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  • Hi there, I’m 18 weeks pregnant and have started feeling the need to relieve tension in my back and legs. Any recommendations for good prenatal massage therapists that won’t break the bank, ideally in Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany etc but I can also get to Oakland if someplace is heavily recommended. Thanks!! 

    The absolute best of the best is Lori at Massage for Moms!! She has changed my life! I went to her twice prenatally and have been going monthly since my daughter was born. My mom treated me to a prenatal massage at the Claremont and Lori's was MUCH better for half the price.

    Check out Susi at Felek Acupuncture in Albany. Reasonable rate and she’s very good. I’ve gone to her for both my pregnancies and post partum. 

    I didn't love any of my prenatal massages, but I found so much relief from my back, hip, and leg pain by getting acupuncture at East Bay Acupuncture. Aimee has a true gift and I still see her even 8 months postpartum for tuneups because she makes me feel so much better every visit. She has tons of specialized training and experience in prenatal acupuncture and women's health in general. 

    Hi there, I went to Mama Meg's in Oakland during my pregnancy to relieve pain. They were AMAZING and worth the trip to Oakland. I felt like these massages were medical massages, but were also relaxing. 

    Tsadae at Souly Body is amazing!

    She specializes in prenatal massage. I tried a prenatal massage at a spa-type place and it was not at all tailored to pregnant bodies. Highly recommend Tsadae for multiple visits during pregnancy!

    I recommend Tsadae with Souly Body. She’s in Oakland. I saw her faithfully during my pregnancy. 

    Souly Body in Oakland (Tsadae) is great. 

    Lori at Massage for Moms is amazing! She does book out a month or two in advance, but sometimes has spots from cancellations. 

    My wife had a great prenatal massage at Tonpai on Solano recently. Lada is wonderful and has a calm presence 

    I had an amazing amazing massage with Ereene from Brave Bird when I was pregnant. She's in Oakland but worth the schlep in my opinion!

    I really enjoyed my prenatal massages from Catherine at Sundhari Spa on Solano Ave. Mother’s Hour 60 min massage is currently $130. 

    I would highly recommend Julia Garcia Melan who is a licensed massage therapist. Her office is on Solano Ave in Albany. I first went to see her about two years ago when I was pregnant and having serious sciatica. She was magical and the relief was instant after the first session. So I went to see her weekly throughout the rest of my pregnancy. And now my child is 19 months old, and I still go and see her weekly or biweekly. You can find more information on her website: I hope you’d find this helpful!

    I loved seeing Yoko Sakura at Herb Clinique when I was pregnant. Her rates are reasonable and she’s very gentle 

    Delores at Hibiscus Spa in El Cerrito! Her style is more deep tissue / sports massage than just super gentle relaxing massaging but she is super careful if you are pregnant. I used to prefer gentle/relaxing but Dolores converted me. I saw her prior to getting pregnant and during pregnancy and started going more and more frequently as I got more and more pregnant, haha. An appointment with her was also one of the first non-baby trips I made postpartum, like 3 weeks after. 

  • Hi,

    I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a masseuse that has helped you with nursing/ infant carrying related back pain. Berkeley area preferred. I’d also love to hear any at home exercises, YouTube videos, etc that someone may have used for this type of pain. Thanks in advance!

    Lori Colombo is wonderful!

    Not sure if this would get at your back pain, but I found this technique SUPER helpful after my first child was born. It's called the Tupler Technique and it addresses diastasis recti--the separation of the abdominal muscles--by restoring core muscle strength, which is often related to back pain. I did a few sessions with Cheryl Williams Bjornson in Orinda and thought she was awesome. 

    I don't have a specific masseuse recommendation, and hope you find someone to ease your discomfort.  But I also recommend you consult with someone about how to prevent the pain going forward.  Many parents nurse their babies in positions that are uncomfortable for the parent, but there are other more comfortable positions (easier on back, neck and shoulders) you can use in the majority of situations. If you need to do compressions while jursing, there are some strategies that are easier on the fingers and wrists than others. And carrying a baby is like carrying any load - close to your body 9do you have a carrier that is comfortable for you both, and know how to use it?), pay attention to how you are lifting, and avoid carrying the car seat on one arm as much as you can.  I know car seats are designed looking like that's how to carry them, but it leads to a lot of strain on the body.

    I'm happy to chat with you briefly about nursing positions; you can get my contact info from the moderator.  (I'm an OT and IBCLC) 

    I recommend a chiropractor named Christine Lee, at Lee Chiropractic in Oakland. Childbirth and newborn care can really do a number on your body and she helped me a lot. There is also a masseuse working there that people love but I have not tried her services yet.

    Deep belly breathing to strengthen the transverse abdominals has really helped me with back pain postpartum. Here are two videos that give good descriptions and walk you through it. (starting at about 4 minutes for the breathing)

    hope it helps!! 

    Hi, I had upper back and neck pain from nursing and found physical therapy helpful. Had a few sessions and they gave me exercises that helped. I also saw a lactation consultant, and I was able to improve my nursing "posture." Hope this helps.

  • Hi Parents! Does anyone have a belly binding, abdominal massage or similar type of postpartum support EXPERT you would glowingly recommend? Berkeley area preferred but willing to travel. Thanks!

    Alison at Reclaim Pelvic Therapy ( is the most amazing pelvic PT ever! I don't think she does belly binding but she's so incredibly knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and postpartum related. She was a lifesaver during my second pregnancy when I had some SI and sciatic issues. Unfortunately she's in Lafayette but I'd drive ten times that far to see her. 

    Francine Madrid is amazing at abdominal massages for postpartum support! Also check out Michi Arguedas, had a wonderful belly binding ceremony with her. 

    Glow in Oakland does post-partum massage, see their services and resources pages Otherwise I would see a pelvic physical therapist for post-partum healing and support. They would probably recommend belly binding and do tissue work post-partum. Two key places for that are Pelvic Health and Rehab in Berkeley (doesn't take insurance) and the Women's Health Center in Lafayette (need referral from primary care Dr. or OB and takes insurance) There are also independent ones around, you can check the Herman and Wallace website

    This is not quite what you're asking for, but I found it incredible, I still use the material from the classes 6 months later and it helped to rebuild my stomach muscles and repair my core and posture more than anything else.

    I love Skya at Intelligent Touch bodywork I’m oakland. 

    I went to her during postpartum recovery and she is so knowledgeable on all things related to recovery. I had a c-section and a large diastasis and she gave me a lot of guidance on healing both.

  • My friend is pregnant with her first child and I want to gift her a post partum massage after she has her baby. I am looking for someone who will go to her house in Richmond Annex so she doesn't have to worry about going anywhere with a newborn. Can anyone recommend a good massage therapist?


    Lori Colombo is wonderful! Got a massage from her for the first time recently and already booked another one. Highly recommended!

    I saw Lila throughout my pregnancy for massages in her office, and then she came to my house for postpartum massages. She is amazing!

    Hi! Lori Colombo at Massage for Moms is wonderful. I just had an 8 week pp massage at home and I recommend her highly. Also, what a nice gift idea!

  • Hi, 

    I'm in need of a massage and I'm about 3 months pregnant. Not sure if it's safe to see my regular therapist and would like to get recommendations for prenatal massage therapists from other parents that have had good experiences. I'm experiencing round ligament pains and would love to get some help. Thank you in advance!


    Congratulations. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I'd highly recommend checking out Glow in Oakland. I got a prenatal massage from Gerri and she was wonderful. It's a small space--I think they only have 2 massage rooms, but it's beautifully decorated and calming. I'm getting a massage this weekend at Piedmont Spa with Ingrid. It's a little bit older and dated, but cheaper. I'd recommend treating yourself as much as possible during this time. Best of luck.


    I highly recommend Glow in Oakland.  They specialize in prenatal.  I saw Emiliana about once a month during my pregnancy and she was wonderful.

    The Claremont also has a great prenatal but it is a lot pricier.  I had a gift card that time.  Amy is the person to ask for there.  

    Lori Columbo, in Berkeley does pre-natal massage and is excellent.
    Good luck to you. 

    I love Glow Massage in the temescal area. They specialize in prenatal. I saw Avoa several times during my pregnancy but friends have raved about their other therapists, too. Congrats! 

    Hi I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and have gone to glow  massage and birth support in oakland. It not only was the best massage I have ever gotten,  but they are  plus size  friendly. the place is clean, has a relaxing environment and specialize in prenatal massage. I  added the dry body scrub and was so happy I did. Can't say enough good stuff about this place go here you will not regret it . 

    Glow in Temescal is excellent 

    I was struggling with serious tension headaches and then low back pain as my pregnancy progressed with funky nerve things going on and I went to a place near where I live called Then Comes Baby.  It's on Grand Ave. in Oakland, away from the lake toward Piedmont (not far from the Safeway).  That place has helped me out tremendously.  I started there with massages, but after my baby was born I continued on with breastfeeding help -- the lactation consultant actually did some much needed (and respectful) breast massage to help with my plugged ducts, but she also included a shoulder massage and arm and hand massage because I had some major "mommy wrist" going on. 

    Check them out to see if they can help (I didn't have round ligament pain):

    I went to Glow in Temescal and it was great. They definitely stayed away from my belly though. For round ligament pain a belly band should provide some relief. Mine was super painful too!

    I highly recommend Laura Howells ( She was my birth doula, but also gave me multiple massages throughout my pregnancy, as she specializes in pre and postnatal massage. She's very skilled and worked through any pains I had. I have a joint syndrome and she took care  to give the best massages for my condition. 

    Good luck!

    Glow in Oakland is great. I wish I had gone more than once during my pregnancy!

    Glow Massage Clinic is great! I had an amazing prenatal massage with Avoa.

    I absolutely love Glow in oakland.  They specialize in pre-natal massages. Their facility is so serene and all their therapists are great. I went a few times during pregnancy when I was further along.  Highly recommend! 

    I think everyone agree about Glow massage in Oakland! I am 32 months pregnant. I went there several times and booked massage with Gerry. It made me feel so much better! They have interesting series with lower prices on their website. 

    I recommend Christine d'Allance' for prenatal massage. I saw her regularly during my pregnancy, and it really helped my muscle and joint pain. She can even do on-site visits (where she comes to your home with massage table, etc.) but I really like her central Berkeley location.

    She has a website at


    Highly, highly recommend Grace Bender ( She is a doula as well as a masseuse and the massage I had for her while pregnant was AMAZING! I've recommended her to a couple more friends and everyone loves her (one even used her as a doula!) 

  • Prenatal Massage

    Nov 29, 2016

    Can anyone please recommend a place or a practitioner that does good prenatal massage in Berkeley/Oakland or nearby?  Ideally low fee/sliding scale.  I'd like to go weekly if affordable. Thanks in advance!

    I could not recommend Glow Massage - - more highly. They were the only place willing to actually give me a good massage while pregnant instead of just gently poking me so as to not disturb the baby. Not low fee/sliding scale though (that I know of).

    I recommend Glow in Oakland! You can check out other reviews on Yelp. They specialize in prenatal massage and have a flat fee of $100 for an hour massage, but they do not accept tips, so you don't have to worry about spending any more. I am not sure if they would offer a package deal or lower price for a shorter massage but it can't hurt to ask! 

    Lori Colombo, Massage for Moms, is fantastic. Reasonable prices/not sure if she'd do sliding scale.

    Glow Massage and Bitth Support. I got my first and only prenatal massage with them at 39 weeks and it may have been the best massage I've ever had.  Really wish I had found them sooner. They specialize in prenatal and postnatal massage and offer doula/midwifery support as well. I found the cost very reasonable and they offer discount packages as well.

    good luck!!

    I went to Glow in Oakland while I was pregnant this summer and they were incredible. They specialize in prenatal massage.  Highly recommend! 

    Catalina Antonio in Berkeley - her email is homebodywc [at] 

    She is 100% amazing with prenatal massage!!!!!!!  

    I recommend Christine D'Allance for prenatal massage. I saw her once a week in my third trimester, and I'm so glad I did! it was a *wonderful* gift to myself.

    She does 60- and 90-minute sessions, and you can book online at

    Check out her reviews at too.

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April 2011

Looking for a massage therapist in the Oakland/Berkeley area who specialized in prenatal care and possibly even during labor care. mama to be

Susan Solari is an amazing massage therapist/structural integrationist for any time. During my pregnancy she was fantastic for helping with back pain and carpal tunnel. geraldine

Dina Minyon is an excellent pre-natal massage therapist. She works out of her home in Oakland near Kaiser Hospital. I had a lot of low back and hip pain during my pregnancy. Dina was very deep yet gentle. She had a very good understanding of the changes my body was going through. Dina is really sweet and sensitive. Email: dminyon [at] Website: Laura

I loved going to Zara Zimbardo, 415-378-7945, for prenatal massage, near Lake Merritt in Oakland. She was wonderful both pre and post natal for me. Diahanna Post

Dina Minyon is an amazing massage therapist, who I feel so lucky to have found. She's got a gentle way but incredibly strong hands. Over the years I saw her through my pregnancy as well as when I've had numerous aches, pains and injuries. She's proven expertise in responding to these, and also discovering and alleviating areas of tension I didn't even know of. More info is at Happy body

Sept 2010

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and looking for a massage therapist experienced with pregnant women. I prefer deep massages (as deep as one can go when this pregnant), so those who aren't afraid to really get in there with some elbow grease would be appreciated. Thanks! prego with a backache

I used bamboo healing arts on university ave in berkeley. They are awesome and affordable. I higly recommend them for a good massage - pregnant or not. I think they specialize in pregnancy massage and have all the pillows and stuff to make you super comfortable while you get a good massage. amanda

I highly recommend Amy Jones for massage. I've used her for much-needed pre-natal massage and continue to use her post-partum to help with the aches and pains that come with breastfeeding and carrying a baby around. I too like a lot of pressure which she provides. Very reasonable rates, and offers discounts on a series. She comes to your house which makes it that much easier. Look her up on yelp, which also has a link to her website.

I just found a new prenatal (also postnatal and ''non-natal'') massage therapist and I love her! She's recently relocated back to the East Bay after receiving her training in Australia, and she's wonderful. Her name is Sara Lyon and her office is on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. You can read more about her and check her schedule at her website: It looks like she's even available for home visits! Try her at least once, you won't be sorry! Nanda

Lisa Woo is an amazing therapist and I highly recommend her. She is certified for pregnancy massage and she worked wonders for me during my pregnancy. She does deep tissue massage and has an elegant touch at the same time. digitpx

I highly recommend Bridget Scadeng. She is wonderful. -been there

I have been going to Skya Livingston for several years. She has been tremendously helpful with back problems, gave a great massage a few days after a miscarriage that really helped me get back to feeling normal and has been fabulous during my current pregnancy- now 38 weeks. As part of prenatal massage she will do a session where you bring your partner. She teaches them massage that they can do for you during the remainder of your pregnancy and during labor. She also does postnatal massage. She works out of a studio in Berkeley and also has a studio in her home near Lake Merritt. 510-928-7818 yogaskya [at]

I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea Turner for massage--whether you are pregnant or not! I never understood the point of massage until saw Andrea. She just seems to have the touch. And my husband, who has always understood the point of massage, says that Andrea is the best masseuse he has ever been to. I, too, like deep massage. The massages I received from Andrea when I was pregnant were not anywhere as ''deep'' as those before or after I was pregnant, but they were effective massages and I felt that Andrea knew what she was doing and how deep she could go. Andrea also showed me how to support my body with pillows for sleeping at the end of my pregnancy. I had tried two different body pillows with no success, but she showed me how to take all the pressure off my joints with just two standard pillows. All this and she is a really nice person, too--which is why I am posting this review even though it means it will be harder for me to get an appointment with her once everyone finds out how wonderful she is. Bernadette

Celine Germain is the gal for you. She's the best message therapist I've ever been to (and I've been to many). She has tons of experience with pregnant women, and is amazing at ''getting in there'' without ever over-doing it. She's also extremely educated- she's trained in practically every method out there, and it shows in her technique. Seriously, I can't recommend her enough. She isn't, however, cheap, sorry to say. But she's worth ever penny. She has an office in Berkeley. Her number: 510-548-4004 maia

Samantha Stormer sounds EXACTLY what you are looking for. She has STRONG hands and knows her stuff. I have never had a better massage, prenatal or otherwise. Plus she has the table with a hole to place your belly in so you can lie on your tummy. She is also a doula so she knows a lot about your needs at this time in your pregnancy. The catch? She is in Marin. If you feel like making the trek her number is 415-924-9096 Jennifer

I highly recommend Shoshana Uribe. She's a massage therapist and accupuncturist. She has given me wonderful massages, especially while pregnant. She's very strong and very skilled, and will give you exactly the kind of massage you need. She has a great deal of experience with pregnant women and definitely knows what she's doing. I hope you feel relaxed and more comfortable soon! She can be reached at manazanita wellness center - 510.459.9320 . Tamar

I cannot recommend Bridget Scadeng highly enough. She did post-partum massages for myself and my partner after the stillbirth of our child 7 years ago. And she did pre- and post-partum massage for both of us during/after the pregnancies for our two lovely children born since. This was the BEST massage I have ever had. ( ::Post-partum in Oakland

I highly recommend Andrea Turner ( She's in Oakland near the Grand Lake theater. I've gone to her for pregnant and non- pregnant massages and she's great (my husband also likes her). She really establishes a powerful connection that is relaxing and energizing. Suzanne

I recommend Heidi Plumb; she saw me through two pregnancies and I don't know what I would have done without her. I also have arthritis and she seems to work magic on my ''hot spots.'' Check her out at marie

June 2009

I am looking for recommendations for a female massage therapist who does maternity massage in the Bay Area. I would prefer someone who can do deep pressure and has a special table for maternity massage to be able to lay face down. Thanks!

I went to Every Mother Massage (previously on Grand, now on University in Berkeley) for both of my pregnancies, although not regularly. I didn't actually see Gina Marie, but her ''apprentice'' (I think this was the relationship). They were different women between my 2 pregnancies, but both were lovely. They don't have the table where you lie face down, but instead I was on my side. The massage was fairly deep, and I was definitely able to get more on the target areas I asked for (you fill out a questionnaire beforehand). Tanya

May 2009

Hi, I am pregnant and have been diagnosed with placenta previa, and prescribed bed rest for 3 months. I am in Los Altos and looking for a massage and/or accupuncture practitioner who makes home calls. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Tera

I highly recommend Allie Frazier: angelallie [at] Best prenatal massage I've ever had... and she goes to you! Melissa

Nov 2008

i would like to get a prenatal massage in the east bay with someone who uses a table set up for pregnant women (with the hole in it). last time, i went to someone who used pillows and had me lie on my side, and it just wasn't the same. I could not get the full benefit of massage that way. thanks! in need of kneading

A table with a hole in it is not the greatest option because every body is different. The best most comfortable option for a supine position prenatal massage would be with the ''bodycushion'' pregnancy set up. This is what I would be looking for. I do prenatal massage but do not have this cushion system but have used it before and it is great. massage therapist

I have had plenty of both types of prenatal massage, and I think the further along you are in your pregnancy, you will see that the pillows, and lying on side style is FAR superior to the hole-in-the table type of prenatal massage. The ''hole'' is actually just a foam pillow type of thing that they put on top of a regular massage table. If you like this, then go to Azul Spa in Berkeley, as far as I know that's all they have. That said, I really did not enjoy the prenatal massages I received there because it didn't seem like the masseuse was very familiar with the aches and pains of a 6 months-pregnant 2nd time mom. But you asked for where to go for the hole-in-the-table style, and I know they only do this style of prenatal massage. Up to about 5 months I liked the laying on the stomach type of massage, but then I started to show, and my stomach was just too big for this to be at all comfortable.

The BEST prenatal massages I received were from Every Mother Massage, now called Bamboo Healing Arts on University at McGee (right above Radio Shack, they used to be on Piedmont Ave in Oakland, but they recently moved), here is their website and the phone number is 510-654-2547. As of a couple of months ago, Gina and Mira were the masseuses. They are both outstanding, I had them both a few times. With Mira, I swear I didn't even have to ask for anything, she knew exactly where I was most sore, and seemed to magically know exactly how much pressure I was after.

For prenatal massage, they do the pillows, and side-lying position, and a little bit of a well-supported v-shape sitting position. I know you don't want this type, but I would bet by the time you get at all big (your tummy), you will prefer this type of prenatal massage. They are experts with the placement of the pillows, and the wedge for the sitting/leaning back position as well. They also expertly drape all of your extra lbs. in a very kind and discreet way. Again, Every Mother Massage provided the most comfortable, and relaxing prenatal massages I experienced throughout both of my pregnancies. Try them! this mama is ready to go back for a regular old massage!

Hi, I have been a massage therapist since 1981 and have a special cushion that I place on top of my table that allows you to lie fully on your stomach. Many of my pregnant clients have told me how comfortable it is. Karen

Sept 2008

I'm looking for a massage therapist who can make housecalls to Oakland for women on bedrest. --friend of bedrester

I found one! Her name is Amy Gerard,, 917.971.2193, and she is a massage THERAPIST. Unlike many practitioners who have their ''routine'' and if you say, ''I'm here because I have horrible hip pain,'' they spend 5 minutes on that and otherwise do their thing, Amy gives truly customized massages aimed at YOU and your healing and relaxation. You can either go to her or she can make housecalls. For prenatal, she uses loads of pillows propped just so, enabling pregnant women to lie on their stomachs, and she gives wonderful massages. (She is certified in other modalities besides prenatal as well.)

Lori Colombo is a great massage therapist who specializes in pre- and post-partum massage and makes house calls. Her website is Happy recipient of many massages from Lori

August 2008

Seeking recommendations for a bodyworker (massage, any flavor) who is experienced with both deep tissue (releasing knots/tight muscles) and pre-natal/pregnancy. With any luck this isn't a contradiction in terms. Would prefer Berkeley (or close to Berkeley). Thanks! Pregnant and needing relief!

From 4 years of personal experience, I can highly recommend my talented deep tissue Massage Therapist, Claudia Mar Ruiz, CMT at (510)334-0613. Her office is in Alameda Hospital, the medical practice building, 2070 Clinton Ave., 4th Floor, Alameda, CA 94501. She is located beside and treats many of Dr. Gerdes' OB-GYN patients. Claudia is gifted, smart, and wise, very attentive to what you say and want and has helped many of my friends for years. I love the results of her care for my body. ENJOY! Louise

I highly recommend Victoria Johnson (her email is starnaud3 [at] for a fantastic deep tissue AND prenatal massage. She is wonderfully attentive and caring and has just the right touch. I have had massages from her before and during my pregnancy. She works out of her Berkeley office and I think also does house calls for a little extra. Katrina

When I was pregnant, I had a couple of massages from Victoria St. Arnaud. They were fantastic. I was having a lot of trouble with my hips and she somehow helped relieve the problems while leaving me feeling very relaxed and content. I had another massage after delivery as well which made me feel great as well. She is also very pleasant to be with and very open to feedback which was great. Her email is starnaud3 [at] Maggie

Talk to Francesca Genco - 510-524-2924. She worked wonders on me during my pregnancy and loves working with mothers-to-be. She does a lot of ''creating space'' prenatal work and has great energy.. (I delivered an 11+lb boy naturally...) Anyhow, she's in the Berkeley hills and is a great bodyworker. Tell her I sent you (she'll remember the big boy). Wendy

I highly recommend Lori Colombo who I\x92ve been receiving bodywork from for about three years now. She specializes in therapy message for moms. She listens to you and discusses the appropriate approach beforehand \x96 which can vary from appointment to appointment. She has had pregnancy massage training. I have limited experience with other massage therapists, but have always felt Lori provided exactly what I needed at any given time. Lori has a studio in Berkeley or she can come your home. You can email her at lorsue AT Denise H

I highly recommend Lori Columbo for massage. She is amazing and really does great deep tissue work. She has come to my home and has been flexible with me as a single parent of a young child. She also has opened up a new space on 4th street in Berkeley, I think. Her tel. # is (510) 393-8233. Call her to ask for her website address-I can't locate it at the moment-but it provides additional information. A happy customer. christine cmcl1961 [at]

I can highly recommend Victoria at starnaud3 [at] She comes to your home with her massage table and performs miracles on your body. She is kind, generous with her time, extremely attentive and sensitive to your needs. Julia

at the recommendation of several friends and family members, i've been seeing lori colombo for massage for 6+ months. she's WONDERFUL! being married to someone certified in massage, i'm extremely picky about massage and prefer fairly deep work. lori always asks what areas are bothering me, and is intuitive in finding those areas that i didn't mention or that i wasn't even aware were sore. i highly recommend lori. you can reach her at: 510.393.8233 or lorsue [at] emily

April 2008

I am looking for a massuse in the North Berkeley area. I am hoping for someone that works with pregnant women and ideally has a table that allows for a pregnant belly. Thank you!

Beth Baron, 510-551-9539. She's located on Dwight at Telegraph in Berekely. I didn't do a pregnant massage with her, but the friend who refered me did. She was fabulous! You can check out her website @

Jan 2008

Seeking a great prenatal massage therapist. Ideally in Oakland, but Berkeley is good too. Any suggestions? I don't have any problems, other than typical aches that go along with pregnancy.

Hi there, Try Jessica Ezra Patri. You can read about her here: Also, her website doesn't mention this, but she'll henna your baby belly too - for good luck and good passage in the 3rd tri. Enjoy! Carol

If you're willing to work with a male massage therapist for prenatal massage, I can recommend a really great one. Scott Pennington worked with me through my entire pregnancy and really helped me stay in good condition. I am a massage therapist myself and really picky about who I work with...Scott is one of the best. Contact him directly scott [at] 510-459-7596 massage mama

I would highly recommend Rebecca Kohne for prenatal massage. I saw her for massage before, during, and after my pregnancy, and she is fantastic. She works out of her home in Berkeley. Her number is (510) 848-3807.

July 2007

Hi all, I'm looking for a good massage therapist who does prenatal massage. Ideally, I'd like to find someone who is located in Berkeley to avoid having to schlep across the bridge. And if you know of anyone who also does Reiki, that would be an added bonus! Thanks in advance for your recommendations :) Eve

I almost do not want to give you this sacred info as she is the best massage person ever!! but hey you need to know. tricia parrish at elixir salon in berkeley. she books out 6weeks at least but always get on her cancelation list. she's awesome and worth the wait !

Angela Bausch does exactly what you're looking for. She is a terrific massage therapist whom I have used, and she's great. Email angelabausch [at] or phone 658-2865. David

June 2007

can anyone recommend a qualified prenatal massage therapist in berkeley? ali I would wholeheartedly recommend Bridget Scadeng who specializes in pre-natal and post-delivery massage. She is simply wonderful - and gives wonderful massages tailored to your needs. Call her at 526-3493; her studio is in a wonderful cottage off University. Jennifer

I don't know if she does prenatal, but Dahlia Silvers does really fabulous work. She is very experienced and ethical, and goes to you or you can go to her. 759-4250 Katherine

March 2005

I'm looking for current recommendations for a female massage therapist that is experienced in working with pregnant women, someone who can do deep work when needed, and possibly do home visits. pilar

You want Helen Hickman! You will adore her, she can come to your house and work around your schedule. She's an expert in all the things that pregnancy, birth, and nursing to do your body! I'm a whole new woman after having her work on me. Her number is 415-202-0752. -alanya

Christina Del Gallo does great pre-natal mama massage! She is located in the Glenview area and does massages from her home. She will also come to your house for a reasonable fee. I had a very tough pregnancy and her body work really helped me, especially toward the end of the pregnancy when I was so heavy, I could barely walk. She also does work for post-natal. She is kind, professional and very good at what she does. I would definitely give her a call! Her number is 510-531-5963 Happy Mom

I just had a baby and went to see Joan during my pregnancy and she had been amazing for me. Joan has been a massage therapist for over 14 years and is doing nuturing, relaxation or deep tissue to more clinically therapies. She is also doing Cranio-Sacral work which is AMAZING! She is a very sweet and loving person so don't hesitate to call her and talk to her. Her name is Joan Davis and she has a practice in Emeryville and Walnut Creek. Her number is: 510 420 1630 and the website of the Wellness Center where she is working in Emeryville is: Soizic

Hello.. I would like to recommend Gina Marie Buonpane, owner of Every Mother Massage on Piedmont Ave. She offers a variety of packages (pre and post natal) as well as single massage services. You can reach her at 510-464-4518 or at Enjoy! Karen

I highly recomend Gina at Every Mother Massage on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. She really helped relive a lot of pain for me in a gentle but effective manner. I think her rates are very resonable, especially her package deaals. Every Mother Massage 510-464-4518 3873 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611 Stephanie

CATE BRISTOL!! I can't recommend her highly enough -- she specializes in prenatal, has the tables/pillows to make you comfortable in all stages of pregnancy, and is just a wonderful healer. She does deep tissue, home visits, and also wonderful reflexology. I had never had reflexology but found that it did more for me than hands-on massage when I was pregnant. Cate is so grounded, calming, listens well, and is just a wonderful, amazing person. She's also a mother and really knows the needs a pregnant body and being has. I never felt more relaxed, calm and happy than when I was in her office when I was pregnant. I don't have her number next to me -- but i think it's in the archives on this site. She's in Albany on Solano... She's the BEST! Cate Bristol fan

I have an extensive list of prenatal massage therapists. at the top of my list are:
Gina Marie Buonpane Every Mother Massage 464-4518 Christina del Gallo Mama Massage 531-5963 Kim Lyons 798-3089
let me know if you would like other referrals- I work with pregnant & postpartum women and have lots of info on community resources. Virginia Duplessis, MSW, CD (DONA)

I love massage. When I was pregnant I had a good many disappointing rub downs that people said were ''prenatal massages''. When I found Christina Del Gallo I found my answer. Christina is not afraid of a pregnant womans body. She gets in there and works intuitively to ease stress and aches like no one else. I can't recommend her highly enough. You can either go to her or she makes house calls. 510-531-5963 Tina

I highly recommend Carolyn Tupkelewicz. She is a well trained, long-practicing massage therapist in Berkeley. Carolyn is knowledgeable and very strong, and is the first person I have found locally whom I trust completely. Her massages for me have been deeply healing, energizing, and releasing. I have had a lot of massages and she is at the top of my list. Her number is 540-1167. suzanne

Peggy Dey is an excellent massage therapist who is exquisitely sensitive to somatic issues spanning the lifespan. Although I haven't used her specifically as a prenatal massage therapist, I am sure that she'd be at least as wonderful to work with pregnant as not! Peggy has been practicing massage and body work for over thirty years and is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in a number of body work disciplines, including cranial- sacral therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu , foot reflexology, Eutony, and many of the Asian massage styles. Her technique can be helpful for general aches and pains, serious chronic illness, or as an adjunct to other personal growth therapies. She is a kind, gentle and empathic practitioner, and her peaceful studio allows one to deepen into the inner world. I can't recommend her highly enough. Peggy can be reached by phone at 510-233-4086. Go ahead -- treat yourself!

You want Christine D'Allance'. She's *excellent*. I saw her during and after my pregnancy, and she was an enormous help. She makes home visits. Liz

I highly recommend Cate Bristol Whitridge for excellent prenatal massages. She was really helpful during my pregnancy and continues to be afterwards too. She specializes in prenatal but is not limited to that. My husband also sees her for neck/shoulder tension. I love that her work can be deep and yet very nurturing at the same time; she's great at adjusting to your needs and listens well to what you like and don't like! She has a lot of knowledge of anatomy/physiology and all that, especially during pregnancy. Her lovely office is in Albany on Solano Ave., 543-7176 or jetavril AT Lynae

I highly recommend Gina Buonpane of Every Mother Massage ( My husband gave me the gift of 3 sessions with her & she was great. The first 2 were pre-natal massages - she does a great trick with pillows to keep you comfortable throughout the pregnancy. The last was a wonderful post-natal massage - she has a special abdominal massage technique to help restore those tissues. She was also great about looking up stretches & exercises for whatever muscles or ligaments werebothering me at the time. best luck to you! Sofia

I just had a baby and went to see Joan during my pregnancy and she had been amazing for me. Joan has been a massage therapist for over 14 years and is doing nuturing, relaxation or deep tissue to more clinically therapies. She is also doing Cranio-Sacral work which is AMAZING! She is a very sweet and loving person so don't hesitate to call her and talk to her. Her name is Joan Davis and she has a practice in Emeryville and Walnut Creek. Her number is: 510 420 1630 and the website of the Wellness Center where she is working in Emeryville is: Soizic

I had a great massage from a gentle and very knowledgeable professional: Anna Acs. Her phone number is 510-843-4422 and she is located in Berkeley. I don't know for certain if she specializes in prenatal massage, but she truly understands the female body. My body was after the stress of having my first baby and carrying him around for 10 months, and she made all that stress go away! Good luck and I hope you find what you need Mira

July 2003

I want to get a massage as a thank you gift for a pregnant friend in San Francisco. I know of several practitioners in the East Bay but none in the city. Thanks for any help. Jennifer

i've heard that a woman named katy dreyfuss who practices at the new skincare/massage place in noe valley in SF called ''nourish'' is wonderful. she specializes in prenatal and we have a mutual friend who swears by her massages. i recently got a prenatal massage farther afield at the osmosis day spa in freestone (near occidental in sonoma county). all the massages there are otherworldly, and this one was no exception. i saw douglas. kim

i highly recommend jamey jacobus- she worked on me my entire pregnancy and was quite a lifesaver- she works out of her home and will also travel -she also sees clients at my chiropractic office in sf and all my pregnant patients love her- you can contact her at 415-824-2765

I had several amazing prenatal massages by Britt Fohrman (415) 821-2699, who is also a doula and a prenatal yoga teacher at the Yoga Tree. She is wonderful. Debbie

March 2003

I'm looking for recommendations for a female massage therapist that is experienced in working with pregnant women, someone who can do deep work when needed, with a nurturing touch. I'd like to find someone located in Albany (as I'd like to walk to appointments from my home in Albany). Maria

I highly recommend Mallorie Barron! I must preface this with the fact that I was a massage therapist for 8 years and am VERY sellective about who I have work on me. Mallorie has magic hands. I started seeing her pre-natal and continue to see her bi-monthly post-natal (9 months now -what a splurge!) I personally like firm massages and she is very strong. Though, she is capable of giving very healing and gentle massages as well. She is a delight and I love that she stays silent during the massage unless I engage her in dialogue. (Some people talk too much for my taste). I can't recommend her enough. She is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. She is located in a beautiful serene guest house in North Berkeley. Her phone number is: 549-1724.
[Ed.: phone number updated Jan 2004] Beth

I highly recommend Cate Whitridge for pre and post natal massage -a very experienced therapist. I have been getting massages from her for 5 +years now. She can be reached at 510-543-7176 or at jetavril AT I had two complicated pregnancies and she was a life saver during both times. She has a beautiful office on Solano Ave in Albany with a relaxing environment. She does have the belly pillows which definitely added to my comfort level. Additionally, she taught me infant massage (very helpful!!). Cate is extremely nurturing and can adjust the pressure based on my needs. I will add that when have sports injuries I do see her and I always come away with no pain. Definitely the best massage therapist I have ever been to. Maya

I highly recommmend Eleni Livitsanos, who recently started her company, Journey of Well Being Therapeutic Massage. She will come to your home. I recently stumbled upon her and was very pleasantly surprised with her skills. Her number is 510-337-9395 Christy

I highly recommend Heather Rudkin as a massage thereapist. She is very nurturing as well as skilled with massage. She can come to you or see you in her Berkeley office. Her phone number is (510)520-2967 Amalia

My pre-natal massage therapist is wonderful - her name is Heather and she is a mom of two and a midwife in training. She has a great touch and is great to be around and she even has pillows so you can lie on your tummy! She has an office in Orinda or I beleive she may still also do house calls. Her number is 510-222-9741. ET

October 1998

Hi - I'm looking for recommendations for good pre-natal/maternity massage. Preferably someone with a maternity table as it's much more comfortable than lying on your side. Oakland or Berkeley area preferred, though I'm willing to drive for the right person. Thanks. Kristi

I love Patricia Hernandez. She works in a small wonderful garden cottage right off of Hopkins st. She is great great great. Please call her at Moving Lights Massage and Bodywork 510-525-8539. She specializes in new mothers and pregnant women, but she treats males clients as well. Enjoy!!!! Thomas

For the woman looking for maternity massage: Try Jill Goldreyer of Moving Light Massage. Jill is a fantastic masseuse who specializes in maternity massage. She has also worked as a doula so she's very sensitive to maternity issues. She has a special maternity table. She's in North Berkeley not far from Monterey Market. Her number is in the phonebook. Jennifer

I totally endorse the recommendation for Moving Light Massage. Jill's assistant, Patricia Hernandez, has amazing hands and makes house visits and has helped me many times with aches and pains. Nicole

I want to heartily recommend Jill Goldreyer (and her assistant Patricia) for maternity (and any other time!) massage. I had a lot of pain in my pelvis in my third trimester due to an earlier hip injury, and started seeing Jill frequently (every week or two). I got terrific results, and just basically felt completely nurtured there. Jill has a great set up for pregnant and nursing (read: bursting) moms; a set of contoured cushions that allow you to rest face down very comfortably. The only downside in this picture is that Jill is very popular and it's not uncommon for her schedule to be booked far in advance. It' s worth the wait though! There's also Patricia, her assistant, who's usually freer. I only had one session with her, and found her to be just fine, though not as knowledgeable or outgoing as Jill. (Jill has some midwifery and doula background as well as a very comprehensive massage + essential oil/aromatherapy style.) They work out of a beautiful space in North Berkeley near Hopkins and The Alameda. The phone number is (510) 525-8539. Diana

my doula (for my recent labor) does pre-natal/maternity massage for a reasonable price: Maria Kammerer tinuviel at earthlink dot net i don't know if she has a maternity table. Carrie

Bridget Scadeng 510-526-3493 is the best massage therapist in Berkeley! Sorent

For Massage Therapy, I would highly recommend Bridget Scadeng 510-526-3493. She is extremely experienced and totally dependable, professional, sensitive and responsive to your individual needs. Very familiar with the needs of mothers. Sherry

Bridget Scadeng has been offering pre and postnatal massage and childbirth education for years. She is highly respected and was one of the founding Mothers of Birthways. Her new Berkeley studio is on 4th Street near Dwight: 526-3493

Don't know whether she has maternity table. I have had side massages for years as lying on my stomach in general hurts my back. She sets me up very comfortably hugging a wonderful long pillow. I have continued to go to her even though I am nowhere close to pregnant.

I highly recommend Bridget Scadeng for pregnancy massage. Bridget is a childbirth educator as well as a masseuse, and has a gentle, kind touch and demeanor. Her studio is in West Berkeley. Call 526-3493. Natasha

My partner Mindy and I were originally referred to our midwives through a woman Mindy has gone to for massage. It turns out that she's an apprentice with our midwives. Mindy highly recommends her massage and I know she has a maternity table. Her name is Chloe Ohme and her number is (415) 821-4551. (She's in SF). Peter

Oct 2006

I just wanted to reccommend two great women who do pregnancy massage. The first is Mallorie Baron (510) 549-1724 who lives in Berkeley and has been a doula and childbirth educator. Her prices are reasonable and she even came to my house a few weeks after I delivered to give me a postnatal massage. The second woman who was also quite amazing was Christina Del Gallo who lives near Montclair (510)305-3307 cell. She also does home visits and postnatal massage. Good luck! Heather