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Jan 2010

thanks for reading this ! anyone out there know a good massage therapist / resource in Oakland or nearby areas..? Specifically a therapist who is certified (or getting certified in Rolfing)... thx again !

the BEST rolfer EVER is Susan Solari. She's based in Oakland, near Mills. Been doing it for over 20yrs, tons of experience. The best part, it doesn't hurt when she does it. Over the years she has incorporated various tools to make it easier, works just as well maybe even better, but I don't come out screaming even when she's doing my thighs. I've sent my husband and various friends and clients to her over the years and everyone has the same response. What an amazing experience, and how much they laughed during the session. geraldine
Hi - I don't know if she does Rolfing per se, but Cathy Courtenay-Smith is an outstanding massage therapist. She has more than 10 years experience, and her technique is both relaxing and therapeutic. I've had hundreds of massages over the years and think she's one of the best practitioners I've ever encountered. Her number is 510 409- 6336, or you can email her at cathy [at] Star
Nov 2007

I would like to recommend a certified rolfer in Berkeley whom I have seen for 8 sessions, Sacha Prescott. Rolfing is described as structural integration and movement integration (see website A good rolfer can help get your body aligned to reduce daily aches & pains and much more. Sacha is also certified in yoga and gyrotonics and can perform rolf massage, a deep tissue type of massage. She really knows the human body. If you have ever been curious about rolfing, give it a try! Any pain you experience on a daily basis can be helped. I had a great rolfer in SF before I had kids, and I missed the therapy after moving east. I am so happy to be seeing another good rolfer. She's a great person to know to help you with your body. Sacha Prescott: 510.847.2693 or sachalynxx [at] Kim

June 2007

I recently had a massage and the therapist recommended Rolfing for my back pain. I have had the pain since baby #2 was born a year ago. Each night in bed my lower back freezes and I literally cannot roll over to get out of bed. My husband has to get the baby from his crib to nurse, and then roll me out of bed like a beached whale in the morning! After about an hour with a heating pad, the pain dissipates, and after about 2 hours I am ok for the day. The masseuse said that 2 pregnancies (very) close together left my hip/leg joint out of place and scar tissue may have built up there. I also have a lot of scar tissue in one shoulder. When I roll it around you can hear a loud cracking noise. Chiropractic work, Motrin, massage have not helped. Anyone tried Rolfing or have a practioner in the East Bay? (I live in Solano County but will travel) cracky mama

I highly reccommend a rolfer, Marie Jo Graziadei, whose office is on Grand Ave in Oakland. 415 - 302-4595 It's intense, but the only therapy I've found (aside from homeopathy) that can make actual changes in my body. Two thumbs up.
I LOVE what my rolfer has done for my back! and my husband loves what she has done for his shoulder. and my doctor loves her, and her husband loves her, and my old trainer loves her, and....... Susan Solari cell 225-5305 land 534-7643 hope you love her too! Julia
Sept 2005

I want to recommend Patrick Hannum Physical Therapy and Rolfing located at 734 Gilman and fourth street,(510) 524-6422. Pat is a wonderful and experienced therapist with great hands. He is also a Rolfer. I went to him initially for an acute flare-up of a neck injury. He helped me so much that I decided to do the Rolf series (ten sessions). I'm so hooked that I now go once every two weeks for a tune-up. Pat has another Rolfer that works in the office and two other P.T's; one who is trained in Pilates and Feldenkrais, the other in more osteopathic therapy. There is also a Pilates reformer there for exercise programs and he is a preferred provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield. This is a unique practice I highly recommend with great individual hands-on therapy. anon

April 2003

i'm looking for recommendaitons for a rolfer (a particualr type of massseuse)--i heard of a man who practices on san pablo avenue in albany somewhere between marin and solano, and i'd liek to know his name and number, but i'm also curious about folks who get 'rolfed'--is it worth the money & time? any great rolfers out there? there are a few recs on the site but they're from 1999 and not informative as to the usefulness and enjoyability of rolfing. Jessica

I think I know the rolfer you are talking about. His name is Scott Stevens (510) 547-0648 and he is a very experienced rolfer. I love rolfing because it is effective at reshaping the way your body works and moves. I have some habitual patterns originating from some previous injuries and surgeries and rolfing is really the only way to give the muscles a chance to reallign properly. Rolfing is painfull at times; just relax and breath through it. You are breaking up adhesions. Susan
Patrick Hannum is a fantastic rolfer. Of course, rolfing is a very deep, hard pressure type of work that might not be for everyone, but for me it's about the only thing that works and makes improvement, and there are even moments when I actually enjoy it. Patrick is outgoing and caring. He is also a physical therapist, although he mostly does rolfing. His number is 524-6422. He's at the Tannery, off of Gilman near 4th Street. Lnd
Hi- I recently moved here so I don't know of a Rolfer but I have been through the beginning rolfing series (10 sessions) -about 10 years ago and I have to say it was an amazing experience. Sometimes it was quite uncomfortable, this is not like massage. The effects were astonishing for me. I had some tailbone pain that noone ws able to resolve and Rolfing did it. There was also quite a bit of emotional release of things stored in the body's fascia. Overall a very powerful experience which i would gladly do again. Good Luck anon
Two P.T.'s I'd recommend are Patrick Hannum and Lynne Shankliss (sp.?). Pat has an office down in the Tannery complex on Gilman and his number is 510-524-6422. He is super experienced, and a great guy to boot. He has a master's degree in PT but is also a certified Rolfer. Lynne works (or did work) at the Tang Center on Campus, and did wonders for my chronic knee problems. I like them both because they don't just give you a bunch of exercises and send you off into the blue -- they actually do some real bodywork, and as athletes (cyclist, runner) they're both attuned to the idea that you want to be able to get back into action soon. anon
Jerry has been Rolfing for 25 years. He knows bodywork, nutrition, esoteric healing practices like no one I've ever met. He's really a miracle worker. Jerry is a Certified Advanced Rolfer. You can reach him in North Berkeley at 510-665-7775 Melissa
Dec 1999

Michael Salveson, 548-8270 - gold-standard but hard to get in to see him
Art Riggs: 482-9427 - good and nice
Don Hazen, 548-1514 - also a chiropractor