Highlands Country Club in Hiller Highlands

Is anyone familiar with this place? Their website is pretty basic. There appears to be an opportunity to join as a member even if you don't live in the area. We're trying to find a place where we can swim without having to drive way up on the hills or through the tunnel. We tried Oak Springs in Orinda for a year, but the pool was too cold for us. Oakland Hills is not very convenient. Walnut Creek is too far of a drive. Claremont is way too expensive. We live about 10 - 15 min. drive from Hiller Highlands, so this would be a great location for us. 

Is the pool crowded? Is it good for 8 - 10 year olds do recreational swimming with family? 

I emailed them but never got a reply. Thanks!

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We are members, as are many of our friends. It's so great, in a low key and non "country club" way, that I hesitate to even tell anyone about it. It used to be pretty geriatric but there are many families now. I have no idea what this summer will be like, after a long pandemic year, but it is not typically crowded other than on super hot weekends or holidays. It's a hidden gem. The wait is normally 1-2 years to get in, but last I heard there is no wait this second. It's relatively inexpensive. Plenty of amenities. GREAT for kids. It's much less fancy, formal and "exclusive" than The Hills etc (and way more pleasant and fun IMO). Call for Tim or Kevin and they will set up a time for you to look around.

I am writing to provide an update that I called them and their automated voice msg instructs people to send email to a specific email alias. I did that a few weeks ago and have sent 2 follow-up emails but have not heard back. I was wondering if they're operating but perhaps they're too busy or aren't accepting new members at this time...... I'll keep sending follow-up emails.