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Swim club in or near Berkeley

Aug 2012

Can anyone recommend a nice family-oriented swim club in or around north Berkeley? We would like a fun place to swim and spend time with other families, in a kid-friendly and relaxed environment. The Claremont seems very expensive and a little snooty, and the Hills is very far away. Is there any place in el Cerrito, Emeryville, or Albany that is worth checking out? BerkeleyMom

The El Cerrito pool is really nice-it's a public swim center, not a club-but the pools (lap pool and recreation poo) are great and there's grassy area, a splash zone, lots of kids, my favorite place to swim.

Racially mixed swim club around Oakland

Sept 2004

We are currently looking for a swim club in or around Oakland that has a racially mixed crowd. We are willing to drive in order to find it. How diverse are the Montclair Swim Club, The Hills Swim and Tennis club, the Harbor Bay Club and the Bay-O- Vista swim club. Am I missing any? I don't want my kids to be the only kids of color at the pool. I had a bad experience last week in a pool in L.A. and don't want to re-live it.

Last summer we went to the Oakland Hills swim club on a guest pass and noticed it was NOT racially diverse (at least when we were there). I think my bi-racial child was the only child of color there. I felt uncomfortable there and couldn't believe that such a place existed in the middle of such a diverse city. I ended up not joining for many reasons, that being one of them.


  • Bay-O-Vista Club San Leandro
  • Oakland Barracudas Swim Team
  • Oakland Undercurrents Swim Team
  • Oakland YMCA

    Seeking Oakland (or somewhat close) Swim Club

    July 2003

    I am seeking a swim club in the Oakland area (outside of Oakland is just fine, too).. I'm looking for a relaxing place where my infant, husband, and I can just enjoy the summer weather, possibly meet other families. I would also enjoy a club that has work out equipment that I can use all year long, in an attempt to not have to join a separate gym. My neighbors have recommended the Montclair Swim Club? Any thoughts on that? Any other suggestions? I did see the posts on the site (mostly regarding the Claremont Club)--I don't need anything super fancy- and would appreciate any suggestions on places that I don't have to get a 2nd mortgage on my house to join!! Thank you so much- looking forward to seeing you poolside next year!
    ''Pool Mom''

    Recommendations received:

  • Bay-O-Vista Club
  • Harbor Bay Swim Club
  • Montclair Swim Club
  • Oakland Hills Tennis Club (2)
  • The Hills (3)

    Looking for a Swim Club

    May 2003

    We are looking to join a swim club and have checked out the following places:

    -- The Club at the Claremont (nice but very $$$ and not much in the way of a toddler pool)
    -- The Oakland Hills Tennis and Swim Club (close to us but again, not much in the way of a toddler pool)
    -- The Hills (large toddler pool but not great fitness-wise)
    -- Montclair Swim Club

    We would appreciate feed back regarding experiences with any of these places, including any experience with their childcare facilities. Enough with the rainy weather already!

    Recommendations received:

  • The Claremont (3)
  • Hiller Highlands Swim Club
  • Oakland Hills Tennis Club (2)
  • The Hills

    Other comments:
    I have been to all four... was a member at Montclair Swim Club (I do not recommend them) if I was to join I would definately join the Hills Swim club (up off of Manzanita) as many of my friends are members and really like it. Just went to a fun birthday party there last weekend in fact. Oakland Swimmer

    Looking to Join a Swim Club near Montclair

    November 2002

    We joined the Claremont a couple years ago so our family could use the pool and tennis courts during the warm months. We are thinking about less expensive clubs in the area as we find the Claremont pretty expensive since we don't use it all year. Any recommendations for clubs that have child friendly pools,workout facilities and family activities. Tennis courts optional. Looking in a 15 min. drive time radius of then Montclair area.

    Recommendations received:

  • Oakland Hills Tennis Club
  • The Hills Swim Club Montclair

    Other suggestions:
    Try Oakwood in Pleasant Hill or Lafayette Tennis club. I'm a member of both. Each has it's advantages. I have been a member of the Hills, Montclair Swim Club and been a guest many times at the club on Redwood Road. All are about the same drive time from Montclair. Oakwood has wonderful kid & adult programs which are included in the monthly fee. The instructors at the Lafayette Tennis club are also very good for adults and kids. DRS