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Does indoor tennis exist here?

Dec 2012

Rainy weather doesn't mix well with tennis. Do indoor tennis facilities exist anywhere here? If not, have a favorite spot to take your teen so that he can run free when the weather is crummy? thanks!

I don't know if you want to cross the bridge but there is an indoor tennis facility in SF. Really nice club and there's parking - I played there for years. The indoor fees are not cheap but you'll never get rained out. http://www.sftennis.com/ RK

Pickup Tennis in Berkeley?

Nov 2012

I grew up w/a thriving pick up tennis scene at the public courts. There was always someone to hit with and great cameraderie. Is there anything like this in Berkeley or close to it? Thanks!

There is pick up tennis (I understand) at San Pablo Park.

Place to play tennis, racketball near North Berkeley

Jan. 2003

I'm looking for a place near North Berkeley (Berkeley, Albany, north Oakland, El Cerrito, Kensington) to play tennis or raquetball. I also want to find someone or some people to play with who is a beginner. monica

There is an active tennis club which you can join for a nominal fee through the city of El Cerrito. members get priority using the city's courts as well as the opportunity to play the game with others. I enjoy the courts at the El Cerrito High School. They are well maintained and often available. D.C.

Also recommended: Lakeridge Athletic Club