Tennis for a 4 year old - classes, or regularly empty courts?

My kid is very interested in playing tennis, can actually hit a ball reasonably well sometimes, and I'd love to take him out on to a court. However, it feels like all the courts around here are always crowded, and I would feel bad taking up a court while someone else was waiting with my kid who would probably remain engaged half the time, and just want to run around the other half. Are there any places within a reasonably close drive from Oakland where I can find a not too crowded place for us to play?

Alternately, anyone know of group lessons for this age group?

Thank you!

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You can pay to reserve a court via the City of Oakland Parks & Rec website, and then you don't have to worry about someone kicking you off, or keeping another waiting. It's worth the $, even if your child is only running around, and the price varies somewhat depending on which facility you reserve. City of Oakland (at Davies) and most clubs start group lessons at age 5.

City of Berkeley has a great class that is ages 4-8 at Live Oak Park.