Postpartum body work recommendations

Hi Parents! Does anyone have a belly binding, abdominal massage or similar type of postpartum support EXPERT you would glowingly recommend? Berkeley area preferred but willing to travel. Thanks!

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Alison at Reclaim Pelvic Therapy ( is the most amazing pelvic PT ever! I don't think she does belly binding but she's so incredibly knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and postpartum related. She was a lifesaver during my second pregnancy when I had some SI and sciatic issues. Unfortunately she's in Lafayette but I'd drive ten times that far to see her. 

Francine Madrid is amazing at abdominal massages for postpartum support! Also check out Michi Arguedas, had a wonderful belly binding ceremony with her. 

Glow in Oakland does post-partum massage, see their services and resources pages Otherwise I would see a pelvic physical therapist for post-partum healing and support. They would probably recommend belly binding and do tissue work post-partum. Two key places for that are Pelvic Health and Rehab in Berkeley (doesn't take insurance) and the Women's Health Center in Lafayette (need referral from primary care Dr. or OB and takes insurance) There are also independent ones around, you can check the Herman and Wallace website

This is not quite what you're asking for, but I found it incredible, I still use the material from the classes 6 months later and it helped to rebuild my stomach muscles and repair my core and posture more than anything else.

I love Skya at Intelligent Touch bodywork I’m oakland. 

I went to her during postpartum recovery and she is so knowledgeable on all things related to recovery. I had a c-section and a large diastasis and she gave me a lot of guidance on healing both.