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I belong to Bay-o-Vista Tennis Club on the Oakland/San Leandro border. They have great parking, all shapes/sizes, many amenities and for me the best part is $1 a day daycare. Everyone staff and members that I have encountered have been very friendly. I have never felt judged and never have to wait for equipment. 

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May 2007

I'm interested in learning more about the Bay-O-Vista Swim School in San Leandro. Has anyone on this list taken their kids there for lessons and would they recommend this school for a 4-year-old to acquire some skills and 2-year-old to get comfortable in the water? Thanks!

My children took swimming lessons there several years ago so my recommendation may be out of date, but here goes.

The swimming lessons at bay-o-vista were excellent. They cost about twice as much as the lessons offered by the park & recs dept but have a ratio of 4-1 vs 10-1 per class. The red cross swimming levels were further subdivided so that instead of spending four sessions in one level, each session would see an incremental progress.

For tiny tots I would start with the cheaper, city, lessons as they have a ratio of 3-1 until age 6. When my son was 4 he took lessons at the castro valley pool and wound up with a fantastic teacher who had him swimming after 3 sessions. The city wouldn't let him into the levelled lessons until he turned 6 so we went to bay-o-vista where he was placed according to ability, not age. ---Sophie

Re: Racially mixed swim club around Oakland (Sept 2004)
Bay-O-Vista Swim Club in the San Leandro Hills is quite racially diverse and the sign on the fence says that there are memberships available now. You could probably go visit before joining to see if it fits. M

Re: Seeking Oakland (or somewhat close) Swim Club (July 2003)
I highly recommend Bay-O-Vista Club in the hills of San Leandro. To get there from Oakland, you would take 580E, exit Dutton Street in San Leandro (just outside of Oakland), and it's 5 minutes up into the hills. Since I'm pregnant, I searched the Bay Area for a good family membership which would accomodate our growing clan. My husband and I joined in February and it's been a source of constant delight. It's situated near Lake Chabot, surrounded by towering trees, nicely maintained, relaxed, not too fancy, incredibly family oriented. Has a child's pool as well as adult pool, endless lounge chairs with umbrellas, as well as tennis & basketball courts, variety of classes, bbq area, etc. Quite reasonably priced for a family, friendly, and my favorite place to hang out during the summer! Yes, it also has a cardio and weight room for year- round workouts. It makes me so happy that i'm glad to spread the joy. Joey