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Lakeridge Athletic Club in El Sobrante is a true gem. Pool is 82-83 year round & it’s really beautiful. Nominal fee of around 200 to join and around 200 per month for a family of 4. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Re: Pool near Albany for recreational swimming (March 2003)
I know you are looking for just a pool without Membership, but if you'd consider the membership, come take a look at Lakeridge Athletic Club. It has an enormous double pool. One of the pools is a regular lap pool. Attached to it is the ''free swim'' pool. It goes from 4 feet to 2 feet. When the weather is nice, it is packed with kids of all ages, with noodles, and other toys. There is also a grassy area, a basketball court, and 4 tennis courts to provide alternative amusement. It is about 15-20 minutes from ALbany. If you'd be interested in checking it out, email me and I can assist. It is certainly worth a look, as it sounds like what you are looking for. Shahana

Re: Place to play tennis, racketball near North Berkeley (Jan. 2003)
Monica, I am sure you will get several great recommendations for places to play tennis but I thought I'd also let you know about the Lakeridge Athletic Club... it is located on San Pablo Dam Road, about 15 minutes from N. Berkeley. You do have to join the club, and pay monthly dues, but it has 4 newly resurfaced tennis courts, which are available for play all day and night (with lights). There is a tennis pro on staff, and a tennis league that plays there as well. The Pro can help facilitate games with others of similar levels. There are also tennis socials and other events to meet more players. They have 4 racquetball courts as well, and a league that plays on tuesdays. Once you join, you have full access to all the club's facilities, including a huge pool (outdoor, heated year round), fitness equip, personal trainers, massage therapists etc. Currently, they are running a promotion where there is no initiation fee if you join in January. The club hours are 5 am to 10 pm on weekdays, 7:30 to 7 on weekends. It is a great place for families-- it has a childcare facility, and the pool is amazing, especially in the summer. The kids end is shallow enough that even toddlers are happy, but it has 6 dedicated lap lanes so there is no interference between ''real swimmers'' and kids. You can go take a tour and see if has what you want. Their # is 510.222.2500. Enjoy! Shahana

Re: Family swim club in Lamorinda (June 2003)
If you are looking for a great family pool, I would love for you to come check out Lakeridge Athletic Club. It is within 10 minutes from Downtown Orinda - going west on San Pablo Dam Rd. It has 2 pools that are joined in the middle. One pool is dedicated to lap swimming, the other, which ranges in depth from 1.5-4 feet is where the kids play. And in this great weather, there are tons of families playing! It is not snobby at all (though it is also not really in the heart of Lamorinda) - people are friendly and look out for each other and one another's kids. It has a moderate snack bar (frozen foods, ice cream, drinks, vending machine) as well as a bar-b- que. In addition to the pool, there are the usual health club amenities, as well as tennis courts, and relaxation options (massage, jacuzzi). Right now, you can join on a temporary summer membership, so you don't have to commit to a whole year. If you want more information, contact me or Cathy (Ccalais at or call 510.222.2500. I think you'll really love it.

Re: Pool for Hanging Out (July 2002)
One excellent swimming pool is at the Lakeridge Athletic Club in El Sobrante. The club has new owners who are making a ton of improvements. Lakeridge is on San Pablo Dam Rd between Hwy 24 and I-80 -- about 10 minutes from the Orinda Exit, 5 minutes from Wildcat Canyon, and 10 minutes from the San Pablo Dam Road exit off of 80. The pool is huge--it is actually a U-shaped double pool. One arm of the U goes from 5 feet to 12 feet for lap swimming (6 lanes), and the other arm goes from 2 feet to 4 feet where kids can frolic freely. It is an outdoor pool, nestled in the valley behind Wildcat Canyon, with beautiful views of the hills. The pool is heated year round (81 degrees).It is very peaceful and filled with families. Lakeridge also has tennis courts (newly redone), a jacuzzi, & sauna. They are just beginning their 3 month summer memberships. Plus, in the summer there are also summer camps, swimming lessons, and tennis lessons.The number is 510.222.2500 or email me and I will get you more information. It is a secret treasure of the East Bay! Shahana

Re: Lessons for 11-year-old beginner (Feb 2003)
Lakeridge Athletic Club has private and group swimming lessons available w/ Tracy, Erica and Jenna. Give a call to 510.222.2500 and ask for Peggy. Shahana