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I think everyone agree about Glow massage in Oakland! I am 32 months pregnant. I went there several times and booked massage with Gerry. It made me feel so much better! They have interesting series with lower prices on their website. 

I absolutely love Glow in oakland.  They specialize in pre-natal massages. Their facility is so serene and all their therapists are great. I went a few times during pregnancy when I was further along.  Highly recommend! 

Glow Massage Clinic is great! I had an amazing prenatal massage with Avoa.

Glow in Oakland is great. I wish I had gone more than once during my pregnancy!

I went to Glow in Temescal and it was great. They definitely stayed away from my belly though. For round ligament pain a belly band should provide some relief. Mine was super painful too!

Glow in Temescal is excellent 

Hi I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and have gone to glow  massage and birth support in oakland. It not only was the best massage I have ever gotten,  but they are  plus size  friendly. the place is clean, has a relaxing environment and specialize in prenatal massage. I  added the dry body scrub and was so happy I did. Can't say enough good stuff about this place go here you will not regret it . 

I love Glow Massage in the temescal area. They specialize in prenatal. I saw Avoa several times during my pregnancy but friends have raved about their other therapists, too. Congrats! 

I highly recommend Glow in Oakland.  They specialize in prenatal.  I saw Emiliana about once a month during my pregnancy and she was wonderful.

The Claremont also has a great prenatal but it is a lot pricier.  I had a gift card that time.  Amy is the person to ask for there.  


Congratulations. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I'd highly recommend checking out Glow in Oakland. I got a prenatal massage from Gerri and she was wonderful. It's a small space--I think they only have 2 massage rooms, but it's beautifully decorated and calming. I'm getting a massage this weekend at Piedmont Spa with Ingrid. It's a little bit older and dated, but cheaper. I'd recommend treating yourself as much as possible during this time. Best of luck.