of over-the-counter till pretty much after it was over. But for what it's worth she hasn't had another one since (he checks her when I go into the office, about 1x/mo-it's really cute to see her climb up on the table and lay face down for her turn!) Anyhow, just something to add to the hopper of things to consider in alternative treatments. Good Luck!

I highly recommend Dr. Steve Bretow at Westside Family Chiropractics. He works with children on a variety of things such as ear infections and asthma. He uses a gentle technique. He is very dedicated to helping people get away from antibiotics and other medicines. I have been going to him for about 2 years and my daughter gets adjusted every now and then to stay healthy. They have a small play area in their loft office with books and toys for children. The number is 843-5700 and they are located at Ninth and Parker in the same building as the Westside Bakery and Cafe. Jeanne

In response to the person who needs a good Chiropractor: Lenny Cocco has been our family Chiropractor for almost two years. His office is on Marshall Street in Oakland. His number is 510.547.6699. He was referred to me by a close personal friend of mine when my daughter fell on her back at summer camp. My daughter had never been treated by a Chiropractor before and would not get on the table for an adjustment. Lenny was very patient and respectful of her feelings. He worked with her until she would let him adjust her. She now goes for her adjustments by herself (we live on the same street) and is great friends with his wife and daughter and their many pets. I have also been treated by Lenny and think that he is not only a competent Chiropractor but a genuinely great human being. He is, moreover, a healer not just a Droctor. He is also flexible about money: we were uninsured at the time my daughter was injured and he treated her for free at first and then at a reduced rate. He has a sliding scale fee structure and accepts many insurance plans. We see him as a family and pay his family rate. I highly recommend Lenny to anyone who needs Chiropractic work. Marie

Dr. Jill Cohn 925-274 1050 or 925 258 0555 is a wonderful, very gentle chiropractor. She worked on me for several months after a car accident and got me in good enough shape to return to karate (which I had to stop practicing after my car accident). She has also worked on my daughter (age 5 1/2). She very experienced and good w/ kids. I highly recommend her. Lauren

Abby Irwin at In-line Chiropractic Lakeshore Dr. Oakland 893 1577 Not the closest place but Abby and everyone in that office is great. She helped me through pregnancy and the aftermath. Martha

Tom Hendrickson is a great chirpractor. His office is in Kensington and his number is 524-8256. He and his team of orthhopedic massage staff treated me for a long time after a serious car wreck and I'm a healthy and fit person today greatly due to the care they gave me. Donna

May I also add Dr. Husby-Gerry on Solano to the two chiropractors mentioned for whom I would be interested in knowing if anyone has had experience with? I would also be interested in hearing about the other two named in the last newsletter as well. (We must be on the same health plan!) Thank you. Kris

I have been treated by Dr. H-G for chronic mid-back pain for almost 10 years and also for the occasional twinge when I throw other parts of my back out. My treatment started with 3 or 4 adjustments a week, gradually reducing down to 2, then 1, then every other week, and so forth. Now I see him just once a month, except if I do something to injure myself. Then I usually have an extra adjustment or two and get back on track. The initial course of treatment seemed rather rigorous to me, and expensive, but overall I believe it was worth it and I think I would be in a lot more pain a decade later without having gone through his entire recommendations. Becky

Both my husband and I saw Dr. Husby-Gerry -- my husband for several years, while I saw him only once. I was really put off by his hard-sell tactics -- he basically said that my mild scoliosis would be crippling if I didn't get his chiropractic treatments, and then topped it off with one of those new age prosperity lectures to the tune of, if I believe the money will come, it will, and I will thus be able to afford to see him...yuck. I passed, am not a cripple, and found better care elsewhere. My husband thought he was an excellent chiropractor but also grew tired of his salesmanship and ended up switching to another chiropractor (who was also less of a drive.)

My husband and I both are patients of Eric Husby-Gerry. I like his practice because it is close to our home and he does a good job. I had been seeing a different chiropractor in Berkeley who did some other form of chiropractics where he had me hold my breath and wiggled his fingers. I was never certain that I was getting what I needed. Conversely, Husby-Gerry does the more traditional chiropractic adjustments, and I think I have benefited better from it. I continued to see him regularly during my last pregnancy and he helped me a lot. We have a health insurance plan that does managed care, and Dr. Husby-Gerry gets at them to get coverage for our adjustments instead of having us pay out of pocket whenever possible. Jeanne

I highly recommend my chiropractor, Dr. Douglas Ross, who work with his wife, Dr. Frederick, out of Rockridge Family Chiropractic in Oakland (Telegraph & 60th streets). Dr. Ross helped my daughter with her back problems and has been helping me for the past two years with repetitive motion work injuries. I do not know whether or not he works with infants or young children although he and his wife have 2 children of their own and believe in chiropractic care for children, but he if he doesn't, he may offer some useful recommendations. His phone # is (510) 428-9288. Patricia