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City of El Cerrito outdoor pool is open during the winter for lessons. The winter lesson schedule is not posted yet but you can probably call to get an idea of the dates and times, I always signed up my daughter for lessons in January because they were not as crowded, the water temp is the same no matter the outside temp, and winter here is no guarantee of cold weather (just as summer is no guarantee of warm weather).

RE: Toddler swimming in Berkeley? ()

Hi, the Parents and Tots class at the El Cerrito Rec Center on Saturday mornings is fun. A series just started last week, so if you signed up now you could do most of the series. 

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July 2014

RE: Lake Anza for a birthday party?

Have you considered the El Cerrito Swim Center? If you have a group of 10+ you only pay $2.50 per person (all ages). You don't have to reserve any space but you can reserve a picnic table if you want.

Go in there in person and talk to them, you might be pleasantly surprised. Family Swim goes from 1-4 on weekends and parking is free. Plan your party during those hours.

The best part of it is that when Family Swim time is over at 4 p.m., the lifeguards blow the whistle and BOOM your party is over ... no long goodbyes and reluctant kids. El Cerrito mom

Aug 2012

Re: Swim club in or near Berkeley
The El Cerrito pool is really nice-it's a public swim center, not a club-but the pools (lap pool and recreation poo) are great and there's grassy area, a splash zone, lots of kids, my favorite place to swim.

June 2010

Re: Swim lessons for 16 y.o. almost-beginner
I would recommend the adult beginner classes at the City of El Cerrito pool. My daughter's kid class followed that one and I noticed how the adults, including older teens and young adults, really progressed and seemed to enjoy the class. Contra Costa College also has swimming classes. -- a mom

Re: Pools for toddlers (July 2004)
the new & improved El Cerrito pool is great!!! there is a very warm pool with lots of shallow & a shower/fountain like the one you described. there is family swim every day 12-1. the pool is on Moeser, about 1/2 mile east of San Pablo Ave virginia