Looking for chiropractor or physical therapist for two month old

Hi all,

We are moving to Berkeley this week and leaving behind the physical therapist we have been taking our two month old to. He had several tongue and lip ties (the tongue tie has been released, we are working on loosening the lip ties through physical therapy), and has really struggled with nursing, has a poor latch and weak suck at times, has very tense shoulders, and favors one side of his head/neck over the other. We've been working with a physical therapist that specializes in infants and very young children, particularly the face and tongue muscles (cranio-sacral therapy) to try to help resolve these problems, but now we will be leaving that therapist behind, so I'm looking for someone that might be able to provide a similar service. Do any of you have recommendations of a physical therapist and/or chiropractor that can work with an infant on problems like I've mentioned, or some other medical professional? We'll be in Albany and I'm willing to drive up to an hour (honestly, I'd drive longer, if they come highly recommended). Thank you so much!

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I recommend Rachael Bouch and I think her office is in Albany or North Berkeley. My baby had a neck issue and wasn't able to move his head to one side very well, causing a lot of breastfeeding problems. Things improved a lot after we did a few visits with Rachael and our baby loved the visits. She also gave us exercises to do at home.  

Hi there. I'm so glad you have found therapy for your child for these issues. I didn't know about cranial sacral for babies when my kids were this age and I know it would have helped. I recommend the osteopath, Dr. Carmen Hering, in Albany. She is amazing and works with my daughters on similar issues as they have been doing ALF for their mouth formation and alignment of teeth. Good luck!

I go to Dr. Christine Lee at Lee Chiropractic in Oakland. She has adjusted my baby since she was 2 weeks old. I don't believe she does cranio sacral treatments but can probably help with misalignment issues and can possibly recommend someone that can help you with these other specific issues.

I asked my chiropractor, Dr Richard Burg, and he replied that he suggests an infant specialists and the following website might be a good source for a pediatric practitioner: https://icpa4kids.com/find-a-pediatric-chiropractor 


Contact Jessica Lips at Gingko Chiropractic in Berkeley. You can check her out at www.ginkgochiropractic.com She works with pediatrics and is AMAZING. She has helped me through stress and back pain and adjusted my kids as well. Her website is here: https://sirenamasketcraniosacral.com/craniosacral-therapy/moms-babies/. Good luck!

Awaken Chiropractic in Oakland focuses on pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric care.  I loved seeing Dr Kenda Burke for myself and my little one.

I recommend Dr. Brett Jones at The Source Chiropractic. He has been adjusting my baby since birth and myself through pregnancy and beyond 

I took my son to Ann Honigman at Westside Chiropratic. We started seeing him when he was 2, but I wish we had started earlier. I highly recommend her! https://www.westside-berkeley-chiropractor.com/about-us