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Does anyone know of a place offering outdoor massages? (it is much much needed... hahaha) Thanks so much! 

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woodhouse day spa in walnut creek!

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Cavallo Point is offering them -- they are doing a great job with it, but it's quite a splurge!

If you have your own outdoor space, there is also an app called Soothe that is now offering at-home outdoor massages. I've also used an app called Zeel that is probably doing something similar.

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You’ll have to drive to Freestone (going to Bodega Bay) where Osmosis offers a variety of services inclusive of outdoor massage. It’s an extraordinary place if you’ve never been and I highly recommend it. Periodically they offer great packages that include an outdoor hammock garden with sound therapy. It’s one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets. Enjoy!

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Cavallo Point Lodge, just over the GG bridge in Marin, offers outdoor massage. I went last week and it was divine. You can’t linger at the spa, but their restaurant is open for outdoor dining and you can linger on their giant property if you want. 

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Cavallo Point is doing outdoor massages—it’s a splurge, but they’re doing a very nice job with it. My husband and I went about a month ago.

If you have your own outdoor space, you can also book an at-home massage through the Soothe app. We did this this past weekend and it was great.