How much does it cost to join the Claremont pool?

I have heard rumors that range from $10,000 deposit to $30,000 fee! The cost is not listed anywhere on their website. I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me how much it costs rather than me having to start talking with one of their sales reps to find out. Thanks! 

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The rates are different at different times and depending on what you want to use at the club. Just call them and they will tell you. They may even offer you a trial week for free.

We recently joined the Club at the Claremont Hotel (not the Country Club), and paid $17,000, but have a $1,600 activity credit, and pay $590/ month dues. The credit wasn't throwaway, but will be used for camps and lessons, which we'd pay for anyway. Not that you asked, but we have used the club almost every day since we joined, and it has definitely been worthwhile for us. We are all in heaven while swimming in the saline pool, and love being able to easily book a court. On hot days it is crowded, and some of the guests can be a little rude at times, but we focus on what we enjoy. I feel much better physically, even though I was already pretty healthy - swimming nearly every day has quickly made me feel more embodied and balanced. The staff has always been kind and helpful and the tennis and swim lessons great. I researched several places to join before deciding that the Claremont most realistically suited our needs. 

$17K initiation fee + $590 / month

My family signed up around March 2019 and the initial fee, if I am remembering correctly, was around $16,000, and the monthly due was about $525. The initial fee varies depending on if they are trying to draw more members, and at the time of our sign up, they gave us approximately $1,500 worth of vouchers for sports training, restaurant, and spa/massage. The monthly due goes up every year. You do have to talk to someone at the Claremont to get the most recent numbers, because in the midst of covid last year, they were heavily advertising that they were welcoming new members. Our family moved out of the area and cancelled our membership due to COVID. In hindsight, worked out to monthly, that was a really expensive year of gym membership. The pools are VERY NICE. That and the sauna was the only two things I used. My partner used more, and our child used the pool. 

Hello - we joined a few years back and there was an initial fee of around $16,000.  monthly fee is then roughly $600.  we have young kids and so we find it worthwhile for the kids and for the parents to get some good exercise and especially to enjoy the pool.  Lot's of younger kids play together.  

It's worth it if you can afford it....