Looking for a birth Doula to help us at the end of April 2019


My partner and I are on the search for a birth Doula that we can hire to help us at Alta Bates hospital at the end of April 2019.  We are looking for mostly help with massage during labor.  Any suggestions you can give us would be great.



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We gave birth to our little girl at Alta Bates in September and had a great experience with Amanda Kessner: amanda [at] doulaamanda.com 

I go to Liz Finkel for prenatal massage and she is great. She is also a birth doula. I know that she is moving some time in May, so depending on your due date she might not work, but you could talk to her and see if she has availability. Her website is: https://www.bayareabirthwarrior.com/

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Totally recommend Vanessa Norton - she was amazing, very supportive, non-judgmental (I opted for a c section after 3 days of labor at home ...), down to earth, very knowledgable. https://www.collectivemindsdoula.com/

I used Laura Howells for my delivery at Alta Bates. I interviewed several doulas, but her background is massage was the key selling point. I did a package that included several pre-natal massages and a post-natal massage. Those pre-natal sessions helped her get to know where I hold tension and my major pain points. The moment she walked into my delivery room, she put down her bag and immediately started massage work to relieve my tension. She has transitioned more into lactation consultant work, but still does massage and set up a group of doulas she works with. https://wovenbirths.com/

Hi!  I loved working with Susie Galloso (I delivered at ALTA bates), she is a wonderful doula and massage therapist, I recommend her highly!  https://www.doulasusi.com/about-me-1/

I worked with Jessica Catano (www.jessicaspeacefuljourneys.com) - she is primarily a massage therapist first and doula second, and her massage was very helpful, especially for my second labor. She has a super calming presence - she doesn't take on very many clients but she may be available  - good luck to you!

I would highly recommend Amber Pearson. She is experienced, compassionate and very knowledgeable about birth and postpartum recovery. She has successfully helped to delivered hundreds of babies and only encountered one c-section. I know she will be a great fit for you. Her contact is amberloopearsonrebirth [at] gmail.com. Tell her Ania sent you! Good luck! 

Liz Finkel is great! I just delivered at Alta Bates with her early Feb. Unmedicated and super smooth birth. She's a massage therapist too.

Hi Kirsten, my partner and I used Allison Stanton (https://www.allisonstantondoula.com/) for my daughter's birth last October. The moment Allison arrived my pain went down - it was like magic! She has a lot of skills in her toolbox, including massage. She also created a little photo album for us which we really like. Highly recommend! Good luck finding somebody!



I highly recommend Renata Provost. She was my doula for the delivery of our daughter in late November. We became acquainted with her via a friend who had used her services the year prior. https://www.theinnatedoula.com/ 

I also recommend Allison Stanton, and she assisted in my delivery in Dec 2018 at Alta Bates, and was wonderful.