Tennis at the Claremont

I enquired about membership, and was quoted $16k (on "sale" from $18k, and supposedly "going up soon", so join now!). This is not much different from prior postings; however, the refundability of the initiation fee has been changed to "not refundable". Dues are $535 family. 

It does seem like a great facility, with inexpensive child care for members ($6.50/hr), plus parking, but it's a steep cost of entry especially if one is not certain of being able to use the club long term.

Can anyone comment on the tennis playing aspect of the club? Easy to find players of one's skill level? 

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You could try Sleepy Hollow in Orinda (tennis and swimming) or Orinda Country Club in Orinda (tennis and swimming, dining).  I don't know what their fees are.  Those are possibly somewhat comparable to the Claremont and perhaps only 15 min away from the Claremont.