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April 2008

Anyone have recent info/feedback about the Hiller Swim Club or Montclair Swim Club? The most recent archived posts are out of date... thanks! Ellen

Hi There, Haven't been to the Montclair swim club in ages, but I have been to Hiller periodically over the last few years. Hiller is great. The work out room is small, but never too crowded. The pool is rarely packed either. Kind of a mystery to me, but it's great that it's never over crowded. There's a kiddy pool and the big pool. Also a large hot tub. Dry sauna in the women's locker room (don't know about the mens'). There's a big grassy area for bbqing, etc. Not to mention the tennis courts if you're into that (I don't think Montclair has tennis, but don't know for sure). That said, we are not members. Too expensive and memberships seem hard to come by. anon

Re: Looking for a Swim Club (May 2003)
We were members of Hiller Highlands Swim Club. Pricewise it's a great deal, but we ended up not using it very much since it was too far away. We were not especially comfortable there, either, socially. We held a party there one time, and our quite Berkeley looking pals were somewhat snubbed by staff. Friends love the Hills and Oakland Hills. Good Luck.