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Laura Howells, IBCLC
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It's hard to describe how incredible Laura is and how much she helped me and my family through the most difficult parenting months with our second daughter. At 8 weeks, our daughter started refusing breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It was nerve wracking trying to figure out what was going on and how to get her comfortable eating again. After a traumatizing experience with another lactation consultant, we were referred to Laura. She has been incredible - super consultative, empathetic, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping us get back on track with feeding our baby girl. She has been super responsive around questions at all hours, put in recommendations to the best practitioners to take care of bodywork (cranial sacral therapy) and a pediatric dentist to fix our daughter's severe lip and tongue ties. She is now back on track with feeding, and we could not have done it without Laura. This is our second and last baby, but I would highly recommend for any mama that is looking to breastfeed to start working with Laura right from birth! You will learn so much from her and feel so well supported in your journey. She's absolutely fantastic! 

Laura is amazing and I'm so grateful to have her support.  I was really struggling with pumping and she made several adjustments that enabled me to increase the amount I was sleeping by 50% while not decreasing supply. She has a secure patient messaging system where she uploads your care plan so you don’t need to worry about remembering everything you discuss and where you can ask her follow up questions. She's a wealth of information and has articles, videos etc to help support.  Her patience and guidance is remarkable.


Hi yes, I worked with EBLA, particularly Molly, and Laura, before she went independent (https://www.wovenlactation.com). I would definitely recommend them. I saw 5 lactation consultants after my son was born, and EBLA were the best. I don't know if they still do it during the pandemic, but their weekly breastfeeding groups were so good for us when we were struggling and feeling so alone. We had different issues, but there were people in the group at the time that were struggling with bottle feeding, so they might be a good fit for you.

Lactation Consultant (Mar 16, 2019)

I saw 4 lactation consultants for my son's breastfeeding issues before meeting Laura Howells, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. https://wovenbirths.com/laurahowellsbio/

I used Laura Howells for my delivery at Alta Bates. I interviewed several doulas, but her background is massage was the key selling point. I did a package that included several pre-natal massages and a post-natal massage. Those pre-natal sessions helped her get to know where I hold tension and my major pain points. The moment she walked into my delivery room, she put down her bag and immediately started massage work to relieve my tension. She has transitioned more into lactation consultant work, but still does massage and set up a group of doulas she works with. https://wovenbirths.com/

I highly recommend Laura Howells (http://wovenbirths.com/massage/). She was my birth doula, but also gave me multiple massages throughout my pregnancy, as she specializes in pre and postnatal massage. She's very skilled and worked through any pains I had. I have a joint syndrome and she took care  to give the best massages for my condition. 

Good luck!


Laura Howells saved my sanity. She is a great multitasker and good cook.