Rolfer/Bodyworker Recomenddations?

Hi all,

I've looked through the archives, and it looks like the rolfing professionals recommended here previously have either moved out of the area or are no longer practicing. I would love current recommendations for a rolfer who can help with joint issues. Thank you!

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Scott Turrin has been my, and everyone in my family's, lifesaver for decades.  He's fixed my tmj, neck, back, hands, wrists, plantar fasciitis, etc.  Nearly always in one treatment.  And, he's a good human.  I am so grateful to have found him.  He's in Berkeley.  You soak in his beautiful garden hot tub, and then he puts those bones back where they belong.  He can be reached at (510)525-2275.  There are also reviews on Yelp.  Shirley B.