Masseuse for newborn-care-related back pain


I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a masseuse that has helped you with nursing/ infant carrying related back pain. Berkeley area preferred. I’d also love to hear any at home exercises, YouTube videos, etc that someone may have used for this type of pain. Thanks in advance!

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Lori Colombo is wonderful!

Not sure if this would get at your back pain, but I found this technique SUPER helpful after my first child was born. It's called the Tupler Technique and it addresses diastasis recti--the separation of the abdominal muscles--by restoring core muscle strength, which is often related to back pain. I did a few sessions with Cheryl Williams Bjornson in Orinda and thought she was awesome. 

I don't have a specific masseuse recommendation, and hope you find someone to ease your discomfort.  But I also recommend you consult with someone about how to prevent the pain going forward.  Many parents nurse their babies in positions that are uncomfortable for the parent, but there are other more comfortable positions (easier on back, neck and shoulders) you can use in the majority of situations. If you need to do compressions while jursing, there are some strategies that are easier on the fingers and wrists than others. And carrying a baby is like carrying any load - close to your body 9do you have a carrier that is comfortable for you both, and know how to use it?), pay attention to how you are lifting, and avoid carrying the car seat on one arm as much as you can.  I know car seats are designed looking like that's how to carry them, but it leads to a lot of strain on the body.

I'm happy to chat with you briefly about nursing positions; you can get my contact info from the moderator.  (I'm an OT and IBCLC) 

I recommend a chiropractor named Christine Lee, at Lee Chiropractic in Oakland. Childbirth and newborn care can really do a number on your body and she helped me a lot. There is also a masseuse working there that people love but I have not tried her services yet.

Deep belly breathing to strengthen the transverse abdominals has really helped me with back pain postpartum. Here are two videos that give good descriptions and walk you through it. (starting at about 4 minutes for the breathing)

hope it helps!! 

Hi, I had upper back and neck pain from nursing and found physical therapy helpful. Had a few sessions and they gave me exercises that helped. I also saw a lactation consultant, and I was able to improve my nursing "posture." Hope this helps.