Recent reviews of Oakland Hills Tennis Club, the Hills, Oakwood?

Hi there, we are looking for a family friendly swim club and gym that offers amenities for small children such as childcare, kids' classes, etc. So far Oakwood Athletic Club in Lafayette seems to have the most comprehensive offerings, but I'd like to know more about what OHTS, The Hills, etc. offer for kids. Some of the reviews I see are almost a decade old so would really appreciate recent experiences. Thanks!!

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I don't know about OHTS or The Hills, but I encourage you to also checkout Sequoyah CC in Oakland. There are several levels of membership (we don't play golf and there are membership levels for non-golfers). We have been so impressed with the facilities, the staff, and the number of diverse families with young children at the club. There is a kid's club two-three times per week during dinner and children's swim lessons and juniors golf lessons that those with non-golf memberships can take advantage of. There is a summer camp for children where they play golf, tennis, and swim. There are also a number of family events throughout the year (back to school parties, campouts on the golf course, Halloween and other holiday parties/celebrations.)