Family chiropractor using Covid-safety best practices?

My whole family needs to see a chiropractor, thanks to our increased time at our desks. Can anyone recommend one in the Berkeley/Oakland area who treats adults and kids, has a holistic (and gentle) approach, and is using stringent Covid-safety practices (masks, sanitizing, ample ventilation, etc.)?  Thank you!

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Rockridge Family Chiropractic! I have been going for many years. Both Dr. Ross and Dr. Frederick are excellent. Very reasonable visit fees.

My daughter and I have both had an excellent experience with Dr. Carrie Ousley (Dimond Chiropractic) on Fruitvale Avenue.

I love my chiropractor, Bay Area Chrio (Dr. Danielle). She has offices in Montclair and on Piedmont ave and is super covid safe!

Carolyn Finnegan at is fantastic and is following very strict in-person safety practices. She's right near the lake. She helped me deal with some chronic pain that 3 physical therapists and one other chiropractor couldn't help with at all. 

Hello there -

I have been very satisfied with the services of Dr Laurie Wonnell at Piedmont Chiropractic ( before COVID, and I've felt safe returning to her practice once she opened again. They are very diligent around COVID prevention. Another plus- you can book your appointments online! 

I really liked Awaken Chiropractic on Grand Ave. I went there while pregnant and saw Armene. She was great, I have been to some chiropractors whom I would describe as rough. And she was not. She was very gentle. I have seen her adjust babies and kids as well— good rapport and no tears from them. 

Oh I hear you! I see Kristan Cassady/Patchworx Family Chiropractic who checks all your boxes. She's in the Fruitvale.

Reuben Ziegler!  He's in Berkeley, near campus.  He has treated our whole family, and he spends a LOT of time with you.  He is amazing.


2380 Ellsworth at Channing