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  • I have heard rumors that range from $10,000 deposit to $30,000 fee! The cost is not listed anywhere on their website. I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me how much it costs rather than me having to start talking with one of their sales reps to find out. Thanks! 

    The rates are different at different times and depending on what you want to use at the club. Just call them and they will tell you. They may even offer you a trial week for free.

    We recently joined the Club at the Claremont Hotel (not the Country Club), and paid $17,000, but have a $1,600 activity credit, and pay $590/ month dues. The credit wasn't throwaway, but will be used for camps and lessons, which we'd pay for anyway. Not that you asked, but we have used the club almost every day since we joined, and it has definitely been worthwhile for us. We are all in heaven while swimming in the saline pool, and love being able to easily book a court. On hot days it is crowded, and some of the guests can be a little rude at times, but we focus on what we enjoy. I feel much better physically, even though I was already pretty healthy - swimming nearly every day has quickly made me feel more embodied and balanced. The staff has always been kind and helpful and the tennis and swim lessons great. I researched several places to join before deciding that the Claremont most realistically suited our needs. 

    $17K initiation fee + $590 / month

    My family signed up around March 2019 and the initial fee, if I am remembering correctly, was around $16,000, and the monthly due was about $525. The initial fee varies depending on if they are trying to draw more members, and at the time of our sign up, they gave us approximately $1,500 worth of vouchers for sports training, restaurant, and spa/massage. The monthly due goes up every year. You do have to talk to someone at the Claremont to get the most recent numbers, because in the midst of covid last year, they were heavily advertising that they were welcoming new members. Our family moved out of the area and cancelled our membership due to COVID. In hindsight, worked out to monthly, that was a really expensive year of gym membership. The pools are VERY NICE. That and the sauna was the only two things I used. My partner used more, and our child used the pool. 

    Hello - we joined a few years back and there was an initial fee of around $16,000.  monthly fee is then roughly $600.  we have young kids and so we find it worthwhile for the kids and for the parents to get some good exercise and especially to enjoy the pool.  Lot's of younger kids play together.  

    It's worth it if you can afford it....

  • My family and I are considering signing up for a family membership at "The Club" at the Claremont Club & Spa Resort. It's quite an investment and we want to make sure that it's a good fit for our family. There have been previous posts about the Claremont membership but does anyone have any experience with the Kid's Club activities the membership would offer young children? Our little one is 3 years old. We know that there are swimming lessons for toddlers. How often did you go to the Club and did the visit dwindle over time? We would love to hear about other families' experiences with the Club and whether it is/was worth it for them.

    Thank you!

    Hello! We joined the Claremont about a year ago. It was a big decision but we went for it. Early on we didn't go very often and I often wondered why we had gotten the membership. I agonized about how expensive it was and what a waste of money. But we did start to go more (maybe coinciding with summer?), and every time we went it felt like we were on vacation. Which is quite a luxury and albeit expensive, a nice respite from crazy life. Then we had another baby and we now go at least one weekend day a week and sometimes both Saturday and Sunday to take advantage of the kids club for our toddler while we trade off watching the newborn and working out. I think the membership will only be more worthwhile as the kids get older. The only thing I worry about is the elitism and my kids growing up thinking country club life is normal.

    We joined earlier this year, and we're not sure we made the right choice. We have one child, not planning on more, and it's definitely a lot to pay for a family of 3. Our child did swim classes and had 3 different instructors. One was very good, one was so so, one was horrible. We don't plan on utilizing the kid club because they have TVs and our kid doesn't do screen time at all. But we spoke with a couple who used it quite often and they were happy with it. Our visits to the club peaked in the summer time (3x week?) but with school starting and the days shorter, we actually haven't gone since probably the first week of August. We have met some nice families, but not gone often enough to become friends with anyone.  We are also potentially moving out of the bay area due to job changes, and I am just hating the idea of having paid that buy-in fee for less than 2 years of use!! 

  • Lafayette Park or Claremont for a spa day?

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    I would love to gift my mom a weekend away to thank her for helping with my son in the past year, but it looks like the scheduling may be too hard. Instead, I'm thinking of a spa day closer to home and it look like our East Bay options are either Lafayette Park or the Fairmont Spa at the Claremont. If you've been to both can you recommend which you'd choose as a alternative to truly getting away? She works in San Francisco, so going into the city would negate the relaxation factor for her!  She'd probably want a massage and facial, a meal, and some lounging time in a hot tub. Thank you!

    What a wonderful way to treat your mom!  I've been to both, and it probably depends on what you're looking for.  

    Lafayette Park:  Had a great facial, pool is nice and relaxing (also a hot tub and sauna), service was good.  Weekends appear to get very crowded at the pool and there were no lounge chairs available after 11a.  

    Fairmont Spa at the Claremont:  Had a great facial and massage.  Larger and even more amenities.  Expensive!

    For myself, I'd prefer to re-visit Lafayette Park - although I probably would not do so again on the weekend (at least during summer) to avoid the over-crowding at the pool.  I thought the Fairmont was a bit too expensive once you factor in parking, poolside snack/drink/meal, and gratuity.  I actually found Lafayette Park to be a very nice value.  But if cost were not a factor at all, I'd probably choose to spend the day at the Fairmont since it's closer and has more amenities.

    What a great idea! I would go for the Claremont over Lafayette Park having been to both in the past few years. I thought the services at Lafayette Park were great (massage and facial) but the facility is really limited - the common area inside the spa is a small windowless room, the pool is shared with the hotel guests and is just okay. Claremont Spa has great services too and a much nicer facility. I'd definitely return there before the Lafayette one.

    The Fairmont is my go-to for a luxurious mini-vacation. The atmosphere and amenities really help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, as if you just returned from a long weekend in the country. Just a note that the Fairmont includes parking validation and spa gratuities, so even though it's more expensive it's the total package.

    I've never heard of Lafayette Park, but recently had my first spa day at the Claremont. It was truly a lovely experience. The massage was very good and I spent a lot of time in the indoor hot tub. You can also take exercise classes as part of the spa day, so I participated in a very good yoga class prior to my massage. The food was fine, but not amazing, although all I ordered was an expensive Caesar salad. We had an annoying billing issue, however (I was there with a friend) and the cashier person was not able to reconcile it, so my friend and I had to do some math and I had to pay her cash. I found this to be very odd at such an upscale establishment. So we ended the day on a low note. But I'd still recommend the Claremont if money is no object. :-)

    Both are wonderful but the Claremont is more relaxing overall. The dressing room and waiting room are very cramped at Lafayette Park so there isn’t really a good place to lounge. The Claremont has a couple different lovely lounge areas. Plus, in summer you can use the pool during the week if you book a spa treatment so it’s possible to lounge there all day!

  • Claremont Club Experience?

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    Hello, I've been fantasizing about joining the Claremont Club. The Kids' Club sounds like it could be great (childcare while parents go relax or workout?), and spending  the weekends there sounds like it could be a dream. It is pricey, to say the least. Anybody have experience with it to share? Is there a sense of community? Is it a good way to make family friends? Is it snooty? Are the services worth it? How's the food?

    I went down a wormhole looking for a saltwater pool for my chlorine sensitive kid to swim in and ended up contemplating this huge membership! There haven't been any BPN comments about it in years. 

    This is not about Claremont but Mills has an ozone/saline pool that is open to the public for a fee.

    My family recently signed up so we don't have a ton of experience, but here's what I have so far...

    The service at the gym/club is top notch, they're friendly and everything is kept super clean.

    I think whether or not you sense snooty depends on where you're coming from, i.e., your own "station" in life. I sense a bit of snooty when I'm in the locker room and there are ladies who looked like they belong in a fancy country club. I don't really look like I belong, at all, and my partner and I joke about the Club towing my 20 year old car from the parking lot...

    I've been to Limewood twice. First time with my partner and son, and the food was really good and service impeccable. So I decided to take my Mother there for brunch as a special treat the weekend after. I kept telling her how great the food was, but on the day we went, the menu had changed and her dish and mine were rubbish, and service was non-existent. I was really bummed because I seriously doubt I'll take her there again.

    We're not rich by Bay Area standards, but we decided to join because we view this as an investment in our health and sanity. This is the closest gym to our house with generous opening hours (4:30am - 10pm?), ample free parking, onsite childcare, and kid friendly areas and swimming pools. I am a swimmer and I appreciate that they have dedicated lap swimming and family rec swimming separated. We've tried other cheaper gyms but driving there, looking for street parking, navigating the crowds, trying to go before work or after the kid goes to bed... just really difficult to fit into our busy work-filled lives. I still feel a tinge of panic every time I think about how much we paid in membership fee, but I'm guessing that will go away with time.  Lol.

  • Tennis at the Claremont

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    I enquired about membership, and was quoted $16k (on "sale" from $18k, and supposedly "going up soon", so join now!). This is not much different from prior postings; however, the refundability of the initiation fee has been changed to "not refundable". Dues are $535 family. 

    It does seem like a great facility, with inexpensive child care for members ($6.50/hr), plus parking, but it's a steep cost of entry especially if one is not certain of being able to use the club long term.

    Can anyone comment on the tennis playing aspect of the club? Easy to find players of one's skill level? 

    You could try Sleepy Hollow in Orinda (tennis and swimming) or Orinda Country Club in Orinda (tennis and swimming, dining).  I don't know what their fees are.  Those are possibly somewhat comparable to the Claremont and perhaps only 15 min away from the Claremont.

  • Looking for more recent reviews of the Claremont Club+Spa since the Fairmont Group purchase. Are amenities/services/membership fees similar or different? Is it still family friendly? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    The Claremont is still demonstrates a strong comitment to kid and family friendly resources. If anything, there is significant improvement following the acquisition by Fairmont Hotels. Tennis, swimming, expanded Kids Club programs and holiday events are among the programs they offer for kids. 

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I highly recommend Glow in Oakland.  They specialize in prenatal.  I saw Emiliana about once a month during my pregnancy and she was wonderful.

The Claremont also has a great prenatal but it is a lot pricier.  I had a gift card that time.  Amy is the person to ask for there.  

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Claremont Hotel

Re: Wedding night romantic getaway in the Bay Area (March 2005)
The Claremont Hotel in berkley has a wedding suite/nice big rooms with great views, as well as a wonderful spa.

Haircut at the Claremont

June 2004

While there is currently one post on the website for the Claremont Salon I'd like to see if anyone has any updated recommendations or experience with any of the stylists there. My initial impression of the place is that it is not necessarily on the cuttung edge of quality stylists, but I may certainly be wrong. thanks for the input.

Margarita cut my hair for a few years (until I decided the Claremont was too expensive). I definitely recommend her. She also has a station in Walnut Creek. Liz

Hi. Go to Sunny. She's great. I had been going to another salon in Montclair for 2 years with mixed results. Sometimes good cuts and color, sometimes not. Sunny was recommended to me when I went to the Claremont salon for a pedicure. When I met her she looked at my face and hair and recommended a certain cut and color - what I had been asking my old stylist to do but they never understood me. I am very happy now. A great stylist and colorist, and no attitude. Good Luck Lori

June 2003

I was given a nice gift certificate for the Claremont Spa for Christmas. I would like to use it for a hair cut. Does anyone recommend a particular stylist there? Or anyone else in the spa?

Margarita is very good, and very nice. She has cut and highlighted my hair for almost 2 years now. Regarding other spa employees, I have had a massage from Leslie, which was very good. Xania has twice given me a very good pedicure. Have fun! Liz

Claremont Spa

May 2008

Can anyone familiar with some of the Claremont Resort Spa services make a recommendation? I received a $200 gift certificate to the Claremont resort for mother's day, a big treat, and I'm a bit bewildered by their menu of offerings. What have you had done there and simply loved? Anon

First of all make it an ALL day event. Take the time to read some magazines and have a cup of tea before going in for you appointment. Relax in the spa afterwards. Bring your shower stuff because their showers are amazing(Like 10 heads). If it is nice go out to the pool or to the gym (not me). Get something to eat from the paragon upstairs to finish it all off. Seriously ALL DAY!!! It is worth it. Make those dollars count because it is expensive.

Now to the service portion. I had alway gotten just a massage but the last time I went I got a combination package with a scrub, message & facial and it was fabulous!!!!! I can't say enough about having all three done. You will feel like a queen. I believe every season they do a different one. It might be a little more than the $200 you have but if there is anyway, make that extra investment. I will be SO worth it. So jealous it isn't me

I've visited the Claremont for spa services twice within the past six months, once for a facial and pedicure, and more recently for a massage. The massage was superb, extremely restorative and luxurious. The facial was just ok, the pedicure about as good as I'd get as a nail shop around town, certainly NOT worth the prices. My recommendation is to go for a massage, if that's on your list of possibilities. Whatever you choose, go for those insanely water wasting 9-way showers! They're pretty amazing (if you can get past the guilt). happy to live close to a world class spa

I would highly recommend a massage by Jennifer Pease at the Claremont Resort and Spa. She gave the best massage I have ever had. Alameda Mom

Jan 2004

Re: Day of pampering for friend's 30th birthday
What about the spa at the Claremont? You could get massages and use of the spa and hang out together and also get lunch, use the pool or other facilities. Denise

Jan 2004

Re: Spa treatment close to home for husbands birthday I can't say that their prices are ''responsible'' but the Claremont Spa in Oakland is a real treat. It's my favorite place to splurge, and even my husband, not really a spa kind of guy, really enjoyed his couple of birthday-induced trips there.

Try ''Yoga Mandala'' (2807 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, 510-486- 1989) for a Massage, yoga classes and an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation. THis place has very qualified therapists and yoga teachers...does not offer maicures or pedicures. CB

Claremont Swim & Tennis Club

March 2008

Hi, does anyone know how much a membership to the Claremont Hotel Tennis and Swim club is? Are the dues monthly or annual? And is it worth it? And what about the Claremont Country Club on Broadway Terrace? Anyone know how much? Kate

I looked into joining the Claremont a few years ago. At that time it was $15K down (which you get back if you leave) and about $500 a month. brenda

We are members at the Club at the Claremont. The monthly dues are about $400. There is a one-time initiation fee of $15,000 which is fully refundable if you should ever leave the club. We love Kid's Club, the onsite daycare, the classes, the kid's pool, plus discounts at the spa. happy Claremont member

Hi, the Claremont back when I asked, was about $7,000 but I know is higher than that now a days, the only good thing is they will give your money back if you prove you are moving and it won't work for you anymore (out of state or another county all together), the other one your asked for, I happen to call today, the full membership is $70,000, swimming $14,000 and tennis $7,000 or $10,000 I don't recall the last one. Good luck! Susana anon

Re: Looking for a Swim Club (May 2003)
Although it is expensive, we LOVE the Claremont. We have a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old and they both love the pool. Since our toddler was about 18 months he could walk around the kid pool by himself and he absolutely loves it. And when the kids get older there are swim and tennis teams which they can be on.

There are so many things we like about the club -- it's clean, it has amazing service, tons of activities, it is beautiful -- when I'm there I feel like I'm at a Club Med! There is a great cafe that will bring you lunch to your pool chair. There is also amazing fitness and tennis. And there is a ''Kids Club'' which takes kids from 6 weeks and up. It is an adorable little facility with toys, a climbing structure etc. A lot of times I leave one child there so that I can swim with the other. Some weekends the pool gets fairly crowded, but week days it is almost always empty.

The only drawbacks I see of the club are the expense. However a whole month's membership is about the same price as a weekend in tahoe (that's how we reason it:). I think they need members right now, so if you join make sure you bargain for lots of freebies -- such as gift certificates, guest passes, etc. I think when we joined we got 50 free guest passes and a $500 gift certificate. I'm sure you could get even more now. Feel free to email me if you want more information. Katherine

Re: Looking for a Swim Club (May 2003)
I used to belong to the Hills and talked my husband into joining the Claremont when we moved practically next door to it, so I have opinions on both.

Pools: I loved the 3 different pools at the Hills, and yes, they have a great (separate) toddler pool. But my son turned two, he refused to be in the toddler pool anymore, he wanted to play on the steps of the grownup pool. Although the toddler pool at the Claremont is very small, he loves it because it is connected to the big kids' pool area. He seems to have plenty of room to move around and I have to drag him out when I want to leave. Also, I think for moms who have more than one child (not me) the Claremont's set up makes it easy to watch a bigger child and a smaller one at the same time, whereas at the Hills, the kids' pool and the baby pool are too far apart for that. The Hills does have diving boards which the big kids love, and the Claremont does not.

Workout facilities: Yes, the work out facilities at the Claremont are a lot better than at the Hills, although for me, the Hills' stuff was fine. My husband, however, was sold on the Claremont because of the workout room.

Childcare: Here the Claremont wins, by far. A huge advantage of the Claremont is their great childcare. My child ASKS to go to the ''kids' club'' at the Claremont - he never liked the childcare at the Hills. He has a blast at the Kids' Club (except for one day when he was the only kid there and he wasn't too crazy about that).

Cost: the Hills is MUCH more reasonably priced and it is really easy to resell your membership, usually for more than you paid for it. And the monthly fee at the Claremont is almost triple what the Hills was. The guest fees at the Hills are a lot more reasonable, and they let your babysitter bring your child instead of you, at no additional cost (the Claremont makes you buy a ''nanny pass''). The Hills was also really nice about letting my nanny bring her own kids the week they didn't have school.

Snack bar: The Claremont's snack bar is much more expensive than the Hills, and the person manning the cash register is the slowest mammal alive. You are not supposed to bring your own food at the Claremont, either (a rule I totally ignore), but lots of people bring their own stuff at the Hills which I think is much nicer. On the other hand, the Claremont's snack bar has beer and wine, and they set up a poolside bar in the summer (a plus for me, I like my booze!).

Other: don't join the Claremont for the free night's stay at the hotel. They know you are being ''comp'd'' when you check in, and they put us in a room next to the service passage and we got to listen to loud banging from carts being rolled up and down all night long. And in the morning, we had a cold shower. Ugh! Frankly, if the Hills was located where the Claremont is, I'd have stayed at the Hills and brought my flask to the Hills instead of sneaking a sandwich at the Claremont).

Re: Looking for a Swim Club (May 2003)
There were a few messages about the Claremont. I wanted to add to that. The Claremont foolishly sent me a postcard last year, inviting me to spend a day at the Club at the Claremont. I took them up on it, and found it to be exactly as others have posted. One thing was omitted, though: there is an $11k deposit required, and it is not refunded until *four* other families join after you quit. That seemed substantial to me, and worth mentioning. As it is, we're Oakland Y members and I really like it. The crowd is diverse, body shapes vary widely, and there is laughter in the women's locker room. :) Jennie

Re: Tennis Classes for an 8-year-old (March 2003)
The tennis club at the Claremont has excellent tennis classes for young kids that are open to non-members as well. The instructors are well trained and Jim Coyne who runs the program really knows how to teach young children in a group setting.They also offer a good tennis camp all through the summer months. Check the Claremont hotel website for more information.My picky daughter enjoyed the group classes and the summer camp for 3 consecutive years. Laura

Considering joining the Claremont Swim Club

July 2002

We're considering joining the Claremont Club at the Claremont Hotel for its tennis, fitness center, pools and childcare. Our son is a newborn and they seem to be very family friendly. Is anyone a member or have any insights into the membership/general atmosphere? We're looking for a low-key, albeit very nice, place to spend time during the week and on weekends. I especially will be using it as my ''break'' from being a mom for a few hours a day... Many thanks Tora

We've been members at the Claremont for about 1 1/2 years now and we love it! We have a three-year old and a nine-month old. So far, we have not put the baby in the ''Kids Club'' (childcare center), but my daughter loves it. She thinks it is a treat to go there, not someplace that mom and dad ''put her'' so they can have a workout :) . She also loves eating at the casual pool- side restaurant. She loves the swimming pool (they have a small ''wading pool'' that is part of the big pool) and took a nice swim class earlier this summer.

We joined because several other families on our street belong, as do a number of the families of my daughter's playmates. I have been spending a lot of time with a personal trainer and a Pilates instructor and they have been wonderful in helping me get back in shape after baby #2. My husband loves the separate lap pool and the spinning classes (he was doing one of the tennis clinics until he ruptured his Achilles tendon last summer!). We find the atmosphere to be very low key and family- oriented; most of the members seem to be families. There also seem to be a lot of offerings for older kids, like swim teams and tennis clinics. We also love the facilities; the recent renovations on the fitness center and the locker rooms were great. Stephanie

We joined the Claremont when I was pregnant with my first daughter and like you, wanted a great family place and especially loved the pool. I now have two kids (1 & 3) and they love it. The place is very family friendly and we have also met a number of other parents and kids there who we have become friends with. My kids love the ''Kids Club'' there so much they don't even realize its actually childcare so that mom & dad can have dinner or a drink once in awhile. All in all, though it's expensive, we've been very happy with all that the membership offers. any question, feel free to contact me directly. Hope to see you there, Leslie

We have been members for 5 years. When we joined my son was about one and his older brother was 13. Our family has enjoyed the club, made friends with other members and use is VERY frequently. We are daily users of the club. The Kids Club is very safe and the employees seem skilled with kids of all ages. I never had a problem leaving my young child in the Kids Club while I worked out for one or two hours. I really can't think of anything to complain about. The summer season (as soon as school lets out) is very busy and things tend to get a little messy (wet towels everywhere). It was a big investment for us to join but we use the facilities enough to justify the cost and convenience. Good luck, Jill

Although it is expensive, we LOVE the Claremont. We have a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old and they both love the pool. Since our toddler was about 18 months he could walk around the kid pool by himself and he absolutely loves it. And when the kids get older there are swim and tennis teams which they can be on.

There are so many things we like about the club -- it's clean, it has amazing service, tons of activities, it is beautiful -- when I'm there I feel like I'm at a Club Med! There is a great cafe that will bring you lunch to your pool chair. There is also amazing fitness and tennis. And there is a ''Kids Club'' which takes kids from 6 weeks and up. It is an adorable little facility with toys, a climbing structure etc. A lot of times I leave one child there so that I can swim with the other. Some weekends the pool gets fairly crowded, but week days it is almost always empty. The only drawbacks I see of the club are the expense. However a whole month's membership is about the same price as a weekend in tahoe (that's how we reason it:). I think they need members right now, so if you join make sure you bargain for lots of freebies -- such as gift certificates, guest passes, etc. I think when we joined we got 50 free guest passes and a $500 gift certificate. I'm sure you could get even more now. Feel free to email me if you want more information. Katherine