Toddler swim lessons

We have been on the waitlist for a toddler swim class at Aquatech Alameda for nearly a month. Looking for something similar someplace else for our 2 year old with open slots available. Recommendations?! We are in West Berkeley.

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The El Cerrito Community pool has great lessons that I would recommend!

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Ohana Aquatics in Oakland has a few spots - I just signed my 4 year old and 8 year old up for once weekly afternoon swim lessons. They're above Hwy 13, off Redwood close to Merritt College - it doesn't take very long to get there and it's always warm (and the pool is heated). All instructors are vaccinated. 

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We've been really happy with lessons at both King Pool in Berkeley and El Cerrito Aquatic Center. Both are 25 min small group lessons (I think King's had 4 kids, El Cerrito's have 3). I think King may be ending lessons for the fall, but El Cerrito continues into the winter. Their pool is well heated, the teachers and great, and my 3 year old has been having a lot of fun. We've ended up with only 1 other kid in her lessons for the past 2 sessions and when they don't show up, she has had several private lessons, and for a pretty affordable price.