The Hills Swim and Tennis Club v. Oakland Hills Tennis Club

As summer is on the horizon, we are looking at options for some pool time (and workout time for mom and dad) for our family (family of 3, will be family of four in August). Anyone prefer The Hills to the Oakland Hills Tennis Club? Or vice a versa? I am seeing some ads for membership sale on craigslist going for $9,500 and $187 monthly, is that within the range for The Hills? I don't know the pricing for the Oakland Hills Tennis Club. Thanks in advance for any advice! 

Parent Replies

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The Hills Swim Club is wonderful, but the monthly fee for families (as opposed to individuals) is $300.  Hard to find a membership less than $8000, plus transfer fee, but you can usually sell it for more than you purchased it for.

Another option to consider is a social membership at Sequoyah Country Club.  It is primarily a golf club with two pools (toddler and regular pool) but also a brand new gym and some fitness classes.  They are adding more programming to attract younger families.  Many  don’t realize it’s less expensive to join Sequoyah than the Hills.  We enjoy the diversity of Sequoyah, the dining and is pretty laid back for a country club.  The Hills has a robust swimming program and the Oakland Hills is better known for its tennis program.  We like Sequoyah because it’s relaxing and they have dining, full bar, social activities in addition to the pool and gym.